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  • Welcome to Cornish Organic Wool on-line store | Cornish Organic Wool
    with a number of designers We will shortly be in a position to dye on the cone which will offer designers the option of more Our Farmers We thought you might be interested to have a look at some of the farmers who produce the superb organic wool we spin and dye to create the full range of our organic yarns more featured Our famous loopy sheep were designed by

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  • About us | Cornish Organic Wool
    the environment All our farmers are Soil Association accredited or are certified with Organic Farmers Growers Ltd OF G and are dedicated to the welfare of their animals We currently have two yarns in our range Cornish Organic Wool and Peruk Cornish Organic Wool is pure wool and Peruk is a blend of 75 Cornish Organic Wool and 25 alpaca All our wool is spun in Scotland at a mill

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  • History | Cornish Organic Wool
    the Channel Islands for their famous Guernseys As many Cornishmen left the county to work up country knitting became an essential occupation for the women left at home Knitters usually worked under contract to an agent and he would visit weekly or monthly with fresh supplies of yarn He also inspected and collected finished work Many knitters worked out of doors presumably the light was better and many villages had recognised venues where the knitters would meet thus making it a sociable occupation Cornish knitters used a knitting stick or knitting fish to hold the working needle This increased the speed of knitting considerably and speeds of up to 200 stitches a minute were recorded Sticks were often given as tokens of affection much like Welsh loving spoons Cornish Guernseys or Ganseys were knitted in the round with 5 ply yarn on double pointed needles about 14 36cm long They came in sets of five and were very fine 1 5 2 5mm diameter An experienced contract worker could complete a Gansey in about a week and was paid about 17 pence for a fancy frock but only 10 pence if a fault was found in it Ganseys were made to last and often lasted more than twenty years they were knitted in the round to armhole level with a single garter stitch each side marking the seam An underarm gusset links the body to the sleeve From the armhole up the front and back yokes were worked separately on two needles and were patterned The shoulders were jointed by grafting and the neckband was knitted in the round Sleeves were picked up around the armhole and gusset and were knitted down the sleeve again in the round decreasing as required Using this technique made the garment very strong as

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  • F.A.Q | Cornish Organic Wool
    the spreading of farm manure and compost and trees and hedges are planted to provide homes for the birds bats and beetles which will in turn feed on insect pests which would otherwise damage crops Because no chemicals are used there are no poisons to pollute the water soil and food chain All of Cornish Organic Wool s suppliers are registered with either The Soil Association or Organic Farmers Growers OF G How does this relate to Animal Welfare Farm animals have access to fields fresh air and fresh water and are fed a healthy natural diet with no routine drugs or food additives Are there any specific guidelines for sheep Yes Flocks must be of a manageable size Sheep must be free to roam and rotational grazing encouraged Daily visual checks of the flock to inspect health and safety are mandatory Farmers may worm sheep only when necessary and non toxic wormers used accompanied by free choice minerals to enhance the immune system What about fly strike This is a common headache amongst sheep farmers The fly lays its eggs in warm damp fleeces and in a matter of days these will hatch into hundreds of maggots which then commence their life by feeding off of the sheep Unless treated promptly they will burrow under the skin and begin to literally eat the sheep alive The sheep will either die of shock or be left with bad wounds that can induce massive septicaemia Prevention is the best solution and all of Cornish Organic Wool s farmers check their sheep daily If fly strike is found the animal is treated with an approved spot on treatment much like Frontline for cats and dogs The sheep is then marked and if the sheep are treated for fly strike less than 3 months before shearing that fleece is removed during shearing and is not used by Cornish Organic Wool If the whole flock is treated within this time then none of the flock s fleeces can be passed as organic fleece What happens to the wool after shearing During shearing the wool is sorted and any plastic baling twine hay timothy heads burrs manure etc etc is removed The wool is then packed into sacks sheets and is weighed and labelled with the farm names its accreditation number date of shearing and breed The farmer signs a declaration which states that no chemicals have been put on the sheep during the previous three months What happens to the Raw Fleece The wool is sorted scoured washed carded spun and finished All of these processes are done under strict Soil Association guidelines No acids shrink proofing bleaches or moth proofing is allowed Only vegetable based soaps are to be used ie petroleum free How does Cornish Organic Wool keep track of its wool Cornish Organic Wool is unique in that every skein of wool is traced back to the farm it came from and its shearing date From the farm where every sheet

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  • Designers | Cornish Organic Wool
    Weblink Wendy Keith Designs Wendy Keith Designs Over thirty years Wendy Heyworth Keith was asked to mend a pair of men s shooting stockings She grimaced at the prospect The pair had shrunk in a 30 wash and the wool had matted but the experience gave her an idea That idea has blossomed into a highly successful and creative business with satisfied clients all over the world With an instinctive and deep love of the countryside Wendy has combined her flair for design and her commercial experience to become a market leader in the production of hand knitted shooting atockings accessories and other distinctive country knitwear Not withstanding the temptation over the years of sourcing abroad Wendy has always insisted that flying the British Flag is a vital ingredient of her marketing Now the business is moving forward fast into entirely British Organic Collections We are delighted to say that the winners of the Best Organic Textile Product at the 2010 Natural and organic products Europe Show in conjunction with the Soil Association was Wendy Keith who soley used Cornish Organic Wool for her designs Designers Weblink Jo Storie Her Ethos To create luxurious ecological British knitwear that is respectful of both the environment and the individual wearing it To dispel perceptions of what a Green fashion label should be The collection will always be driven by good design and manufactured in the most socially responsible and ethical manner as possible Driven by design ecological by nature Jo Storie is a knitwear designer with over 13 years experience of working as a commercial designer and design director in London and New York Jo graduated from Heriot Watt University formally known as The Scottish College of Textiles with a First Class Honours Degree in Knitted Textiles She went on to design

    Original URL path: http://www.cornishorganicwool.co.uk/organic-wool-designers (2016-04-27)
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  • Cornish Organic Wool News | Cornish Organic Wool
    6 years and but always in 100g skeins Following customer requests moving to 50g balls should be a simple process one would think But in reality it has taken over 2 years work The 100g skeins were hand dyed in Cornwall but moving to 50g balls meant machine dyeing the wool on cones before it was wound off into balls and at the time Cornish Organic started looking into this

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  • Links and Friends | Cornish Organic Wool
    owned and run by Julia Hopson and is rapidly getting a reputation as one of the foremost wool stockists in the south west Wendy Keith Designs Wendy Keith has designed a wonderful unique range of hand knitted garments and accessories using Cornish Organic Wool Chris Hankey Chris Hankey is our near neighbour friend and artist Jo Storie Jo creates luxurious ecological British knitwear that is respectful of both the environment

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  • Contact Us | Cornish Organic Wool
    If you have any questions please contact us by email to info cornishorganicwool co uk telephone 44 0 1736 350905 or write to Cornish Organic Wool King s Cottage Boswarthen Newbridge Penzance Cornwall TR28 8PA Name Email Tel Subject Message

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