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  • Review: Richard Shields – The Journey Of The Artist And The Price Of The Ticket, Carlton House, Manchester | Corridor8 —
    links between Renaissance society and that of modern day Using Duchampian methods of interdisciplinary materials Shields recreates Raphael s The Conestabile Madonna and Holman Hunts Shadow of Death on abandoned pool tables with chalk dust He immortalises the face of Cosimo de Medici alongside the Medici and Barclays crests on paper coffee cups giving a nod to the penny universities or coffee shops where Barclays was founded playing with the idea of worth and the disposable This idea is mirrored in Rejected Proposal seeing various artists show miniature creations based on an art proposal which has previously been rejected Displaying these miniatures in a ring box there is a homonym around the word proposal and a sense of offering up to a higher power be that love or The Arts Council It is safe to say that every piece Shields creates is heavily planned ensuring each decision may be argued and reasoned This could make for a stilted execution however with Shields it is a matter of being consistently meticulous throughout the layers of meaning Bring Me The Head of Damien Hirst is a well blended combination of concept relevance and humour This piece still has roots in the Renaissance when artists couldn t complete grand commissions singularly and were reliant on the aid of assistants much like Damien Hirst who has infamously minimal input with his own work In Bring Me The Head of Damien Hirst Part One Shields invites his contemporaries to create artworks with miniature busts of Hirst seeing Always Digging and iHirst as the most notable and comic Shields strengths lay not in his angst against the Royal College as in The Possibility of Seeing but when those hang ups are called into question within the broader art world There is something more universally relatable with

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/review-richard-shields-the-journey-of-the-artist-and-the-price-of-the-ticket-carlton-house-manchester/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Interview: Christian Skovgaard – Our Times, MEXICO, Leeds | Corridor8 —
    subject matter is never your own really But now I m using all the skills I have but filling in the content and subject matter myself HL Do you consider yourself more as an architect or as an artist or maybe a bit of both CS I prefer for other people to decide that themselves Like with this I was put down as a graphic designer and storyteller based on the work I submitted I guess My main thing right now is making graphic novels which is also very much about mapping spaces and the interactions in them but you get to unfold and expand stories in a very different way I m interested in the symbiosis between the two things I like documenting spaces and the stories happening in and between them HL Can you tell me a bit more about your work here today CS Like this piece here gesturing towards The Marble Church 1 350 it very much tells a story This plan here builds a story in your head you have to build it up and construct it in your head from what you see in front of you This is a paper model of a church in Copenhagen which I also made a graphic novel about It s like a dialogue you have everything you need in front of you but you still need to decipher it If you had the tools you could cut it out and build the church It s two dimensional with the potential to become three dimensional and I like the tension created between that being able to build it but then the reality of what s on the wall The two dimensional representation alluding to the 3D HL What interests you about exhibiting here CS It s a great

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/interview-christian-skovgaard-our-times-mexico-leeds/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Review: SEFT-1 / Los Ferronautas – Abandon Normal Devices, Liverpool | Corridor8 —
    or even a canvas allowing the actual document of the journeys it undertakes to be centre stage In that sense despite its tool being extremely interesting to look at and no doubt to witness especially if unexpected on a nearby abandoned railway Los Ferronautas work seems inherently about process The expeditions are its process and the documents it can collect from this process are its work The change of scenery that SEFT 1 will have must surely effect that dramaturgy of the work Its initial explorations have been largely in Mexico and Ecuador with pictures showing the vehicle exploring what look to be whole abandoned worlds What will SEFT 1 find on its journey through northern England Its base is currently in Blackburn with talks of adjusting and modifying the vehicle for canals and waterways However Los Ferronautas who consists of artists Andrés Padilla Domene and Iván Puig Domene are not simply documenting new potential terrain but are chiefly putting on pop up displays screenings and talks further adding to the idea that the end product is about the process Though its somewhat difficult to imagine SEFT 1 finding epic vistas here that match its Ecuadorian escapades other worldly spectacle isn t all that the project is concerned with The forgotten nature of places once dominated by people and their technology seem to be its main draw and the north west of England is ripe with industrial graveyards now taken as visual future utopias Looking at pictures of the vehicle at work it can t help but evoke the journey that the three travellers take in Andrei Tarkovsky s Stalker 1979 In the film three men journey into an area known as The Zone which is full of remnants of civilisation but which also houses a room where one s

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/review-seft-1-los-ferronautas-abandon-normal-devices-liverpool/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Interview: Liz West | Corridor8 —
    thing to free you up LW Yes just pare it down Actually I find that some of the most successful works on paper are the ones where there are maybe only a couple of elements That made me realise that with my past installation work like the Chamber series I was almost over complicating things As beautiful as they were there was a gap there was the lighting there was the object there were the mirrors and so this new body of work is just about taking it down to the things that interest me which is saturation and light AG So you are freer through this process LW Much more AG Where does the title of your exhibition come from LW The title comes from Josef Albers Interaction of Colour On Brown and Violet Grounds is describing one of the slides in the back of the book All my titles come from that book and every piece of work in the exhibition has a title taken from that book AG So is Josef Albers is one of your main influences LW He is the guy the main colour theorist who people look to and I think his book for me is essential reading along with David Bachelor s Chromophobia Anyone who is interested in colour really needs to be looking at those two AG And what other artists inspire you LW Where to begin Obviously David Bachelor we have very similar concerns He is someone I would like to show with one day Olafur Eliasson has really inspired me in terms of how he uses colour and light and especially within space and so many more AG Is it an important part of your practice to respond to or work within the paradigms of other artists LW Definitely I think if you are going to be an artist a proper artist you need to be constantly referencing what has come before you so you know where to place yourself alongside them AG What interests you about the dynamic between space and colour LW So the first work that ever got my heart beating really fast was Jim Lambie s floor piece at the Tate Britain in the Days Like These exhibition That was a piece that made me go a bit dizzy It had quite an overwhelming effect on me and I thought to myself if and when I become an artist that is the kind of work that I want to make and have that effect on my viewers AG What is it about light that interests you When I make light works and I switch them on and turn the lights out it does something to me It s so psychological warming and has such an affect on me and what I am trying to do is give my viewers that same experience I should also mention that I have Seasonal Affect Disorder so I am basically making my own light boxes AG So there is almost

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/interview-liz-west/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Review: Ahmed & Carpenter – Aversion Management, Rogue Project Space, Manchester | Corridor8 —
    Dargavel Leafe s offering brings the Cubist s concern for Henri Bergson s theories into a 4D space Her construct ion consists of a repeating form of lines and transparent planes that recede and shrink into the corner of the largest piece Bergson s theories influenced art through a philosophy of objects set within time and space and Dargavel Leafe chooses to present this through the play of light which sends ephemeral patterns across the low lit walls of the room The most subtle work in the room comes from Adam Renshaw whose installation piece was commissioned to become a permanent part of the gallery space This is performance based although we do not see the artist working the resultant piece testifies to his appropriating a builders practice in laying a tarmac boundary around the edges of the room The line describes the artists journey around the room as well as acting as a framing space for those encountering the exhibition However both of these works suffer slightly from sharing the space with the third work Thomas Yeomans video Eternal September commands attention partly because it is a video but mainly because it is brilliant The film is about a moment in 1993 when Usenet a forerunner of the internet was launched into the public domain but even without this information there is no doubt as to what it is about The film is utterly familiar and yet beautifully and I really mean beautifully refreshing It offers a commentary on how the Western community today surrenders so easily to the shaping of behaviour and thoughts through sound and imagery but does so through a dance of quotations that is undeniably challenging and enjoyable The familiar formats of film trailers music videos and news reports workout videos and beauty adverts as

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/review-ahmed-carpenter-aversion-management-rogue-project-space-manchester/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Interview: Cecilia Stenbom | Corridor8 —
    crime drama I knew from the start that I wanted to work with members of the public to inform the project taking the form of open discussion events that I hosted I also wanted to use local people for some of the roles in the film and allowed the casting process to influence the characters on screen HEA The actors read these interview transcriptions which seem uncanny when placed in the context of the crime drama Why did you choose to blur reality and fiction in this way CS I placed a real conversation inside a fictional world I had the idea of creating a simple crime narrative to make the viewer instantly recognise the genre and deliberately creating a gap in the expectations of seemingly recognisable scenarios by inserting a completely different kind of dialogue into the frame I am interested in how fictionalised versions of reality creep into our sense of real and how even real experiences may seem unrealistic in real life HEA How did using the scenario of the crime drama allow you to explore the perceptions of crime amongst the public and particularly the residents of Berwick CS I used crime drama as a starting point as the common denominator to start a conversation Berwick as a place has very little actual crime and I quickly got a sense that its residents generally felt safe in their environment however when starting to dig further there was a sense that a potential underlying conflict could erupt into violence HEA Do you feel there is a strong connection between the Eastern British and Nordic coasts CS Visually the landscape is very connected it is after all on opposite ends of the North Sea There is and always has been a lot of cultural cross over between these

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/interview-cecilia-stenbom-2/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Interview: Paulette Terry Brien of the International 3 | Corridor8 —
    seeing it as a 12 18 month period to raise the profile of the gallery but our longer term aim is to find a gallery space again NB In the meantime you are going to be doing off site projects PTB We will be maintaining a curatorial programme with off site and curated projects starting next spring This will be a combination of giving opportunities to artists we represent and looking at bringing in new artists We want to give new emerging artists and graduates opportunities We are looking at interesting sites in the city which haven t already been used for creative activity and we are also looking at developing projects in MediaCityUK and in Cheshire which will help us tap into new audiences NB How did you become involved in the Manchester Contemporary PTB In 2008 we were invited to do something at the Buy Art Fair so we curated an exhibition of recent graduates and other galleries 3 or 4 000 people came to see it so it was a fast track for artists to get their work seen by lots and lots of people In 2010 we took on the Manchester Contemporary as curatorial co ordinator we use that term as we don t choose or contextualise artists We select who comes to the fair based on the kind of artists they work with but leave the rest up to galleries it s up to them who shows what they show and how they show The Manchester Contemporary is about developing Manchester and trying to give it something it doesn t have We see it as an extension of what we have always done and it adds to our ambition to develop a collectors base in the city We are also trying to create something that s interesting for the general public by showing artists who probably wouldn t come to the city for any other reason We are also part of a steering group with representatives from the Contemporary Art Society and Manchester Art Gallery which has developed a VIP programme This gives galleries an opportunity to invite collectors who live elsewhere to Manchester and for them to be able to see what is happening across Manchester and Salford for example at Islington Mill Castlefield Gallery and Rogue Studios This shows that the Manchester Contemporary is part of a bigger art ecology Rotterdam Art Fair is a really good example of how a fair can galvanise a city into being part of it and we always hoped that other organisations would see it as an opportunity to present themselves alongside the fair It is still an emerging market but the fair is growing year on year NB How do you select the galleries PTB We try and invite new galleries each year We take part in art fairs all over the world and many of the galleries we got to know from being in same fairs We want to explore other things that are happening

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/interview-paulette-terry-brien-of-international-3/ (2016-02-15)
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  • The Manchester Contemporary returns to Spinningfields | Corridor8 —
    a year off while we work on the new phase of our journal After three editions that have seen our take on contemporary visual art in the North of England Issue 4 will be the start of an entirely new development still North and still international but in a surprising way Back Issues We will be at the Fair in person and back issues of the journal including the deluxe limited edition bound set of Issue 3 will be available for view at the Contemporary Art Society stand and where orders can be taken Free Preview Tickets We are delighted to have 25 pairs of tickets to the special Preview evening Thursday 26 September to give away See below Guided Tours There will be free guided tours by leading curators who will identify and interpret some of the more challenging work at the fair The tours take place Friday 27 September 6pm Saturday 28 September 12pm and 3pm Sunday 29 September 12pm and 2 30pm The tours start at the hospitality area next to the café in the Buy Art Fair marquee and include a complimentary glass of wine No need to book a place in advance simply turn up

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/the-manchester-contemporary-returns-to-spinningfields/ (2016-02-15)
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