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  • Private Rawson's War - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    June 1940 and became a vehicle mechanic in the Royal Army Ordnance Corps He spent the next 5 years in the Middle East where his first posting was Basra in Iraq From there and from the other bases where he was stationed in Persia Iran Syria Lebanon and finally Palestine Tony wrote home virtually every week to his mother in Watford about the army the war the people he met his friendship with many Arabs and Jews the things he did including learning Arabic and French his hopes and ambitions for his post war life This audio book is a selection of those letters Paul Panting has featured in many BBC Radio Drama plays and recorded Daniel Tammet s Born on a Blue Day for Book of the Week He s a regular reader of audio books and provides voices for many animation series including Chugginton for the BBC and Franny s Feet for Channel 5 Paul s TV appearances include DCI Mumford in Silent Witness as well as roles in such series as Lewis Holby Blue East Enders Casualty and The Bill The introduction and historical context are presented by Alan Grace archivist and historian of the British Forces Broadcasting Service Additional Information Weight 14 kg Duration 2 hours 40 minutes Original Author Anthony Tony Rawson Historical Notes Alan Grace Historian and Archivist for BFBS Download Size 118 MB Download Format Zip ISBN 978 0955 8752 36 1 review for Private Rawson s War Michael Bartlett May 18 2015 There is something intensely immediate about listening to individuals wartime experiences especially when they concern a part of the world where so much still hangs in the balance The text is skilfully edited and read with straightforward honesty by Paul Panting Christina Hardyment The Times Add a review Cancel reply

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  • Every Lady A Gardener - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    a Garden by Mrs Eleanor Vere Boyle Published 1884 Pot Pourri from a Surrey Garden by Mrs C W Earle Published 1897 Selections from the writings of Gertrude Jekyll Published 1899 1918 Marilyn Cutts graduated from Manchester University with a degree in English and a post graduate Diploma in Drama After starting at the Derby Playhouse she had her first taste of a commercial musical with a tour of Godspell In 1983 she co founded the group Fascinating Aida with Dillie Keane leaving to pursue a solo career after the group was nominated for an Olivier award for their 20 year reunion tour One Last Flutter Since then she has appeared in Rosamund Pilcher s play The Shell Seekers toured Japan as Mme de Rosemonde in the dance drama Les Liaisons Dangereuses and was in The Rose Tattoo by Tennessee Williams at the National Theatre Her voice over work varies from television documentaries to education tapes for IT students Dee Palmer is a journalist and writer with a special interest in gardening When she started the research for this audio book she expected to find many differences between the experiences of 19th century gardeners and those of today Instead she was more struck by how modern much of their advice is and her personal selection from the writings of these six women reflects that Richard Bissill composed the music which he plays on the piano accompanied by Susan Thomas on the flute Additional Information Weight 12 kg Duration 80 minutes Music and Musicians Music composed by Richard Bissill and played by Richard Bissill piano and Susan Thomas flute Download Size 56 4 MB Download Format Zip ISBN 978 0955 1394 82 1 review for Every Lady A Gardener Michael Bartlett May 18 2015 These extracts from six women gardening writers

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  • Hippos Hairpins & High Button Boots - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    canoes which she learned to handle she went deep into the jungles learning about the spiritual lives of the African tribes and collecting specimens of fish for the British Museum Her books were popular funny and contentious and her views on missionaries were trenchant After publishing her first book Mary Kingsley returned to West Africa During the Boer War she worked in the military hospitals in South Africa where she died of typhus Philippa Urquhart has been a member of The Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre She has worked extensively in Repertory Theatres across England and Scotland and has appeared in London s West End Her many TV credits include Lillian Cartland in Tenko and Miss Briggs in Vanity Fair for the BBC Films include Laughter In The Dark and Children of Men Her one woman show The Turn Of The Screw adapted from the famous ghost story by Henry James continues to tour successfully across the UK and worldwide Nick McCarty has been a professional writer for forty years and has written for television shows such as Bergerac The Onedin Line The Six Wives of Henry VIII Z Cars and General Hospital He has also written award winning radio drama adaptations including A Tale of Two Cities Dan Dare Jekyll and Hyde Hard Times and Dracula as well as many original plays for both the BBC and Commercial Radio Additional Information Weight 12 kg Duration 80 minutes Original Author Mary Kingsley Music and Musicians The drums are played by children from the Kakua Primary School Sierra Leone Download Size 55 5 MB Download Format Zip ISBN 978 0955 1394 68 1 review for Hippos Hairpins and High Button Boots Michael Bartlett verified owner May 18 2015 You long to turn the clock back and see Africa as

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/shop/biographies/hippos-hairpins-high-button-boots/ (2016-04-25)
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  • My Adventures As A Spy - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    the man who started the Scout and Guide Movements He wrote many books over the course of his life some of which he illustrated himself This book was first published in February 1915 seven months after the outbreak of the First World War and is a collection of anecdotes and memories about the work of spies based on his own experiences in Africa Europe and Asia Michael Cochrane has appeared in many plays in the theatre on television and on radio as well as in a number of films He has also read many audio books including the Gold Award winning Lord Edgware Dies His television appearances include General Simmerson in Sharpe s Challenge and Judge Hynes in Wire In The Blood He is currently playing Oliver Sterling in The Archers on Radio 4 Michael Bartlett is a writer with many radio television and stage plays to his credit though perhaps he is best known for writing The Archers for Radio 4 and Rainbow for Thames Television He is also a producer and has directed plays readings and documentaries for the BBC for commercial radio and for audio publication Additional Information Weight 12 kg Duration 79 minutes Author Robert Baden Powell Music The piano music the Baden Powell Schottische is played by Alexandra White Download Size 60 MB Download Format Zip ISBN 978 0955 1394 51 1 review for My Adventures As A Spy Michael Bartlett verified owner May 18 2015 This book is full of exciting Buchanesque skin of the teeth escapes in Africa Turkey and Dalmatia and offers useful tips on disguise invisible writing and how to conceal plans of strategic installations in drawings of a leaf Michael Cochrane has just the right refined manly voice for the exceptionally lively narration Christina Hardyment The Times Add a review

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/shop/biographies/adventures-spy/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Everyman's England - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    romances and books for children Over a writing career spanning 50 years he wrote more than 60 books and over 80 short stories Many of his books have been filmed Everyman s England is a collection of travel articles which were published in book form in 1936 Charles Collingwood began his career in repertory theatre and has also toured Hong Kong Singapore and Bangkok He has appeared in a number of productions on the London stage and in many TV and radio shows In 1975 he joined the cast of The Archers where he created the character of Brian Aldridge the J R of Ambridge He met his wife Judy Bennett who is also in The Archers while they were recording the voices for a TV puppet series Charles has appeared in a number of TV and radio game shows including Celebrity Weakest Link which he won In 2003 he was the subject of This is Your Life for the BBC Charles continues to entertain audiences with his one man show Playing Away Michael Bartlett is a writer with many radio television and stage plays to his credit though perhaps he is best known for writing The Archers for Radio 4 and Rainbow for Thames Television He is also a producer and has directed plays readings and documentaries for BBC and commercial radio and for audio publication Additional Information Weight 12 kg Duration 79 minutes Original Author Victor Canning Music and Musicians Traditional Music arranged and played by Richard and Elizabeth York from PLAYING FOR TIME LZDCD01 published by Lizards Music Northampton Download Size 55 7 MB Download Format Zip ISBN 978 0955 1394 37 1 review for Everyman s England Michael Bartlett May 18 2015 These fascinating vignettes are from the thriller writer Victor Canning An unmissable gem beautifully

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/shop/travel/everymans-england/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Where Does It Hurt? - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    foreigners out of Ireland 7 out of 20 that s a third of our titles My first response was Ouch but then I started thinking about it None of these except possibly the Nelson who has moved into the realm of legend glorify war They are more about individuals responding to difficult situations In Private Rawson s War Tony Rawson who was conscripted into the army in 1942 found himself in the Middle East He used the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the places where he was sent he learned Arabic he visited historical sites and wrote home about his experiences to his mother in Watford We learn more about Tony from his letters than we do about the war and that is how it should be In the 1 st World War Jerome K Jerome was considered too old to serve by the British so he volunteered as an ambulance driver with the French army and ended up at Verdun The experiences of Brian Wright s various Great Grandads with varying amounts of great in My Grandads and Afghanistan bring all the Afghan wars Britain has been involved in down to the level of individual experiences And it s individual experiences that make good story telling whether it s coping with huge disasters like a war or simply handling some level of personal problem A good story needs a problem or a difficulty of some kind If Cinderella s step mother had said Of course you can go to the ball darling I ll lend you a dress we wouldn t have the famous fairy tale If Goneril had gone to King Lear and said Father Regan and I have been talking and we want Cordelia to have everything then bang goes one of Shakespeare

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/where-does-it-hurt/ (2016-04-25)
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  • What? Christmas Already? - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    on that have bought all the titles from our range that interest them so although we do send out regular mailings we are probably preaching to the converted These days we probably sell as many MP3 downloads as we do CDs but Christmas is always a good time for selling the physical products CDs make good presents they re not expensive and they re easier to post That s what we say anyway and previous years seem to bear out that statement The range of our titles is both an advantage and a disadvantage The fact that they re all different means that there s probably something for everyone in the range but it also means that you can t really market Crimson Cats as an entity Just because you like some of them doesn t mean you d like them all Fair enough but we reckon that anyone who enjoys audio books will find something to like whether that s gardening Every Lady A Gardener literature such as Jane Austen The Beautifull Cassandra biographies of people like Gerald Durrell Stories Of A Corfu Childhood or Jerome K Jerome My Life And Times anthologies which could be cats How To Own A Human or 1 st World War poetry and prose War Girls Then there is the beautiful memoir The House on an Irish Hillside or a range of interviews with sporting personalities from the past Sporting Legends The full range of our titles can be seen on our web site where short audio clips from each title can be heard www crimsoncats co uk Pennoyers So next Saturday we ll be talking the talk trying to interest people into trying at least one of our audio books From experience we know it will be a long day on our

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/what-christmas-already/ (2016-04-25)
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  • For Michael and Dee... With Some Surprise...! - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    we thought of Everyman s England Nice idea but the book although long out of print was still in copyright At that time copyright lasted for 50 years from the death of the author these days it is 70 years so it had to be cleared before we could use the text I spoke to the agent who handled Victor s estate She had never heard of the book but promised to pass on my request to the copyright holder A few days later I had a call from an actor called Charles Collingwood I knew Charles again from my BBC days and because he plays Brian Aldridge in the long running British radio soap opera The Archers for which I had written scripts in the mid 80s I couldn t think why he was ringing me but then he told me he was Victor Canning s heir Adria had been his godmother Victor had left his estate to Adria and when she became ill Charles had taken care of her so she had left the estate to him You couldn t make this up could you I asked Charles if he was happy for us to produce an audio version of this book abridged of course and he said yes I then said that as it had been out of print for so long I wasn t prepared to pay anything up front for it but would pay him a royalty on sales He agreed to that too so while I was on a roll I asked if he would also read it for us After a pause he said Would that also be on the royalty only deal Oh yes I said Another pause and then he said Oh why not In fact it has sold well over

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/for-michael-and-dee-with-some-surprise/ (2016-04-25)
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