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  • Audacious Abstraction: Fiona Rae at Leeds Art Gallery | Corridor8 —
    next century brings together a selection of seventeen paintings made within the last ten years Rae is known for her vibrant and densely painted canvases which she has been creating for over two decades Throughout her career Rae s vision has remained singular and idiosyncratic and the works on display in Leeds pay testimony to this In her works Rae deploys a dizzying array of painterly techniques and abstract gestures combining thick sloppy brush smears with sleek graphic motifs detailed cartoon figures and calligraphic lines All is rendered with a palette of intensely lurid colour This gleeful abundance of forms colours and gestures comes together in a heady mix to almost nauseating effect Rae s claustrophobic and cluttered canvases achieve a visual overload never allowing the eye to rest Instead we cannot help but flit from one alluring form to the next from a day glo explosion to an intricate floral motif In these dense palimpsestic paintings each constituent part competes and overlaps with the next In one work rainbow strands of paint jostle for space alongside cartoon pandas In another bright painterly marks become engulfed by a splash of black dripping down the canvas The woman who can do self expression will shine through all eternity 2010 Fiona Rae Courtesy Buchmann Galerie Berlin Timothy Taylor Gallery London Through painting Rae creates immersive and highly personal worlds with each canvas having a atmosphere uniquely its own The works appear dream like and hallucinatory in their ambiguity of space Familiar forms fuse together to create worlds that are unfamiliar and alien where space becomes intangible and otherworldly In certain works there is a sense of the cosmic or planetary as brightly coloured forms float in front of darkly rendered backgrounds Rae s use of cutesy imagery such as cartoon animals and

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/audacious-abstraction-fiona-ray-at-leeds-art-gallery/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Bryony Bond | Corridor8 — | Page 6
    favourite three films from the North East film screening Northern Art Prize A Silence That Never Was Shadowing Dark Matters Issue 3 Quick Slow launches December 2011 The Manchester Contemporary 2011 A Retrospective Newer events Contact Corridor8 97 Vantage Quay

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/author/bryonybond/page/6/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Review: ARTIST ROOMS: Anselm Kiefer, Tullie House Museum and Gallery, Carlisle | Corridor8 —
    Seig Heil salute for the camera It might be difficult to imagine the offence these pictures caused when first published but to an older German population this gesture amounted to picking the scab off a festering wound Put into context a new wave of avant garde students were politically and artistically protesting against the widespread silence Sometimes wearing a crocheted dress or shift Keifer s message was clearly one of provocation No thing involved in Keifer s art is accidental Every material used contains a clue to the possible meaning of the work Dust ash straw and clay suggest notions of impermanence transformation purification Having studied briefly under Joseph Beuys his influence can be seen in their shared fascination in ritual and alchemy Lead the base metal that alchemists attempted to turn to gold is also employed ironically in the form of boats that cannot float or melted leaden clouds The expressive gestures and sculptural use of materials remind us that Keifer is a postmodern artist and while his themes seem pre occupied with events from the past they seem equally relevant to contemporary issues Images are torn pasted over and scribbled over producing multiple layers of metaphor and meaning He excavates a rich seam of German mythology philosophy and poetry to provide often ambiguous titles to his works Frequently using the same recurring motifs shifting from theme to disparate theme an artist s palette towers ferns ships fire vaults railway tracks and dying sunflowers appear and re appear And always within this exhibition there is the opportunity for the viewer to see references to the last world war in the shape of a ceiling in the disappearing tracks in a ploughed field in the absence of mankind Tullie House is particularly proud to be exhibiting two vitrines produced in

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/review-artist-rooms-anselm-kiefer-tullie-house-museum-and-gallery-carlisle/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Review: Michael Fullerton/Prussian Blue, S1 Artspace, Sheffield | Corridor8 —
    oil painted portraits of women The images were inspired by Estée Lauder advertising campaigns for Vogue magazine which is owned by Condé Nast one of the world s largest media corporations However no beauty tips or attention grabbing headlines are stamped across the images the subjects merely stare out at with all the sombre frosty allure of a magazine cover Meanwhile what appears at first to be a decorative halo on one of the subjects in fact replicates the twelve stars of the blue and gold European Union flag echoed elsewhere in the gallery on a map of Europe It s a wry comment on the fact that our very concept of beauty is shaped by forces beyond the individual the criteria of which is stipulated by existing social structures Directly opposite this series is a full length portrait of digital entrepreneur Kim Dotcom who Fullerton travelled to New Zealand to photograph The scale of the work and confident posture of the subject belie the real source of power the US government from which he now faces extradition charges for copyright infringement Without explicitly making reference to this context the painting captures some of the unspoken elements of the grapple for ownership of online content and the defiance of an individual who continues to develop content sharing platforms despite critical legal proceedings against him Thus far the relationships between the various works have been visible yet understated and do not prepare the viewer for Who Are The Brain Police 2014 a sculpture assembled from blue flashing police lights The piece strikes a slightly jarring note disrupting the nuanced dialogues established elsewhere in the space Even so as an undiluted display of authority it is effective and also acts as a playful interruption of work that is otherwise fairly solemn and

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/review-michael-fullertonprussian-blue-s1-artspace-sheffield/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Online | Corridor8 — | Page 8
    TRIAL ERROR ART Holden Gallery Manchester Review The Curves of the Needle BALTIC 39 Newcastle Review Nervous Skies Amelia Bande Deborah Bower Mat Fleming and Annette Knol The Newbridge Project Space Newcastle Review Blind Gallery Graeme Durant Bloc Projects Sheffield Review High Line South Square Gallery Thornton Review Gazelle Twin Carla Mackinnon various short films FACT Liverpool Interview Rosie Cooper Writers Respond Kirsten Luckins in response to Conscience and Conflict

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/page/8/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Online | Corridor8 — | Page 7
    x Corridor8 Part 1 Review Micro Micro Revolution CFCCA Manchester Review RESOURCE Bluecoat Liverpool Review Lucy Beech Me and Mine The Tetley Leeds Review Platform Holden Gallery Manchester Interview Jo McGonigal Deb Covell Real Painting Castlefield Gallery Manchester Review Medieval helpdesk International Medieval Congress University of Leeds Review Real Painting Castlefield Gallery Manchester Review Neck of the Woods HOME Manchester International Festival Newer events Older events Contact Corridor8 97 Vantage

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/category/online/page/7/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Review: Time and Motion: Redefining Working Life – FACT, Liverpool | Corridor8 —
    could reincarnate a traditional North West craft and used the data collected to produce a pattern using dots which the knitting machine can read using a tactile punchcard system Viewers can see how the irregular dots on the banner log contemporary shift patterns illustrating the overlap between work and rest A striking example of modern working life comes from Oliver Walker s One Pound 2013 Comprising 6 HD videos on separate screens each film lasts as long as it takes its subject to earn 1 from over an hour for an agricultural worker to little more than a second for a high flying financier Visually compelling and begging pause for thought Walker s work asks us to consider the gulf between white and blue collar working wages in today s society Upstairs iPaw 2011 is a darkly humorous take on the future of technology in a digitally saturated world a dog paws perpetually through a giant iPad trapped in a passive state by the increasingly intelligent computer system Though comic iPaw anticipates a gloomy future and asks us to consider our already heavy dependence on technology at work and at home Meanwhile Andrew Norman Wilson s Workers Leaving the Googleplex 2009 11 immerses the viewer in his work life story Cleverly curated this piece surrounds the audience with Wilson s voice as he narrates the tale of his dismissal from Google and the complex infrastructure he was caught investigating Wilson s work uses digital media to explore how segregation is rife within the Googleplex where a colour coded class system is implemented by senior staff able to divide their employees by colour even today Finally my favourite piece of the exhibition visually was Gregory Barsamian s Die Falle 1998 an incredible kinetic sculpture Using an optical illusion known as persistence

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/review-time-and-motion-redefining-working-life-fact-liverpool/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Review: Urban Alchemy, AIRspace Gallery, Liverpool | Corridor8 —
    and drawing to edited YouTube footage and participatory projects the artists transform their focus to expose place as a functioning set of historical social and spatial relations The work of Madeline Hall explores the idea of transience and sense of place or lack of through the creation of drawings and drawn objects The use of somewhat familiar and yet obscure objects creates an extraordinary sense of indefinability For me these peculiar and fragile objects generate questions relating to the fragility of boundaries that exist between physical and indeterminate spaces Similarly with regards to Urban Alchemy Eleanor Wright present concepts of city regeneration and the futile endeavour to strive for perfection Her work presents the edited YouTube footage showing the fire at Zaha Hadid s Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre in Baku during 2012 While essentially the damage caused by the fire was only superficial the basic iconic statement of revival and flawlessness was tainted Wright has conveyed the idea that as a result of viral Internet trends the damaging images of the blaze were distributed globally in minutes documenting the damage and permanently securing it online The work of Alfie Strong entitled Stationed after millennia shifting seven hundred and fifty miles on ancient sheets of ice presents an alchemical association by referring to the glacial period presenting ideas of the physical mutability of the land Minimalist sculptures partly made from carbon which I consider to represent both the natural forms positioned within the landscape and the material that forms the basis of all known life Provoking questions of development and evolution both biological and man made The works by Andrew Smith appear to depict ideas concerning urban space and instigate an exploration into how urban space is regarded how sculpture structures and society become incorporated and perhaps overlooked within the urban

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/review-urban-alchemy-airspace-gallery-liverpool/ (2016-02-15)
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