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  • Increase in Prices in the New Year - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    thorn in the flesh that is not far off is the cost of postage Royal Mail have announced that they will be raising all postage costs some by quite a large amount from 6th April 2011 and once again we will have to pass this cost on Our p p costs aren t just postage of course there s the natty little cardboard sleeves in which we pack our CDs to stop them coming to harm in transit there s the labels to stick on said little natty packets not a huge amount individually but when you are shipping hundreds of CDs then these costs add up Then there s also the printer consumables most of which cost more than my complete summer holiday when I was a child Yes I know that s a pointless comparison but there s something suitably sadistic about comparing prices now and then Sometimes when I hand over a pound coin I can t help thinking back to me age 7 lusting after a Dinky Toy Transporter Lorry which cost 17 6d that s 87 5 pence for those who can t remember pre decimalisation currency I couldn t afford it but then my pocket money was only 6d 2 5 pence a week Aah Anyway let s look on the bright side The future s bright the future s Crimson We have several new titles planned for 2011 and we will keep you fully informed RADIO 4 By the way some of you will know we were expecting to have a mention on the Radio 4 programme Open Book on 12th December Well it didn t happen Nothing sinister it was just that the reviewer Sue Arnold from The Guardian had lost her voice She will now be appearing on Sunday 9th January

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  • Hallo, Norfolk, Crimson Cats has landed... - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    to the heat and humidity of Hong Kong and the warmth of a Australian and New Zealand spring All was well back at the Crimson Cats Corporate Headquarters though The cat a real one only black and white not Crimson was well and healthy though somewhat cheesed off at us for abandoning her The day to day routine of the business had been efficiently dealt with by our friends Cathy and Richard which just left us with the paperwork Just Seven weeks worth of invoices and accounting information for the sales from home while we were away and the sales we had made on our travels Can t complain though business is good and already the Christmas orders are starting to trickle in We ve brought several good ideas back with us One is a possibility for a new audio book which we will now explore further Another is the suggestion that we might publish the scripts of the books on line so that anyone with an interest in the text could download them This was suggested by someone who teaches English as a second language so that students could listen to the audio while following the text We will be exploring this suggestion further and approaching the various writers to see how they feel about it As anyone who has ever watched a cat washing itself knows cats are very flexible and Crimson Cats is no exception In these difficult economic times it is vital that we explore every possible way of increasing the range of goods and services we can offer there is no other way in which we can stay in business Michael Post navigation I Pods Over the Pacific Increase in Prices in the New Year My Life And Times From 5 99 for the download

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/hallo-norfolk-crimson-cats-has-landed/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Cats on the Move - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    little like Jerome K Jerome The Theatre Royal at Bury is a delightful building restored to its full Georgian glory about 3 years ago Standing in the auditorium looking at the rows of boxes around the walls you could imagine Jerome attending a theatre much like it in London in the late 19th century From Bury to Somerset Over the next couple of days we are doing two more live shows These will be at Compton House a country house hotel in Axbridge Somerset On Friday night we will be presenting extracts from 6 of our books during a formal dinner and then on Saturday we will give our presentation of The Beautifull Cassandra some of the Juvenilia of Jane Austen following a buffet supper These occasions are great fun great fun to perform and we hope great fun to listen to Audio books are of course designed to be listened to and so performing extracts live makes a lot of sense And then Australia Yes the Cats are going overseas in October A promotional tour has been arranged for Crimson Cats down under where we will be performing to a number of different groups and societies More of that anon At least unlike real cats we are not expected to travel in a cage Or perhaps you think economy class isn t much better If you know of a group or orginsiation which would like a live presentation of one or more of our audio books then please get in touch Theatres arts centres libaries book shops book groups rotary clubs we ve done them all There is no charge just a contribution to travel expenses We look forward to meeting you Michael Post navigation Download Day Crimson Cats on Radio Norfolk My Life And Times From 5 99

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/cats-on-the-move/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Download Day - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    that no one well not our target audience anyway was interested in downloads They all wanted to buy a physical CD Many still do of course especially as many of our titles are bought as presents However it is very easy to do research like that and not think about the fact that things might change and as far as downloads go they have We have had several requests recently especially from overseas for our titles as downloads so we have responded to those requests No doubt we will go on selling hard copy as it were but to survive as a small publisher in the 21st century you do need to be flexible so we are bending over backwards pun intended to provide what our customers want If you experience any problems with the download system please let me know and I ll go and find a 5 year old to help me sort it out Michael Post navigation Private Rawson re emerges Cats on the Move My Life And Times From 5 99 for the download version Find Out More Cliff Morgan Sporting Legends 1a 2 99 Find Out More Mary Peters Sporting Legends 1b 2 99 Find

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/download-day/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Private Rawson re-emerges - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    we first published the audio book and now 11 months later it has reached the top of the pile There s hope for my inbox yet The journalist who contacted me runs the nostalgia page in the Watford Observer and I guess that s as good a place as any for Tony to come to rest The journalist tells me that King Street is still there Though Rawson probably wouldn t recognise it today he added Tony Rawson was a gas fitter in Watford and when he was called up he went into the Royal Army Ordnance Corps as his eyesight was too bad for active service Tony hated the army but was honest enough to admit that it gave him opportunities he would not have got back home in Watford His experiences in the Middle East gave rise to all sorts of thoughts of what he might do after the war but in 1946 he was invalided home with TB and went back to work for the gas company However after the death of his parents he trained as a teacher and went to work in Zambia Outside of these letters we don t know much about Tony Rawson

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/private-rawson-re-emerges/ (2016-04-25)
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  • How We Choose Our Books - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    buy it If the answer to 1 is yes then we probably won t do it As a very small publisher we have to gain an edge on the big boys somehow and having unique titles is one way of doing this The answer to 2 is not always predictable When it comes to selling you don t know till you try I ll give you an example When the CD about Katherine Mansfield was first suggested to us I was doubtful I know and love her short stories but I was not convinced there was a market for them today However I was persuaded to give it a go and fortunately I was totally wrong Finding Katherine Mansfield has proved to be one of our best sellers both in the UK and in Australia and New Zealand So there you go In later posts I will describe how some of our other titles came about Michael Post navigation Crimson Cats Shop Goes Live Private Rawson re emerges My Life And Times From 5 99 for the download version Find Out More Cliff Morgan Sporting Legends 1a 2 99 Find Out More Mary Peters Sporting Legends 1b 2 99 Find

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/how-we-choose-our-books/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Crimson Cats Shop Goes Live - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    mailing list a 15 discount of the price of all our CDs for the month of August 2010 only You will need a promotional code to claim this discount If you are on the mailing list already you will receive the code with the mailing that launches the new site This should go out on Saturday 31st July If you re not on the mailing list but would like to be having had a look at our list of audio books then please email your details through our Contact form choose Customer Service and we will not only add you to the list but I ll also send you the promotional discount code There is plenty of information about all of our titles on the site together with at least one audio clip from each one If there is anything about an individual title that you want to know then please ask and we will do out best to answer Right let s get going Michael Post navigation Hello to all Crimson Cats listeners How We Choose Our Books My Life And Times From 5 99 for the download version Find Out More Cliff Morgan Sporting Legends 1a 2 99

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/crimson-cats-shop-goes-live/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Hello to all Crimson Cats listeners - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    will be able to offer downloads of all our titles for those of you who want to listen on your MP3 player or I Pod For those who still prefer the conventional CD either for your own use or to give as presents never fear All our titles will continue to be available on the little round jobs with a hole in the middle No no not vinyl records how old did you say you were The downloads aren t quite ready yet I am still battling the technology but although the technology doesn t know it yet I will win helped or perhaps guided is a better work by my very good friend Joss without whom none of this would be happening That s it for the moment I m going back to the technology battle and I ll be in touch again soon Michael Post navigation Crimson Cats Shop Goes Live My Life And Times From 5 99 for the download version Find Out More Cliff Morgan Sporting Legends 1a 2 99 Find Out More Mary Peters Sporting Legends 1b 2 99 Find Out More Cart Product Categories Anthologies Biographies Cats E Books Fiction History Legend Sporting Legends

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/hello-world/ (2016-04-25)
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