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  • Events | Corridor8 — | Page 2
    publishing weekend When invited by the organisers to set up stall at Cardiff s prestigious new international fair we jumped at the chance The Fair is part of Diffusion Cardiff International Festival of Photography Cardiff s first month long Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Victoria Baths Fanzine Fair Sunday 5th May 2013 Following our appearance at the ever burgeoning Manchester Print Fair at 2022 NQ in April here is another date for your 2013 diary Victoria Baths Fanzine Fair Sunday 5th May 2013 12 00 16 00 We will be making our second appearance here with the latest offerings from the Corridor8 and designers dust http du st Expect great deals Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Manchester Art Gallery Zine Fair 2013 Corridor8 will be appearing at the Manchester Art Gallery Zine Fair 2013 as part of the gallery s series of Thursday late night openings Come along and buy the new issue or just chat browse and take a free badge Copies of the very limited edition de luxe binding for the Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Panel Discussion Things we can do in the North Panel Discussion Things we can do in the North Drinks from 6pm talk at 7pm Thursday 29 November Whitworth Art Gallery Oxford Road Manchester Join us to celebrate an exciting year and the complete bound edition of Issue 3 of Corridor8 with a new commission by artist Sarah Hardacre and a panel discussion Share on Facebook Share on Twitter ARCHIVE Bob Dickinson at Issue 3 Part 4 Launch We warmly welcomed guests and friends of Corridor8 to the 2012 Manchester Contemporary held alongside the Manchester Buy Art Fair Thursday 27 Sunday 30 Sept 2012 at Spinningfields Manchester As well as taking our usual stall this year Corridor8 will be launched

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  • Review: The Manchester Contemporary, Old Granada Studios | Corridor8 —
    and Reading Room discussions alongside an excellently curated programme of exhibitions and new commissions for over a year now Though the muted tones could not be described as eye catching what stood out most from the SYSON stand was the work of Russian born Nottingham based artist Yelena Popova whose three oil on canvas works all Untitled 2014 held a quiet but weighty presence Sucking you into a strangely alone contemplative space Popova explores the concept of visibility Her paintings register something familiar and recognisable though you d be pushed to say what The experience is reminiscent of the stage before wakefulness where substance still lies heavy yet precise meaning eludes you Or when you close your eyes after looking into bright light the shapes and colours of objects leaving a clear but rapidly fading trace S1 Artspace Sheffield Jessica Warboys work is equally focused on colour as a tool for expression Her limited edition screen print signed and numbered entitled No more Summer of incompletion 2012 seemed to command the greatest amount of attention at the S1 Artspace stand this year despite appearing alongside the work of far better known artists including Haroon Mirza Luke Fowler and Ryan Gander Its simple unassuming quality quietly held its own with an unavoidable appeal Though her paintings have been likened to Turners or Friedrichs for me No more Summer was more reminiscent of the work of Patrick Heron and other St Ives artists partnering materials with elements and nourished by sea sun and light The piece has a fresh slightly salty flavour Eastside Projects Birmingham Then tucked around a corner sat Bill Drummond quietly knitting surrounded by satisfyingly large pots of poster paint Behind him was a wall of hand painted signs uniform in size and typeface Trade Gothic Bold Condensed baffling

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  • Nicholas Blincoe reviews ‘The Manchester Contemporary’ | Corridor8 —
    of a historical Sikh martyr bounces through his drawings wryly commenting upon a comic book world populated by such figures as Al Pacino s Scarface or the Tartan clad Victorian hero Hector MacDonald Emma Talbot is a Worcestershire born artist who also focuses upon narrative illustration Her large scale canvases evoke oriental carpets and trails of wisteria creating romantic arabesque frames for scenes that explore the fears and desires of her characters often young girls Talbot is represented by London based gallery Domobaal who make a strong impression at Manchester Contemporary by creating a box like world within a world in a corner of the Old Granada Studios Division of Labour a gallery based inside Worcester City Museum show a coolly accomplished piece by Celine Berger a French born artist who won the Nam June Paik newcomer award in 2012 Berger s film features an actress playing a management consultant archly lampooning the language of business Another award winning female digital artist Danish born Lotte Rose Kjaer Skau shows a video piece that combines dance with an exploration of a landscape exhibited alongside a wall mounted sculpture of driftwood Kjaer Skau represented by London based IMT Gallery makes work that is so personal and hermetic it resists interpretation yet nevertheless exudes integrity The combination of video and sculpture in Kjaer Skau s work shows how digital artists are beginning to think of videos as installations rather than films This is also true of Joanne Masding who exhibits with Birmingham based Extra Special People The smaller of Masding s pieces at the Manchester Contemporary is displayed on two phone sized screens mounted at skirting board height The digitally manipulated film comments upon the way the human eye edits as it reads a scene A larger piece displayed on a flat screen TV at floor level is an enigmatic film of an object taken from or perhaps tossed into a furnace like space Masding brings a high level of technical skill to her films reflecting the fact that young digital artists are learning to replicate effects that were once only achievable in expensive post production facilities She is undoubtedly a huge talent at every level The International 3 is run by Paulette Terry Brien and Laurence Lane who are also curatorial coordinators of the Manchester Contemporary Their Salford gallery is currently home to a solo show by the intelligent and witty Joe Fletcher Orr who is the driving force behind Liverpool based Cactus Gallery At Manchester Contemporary the International 3 space is dominated by full length figurative paintings by Polish born painter Rafal Topolewski that are based upon works by Velasquez and others Topolewski s paintings play aggressive tricks with proportion and perspective creating unsettling versions of paintings we might feel we know while asking difficult questions about their value as attractive objects symbols of power or displays of virtuoso technique Maria Stenfors a London based gallery show Mela Yerka another Polish born artist whose work also sets out from a European

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  • Ali Gunn | Corridor8 —
    Cornerhouse Manchester Review I Would Like to Join a Club and Hit Myself with It Castlefield Gallery Manchester Interview Ryan Gander Review Lothar Götz Platform A Gallery Middlesbrough Review Rosie Morris and Sam Grant Phase Castle Keep Newcastle Upon Tyne Interview Shaun Doyle and Mally Mallinson Interview Constant Dullaart Interview Bob and Roberta Smith Review Puppet Show Grundy Art Gallery Blackpool Older events Contact Corridor8 97 Vantage Quay 5 Brewer

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/author/alison-gunn/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Review: Poor Souls’ Light anthology launch ft. M. John Harrison, John Rylands Library, Manchester | Corridor8 —
    s name Having edited New Worlds magazine during the late 1960s and early 70s he emerged as one of Britain s best SF and fantasy writers with the Viriconium sequence of novels Harrison has a particular liking for the kind of weird fiction inspired by the Welsh writer Arthur Machen who in the 1890s explored the link between landscape myth and the occult in stories like The Hill of Dreams and The Great God Pan These atmospheric tales led Harrison towards his impressive and haunting novels The Course of the Heart and Anima in which the fantastic and the erotic merge together in settings that also include Pizza Expresses and Hillman Avengers Manchester Morecambe and Camden Town But he is equally at home in the hard SF worlds explored in his Kefahuchi Tract sequence of novels Light Nova Swing and Empty Space The John Rylands reading celebrated the launch of a new publication Poor Souls Light Seven Curious Tales a collection of ghost stories for Christmas by writers who alongside Harrison include Jenn Ashworth Tom Fletcher Richard Hirst Johnny Mains Alison Moore and Emma Jane Unsworth Harrison entered the main Reading Room dressed in denim and with his long grey hair tied into ponytail and introduced his contribution to the collection entitled Animals which he intended to read Or at least most of it titillating his audience by breaking off around two thirds of the way through and encouraging people to buy the book on the way out if they were eager to know the ending which is exactly what I and many others did What we heard at the time was wonderfully creepy the account of a nervous woman taking a holiday in a decidedly dodgy cottage where she hears the voices of some very unpleasant previous residents After

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/review-poor-souls-light-anthology-launch-ft-m-john-harrison-john-rylands-library-manchester/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Review: The Other Room | Experimental Poetry in Manchester | Corridor8 —
    all three adopted a different approach to the performative aspects of poetry Karen Mac Cormack opened with readings from some of her published collections including Marine Snow At Issue Against White and Tail Light before moving on to new unpublished things One remark she quoted about innovation stuck with me Without it tradition would reign supreme This was true especially of her poem What s At the End of Everything a piece that sounded rather like a science fiction story full of data times cryptograms and Fed Ex codes describing how a new passport travelled from one country to another Another poem TY PING from which Mac Cormack read one extract is written in the form of script continuo where all the words run together it felt like breaking into a stream of energy only to be cut off from it again when she stopped Toronto based Sheffield born Steve McCaffrey is an ex member of the sound poetry group the Four Horsemen He reads sitting down behind a table because of general wear and tear and because I wanted to look like a newsreader which works well when reading a poem like Names from the Phone Directory Buffalo consisting of actual names listed according to themes like birds or the chromatic spectrum Three Poems Deliberately Spelt Wrong brought further laughs as did An Incredibly Edible Poem With British and American Content which featured popsicles testicles something to suck on not likely to be featured on this season s Masterchef An Example of a Pataphysical Poem based on Alfred Jarry s concept the science of imaginary solutions included lines one to three on loan to the Museum of Modern Art and various other lendings I also liked Perverse in particular the line Monotheism always implicates the poly vocal By the time he reached Oedipus Meets The Abstract Machine McCaffrey was in true TV presenter mode when delivering the words Smells like a huckleberry Nissan up your nose Final guest for the evening was Claire Potter who devised and programmed the recent four city series of events Shady Dealings With Language addressing the theoretical and practical relationships between art writing and performance She also edits Soanyway a website collecting words images and sounds that tell stories She herself is a natural storyteller and an amusing one But her work exists partly in the world of contemporary performance art as she demonstrated with the piece she proceeded to deliver with the warning I m working from the floor which was literally true Her written piece was typed using a manual typewriter on sheets of shiny card and as she showed us the type was totally redacted with a black marker pen By kneeling down and leaning forward on the floor microphone in one hand she read the words on the card by their typed indentations reflected by the lighting on the surface of the blacked out card The poem was long involved drilling a lock selling futons and a pizza delivery franchise

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  • Applications Now Open: Critical Writing Bursary & Workshop Programme | Corridor8 —
    2 May 2015 avoiding the Easter break at venues across the North West on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings They will be facilitated by specialists in the fields of writing publication and distribution both print and online including Joanne Lee Chris Sharratt Bob Dickinson Gerrie Van Noord Sophia Crilly and Laura Robertson The workshop programme will cover key areas in relation to critical writing including form and function social media self distrubution online and print media and relationships with galleries Each successful applicant will be awarded a bursary of 300 including travel expenses to produce one short exhibition review 1000 1200 words and one feature 2000 2500 words Each will be partnered with a critical writing platform to receive mentoring support and editorial feedback throughout the writing process Platforms will work closely with writers to determine style and content though all writing produced must respond to visual arts in the North West region Writing will be published on one of the four partner platforms and widely promoted across the region and beyond Applicants must be aged 18 and have a genuine passion for and sustained commitment to critical writing for the visual arts in the North West together with a real desire to develop critical writing skills We are looking for writers who can make a genuine commitment to attend all six workshops and produce two pieces of writing in the timeframe provided This programme forms part of Art Audience Development Discourse and Skills Art ADDS Art ADDS is an Arts Council England funded project initiated by CVAN NW to develop skills knowledge and expertise in the North West and to improve the ability of visual arts organisations to build on and increase audiences Art ADDS has three priorities Critical Writing Artist Development and Young People The overarching aims of

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  • Review: 30 Years of the Future, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester | Corridor8 —
    the way that the artists and artworks are perceived Simply from a logistical standpoint bringing fifteen artists together in such a small space and without an overarching theme risks a chaotic messy exhibition not unlike a degree show But these same factors also hint at the excitement these emerging artists must feel to have been included For them a nomination functions as a seal of approval from the art establishment The artist s names sit alongside those of their nominators each becoming inseparable from the other This list of names is one of the first things apparent to the viewer and listing the nominators alongside the nominees affects the way that you see the work Almost instinctively you look out for the artists nominated by figures that you are familiar with You may be unaccustomed with the work of Josh Bitelli and Felix Melia but the omnipresence of Hans Ulrich Obrist may colour your perception of their work However the most important factor in the nominator nominee relationship is that the fifteen nominators provide fifteen separate visions of the future therefore while the artists may not exist independently from their nominators they do exist independently from one another and more importantly so do the nominators If the exhibition were curated by a jury of nominators working together we might be offered a vision of the future that suits the agenda of the jury The 1997 Turner Prize had an all female shortlist in response to the all male shortlist in 1996 while last year year Glasgow School of Art nominees dominated This is not inherently negative but by its nature it is limiting and in a show such as this that tasks itself with looking to the future it is right that nominators work independently That being said it is

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/review-30-years-of-the-future-castlefield-gallery-manchester/ (2016-02-15)
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