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  • "If A Lady’s Garden Is Not Beautifully Neat, It Is Nothing" - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    audio book Every Lady A Gardener never waste a good title is my motto Our CD is a compilation of extracts from gardening books written by women or rather ladies in the nineteenth century Through the pages of their books I met other redoubtable lady gardeners There was Maria Jacson who advised her wealthy friends on how to create a gay flower garden Jane Loudon And Mrs Jane Loudon whose weighty 1841 manual on gardening aimed very much at women was a runaway best seller It includes step by step instructions on how to dig your garden so a lady with a small light spade by repeatedly digging over the same line and taking out only a little earth at a time may succeed in doing all the digging that can be required in a small garden I particularly enjoyed the brisk gardening advice of Mrs C W Earle whose Pot Pourri From A Surrey Garden also includes recipes and tips on flower arranging She gives minute instructions on how to preserve runner beans by salting them I believe this is done everywhere abroad but never in England where the waste both in the kitchen and the garden is a national vice There was so much in these early gardening books that wouldn t be out of place in ones published today how to trap slugs the importance of collecting rain water the opportunities offered by climbers But there were some things that have changed Louisa Johnson s idea of neatness was to remove every leaf every twig every stone from the surface of the soil every decaying stem from her plants Like most gardeners these days I m much more relaxed about such matters I m afraid that Louisa would not have approved Dee Palmer Post navigation The House

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  • The House on an Irish Hillside - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    in London quite often So they live in both places London for meetings theatres and shows Corca Dhuibhne to work in peace and to work their land But because they live back west it s not just a holiday home they have become part of the community there And that is what this beautiful book is about How they found their house on an Irish hillside rebuilt it learned to live in a small community as well as in an anonymous city and actually achieved the state described in that over used phrase a proper work life balance I know Felicity from the days we worked together at the BBC she as an actress and me as a producer Our relationship a professional one you understand took another step forward when she adapted and read one of the first audio books we published when we launched Crimson Cats in 2005 That was Gods and Fighting Men The Fianna the stories of the Irish hero Finn McCool I enjoyed reading The House on an Irish Hillside and rang Felicity to tell her so The book is proving to be a best seller in America in Ireland and in the UK so chancing my arm I asked if Crimson Cats could produce and publish the audio book version She said Yes and production is now well under way We decided it had to be recorded unabridged so it will be a 6 CD pack as well as being available as an MP3 download It will be published this spring with Felicity reading the text no surprise there and Wilf playing some of his own compositions and some traditional Irish music on the concertina Felicity has mixed the contemporary story with Irish myths and legends This book is a joy to read and

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  • Crocodiles and Gorillas - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    gave us a huge sense of privilege There was also an incident with a rather large male elephant which planted itself in the middle of a narrow track and refused to let us past but hey we were on his territory so fair enough Mary Kingsley came into contact with various French officials whose trousers kept falling down as she tried to negotiate the various documents she needed to travel Dee and I met many Rwandans jeep drivers guides managers and staff of the various lodges all of whom were unfailing courteous and helpful Their trousers seemed to remain intact as far as we could see Hippos Hairpins and High Button Boots You can hear all about Mary Kingsley s experiences in our audio book Hippos Hairpins and High Button Boots which is also the February Book of the Month with the CD at a reduced price If you want to hear about the experiences of Dee and myself then you ll have to invite us to dinner or at least meet us down the pub Michael This audio book is available as a CD or as an MP3 download from our web site www crimsoncats co uk Post navigation

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  • A Good Yarn - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    Baden Powell today and see him as representing a King and Empire world that is almost as remote to my grandchildren as the Tudor era And yet so much of the underlying messages and skills that I took from Scouting remain with me today Basic ideas like courtesy honesty tidiness reliability keeping your word things to give them their due my parents also taught me but Scouting provided an additional emphasis Then there are many basic skills that have stayed with me first aid how to tie a reliable knot how to estimate distance and height how to recognise different birds and trees and to have respect for the countryside Perhaps the most important lesson was to make a decision and then take responsibility for it An interesting man Robert Baden Powell Our audio book My Adventures As A Spy the October Book of the Month is taken from his book of the same name which was published in 1915 I am sure it is based on fact mostly but the accounts of his spying exploits may have been shall we say polished a little in the telling It doesn t matter they are good yarns I like good yarns

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/a-good-yarn/ (2016-04-25)
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  • From A to E - Crimson Cats Launches Its E-Book List - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    both Michael and Dee took from the huge outpouring of love and support from friends and acquaintances from all over the world This book is a tribute to all those who emailed visited wrote and were there when they were needed Bits of it are quite funny too For those of you who may be interested Out Of The Blue is available on Amazon s Kindle Store by following this link http www amazon co uk Out Of The Blue ebook dp B00D0BE99E ref sr 1 1 s digital text ie UTF8 qid 1369550450 sr 1 1 keywords out of the blue michael bartlett Alternatively if you do not have or want a Kindle but would still like to read the book then it is also available as a PDF download from the Crimson Cats web site http www crimsoncats co uk e book publishing 76 out of the blue html We plan to go on and publish many more E Books not all written by me I hastily add This does not mean we will stop publishing audio books we feel that the two can easily co exist We will however continue to concentrate on unusual material either out of print books that we feel deserve a new outing material of our own or ideas which are brought to us by other authors If we feel it is right for Crimson Cats then we will publish it I don t know what took us so long really At first we told ourselves we were doing research talking to various writer friends who had taken the first step reading all the instructions on the Amazon Kindle page buying a Kindle and downloading books mostly by friends so we could see how it worked at the consumer end It is now

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/from-a-to-e-crimson-cats-launches-its-e-book-list/ (2016-04-25)
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  • A Life With A Purpose - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    of whom were family members He was of course a man with a mission and was certainly one of the most influential voices when it came to promoting the cause of conservation long before it was fashionable To celebrate his life and work a new exhibition The Gerald Durrell Story has recently opened within the Durrell Wildlife Park on Jersey This is an unprecedented look at both the public and personal sides of the author naturalist and champion of all animals The story takes in many formative events from both Gerald s life and the development of the Trust that now bears his name Each of the seven sections is named after one of Gerald s books and contains objects letters photos and awards from the relevant period Each section incorporates a monitor screen showing images from the period including many original photos of Gerald himself The exhibition is staffed by trained volunteers who conduct tours and answer any questions that visitors may have Gerald s widow Honorary Director Dr Lee Durrell says The opening of this exhibition will be one of the most rewarding moments of my life The preparations have been underway for nearly two years and are a story in themselves my personal journey of sorting through hundreds of photos letters and memorabilia all linked to Gerry in one way or another In spite of all the work that Gerry and many others have done over the last 50 years or so there are still a lot of species in our world which are threatened with extinction To promote awareness of this a new web site called The Lonely Dodo has recently been launched by the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust with the help of Aardman and Stephen Fry You can see more about this at their website

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/a-life-with-a-purpose/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Writing Down The Mists Of Time - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    real job Or I ve been meaning to write a novel for some time but I m so busy Perhaps when I have a free weekend Sweet I have a number of definitions of what makes a professional writer Here are 3 of them A professional writer is an amateur who refuses to give up A professional writer doesn t just write they re write and re write and re write A professional writer is someone who knows where the key moments are in a TV play without background music to guide them Since those early radio plays I have passed through many stages as a writer I began by writing for pleasure then I wrote for pleasure but was selling most of it then I wrote to earn a living which inevitably involved some compromises I soon learned you could earn more for a 10 minute corporate video about a pension fund than you could for a full length play on Radio 4 even with its repeat fee then I found a balance between writing and other creative work which meant goodbye to the pension videos and then I switched from one medium to another and started again But in one way or another in one medium or another I have always been a writer first and foremost and I guess I always will The Beautifull Cassandra I was 26 when I sold my first play but I began writing somewhere around the age of 8 by winning an essay competition in the local paper Jane Austen began when she was 12 well she may have begun earlier but 12 is the first recorded piece The stories she wrote when she was between the ages of 12 and 15 are mostly short often very funny and although naive in

    Original URL path: http://crimsoncats.co.uk/editorial/writing-down-the-mists-of-time/ (2016-04-25)
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  • The Next Big Thing - Crimson Cats Audio Books
    story market has improved enormously with the advent of digital printing it is still a difficult market to crack We have not ruled out a Kindle publication 7 How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript This varied from story to story Some flowed off the fingers some were more a struggle as I worked out exactly what I wanted to say and how to say it One story Nothing To Fear deals with a woman who discovers she has a growth in her pancreas specifically an excessive growth of the Islets of Langerhans inside her pancreas and how she dealt with the choices this forced on her This story required me to have a lot of conversations with a surgeon about the pancreas and the way such problems are treated It was hard to find the structure to tell this story and even harder to work out how it was going to end 8 What other books would you compare yours to I wouldn t 9 Who or what inspired you to write this book The Falklands Argentinian cemetary at Darwin The visit to the Falklands was one obvious inspiration Another was the concept that battles never end but people might tire of them and step aside to let others continue this resulted in the story A Separate Peace A newspaper report on the number of people who die alone and unknown inspired Farewell My Lonely and my own mother s dementia was the starting point for That s A Funny Looking Cloud When I realised that deep down all these ideas had a common theme I went hunting in my head for other stories to make up the collection 10 What else about the book might pique the reader s interest Whoever knows what sparks someone s interest The style of the writing The subject matter Identification with the characters As a writer I don t even try to second guess my audience or readers I write what I want to write what I need to write in some cases and I always try and tell a good story Storytelling is as old as time and those of us who can spin a yarn tell a story entertain the rest of our tribe have a responsibility to use our talent if that is what it is for the benefit of others As one of my much missed BBC drama producer colleagues once said Imagination is the only exact science So that s it If you ve enjoyed reading about me as a writer why not browse the Crimson Cats Audio Books web site www crimsoncats co uk and see what I ve done as a producer I m grateful to Felicity for introducing me to this Blog Hop concept Next week on THE NEXT BIG THING are three writers very different writers whose work I enjoy Two of them Catherine and Danny I have known since my BBC days Christopher I only

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