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  • Review: A Lecture Upon the Shadow, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool | Corridor8 —
    photography painting and sculpture Similarly in accordance with the notion of growth and perhaps indeterminate futures Eldon Grove 2012 by Liverpool based artist Tabitha Jussa documents the site of an abandoned utopian social housing development in North Liverpool Eldon Grove is a prominent site comprising of three separate buildings in a condition of disrepair since the community moved out during the 1960s and the conservation developers fail to agree on its future Eldon Grove consists of 50 individual images pieced together digitally to create an impossible observation of the buildings a hyper realism The concept of bringing together these images is paradoxical to the initial deconstruction of the buildings the neighbourhoods and the way of life for the once resident community A further look at social and political implications is shown through the work of Shanghai based of artist Fan Shi San Two of Us 2009 present explores the identity formation of people born in China since the introduction of the one child policy Through the construction of images of young people with their imaginary shadow like self reflections the works suggest an irreconcilable separation and loneliness through the apparent lack of communication between the two characters This exhibition has an unquestionable narrative quality which is clearly evident in the work by Liverpool artist David Jacques in Corpus Mercatorium 2012 informed by the writings of 16 th century demonologist Johann Weyer It encompasses portraits from corporate PR web pages and photographs from WW1 archives collaged together to create curious specimens producing an allegorical and surreal narrative The narrative theme is also existent in the work of Shanghai artist Liang Yue Numerous Continuation Summer Autumn Chaos 2012 which captures momentary instances from daily life Through the subtle manipulation of the images using natural and artificial light Liang Yue captures these illusory

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/review-a-lecture-upon-the-shadow-open-eye-gallery-liverpool/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Review: Jane and Louise Wilson, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester | Corridor8 —
    pool flooded with light overlooking a verdant forest as if part of a secluded holiday retreat Into each image has crept a measuring stick scarcely noticeable and stripped of its function wrapped around a doorframe teetering at the edge of a diving board marking the edge of a door Physical recreations of these measuring sticks recur throughout the show at the Whitworth as sculptural forms yet unlike the measuring sticks in the images they dominate the exhibition spaces forming a barrier across a corner of the room containing the photographs and stretching intrusively to the ceiling Accompanying the still eerie beauty of the photographs which are devoid of people is The Toxic Camera a poignant reminder of the human cost of the disaster The title refers to the camera of Vladmir Shevchenko a film maker allowed access to the power plant in the aftermath of the explosion Shevchenko unwittingly captured the code like beeping of radiation on film and the exposure was to kill him the Wilsons have placed a bronze replica of his camera recast as a lethal weapon on a austere concrete pedestal In the film members of Shevchenko s crew their faces thoughtful and sad reflect on their colleague and children play listlessly with an electric fence capturing the repercussions of the disaster for each generation to come Whereas The Toxic Camera amplifies sound and image in one of the most effective moments an apple made inedible by radiation falls with a thwack to a floor already covered in over ripe apples the silence of Shevchenko s documentary Chernobyl A Chronicle of Difficult Weeks which plays nearby is both ominous and compelling A montage comprising action footage of power plant workers and the emergency services aerial footage of the affected area and news bulletin style responses from

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/review-jane-and-louise-wilson-whitworth-art-gallery-manchester/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Review: Jim Shaw – The Rinse Cycle, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead | Corridor8 —
    religion of his youth as a preacher Each piece of the series is rendered in a different popular graphic style of the 1960s from Dr Seuss to superhero comics to Hanna Barbera style animation and rock album covers with references to fine art history thrown into the mix It makes for fascinating viewing despite its incomplete narrative the works are rarely shown in their entirety and are never in strict order and viewers will find themselves drawn to minute details that make reference not just to the story of Billy but to societal and political changes of the decade too Equally engaging are his series of works based around his dreams including stilted pencil drawings paintings of imagined paperback covers and dream object sculptures Shaw s knack of consolidating bizarre and fluctuating dreams within one narrative piece perhaps comes from his post university experience as a TV story boarder As unashamedly weird as the dream imagery appears in his simple allegories they seem to somehow make sense the vast references in all of them a dormant reflection of the artist s conscious mind Harder to get your head around is Shaw s made up religion Oism This sprawling project of sacred narrative movement propaganda and rock opera yes you read right has propelled many of his more recent works The series of abstract paintings depicting figures from the created scripture seem a little self indulgent and are much less immediate though are undeniably well detailed and highlight a real positive to viewing this exhibition that should you not want to delve into the intricacies of it all the sheer craftsmanship of the work can still be appreciated Having said that Oism has produced some of Shaw s more difficult work it has also spawned what in my view could be

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/review-jim-shaw-the-rinse-cycle-baltic-centre-for-contemporary-art-gateshead/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Interview: Helen Collett and Lois Macdonald of Lionel Dobie Project | Corridor8 —
    You might want to call yourself an Artist because then it feels like you can do anything but the title of curator is considered much narrower With this in mind we ve wondered what our title should be eventually making a conscious decision to call ourselves the project managers of LDP LM We don t call ourselves the curators of the project because we try not to have too much creative input or control over what the residents do here LV Do you see yourselves as providing a service HC There are so many residency opportunities for Artists that are really open and something I want to do is provide a similar space for curators where they can ask questions LM We re supporting research and have said that we aren t going to have any exhibitions here unless they are a part of the research So far everything has been participatory with conversations and performative events We think of it as a think tank as opposed to a gallery space but because the space looks like a gallery a lot of people think that s what it is LV In terms of being a service provider how do you see yourselves as distinct or linked to alternative education projects and the arts courses at the Manchester universities LM There are educational elements to the project in that the curators who are resident here have hosted open seminars Helen and Myself also work at Manchester School of Art so we re linked in that sense HC I think it s important to keep Lionel Dobie very separate from my work as a tutor we want students and graduates to engage with the project but as something separate to their course It can also function as a link between the different local Universities LV Could you tell me about your current resident curators at LDP LM There s the Lionel Dobie Project Collective whereby we have fortnightly meetings and an events budget and then there s Mike Chavez Dawson who s our first resident He s looking at performance and curating where an artwork actually exists HC We ve been talking a lot about whether his work is curatorial or artistic LM He has been doing lot s of projects outside of this residency but he sees them as all part of the same thing under his name It s been really interesting working with him as he is quite name driven and highly motivated LM Then we ve got Conway and Young who are actually based in Leeds but are doing an MA here and they come from a design background they look at the design of space HC They have been considering curating in a traditional sense as taking care LM Our third resident is Toby Huddlestone who is based in London and is interested in archiving He is working towards an exhibition which he is trying to predict beforehand by archiving it before it happens HC We really

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/interview-helen-collet-and-lois-macdonald-of-lionel-dobie-project/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Review: The Red Headed League publication by Furlough | Corridor8 —
    can refuse put in little to no effort or produce something of worth if they freely choose to But hold on despite this justification is this not a similar insult to artists accepting a nominal no fee for any project just that sufficiently grabs them They want to artistically respond regardless and intend to balance this with other monetary resources surviving by compromise and determination Artists fees are often calculated in light of experience commitment required travel reputation but The Red Headed League anew sets a tiny standard rate of pay for all involved to deliberately see what each individual artist thinks about it Why would the artists bother A situation all too familiar to them is the expectation to accept an unjust fee for their valuable time and ideas The Red Headed League does not ask this in actuality Each artist was given one of the first thirteen images in the Encyclopedia Britannica Micropaedia edition As Micopaedia is a neologism from the Ancient Greek for small and instruction it seems a good fit for The Red Headed League who aren t employed to fully study the subject but to engage briefly in the instruction distraction Perfect material for Purely nominal services Starting with Aa artist Alice Bradshaw had the picture of the Aalsmeer Flower Parade Her contribution is a fantasy interview with the young man dressed as a crocodile depicted on the parade float AB You look sad in the photo what happened NS I wasn t sad at all just waiting for the parade to start Kim Noble eats his page of Aalto the Finnish architect in a lightly buttered bap Tim Etchells responds to Hank Aaron s Encyclopedic portrait in a slapdash digital drawing Lesley Guy has contributed a page herself as a redhead on Abauzit the French scholar partly cut out collaged against a pencil drawing of the colour spectrum with its memorable acronym Roy G BIV As Abauzit was highly respected by Newton Rousseau and Voltaire whilst noted for questioning authority opposing theories and with many of his writings destroyed for that reason it seems poignant that she places him beside a widely rehearsed tool for recalling the composition of a basic rainbow Guy s control as co curator and compliance as an artist takes her a step away from suspicion as in The Red Headed League of Conan Doyle s creation the man behind the plot is busy being devious whilst his red head is foolishly busy working on his task Or is Guy playing a part to deceive us and the League further What smoke screen is this Perhaps The Red Headed League are a step ahead of us in their operation as a fiery troupe with some intrinsic secret woven into their common attribute Piling the stereotypes up high will most likely get us nowhere As Guy and Day state they have observed many curatorial decisions being based upon generalised criteria Theirs is certainly a critique of this and less so a

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/review-the-red-headed-league-publication-by-furlough/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Online | Corridor8 — | Page 21
    Additionals Pavilion Leeds Review MAY IT KEEP THE WOLVES IN THE HILLS AND THE WOMEN IN OUR BEDS A collision of interests selected by Ryan Gander at Mexico Leeds Review Built Around You Review Meanwhile See This Review David Shrigley at Cornerhouse Manchester Review Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc Pavilion Tower Works Leeds Interview David Shrigley Review Emma Hart CIRCA Projects Newcastle Review Bojan Fajfric at BALTIC Gateshead Review A Decade of

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/online/page/21/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Online | Corridor8 — | Page 20
    Sheffield Review Haggard Caravan The Calder The Hepworth Wakefield Review First Year Matthew Crawley Leeds Weirdo Club Leeds Review The Negligent Eye The Bluecoat Liverpool Preview Movement Magic and Mirrors Five short films by Maya Deren Cornerhouse Manchester Interview Maria Balshaw Review David Mcleavy Funhaus Toast Manchester Review Yan Preston Touchstones Rochdale Review Simon Bill BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art Gateshead Newer events Older events Contact Corridor8 97 Vantage Quay

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/category/online/page/20/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Steve Pantazis | Corridor8 — | Page 5
    Twitter Information Subscribe Buy Search Steve Pantazis Newer events Contact Corridor8 97 Vantage Quay 5 Brewer Street Manchester M1 2ER info corridor8 co uk 44 0 161 236 5885 Newsletter

    Original URL path: http://www.corridor8.co.uk/author/steve-pantazis/page/5/ (2016-02-15)
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