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  • Online | Corridor8 — | Page 9
    Sharing FACT Liverpool Article Going to Ost Book Launch and Exhibition Model Leeds Review Simeon Barclay Man s Not Ready STCFTHOTS Leeds Review Liverpool Arab Arts Festival Shaping Change Women Art and Culture symposium Bluecoat Liverpool Review Mikhail Karikis The Endeavour The Gallery at Tyneside Cinema Newcastle upon Tyne Review Gary Barker New Territories of the Filth Dimension Assembly House Leeds Review Tony Swain Undetailed Progress BALTIC Centre for Contemporary

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  • Review: Small Change, AirSpace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent | Corridor8 —
    own small change manifesto to re enliven the arts scene in the city and to provide a creative space for local artists The gallery is to be found in an imposing Victorian building that once stood derelict after its previous residents a gas lighting company found its business snuffed out by new fangled electricity The exhibition starts before you even enter the gallery The large box bay window is used cunningly to display work both inwards and outwards In this instance it shows one of several pieces by Lauren O Grady which use everyday materials to convey visions of idealised urban structures things that straddle the space between what once was and what still might be A compelling video installation by Brussels based art collective Plus tôt Te laat documents a community s struggle to reclaim its common space against the onset of the corporate bulldozer Posters used in the struggle hang adjacent and pay silent homage to the protest art of the Atelier Populaire The gallery space is divided by a large willow windbreak which houses a selection of products and artefacts from the DIY common temporary café This was a project which successfully brought collective and community making to a public park in Cheetham Hill It suggests the potential for cohesion in a disparate urban community when guerrilla gardening foraging sustainability and entrepreneurship come together The feeling of bonhomie is sadly short lived as we are then drawn to a five metre long timeline conceived by political activist and artist Jane Lawson It records the history and the failings of the global financial system most disturbingly of all it remains unfinished The Dalai Lama has told us that we won t solve any problem by praying nor by being sad but only by seeking answers Jane Lawson provides

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/review-small-change-airspace-gallery-stoke-on-trent/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Review: Dumb Shadow – Supercollider, Blackpool | Corridor8 —
    the individual in this exploration of the surface creates a sense of dialogue between the subject artist and audience rather than the distancing an entirely clinical approach might affect Interdisciplinary artist Jefford has produced a number of works for the show including a series in clay and a reclaimed altered sculpture The untitled video piece features a looping clip of an outdated promotional video The repeated demonstration of snow tracks beneath a car wheel is stilted and amateurish the frames almost animated in their jerked motion and too soon jump cut This video activates the object in a way which the rest of the show does not it provides a counterpoint to the pointed purposelessness found in the surrounding works The covered panels used in the installation by Jefford reference these tyre tracks giving them physicality yet their purpose is negated and abstracted into the aesthetic The two works by Parkinson particularly feel in dialogue with Cominetti s paintings In Alter with Finger he has produced a pair of canvases which also utilise sensations of tonal blankness and surface texture They are two canvases painted white The piece explores a shift one side pulsing with a cold blue light a sheen open to puckering its opposite a yellow tinted dull uniform matt The absence of other detail allows these qualities to be explored Also produced by Parkinson 70 covers the large gallery windows a clear vinyl tint intended for cars is inexpertly applied trapping bubbles of air and abstracting the view in and out of the space The function of the window has been altered and in doing so it has become something other it has been made more present as surface through the reduction of its usefulness All three artists have to varying degrees carried out this process in

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/review-dumb-shadow-supercollider-blackpool/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Interview: Sarah Hill & Shereen Perera of Video Jam | Corridor8 —
    pairings Ultimately our control over the content of the programme is limited and deliberately so Once we send each film to its chosen musician the creative process from then on is entirely out of our hands and we have about as much insight as our audiences members SN The Artist won plenty of Oscars in 2011 but silent films don t usually achieve such notoriety in contemporary filmmaking why do you think some people may find silence alienating and is this something you aim to combat SH This is a very interesting question a wonderful topic for debate I think it s ultimately a matter of what we have become accustomed to It s interesting to remember that synchronised sound in cinema was initially rejected by lots of people as inferior to its silent counterpart before it became normalised The Artist draws on this period of film making as its subject matter and in doing something clever with it makes us aware of our conventional expectations of sound which is a great thing but I think it s success is a novelty of sorts For one thing the film isn t truly silent in the sense that it has a synchronised orchestral accompaniment and any alternative to that providing a live score for example would be practically unfeasible on a grand scale I think filmmakers such as Tarkovsky have had a vision of the perfect pure cinema as an entirely silent medium but it s far more likely to achieve influence within less mainstream cinema In regards to our events our aim is always to encourage people to reconsider the use of sound in relation to film and that includes silence I could give several examples here but the most memorable was from our first programme in January 2012 we screened a short film of a home birth that the artist Helen Knowles from the organisation Birth Rites had sent us We decided to screen the film firstly in silence and for a second time with musical accompaniment as an experiment to gauge the differing response of an audience to the same footage with and without music SN I mentioned in my review that you reinvent a classic style of film experience why do you think your formula works so well SH Most people like music and most people like watching films so when the two are combined you re onto a winner Video Jam events are a unique experience which I think people really get and respond to Many come to be entertained and to have a good night but we ve been lucky in that since our first event we ve experienced very attentive audiences who have taken our events seriously It s always important to get a balance though and we re generally very keen to encourage a sense of informality while stimulating interesting conversation between acts SN This year you have started making your events venue specific What do you look for in a venue and

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/interview-sarah-hill-shereen-perera-of-video-jam/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Review: Art Sheffield – Zero Hours, Sheffield | Corridor8 —
    we think we need It would be easy to think of Economic Values as a sort of shamanistic museum piece documenting the more bizarre aspects of life in the Eastern Bloc but instead it is intended that we view the sculpture as a sort of symbolic tableau Honey brings us ideas of productivity fat is comfort and warmth the crumbling plaster is entropy and the paintings are a way of pointing a finger at Bourgeoisie taste Over at S1 Artspace Katja Strunz explores time and entropy in a different and less symbolic manner Displaced clock faces hang on the gallery wall as dubious relics of another time and space The two clock faces which have been relieved of their duty as functional objects and stripped back to being mere shapes and forms remind me of tools for measurement The Berlin based artist exhibits a series of sculptures that make me think about time as a construct that exists only to measure space An assortment of sheet metal cubes cascade down the wall from the ceiling to the floor Walter Benjamin said that The origin stands in the flow of becoming The past is re configuring itself to meet the present I think this is the main idea behind Strunz s sculptures The surfaces of the metal boxes are slightly rusty This is not seen as a negative aspect of the material but is acknowledged merely as change time is no longer linear but crystallized a beautiful full stop for us to inhabit Strunz s objects occupy a Zero Hours of their own Down the road at Site Gallery Mikhail Karikis film Children of the Unquiet is playing and as the title suggests it is not quiet As I walk along a darkened corridor and into a deep rectangular room I am struck by what I hear long before I am struck by what I see It is a confrontation of shots of the gurgling Tuscan landscape and the ominously named Devil s Valley the inspiration for Dante s Inferno and home to one the world s largest geothermal factories A recent technological error devastated the surrounding communities Modernist villages stand eerily empty as the gas under the earth gargles and groans This is an exploration into the aftermath of a man made disaster Karikis collaborated with children from the community who explore and test the potentiality of their birthplace in what the artist describes as a take over The result is a sonorous feast children play in the scorched wasteland read aloud from works of philosophy about love and bio politics and mimic the sounds of geysers the whistling of steam erupting from the earth and the incessant hum of industrial drones That canny tactic of foiling the innocent and playful state of childhood with the more sinister effects of man made industry is orchestrated beautifully However unlike those adverts using children to conjure up a type of sympathy in the audience this film is not sad and it does

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/review-art-sheffield-zero-hours-sheffield/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Interview: Kerry Harker & Pippa Hale | Corridor8 —
    that s something we very much wanted to plug LG you mention Ikon whose remit is to support mid career artists would you say you are more focussed on working with artists at the beginning of their career PH We are still very much interested in working with early and mid career artists and being that stepping stone and taking forward that project space ethos So whilst there will always be an element of exhibitions in a more traditional sense we still want to carry on that way of working with artists and being experimental It s our job to make that accessible to a wider audience and to enthuse and excite them about contemporary art LG What have you done to the Tetley building in preparation for the opening KH We ve tried to be as light touch as possible because there are so many amazing architectural and historic features in the building we want to keep and maintain those as much as possible The atrium gallery was filled in back in the 1960 s to make more office space so we wanted to restore it back to its former glory PH There s an amazing collection of oil paintings and art works silverware and grandfather clocks and a whole range of ephemera to do with brewing God only knows what half of it is It s the kind of stuff that artists find hugely interesting and will form the focus of A New Reality which will be in three parts It s a nine month long programme with the building as the starting point of some sort of artistic intervention We are looking forward to working with artists such as Emma Rushton Derek Tyman James Clarkson Simon Lewandowksi Sam Belinfante and Rehana Zama KH There s a big

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/interview-kerry-harker-pippa-hale/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Review: Reality and Constructed Factual – Art Sheffield Parallel Projects, Unit 2, Speedwell Works, Sheffield | Corridor8 —
    or constructed resulting in the entire production seeming to be a cocktail of authenticity and scripted choreography Brian Dooley has created a series of photographs mounted upon metal panels that hang from industrial poles reminiscent of pull up bars that may be found between the doorways of fitness fanatics Each photograph differs slightly in composition but together they emphasise repetition as a method of cementing a point or narrative Other sculptural work comes from the London based duo Peles Empire in the form of three very similar slumping ceramic masses which address similar concerns to the repetition in Dooley s photographs Oliver Laric s work Versions provides an insight into the way we use and re appropriate information as well as how information and objects could be changed or manipulated whilst retaining the same symbolism or meaning The standout work comes from London based artist Hannah Perry Perry s video collage Wonderful While it Lasts cuts advertising footage and imagery from iconic mass marketed products with innocent or unscripted home footage Throughout the duration of the work a text narrative vaguely leads you through a barrage of imagery that often deviates from a single specific plot There are distinct similarities between the structure of Perry s work and that of shows such as TOWIE and Made in Chelsea in the way they cut authentic and staged scenes together however it would be an injustice to Perry s work to suggest that it merely provides mindless and exploitative entertainment which can often seem to be the case with many mainstream reality television shows Wonderful While it Lasts questions the impact of slickly produced advertising in contrast to home video footage and emphasises the fact that the amateur footage is often more interesting Reality and Constructed Factual provides a stimulating take on

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/review-reality-and-constructed-factual-art-sheffield-parallel-projects-unit-2-speedwell-works-sheffield/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Review: HOMELANDS – Paul Alexander Knox, We Are All Brothers Here: Stories from the Bangladeshi Community & Ciara Leeming, Stay where there are songs: Teesside’s New Roma, Side Gallery, Newcastle | Corridor8 —
    s immigration experiences from their ostracised existence as a minority community in post communist Czech Republic to their feeling of acceptance as Teesside residents These autobiographical accounts aid in a much greater understanding not only of the specific experiences of the family but of the wider prejudices facing Roma communities within the rapidly changing political climates of former communist states Within this contextual framework the relative normality of the situations depicted in Leeming s photography is endowed with a much greater importance As tiny moments of settled existence are captured a sense of hope in new beginnings manifests Whereas the Roma are a more recent and less overtly visible presence within the region Sunderland s Bangladeshi community as documented by Knox is by comparison more established Knox s work encompasses a multi generational cross section of the community from the first generation who faced racial tension when they arrived in the 1970s to today s young people who have a strong identity and connection with both cultures The whole series is shot in black and white a device that lends a sense of timelessness and equality With all images on the same tonal spectrum individual personality supersedes a one dimensional view of ethnicity Some of the most successful images highlight the unlikely pairings in what can appear to be two incongruous cultures terraced houses converted to mosques or fast food chefs cooking up local food for customers whilst they themselves fast for Ramadan They draw attention to a lesser documented successful display of cultures that endeavour to work side by side as opposed to drawing out disparities Tensions inevitably still manifest and these are shown via uncomfortable images of right wing political protests the most affecting of these featuring young people In one a group poses with discarded National Front

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/review-homelands-paul-alexander-knox-we-are-all-brothers-here-stories-from-the-bangladeshi-community-ciara-leeming-stay-where-there-are-songs-teessides-new-roma-side-gallery-ne/ (2016-02-15)
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