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  • Special Offers
    refresh this page a couple of times to make sure you have the most up to date information the page is updated as often as we can ROUND 3mm ROUND 3mm ROUND 4mm Silver 1 75 for 30 Gold 1 75 for 30 Silver 1 75 for 24 1 Only 1 Left 1 2 3 4 Only 4 Left 1 2 3 4 Only 4 Left ROUND 4mm ROUND 5mm SQUARE 5x5mm Gold 1 75 for 24 Silver 1 75 for 18 Silver 1 75 for 12 1 2 3 4 Only 4 Left 1 2 3 4 Only 4 Left 1 2 3 4 Only 1 Left SQUARE 5x5mm SQUARE 8x8mm SQUARE 8x8mm Gold 1 75 for 12 Silver 1 75 for 9 Gold 1 75 for 9 1 2 3 Only 3 Left 1 2 3 Only 3 Left 1 2 3 4 5 Only 5 Left BAR 10x3mm BAR 10x3mm STAR 8mm Silver 1 75 for 12 Gold 1 75 for 12 Silver 1 75 for 9 Sorry Sold 1 Only 1 Left 1 Only 1 Left STAR 8mm SEED 8x4mm SEED 8x4mm Gold 1 75 for 9 Silver 1 75 for 12 Gold 1 75 for

    Original URL path: http://www.craftbits.co.uk/specials-e-iron_m.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Craft Bits - Other Craft Items from Craft Bits
    30 UK only No Minimum Order VAT EU is included in all prices This site uses frames You may have been directed here from an old link Please click HERE to take you to the new site If you come back here again we are sorry but you will need to update your browser to use our site Let us know if you would like us to produce a non

    Original URL path: http://www.craftbits.co.uk/open.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • CB Exit Survey Results
    to use site could be made to look a bit more professional maybe Not being mean a great selection of products at a good price website is clear and like the feature which informs of current stock levels Not all pages have stock levels that usually means we have plenty in stock Very clear and easy to use Excellent that you do small quantities Your beads look great particularly being able to buy single colours Look forward to making wtare cycle bracelets with my 7 yr olds next half term goods look ideal for school and guiding units postage more than reasonable even better for free when only spending 10 will certainly keep looking for future card school unit needs It s a great site a big range of products at good prices and the freee P P on orders over 10 is good too I am delighted to find you after searching for Key Chains on Google I will most certainly use you again its a friendly site to use Website is great Nothing needs improving at all a good range of stock and really good prices I found what i was looking for and it was easy to use I found it very easy to shop through your website Everything easy to comprehend Hope to shop with you a lot more in the furture toy stuffing cheaper with you great that you do not have a minimum order value for small items Very prompt delivery time communication was excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend to friends and family Thank you for an excellent transaction Great site easy to use no problems with anything That s why we re back easy to use and any question asked quickly and staff go out of their way to help where possible Easy to use Reasonable P P rates Web site very well illustrated pictures very clear and help to be sure of product being ordered Payment section very straightforward to use good selection of felt Nicely set out and easy to navigate and find what you want infornative Not at all its great the way it is Like the no min order grear help Very slick thank you it s a nice site with many interesting craft bits and bobs but the website design could be updated apart from that no issues with service etc Over all a decent site D Very easy to use found just what I wanted and will use again in the future Speaking as someone not computer literate I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was to order online Thanks for this clear products pictured extremely well simple and easy to use well done Why did I not know about you before Great site I will explore more when I have time I am very impressed with your excellent service and find your website clear and easy to negotiate Thank you the website was very easy to use and my emailed enquiry

    Original URL path: http://www.craftbits.co.uk/survey/exit/results-04-good.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • CB Exit Survey Results
    area to stock we just don t have room There are a couple of good suppliers out there already Website is very basic but functional Some larger and better quality pictures would be good Some pictures are supplied by the manufacturers and some may have been done a few years ago so could do with updating If you let us know which ones we will look at re doing them Clear easy to use Would like to purchase styrofoam balls and blocks would you consider stocking them We can supply Polystyrene balls and Eggs but we just don t have room to keep them in stock Would be good to have a search function to quickly check out whether you sell something rather than having to look through each page See Question 12 would be good if you could add more than 1 item at a time to basket but I m sure thats more to do with my computer skills than your website When we first started with Mals Ecommerce we had the choice on whether to add one item at a time or multiple items To do multiple items there would only be one add button per page We did a test on a couple of existing customers at the time and they got confused with that option so we chose the add button per item option can you make you site bigger as it took 3 days to find you but was worth every minute Not sure what is meant by bigger if you mean so search engines find us then larger does not mean higher in the ranking I have now placed several small orders with you and have been very impressed by the courtesy and the speed of delivery Also would it be possible for you to stock cat eyes in any colours other than orange and olive We would LOVE to stock cats and teddy eyes in different colours We are constantly looking for new wholesalers who do different colours if we find any we will note it in the forum web site was clear and easy to navigate but as I need the noses the order by Thursday pm I was unable to confirm whether the order can be processed today or not If you need any info about how quickly the order will be sent then please email us You can also get some info on delivery times on the CPU Enterprises Blog Prefer to add items to basket without continually being taken to basket and having to click continue shopping See Question 5 I also wanted to buy wool but got a bit confusd as it appeared to be a different website so I lost confidence We assume you are referring to our sister site Dianne s Knitting Yarns See Question 4 It would be extremely helpful if you included a monetary conversion table of some kind We assume this is for currencies other than the UK Pound There already is a Currency Converter on the Homepage which opens in a separate window so you can constantly check the price in your own currency If this is not what this question is about please let us know Postage seems high for low cost items P P costs are a set fee for all small orders That is not just to cover postage but also Visa Charges can be up to 40p per transaction envelope costs paper and printing plus staff costs We actually make a loss on some small orders but have committed to always supply small amounts Could we have a section for a username and password to save putting details in every time I have tried ticking the remember me box several times but to no avail The Shopping Basket is supplied by Mal s Ecommerce and we have no control over certain things Therefore a username and password is not something we can implement and personally it puts me off on other websites when you have to do that The remember me box uses a cookie which is saved on your computer If you clear your cookies or have no cookies set on your computer then the address details will have been cleared by your computer next time you go in I wish you had MORE beads If you let us know which beads we will look into it A search box would prove extremly useful See Question 12 Good website but when ordering 6 of the magnets when selected 6 as I went to payment section only 1 had gone through I then had to change it to 6 at that point Apart from that very good easy website to use This was a problem on the webpage that was corrected as soon as we saw this comment If you find any problems like this please let us know it is a large hand coded website that does take some looking after Good site Fairly straightforward to find things and order glad there is no minimum order Would have been handy if I could have bought tools at same time e g tape measure macrame pins There are hundreds of other things we would love to stock but just don t have the room I would have been interested in purchasing wool too but as it opened in a different window I thought it might mess up my order So I didn t See Question 4 Found it hard to go back to where I was shopping to add more items See Question 5 Quantity didn t work from product page had to set it on Basket page Saying Please double check the Expiry Date and CV Number these are the most common reasons for a problem with card transactions when transaction is OK is confusing If you let us know which page we will correct it see Question 31 We think you are referring to the fact the shopping basket header is shown on the exit

    Original URL path: http://www.craftbits.co.uk/survey/exit/results-04-question.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Craft Bits - Craft Kits
    over 30 UK only No Minimum Order VAT EU is included in all prices This site uses frames You may have been directed here from an old link Please click HERE to take you to the new site If you come back here again we are sorry but you will need to update your browser to use our site Let us know if you would like us to produce a

    Original URL path: http://www.craftbits.co.uk/kits.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Craft Bits Opening Hours
    for more details The Craft Bits Warehouse is open at different times to the above phone line They may be able to answer some questions about Craft Bits but the quickest and best way to get an answer is via email All orders must go through the Secure Internet Shopping Basket We are not able to take phone orders Card details can be phoned through to the CPU Head Office

    Original URL path: http://www.craftbits.co.uk/open_m.htm (2016-04-27)
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