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  • Smoke After Our Words - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    at least in rhythm which would have been told or sung round the fire at night by professional story tellers These poems are different from Norse legends and other Scandinavian tales They are primarily poetic mythical rather than historic and the heroes are more likely to use magic rather than violence to solve their problems The script for the Radio 3 programme was written and read by another poet friend Keith Bosley who translated the Epic poems for the Finnish Literature Society Keith has recently recorded an audio version of his translation of The Kalevala which is published by Naxos Audio Books today 28 th February Click on this link for more details http www naxosaudiobooks com 0124 htm The Epic Folk Poetry tales range from ancient myths about the origin of the universe to an 18 th century elegy sung to army recruits as they left home Above all these poems remind us of the power of the human imagination and man s need for art and the desire to tell and be told stories The need for access to authentic specimens of folk poetry has been felt all the more acutely in recent years as the interest in oral tradition has grown One of my favourite passages from the epic Poems and the one which gave the programme and this Blog its title is the end of a poem called Merimatka 1 or The Voyage 1 and it goes like this I give it to you in Finnish and in translation Mitä meist on laulajista kuta meistä kukkujista ku ei tuisa suusta kekälett ei alta kielen savuu ei sana jälestä Of what use are we singers what good we cuckoo callers if no fire spurts from our mouths no brand from beneath our tongues and no smoke after

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  • How Does Your Garden Grow? - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    happy days in the British Library in London researching those 19 th century women who shared her passion This was a time when gardens were beginning to change Previously at one end of the scale you had the large houses with a team of gardeners and at the other working people growing vegetables to feed their family But in the 19 th century with the spread of middle class villas out into what was to become suburbia the concept of gardening as a suitable pastime for the genteel was taking root And ladies were actually starting to do some of the work themselves hence the sudden profusion of gardening handbooks written by women for women When Dee started to research this audio book she expected to find many differences between the experiences of 19th century gardeners and those of today Instead she was more struck by how modern much of their advice is and how many of their observations are still relevant today You can read a couple of extracts at the bottom of the Every Lady A Gardener page of the Crimson Cats web site http www crimsoncats co uk 3 every lady a gardener html Gardening books of all shapes and sizes abound of course fighting it out for popularity with cats and cooking Personally I could never get excited about a 500 page book about Roses but I do like the quirky end of the garden publishing spectrum The publishers Summersdale have at least 3 fun ones Try Gardening Wit or The Gardening Puzzler or You Know You re A Gardening Fanatic When Go to the Summersdale web site http www summersdale com and enter gardening in the search box to find these three titles Ideal presents for a non gardener me to give to a real

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  • Blog - Page 7 of 8 - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    of our CDs Since my last Blog we have travelled to the Southern Highlands very beautiful and talked to the Jane Austen Group there We came back to Sydney on Friday and rushed off to the Concord Library and gave the Jane Austen talk again The library also bought a number of our CDs for their stock as did the Haberfield Library earlier in the week Maybe Australian libraries have more money than UK ones who apart from a few honourable exceptions have not shown any interest in what we do I suppose we should be grateful we still have libraries in England but for how much longer Then this afternoon we gave a presentation to the Kipling Society of Australia mostly about My Grandads And Afghanistan but we also included a reading from Kipling s story The Cat Who Walked By Himself which is included on How To Own A Human This one was also well received in spite of the very noisy thunderstorm which interrupted us and forced us to raise our voices a bit Apart from the talks we are seeing a bit a very tiny bit of Australia and also talking to a lot of people who enjoy books and literature We ve had several suggestions for possible future publications for Crimso Cats and we will be following those up in the new year Two days off now and then we hit Wollongong Library on Tuesday Can t wait Michael Crimson or Criminal Cats We ve never thought of Crimson Cats as anything but honest but we had a bit of a surprise today when we gave a talk at the Haberfield Library in Sydney Haberfield is described as the Garden Suburb of Sydney and from the little we saw of it seemed a perfectly pleasant place The library was lovely and the Chief Librarian Therese is very innovative holding some kind of talk or event every couple of weeks or so We were giving our General talk that is the one where we give a selection of readings from a number of our audio books interspersed with some background information about the books themselves and the process of producing and publishing an audio book The talk went well about 30 people in the audience and as usual we took questions at the end There is one question we get all the time and that is Why did you call it Crimson Cats The answer of course is that we were simply looking for an off beat name for an off beat publishing company which people were most likely to remember However one question came flying out of left field Do you have a cat Yes we do and her name is Holly Oh I see so you are the two criminals and Holly is the cat What we thought Criminals Us After a bit more confusion it turned out the questioner had mis heard our name and thought we were called Crims and Cats So there you go I ve heard of cat burglars but please believe me Crimson Cats is as honest as the day is long We leave for the Southern Highlands elsewhere in New South Wales tomorrow to talk to a Jane Austen group there It s hard work this Australia lark but lots of fun Michael Thank You Jane Well we did our first Crimson Cats talk in Sydney yesterday and it was a huge success We were talking to a meeting of the Jane Austen Society of Australia JASA about our audio book The Beautifull Cassandra We did selected readings from some of the stories interspersed with some information about the practical side of producing an audio book We got a lot of laughs some from what we said many from Jane as her Juvenilia stories can be very funny We chose 6 stories from Jane s Juvenilia for our collection all written when she was between the ages of 12 and 16 They are often funny sometimes a little naïve but all showing the growing perception and observation that foretold the great novelist she would become From an audio publisher s point of view they are ideal as all her stories were written to be read aloud and there is no doubt that they benefit from this A member of the audience came up to me afterwards and said he had never realised these stories were so funny and that he would now read them again Perhaps I read them too fast he said and perhaps he did An easy thing to do when the eye is skimming along a line After the talk lots of people asked us questions not just about The Beautifull Cassandra but also about our other titles and a host of other questions about audio publishing It was a very satisfying day and we sold lots of CDs afterwards which is also very pleasing This might be a good place to mention the spelling of Beautifull in our title We spell it with a double ll at the end because this is how Jane Austen herself spelled it and we thought that was a nice touch Not so sure now We get a number of people who inform us some politely some less so that there s a spelling mistake on your CD you know Still we ll stick with it at least it s a talking point More from Sydney later in the week Michael Cats Down Under Yes I know I said I would Blog again from Hong Kong but time ran out So much to do so little time A dim sum lunch shopping for silk in the Western Market shopping for tops and dressing gowns in Stanley Market shopping for Jade braclets in yes you ve guessed it the Jade market Not to forget riding backwards and forwards on the Star Ferry Hong Kong is as loud vibrant and busy as ever And the range of mobile and audio devices

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  • Poetry In Motion - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    for us It is published by Templar Poetry http templarpoetry com collections new titles products england underwater by christopher james and manages to be both enjoyable and thought provoking not always an easy combination The title poem imagines an England drowned under the rising waters caused presumably by climate change It s never easy or really fair to the poet to quote part of a poem but I offer you the opening lines here They took us into sunken Albion down shafts of moonlight through forests of floating oak where the sandstone of Bath still glimmered like bullion thirsting for the sun We shone our mustard light on the signs of the old M1 Stadiums rusted like bathtubs in the silt Crimson Cats has not published any titles completely dedicated to poetry but a number of our titles do include poems as part of the content How To Own A Human the anthology about cats has a number of poems and verses about our feline friends My Grandads And Afghanistan uses verses by Rudyard Kipling to illustrate the story of Britain s previous involvement in that part of the world and War Girls is a collection of poems and prose by women in the 1 st World War One of my grandchildren asked me once Granddad what is the reason for a poem I replied she was only about 9 at the time that it was a way of telling a story using rhythm and rhyme I can still live with that explanation even though it s not the full picture I love poetry especially when it is read aloud but I don t know how my love survived the crass way it was taught at my school we went straight from The Ballad of Sir Patrick Spens into Keats

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  • The Key Word Is "Books" - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    the book is more than that It is a song of joy for the sheer pleasure of living and finding a balance in life that affects everything you do I loved it Another Crimson Cats author is Susannah Fullerton who wrote and read the Crimson Cats title Finding Katherine Mansfield the life of the New Zealand short story writer told through her diaries and letters with extracts from some of her stories Susannah is a New Zealander who lives in Australia and is passionate about English Literature She is also the President of the Jane Austen Society of Australia and has written several books about Jane The latest is A Dance with Jane Austen in which she draws on contemporary accounts and illustrations together with a close reading of the novels and Austen s correspondence to take the reader through all the stages of a Regency Ball as Jane Austen and her characters would have known it Susannah s new book Celebrating Pride and Prejudice 200 Years of Jane Austen s Masterpiece is due out shortly The Iliad Then there s Nick McCarty who has adapted two titles for Crimson Cats The first was based on Mary Kingsley s Travels in West Africa which we published under the title Hippos Hairpins and High Button Boots Then came Tales My Grandcat Told Me a re telling of a number of folk tales about cats from different parts of the world Nick has been a professional writer for over 40 years working mostly in television and radio but he is also a published author of historical fiction Try Fox Betrayals for starters or for the younger reader I can thoroughly recommend Nick s retelling of The Iliad Audio books have not replaced printed books and I don t believe E books will

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  • My Friends And Other Animals - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    some of Gerald Durrell s stories with Gerry himself reading them would be great programming and great publicity He agreed so off I went to Jersey with a recording engineer to spend 4 days working with Gerry on a selection of his stories which I had abridged They were fun to do Gerry was great to work with and we enjoyed some good chats outside of the recording sessions The programmes were broadcast on County Sound later that year and were well received And that was that Until about a year ago By now I was in another life in another place Dee and I had left Guildford in 2006 and we now live in Norfolk where we run as most of you know the audio book publishing company Crimson Cats Sorting through a pile of old boxes one day I came across the Durrell recordings and thought why not Gerry had died in 1995 Many of his very popular books had been recorded as audio books but always with someone else reading them Why not let Crimson Cats publish some of the stories read by the man himself Well two possible reasons why not were although I had the tapes I did not have the rights to the recordings or the rights to the material so some work was needed First the recordings County Sound had long since gone bought out sold on absorbed into other radio stations I contacted the MD of the current radio station in Guildford and as I suspected he know nothing about the recordings However he very kindly wrote to me saying that as far as the radio station was concerned I could consider the recordings as mine I then contacted the Gerald Durrell estate via his literary agent They were also very helpful

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  • Crimson Cats - At War and Peace - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    of prose and poetry written by women in the first world war Finally we have My Grandads And Afghanistan which isn t about the current conflict in that country but has personal recollections of all the previous conflicts there in which Britain has been involved illustrated with quotes from Kipling War Girls Those are direct War titles as it were but if we look at the our list more closely several others have war links Gods and Fighting Men The Fianna the legends of pre Christian Ireland has a lot of fighting in it My Adventures As A Spy shows Robert Baden Powell gathering intelligence in preparation for war Authentic Narrative Of The Death Of Lord Nelson covers the battle of Trafalgar If our audio books were cats there would be a lot of torn ears and scratched noses Death of Nelson But not entirely Sometimes quite a lot of the time actually cats curl up usually in pretty calendar poses and relax So we have The Beautifull Cassandra the delightful and amusing stories written by the teenage Jane Austen or Every Lady A Gardener showing that women in the 19 th century faced many of the same gardening problems as we do today or How To Own A Human an anthology of stories and poems about cats Then there is our new title due to be published in mid November This is Stories From A Corfu Childhood some of Gerald Durrell s stories of growing up with his larger than life family on the Greek island of Corfu These stories are read by Gerald Durrell himsel These and many more titles make up the Crimson Cats list available as CDs or as MP3 downloads The CDs make great Christmas presents easy to post so why not have a browse

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  • Join Us At Guildford - Don't Paws To Think About It - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    Box Office 01483 444334 or 01483 444789 Hope as many of you as possible can join us for the kind of show that only Mike and Dee could present Miaow Post navigation Travelling Writers Have Fun Crimson Cats At War and Peace My Life And Times From 5 99 for the download version Find Out More Cliff Morgan Sporting Legends 1a 2 99 Find Out More Mary Peters Sporting Legends

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