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  • Will We Never Learn? - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    some of his comments really strike a chord Persia 17th October 1942 Dear Mother you say I am very lucky in my choice of friends but I don t think it is so much a matter of luck as the way in which you treat people When I was in Iraq I used to treat the natives and anyone with whom I came in contact as I should like them to treat me and I found kindness was always returned with kindness Iraq 21st March 1943 Taking the Iraqi people all round and taking into consideration the fact that we had to fight them and forcibly occupy their country I find them remarkably friendly people and always willing to chat with you The fellows who dislike them judge them by Western standards which cannot be done It is necessary to mix with the people of this country with an open mind and learn about their Eastern ideas and methods of living before judging them Tripoli Syria 13th December 1943 I am slowly learning about the Moslem religion and I think it is every bit as good as Christianity I was surprised to discover that in the Koran there is a description of judgement day and Satan is also mentioned in it but as Shaitan I found in Iraq that a true Moslem who tried to carry out his faith as Mohammed wrote it down in the Koran was every bit as much a Christian in the broad sense of the word and much more than some folk I know who attend our Parish Church And how about this one Ironic or what Damascus Syria 8th January 1945 Dear Mother there is no need to worry about anything happening to me as everything is quite peaceful in Syria and I have

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  • We Planned To Shake The World Together, You and I - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    suffering the loss of husbands brothers fathers while at the same time seeing opportunities opening up for them in the workplace The selection of poems and prose in our audio book War Girls shows these two extremes The title to this Blog is the opening line of the poem Lamplight by May Wedderburn Cannan As the poem painfully makes clear the dreams this couple had before the war will now never happen We shall never shake the world together you and I For you gave your life away And I think my heart was broken by the war Since on a summer day You took the road we never spoke of This air of sadness common to many of the pieces in this audo book is set against anger as in the poem Jingo Woman by Helen Hamilton which begins Jingo woman How I dislike you Dealer in white feathers Insulter self appointed Of all the men you meet Not dressed in uniform When to your mind A sorry mind They should be or there is a feeling of jubilance as in the opening of the poem Munition Wages by Madeline Ida Bedford Earning high wages Yus Five quid a week A woman too mind you I calls it dim sweet Ye are asking some questions But bless yer here goes I spends the whole racket On good times and clothes Sad angry jubilant all these women were affected by the War in one way or another and like many of the men they wrote about it and about their feelings However unlike many of the men their work is less well known This is a pity I hope our audio book available as a CD or as an MP3 download will go a little way towards redressing the balance

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  • "I Tried To Stop The Bloody Thing" - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    from the tragic loss of husbands brothers sons to the joyful sense of the new freedoms which many women experienced at this time And there are some surprises too Poems like Jingo Woman an attack against the women who handed out white feathers or the story of a lady who was recruited into MI5 Then there is the poignant poem Lamplight which looks at a couple s planned future that now will never happen or the comic verse The Scullery Maid s Song about a woman doing menial work with the VAD And there is irony of course One piece talks about the work women did in the 1st World War and says at last women will have equal pay with men Wonder what happened to that then The real puzzle is how so many of these excellent women poets remain unknown A treasure trove of material waiting to be discovered The music consists of songs of the period Roses of Picardy If You Were The Only Girl in the World Oh Oh Antonio and so on They are all played on the piano by Bill chicken keeper and civil servant Byrne far away in his little family nest in Jersey and emailed to us Ah the wonders of modern technology And there is another first for Crimson Cats a recorded interview with Ruth Sillers the actress who put the collection together and reads the various pieces She talks about the material how she chose it and how the project came together For those who buy the MP3 download that interview is part of the package but it is also available to listen to on the War Girls CD page on the Crimson Cats web site We are sometimes asked how long it takes us to prepare and publish an

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/i-tried-to-stop-the-bloody-thing/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Bath Time for the Cats - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    a childrens theatre with a very imaginative range of shows Downstairs there is a cafe with lots of toys and while we were there it was packed with parents and children just popping in for a coffee and juice and no doubt to pick up a schedule of events For us it was great to have a proper stage with a technician to play the CD tracks for us So often on these occasions we have to rely on a borrowed CD player which we operate ourselves except at the crucial moment you forget where the Play button is We had a good audience in Bath some of them in costume It really added a zing to our talk to look out across the audience to see people in Regency frocks and bonnets The whole Jane Austen Festival had a wonderful range of events a real tribute to those who put it all together There was something deeply satisfying about paying tribute to Jane in Bath We had a great time and a very warm reception Michael Post navigation Nice To Have A Success Isn t It I Tried To Stop The My Life And Times From 5 99 for

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  • Nice To Have A Success, Isn't It? - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    to Berwick on Tweed in a sleeper on the night express for no other reason than that I like to read in bed and at the same time feel that I am being rushed forward at a tremendous speed This piece and the others in the book are a series of pen portraits of England commissioned by The Daily Mail in the 1930s where Victor Canning vividly conjures the pattern and colour of the great fabric of English Life from Cumberland to Cornwall His heartwarming humorous and often irreverent observations of sleepy villages pastoral scenes and busy industries provide a delightful insight into life between the wars Nice isn t it A lovely piece of writing now has a second life in print as well as in audio The reader on the Crimson Cats audio book is Charles Collingwood aka Brian Aldridge in The Archers Charles has also written the introduction to the Summersdale book Faithful readers of these Blogs whoever that person may be will remember the one back in February called Never Knock Luck in which I described how we managed to produce Everyman s England in the first place and the link with Charles Collingwood Just shows doesn t it you start this publishing lark and all sorts of things can happen If you would like the book then it costs 9 99 and you can buy it from the Summersdale web site http www summersdale com book 5 506 everyman s england Don t forget the audio book as well The CD costs 10 99 from http www crimsoncats co uk 13 everymans england html Or it is available as an MP3 download costing 6 98 from http www crimsoncats co uk downloads 37 everyman s england download html One of my favourite lines in the

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  • To Blog Or Not To Blog? That is the Q. - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    been having violin lessons this year and that their 2 year old is all set to take their A levels by the age of 7 Am I being unkind Well perhaps a little I guess at one level it is good for people to be able to put fingers to keyboard and to express themselves but why would I want to read it I work on the assumption that people who read the Crimson Cats Blog are people who are interested in audio books in how a small publisher like us works what we do and how we do it It s possible you might be interested in our views on the audio book market in general or even let s stretch a point printed books maybe even the theatre and a broader arts spectrum But the fact that we spent several days turning out the cellar to try and find a dead mouse which our noses told us was there and failing No The need to get the garden ready for our village Open Gardens Day in June the Parish Council elections which are coming up the Siskin we saw on our bird feeder this morning the mist over the Norfolk fields at dawn our plans for going for lunch in France No no no Why would you as an audio book buyer in Salisbury San Francisco Sutherland or Sydney be the slightest bit interested in any of that You wouldn t so I may have to continue to fail to produce a Blog a week Don t open your mouth unless you have something useful to say my mother once told me and I think the same applies to the written word Nevertheless keep reading When I have something interesting or relevant or even just funny to say

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  • Never Knock Luck - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    before one of these visits Dee found a copy of Everyman s England in a second hand book shop so she bought it and we took it with us Victor was amazed when we showed him I thought that had vanished long ago he said He signed it for us To Michael and Dee with some surprise Victor Canning Everyman s England Sadly Victor died in 1986 but when we were looking for a travel book to publish as part of the initial list for Crimson Cats we remembered Everyman s England and had another look at it Basically it is a collection of writings essays really about various places in England during the 1930s We never asked Victor why he wrote them but I strongly suspect they were commissioned articles for a newspaper They are warm human interesting and very perceptive and they were just what we were looking for The only problem was that the book was still in copyright as it was considerably less than 70 years since Victor s death However the book had been out of print since the late 1930s so I reckoned there was a deal to be done and I contacted the agent who looks after Victor s estate She was somewhat taken aback on two counts First she had never heard of this book and second she was slightly bemused by my suggestion that I did not intend to pay anything for its use only a royalty on sales She asked me to write and make a formal request and that she would pass this on to the current copyright holder A week or two passed and then one morning the phone rang When I answered it the voice on the other end said Hallo Michael it s a long time since we last met The owner of the voice was the actor Charles Collingwood who plays Brian Aldridge in The Archers And it was indeed a long time over 20 years in fact when we had last met in my office in Broadcasting House in London I bet you don t know why I m ringing he said and he was right I didn t know Actors do contact us from time to time in case we can offer them any work but I could not believe that Charles was in that position I have a letter of yours in front of me he said about Everyman s England You probably did not know that I hold all the copyright in Victor Canning s books He was right again I didn t know that either and I was amazed To cut a long story short Victor had died before his wife Adria and left the copyright in his books to her She in turn had died and left the copyright to her godson who just happened to be Charles Collingwood Unlike the agent Charles did know about Everyman s England liked it as much as we did and fortunately was

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  • Crimson Cats Cuckoos - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    we were able to offer all our titles as MP3 downloads as well has hard copy CDs that problem was solved All 6 of the Sporting Legends interviews are now available individually as downloads together with some of the pictures we took during the recordings which were made in 1999 by the way so you have to remember that when listening We ve had a spurt of sales for these recordings recently though whether that is due to the download option or just a general sense of sport in the air we do not know Maybe that s it As England celebrate their Ashes win in Australia perhaps it is good to listen to Ted Dexter talking about the early days of one day cricket As we move on from the year when England was kicked out of the football World Cup and failed to win the staging of the event for 2018 perhaps it is salutary to listen to Tom Finney talking about his first appearance for England in 1946 and how little money he received for the privilege or Walter Winterbottom describing what it was like to be the first English football manager a job which in those days 1950s had responsibility but no powe Tom Finney Walter Winterbottom It won t be long now until the Six Nations Rugby gets underway so you can get in the mood by listening to Cliff Morgan describing his early rugby playing days in Wales resisting the temptation to transfer to Rugby League playing in the British Lions team in their cracking victory in South Africa in 1955 before becoming captain of Wales the following year Stirling Moss once described as the best driver never to win the Formula One World Championship talks about the changes in motor racing he has

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