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  • Rachel McDermott | Corridor8 — | Page 2
    Beatriz Olabarrieta on Plot Bunny at NGCA Sunderland Review Mikhail Karikis The Endeavour The Gallery at Tyneside Cinema Newcastle upon Tyne Review Tony Swain Undetailed Progress BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art Gateshead Review I Cave Georgina Starr Mima Middlesbrough Review Grounded Platform A Middlesbrough Review Louise Winter The Shed Haltwhistle Northumberland Review The Source of Resilience Sabina Sallis The Newbridge Project Newcastle upon Tyne Newer events Contact Corridor8 97 Vantage

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  • Online | Corridor8 — | Page 2
    Behaviour The Holden Gallery Manchester Review Works To Know By Heart Matisse In Focus The Imagined Museum Tate Liverpool Liverpool Review Going Public International Art Collectors in Sheffield Millennium Gallery Graves Gallery Site Gallery SIA Gallery Sheffield Cathedral Sheffield Article Bedrooms and Bombsites Matthew Crawley s Life Cycle of a Mould Mite 2015 and Thomas Hirschhorn s In Between 2015 Review DANCEHALL 11 Castlefield Gallery Manchester Review Heart Shaped Like

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  • Review: Heart Shaped Like a Baseball Bat, PERICLO, Wrexham | Corridor8 —
    for this exhibition which when placed in this well crafted landscape like setting interrupt the whole atmosphere We are made to feel more aware of this uncomfortable ambiance upon realising that scattered amongst the limestone are human teeth Teeth that the artist makes clear have been knocked out The underlying presentation of Strong s new work explores his self confessed misunderstood experience of the every day Amassed with personal details a wooden bench crafted by his father features there is a thorny violence to Strong s voice that is muddled up and interwoven into his artistic talents The seamstress skills he showcases in Shiva Tha Destroya and Well I wouldn t bother climbing that mountain either if I was going to get airlifted to the top but unfortunately I have to climb it and its going to take ages wear me right out and i ll probably die on the way up are plain to see and speak for themselves But they are disjointed by the childish like tactics he imposes Conveyed perfectly in Stationed After Millennia Shifting 750 Miles On Ancient Sheets Of Ice where Strong has painted white emulsion paint and then papier mached over a two large white limestones Strong s strength rests with his ability to conceal yet show just about enough to leave us intrigued and not baffled A line which sometimes he misjudges With references in this exhibition alone to Hinduism Sesame Street Jason and the Argonauts it is too easy to shrug off such an abundance of explanations Complex Wrexham is a more than suitable setting for the alluring sentiment of Strong Sandwiched in between the beautiful Welsh mountains and the architectural honour of neighbouring Cheshire Strong has a bit of this defiant Wrexham swagger and confusion about him Well aware of this

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  • Interview: Nyaba Ouedraogo, The Phantoms of Congo River, Manchester Museum | Corridor8 —
    to Europe and the US Today the same applies in the sense that there is still trade But back then it wasn t just goods that were transported it was slaves as well So Congo has changed obviously since then and my purpose was to seek to show how this change is taking place Change is a common theme in Ouedraogo s work in particular in reference to the changing relationship between man and nature As Michket Krifa observes in her contribution to Ouedraogo s book the people he photographs are continually confronted by the power of the elements In previous series such as The Hell of Copper 2008 this evokes an atmosphere that is verging on apocalyptic In order to survive man no longer struggles with hostile nature but with a nature that he must destroy poison and render ugly while he himself is destroyed and poisoned Krifa describes In The Phantoms of Congo River the power of the river is violent and unwavering However in this series there is a sense of humanity that responds to Conrad s novel conveyed through the relationships Ouedraogo himself formed on the river Though he is never visible we are aware of the role photographer in these moments he collects The relationship between subject and camera results in an honesty that is bold the candid ease of shoulders resting eyes wide open to the soul In these images Ouedraogo wrestles with intertwining realities Through his own view he explores the relationships the people of the Congo have with their river and his images display a complex spirituality pagan rituals ancient traditions the symbol of the cross Ouedraogo tells us They want to protect the river because they believe that mermaids are there so they are protecting them as well as themselves They see the river as a way of healing them it s not just water they think that it s actually a gift from God and although I don t believe that s what the people I met believe But their reliance on the river goes further than just a spiritual object Most people I saw were fishing Ouedraogo tells us they re fishermen so to them the river is a means of living and they said if the river disappears we ll disappear as well Ouedraogo has discovered a complex relationship between the river and the people who live on its banks the same power that gives life food healing and spiritual fulfilment could turn and destroy at any moment In his contribution to The Phantoms of Congo River book curator John Fleetwood discusses the use of the medium of photography to communicate such complex nuances in the understanding of reality In photographs symbols and reality are fragmented into intertwined lines of blur No longer can we distinguish between the sign and the signified No longer can we read the image merely as an accurate reflection of reality It is about possessing the power to engender multiple interpretations that coincide

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/interview-nyaba-ouedraogo-the-phantoms-of-congo-river-manchester-museum/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Review: The Phantoms of Congo River: Photographs by Nyaba Ouedraogo, Manchester Museum | Corridor8 —
    societies and their multiple incarnations in which contemporary Africa life intermixes with ancestral tradition and the exhibition is structured on these opposites of old and modern clarity and blurriness peace and violence the familiar and the strange Two pieces Moinda and Lord of War explore these opposite whilst also exploring two different preconceptions of the Congo The first Lord of War offers a contemporary view of the Congo and the Congo war in its depiction of a forgotten war head suspended in the river s muddy banks It plays upon our western notion of Congo as a place of conflict and corruption whilst serving as poignant reminder of the devastating effect the war had on its people Moinda meanwhile looks to the past and ancestral traditions and spiritualism it depicts a candle and small figurine alluding to an ancient ritual with the blurred quality of the photo creating a sense of a hazy memory so the question of time is brought in to foreplay The timeless quality of the photos question the viewer perception of reality and it is this creation of questions and ambiguity rather than a definitive narrative on colonialism which make the exhibition so intriguing This is emphasised by the setting of the photographs within the Manchester Museum which houses a large ethnographic collection and helped shape our view of different cultures through the narrow point of colonialism The museum s curator Stephen Walsh has worked alongside Ouedraogo and has incorporated some of the museums Congolese objects from its collection These are displayed in glass frames in a traditional ethnographic format which contrasts with the mythical quality of the photographs The objects have a sense of detachment that also contrast to the photos which create a more intimate relationship with the viewer of a shared experience of

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/review-the-phantoms-of-congo-river-photographs-by-nyaba-ouedraogo-manchester-museum/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Preview: Fingers Crossed, Wonder Inn, Manchester | Corridor8 —
    me going to hospital Another Manchester artist Roger Bygott who is also presenting his third performance for Fingers Crossed is working with portable scanners They re designed just to scan flat pieces of A4 paper he says But I wanted to explore what a scanner would do on a non flat surface and especially on a body Tattoos Roger tells me are interesting images to scan because The scanner does strange things with the tattoo shape So I ll be working with volunteers possibly scanning tattoos or possibly faces And I ll be live printing them out on the night Other artists taking part include Dennis Whiteside who prior to the event will visit the Wonder Inn turn around point randomly at a wall take a photo of the section of wall he is pointing at and will then make a screenprint of the photo to be installed in the same place on the wall Sarah Sanders will do an interactive performance using symbols to portray visitors entering the space She s done it before in Federation House Katarzyna says It was brilliant I walked in and she was on the floor drawing or writing some symbols and I looked at it and I realised she was describing me From London Henry Bragg aka Julie Henry and Debbie Bragg will present their ongoing project about bingo The duo who describe themselves as bingo obsessives are interested in the erosion of working class culture and have travelled the country photographing bingo halls in all their fading glory Watch out for glittery curtains loudly patterned carpets and lucky numbers From closer to home Jason Simpson of Neo Artists Bolton will install paintings made using dice to decide colours and Jane Fairhurst a founder member of Cross Street Arts Wigan will present work

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/preview-fingers-crossed-wonder-inn-manchester/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Review: Different Tongues, Hanover Project, Preston | Corridor8 —
    wooden constructs and soft fabrics and metal forms holding and shaping paper The show certainly inspires the viewer to question what drawing really is When entering the gallery one is immediately attracted to Kelly Chorpening s work perhaps because of its perfect and almost illusory finish Composed of rolled metal shapes arching curving and coiling whilst clinging to the walls mounted on these are intricate drawings of semi abstract patterns in what seem to be a multitude of coloured fine liner pens This use of many colours some sharply vibrant creates an illusory effect The result of which being an overall subtlety and politeness in colour The imagery suggest architecture or some other form of construction but in a very subtle manner And then there is Dean Hughes work Wooden maiden or ladder like constructions holding simple cut out shapes of felt in basic bright colours some with just one colour and some with a variety This collection of work finds its strength in its perfect simplicity and in that an honesty Every material used is made obvious adding an admirable beauty to the work So what are we to find in this work Soft fabrics of bright colours hung like clothes to dry Perhaps drawing or image making at its most stripped back After all these are certainly well composed images and one could argue that they are most definitely drawings their image has been drawn from the chosen materials One negative point about the show could be made in relation to its curation Every piece in the show sits comfortably on the walls at an average viewing height and with a sensible distancing between each However one piece of Hughes is hung at such a height above a square archway where the dimensions of the room suddenly diminish

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/review-different-tongues-hanover-project-preston/ (2016-02-15)
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  • James Schofield | Corridor8 — | Page 2
    It was the Best of Times It was the Worst of Times CFCCA Manchester Review Melanie Manchot TWELVE Castlefield Gallery Manchester Review BRASS ART Shadow Worlds Writers Rooms Freud s House The International 3 Manchester Review Bedwyr Williams The Starry Messenger Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester Review Seeing The Forest Through The Trees Grizedale Forest Visitor Centre Cumbria Review The Manchester Contemporary Manchester Preview We and Onion Widow at Fred s

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/author/jscorridor8-co-uk/page/2/ (2016-02-15)
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