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  • Cats Down Under - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    it the Jade market Not to forget riding backwards and forwards on the Star Ferry Hong Kong is as loud vibrant and busy as ever And the range of mobile and audio devices has to be seen to be believed Everybody s doing it as the song goes Children to Grannies they are all on their mobiles evn in the metro or on their I Pods I don t suppose many of them are listening to Crimson Cats audiobooks but they might be Well I could not definitely say they weren t Probably not though especially as we have not yet published any in Cantonese Any offers We arrived in Sydney last night and are settling in Tomorrow we give our first talk about the making of The Beautiful Cassandra to the Jane Austen Society of Australia Cling on Cats Upside down or no we can do this thing Michael Post navigation Crimson Cats In Hong Kong Thank You Jane My Life And Times From 5 99 for the download version Find Out More Cliff Morgan Sporting Legends 1a 2 99 Find Out More Mary Peters Sporting Legends 1b 2 99 Find Out More Cart Product Categories Anthologies Biographies Cats

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/cats-down-under/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Crimson Cats In Hong Kong - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    in Hong Kong which is on Lantau Island is also very efficient It was just half an hour from landing to clearing immigration baggage reclaim and customs before we were walking out of the terminal Last time we flew into Hong Kong it was the old airport at Kai Tak where the incoming planes had to weave in and out of the tower blocks or at least that is what it felt like I listened to a lot of audio books on the journey mostly by other publishers but whoever produces them is irrelevant well almost Audio books in general are always worth listening to I can t remember who it was who when asked if audio books were only for the blind said Yes in the same way that printed books are only for the deaf Many of us like being read to which is why the audio book market is big and still growing More from Hong Kong in a day or so Michael Post navigation Good Review For My Grandads Cats Down Under My Life And Times From 5 99 for the download version Find Out More Cliff Morgan Sporting Legends 1a 2 99 Find Out More

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/crimson-cats-in-hong-kong/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Good Review For "My Grandads and Afghanistan" - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    so many before we make a profit British Army camped outside Kanahar 1870 There s room for both the big and small operation in this business the advantage the mainstream publisher has is the ability to produce many more titles and they will also have a marketing budget which we don t We have to rely on word of mouth publicity personal appearances and of course good reviews like this one today The review said Starting in 1804 Brian Wright s ancestors for five generations served in the British Army in India three of them in the Afghan wars His authority on the subject is unique Wright recreates this harsh world of war bloody war mainly from the experiences of his own family and from Rudyard Kipling s poignant verse He also makes pertinent parallels with today It is easy getting into Afghanistan said the Duke of Wellington 170 years ago The problem is getting out again Will our leaders never learn Rachel Redford So have a look on our web site hear a couple of extracts and tell all your friends That s the way we do our marketing Michael Post navigation Crimson Cats on Radio Norfolk Crimson Cats

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/good-review-for-my-grandads-and-afghanistan/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Crimson Cats on Radio Norfolk - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    make a lot of difference but it is always fun and the instincts on when to shut up are still there Stephen Bumfrey was mine host and jolly mine host he was It s nice to have a chance to talk to a wider audience about Crimson Cats and try and nail the assumption still made by a few people that audio books are books for the blind Yeah right in the same way that Penguin Books are books for the deaf Audio books have a huge range of listeners people who travel people who like being read to people who don t have a lot of time and can listen while doing something else I know they re popular why else would all the major publishers world wide all have their own audio book division None of them are as good as Crimson Cats of course but then I would say that wouldn t I Only a fortnight now until we leave on our Crimson Cats promotional tour to Australia Exciting times for the Cats Michael Post navigation Cats on the Move Good Review For My Grandads My Life And Times From 5 99 for the download version Find

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/crimson-cats-on-radio-norfolk/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Apples and Railways - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    it works Anyway before we left Bangor we used the Around Me app to see if there was an Apple shop in town where we might get some answers and there was So off we went The phone must have felt guilty as it guided us there very easily The only problem was that it was a grocery shop one of the Apple Store franchise So the phone had the last laugh and we still have the problem From Bangor we drove to Bethel in Maine and then crossed into New Hampshire and took a trip up Mount Washington on the Cog Railway an amazing experience You climb very slowly and very very steeply from 2700 feet to the summit at 6251 feet Today it was drizzling which turned to rain as we climbed higher into the clouds We were determined to do the last 100 yards to the actual summit but by then the wind was gusting at 70 mph and the rain was horizontal As you can see from the picture Dee now has a new career opportunity as an Antarctic explorer She kept singing Girls just gotta have fun so I am slightly anxious about what tomorrow

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/apples-and-railways/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Crimson Cats in Maine - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    arrived in Rockland and the Farnsworth Museum which amongst other things houses a set of paintings by the artist Andrew Wyeth who loved Maine We wanted to see them but it was not straightforward The museum car park was full the next one we tried belonged to an estate agent the next one was bank customers only the next one insisted we had to be customers of Rite Aid or they would let our tyres down I invented the last bit but you get the idea Just as we were about to admit defeat a space opened up in the museum car park and we were in We were very glad we had persevered The paintings were mostly wonderful especially those depicting the people and the coast of Maine evoked with consummate skill in his wonderful watercolours We were also reminded how much better it is to see works of art in the flesh as it were rather than just reproductions in books If all else had failed it would have been worth having our tyres let down Michael Post navigation Crimson Cats On the Road Again Apples and Railways My Life And Times From 5 99 for the download

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/crimson-cats-in-maine/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Crimson Cats – On the Road Again - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    can think of is Jerome K Jerome who did several lecture tours there before the 1 st World War as outlined in My Life And Times However we have a large and appreciative audience across the pond The House On An Irish Hillside is very popular in America as is The Beautifull Cassandra stories from the young Jane Austen The anthology of stories verses and quotes about cats How To Own A Human is universally liked as is Everyman s England for its 1930 s observations of our own country and Every Lady A Gardener an insight into green fingered ladies from the 19 th century You can hear short extracts from all our audio books on our web site www crimsoncats co uk We travel across the back roads of America for the sheer joy of travelling meeting new people and exploring small towns but it is always an extra delight to meet people in reality who before we have only met on line We will try and blog about our journey every few days so watch this space for a vicarious and spontaneous American road trip Michael Post navigation The Starston Crocodile Crimson Cats in Maine My Life

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/crimson-cats-on-the-road-again/ (2016-04-25)
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  • The Starston Crocodile - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    the blockage the next question was what to do with this huge length of oak tree and the final solution was to turn the theoretical crocodile into reality well almost We found a local chain saw sculptor who with great skill carved our tree trunk into a crocodile seat which now sits proudly on the village meadow Our crocodile is benign of course but it reminds me of the crocodile in our audio book Hippos Hairpins and High Button Boots which tells the story of Mary Kingsley s journeys up the rivers of West African in the 1890s On one occasion a crocodile tried to get into her canoe with her and she had to biff it with a paddle to discourage it She had many other encounters on her journeys including a dead hippo floating down the river French customs officials and a local tribe of natives who were rather partial to eating their enemies Mary retained her sense of humour throughout though I suspect she would not have been impressed by the Starston Crocodile Hippos Hairpins and High Button Boots Hippos Hairpins and High Button Boots is available as an MP3 download or as a CD from our

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/the-starston-crocodile/ (2016-04-25)
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