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  • Centrepoint - ViewPoint
    to prevent any unauthorised entry to the system Having gained access users are restricted to those parts of the database that are open to members of their Closed User Groups CUGs There are up to 99 999 possible CUGs and any screen belongs to just one of these A user in turn may be designated as a member of up to ten CUGs and have access to all screens belonging to these groups VIEWpoint CUGs provide a very powerful and flexible means of controlling the information seen by different users TRULY USER FRIENDLY No matter how useful the information your users must be able to easily learn how to find and use it VIEWpoint employs simple and consistent rules to ensure that the user does not get lost whilst navigating through the database The database information is arranged as screens or frames of information referenced by unique numbers Users may access individual frames by entering the relevant number or the frames themselves may be menus which will route through to the next frame depending on a choice made by the user All standard Prestel commands are recognised whereby for example entering will cause the next sequential frame to be displayed and will allow the user to step back up to 15 frames In addition to the frame number a frame may have one or more seperate keywords associated with it which can be used to describe the subject material of the frame If the user enters a subject keyword then if the CUG rules permit the frame with the matching keyword is displayed During display of any menu frame the user may subject to context interrupt the display by entering the required menu option early thereby speeding database routing for more experienced users VIEWpoint frames may be arranged into sequences whereby selection of the next frame to display is automatic and the display will either wait for a specified time or for a user response before continuing By employing timing with the frame overlay feature whereby only differences in succeeding frames are displayed it is possible to generate animation sequences for added impact The last frame of a sequence may also be made to refer back to the first thereby making a repeating carousel of frames suitable for display purposes INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS GATEWAY Not all the information that you want users to see need be held on the local frame database VIEWpoint provides you with a powerful gateway through which the user can pass to gain access to software applications and remote databases VIEWpoint enables two special types of frame to be created that allow the running of local utilities and both local and remote applications A Gateway frame invokes an external procedure which connects the user to another application which may be on the same computer or via networking a neighbouring computer or one on the other side of the world VIEWpoint communicates with the application through a standard Applications Interface An application may for example instruct that a

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  • Centrepoint - email
    Centrepoint Travel Software Your Email Subject Message INVALID RECIPIENT Copyright Centrepoint Management Services Ltd 2016 All rights reserved

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