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  • CS Risk Management - ISO27001, Cyber Security, Security Compliance, Penetration Testing
    organisation Cyber Security From Financial Services to Industrial Control Systems our security consultants work with companies of all sizes to develop information security strategies aimed at reducing or eliminating security risks Security Compliance Security is also driven by requirements from outside the organisation such as PCI DSS standards or the Data Protection Act Our security consultants can help you navigate your way to compliance ISO27001 Cyber Essentials Cyber Security Compliance

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  • CS Risk Management - ISO27001 Certification
    of our customers have successfully completed the journey to ISO27001 certification Our ISO27001 consulting services can be tailored to your exact needs and budget and our proven ISO27001 implementation approach and tools can be adapted for any size company from large corporates right down to small business ventures We work with you every step of the way to guarantee your ISO27001 certification success Once you are certified we also provide you with free pre surveillance audit health checks for the first year to help you maintain your certification status Transition to ISO IEC27001 2013 The next revision of the ISO27001 standard ISO IEC27001 2013 was released in October 2013 All new certification registrations have to be to the new standard and organisations have around 2 years to realign their existing ISO27001 2005 Information Security Management Systems with the revised standard Contact us now to arrange a complimentary workshop to start planning your ISMS s transition to ISO27001 2013 Security Assessments We offer a range of security assessments to help you determine your business s level of security These include Security maturity assessments against ISO27001 and ISO27002 Security threat vulnerability and risk reviews ISO27001 gap assessments Security control effectiveness reviews Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing through our strategic partnerships Contact us to find out how we can help your business 0203 728 6555 Alternatively please complete our online enquiry form Download our Information Security brochure Case Study Our customer is a strategic outsourcing energy services organisation The company was facing increased pressure to demonstrate the security capabilities of their information and systems To meet this demand they came to us for assistance with implementing a standards based information security management system ISMS aligned with ISO27001 and ISO27002 Read more Customer Testimonial The team at CS Risk Management were instrumental in helping

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  • CS Risk Management - Cyber Essentials
    Plus assessment service start from 1 495 but costs may vary according to your level of internet connectivity and the number of systems so please contact us for a quote Affordable Cyber Essentials Plus certification for SMEs If you are an SME with up to 250 members of staff 1 main site and less that 16 externally facing IP addresses and are looking to obtain Cyber Essentials Plus certification you can take advantage of our all inclusive Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus offer of only 1 995 This offer combines all of the services and benefits above to effortlessly take you all the way from zero to certified and can be bought from our on line shop Annual recertification CESG requires annual recertification for Cyber Essentials For basic Cyber Essentials this means resubmitting your self assessment questionnaire to us for evaluatation and re issuing of your certificate For Cyber Essentials Plus CESG requires re submission of the basic Cyber Essentials questionnaire as well as a complete re test to be performed every year Annual re certification fees will therefore be on par with your original certification costs More about Cyber Essentials There are numerous standards associated with governance and risk management of cyber security but the government found that many common cyber attacks were succeeding due to simple technical controls not being managed This even occurred in companies with governance standards in place For this reason the government is keen that all companies including those who already have standards such as ISO27001 gain Cyber Essentials certification Indeed they have made certification mandatory for government contracts which deal with sensitive or personal data from 1st October 2014 From time to time the government also provides grants to smaller businesses for improving their cyber security posture As an IASME accredited Cyber Essentials certification body our assessments are subject to moderation and audit by IASME and or CESG to ensure quality conformance and consistency Cyber Essentials benefits Eligibility for free Cyber Insurance cover for up to 25 000 in the event of a breach Demonstrates to customers that your business takes cyber security seriously Cyber Essentials provides a clear framework of basic security controls your organisation must have in place to confidently use the internet for your business Cyber Essentials Plus provides third party assurances that your cyber security controls are operating effectively It provides a good baseline for building up to a more comprehensive information assurance management system such as the IASME standard or ISO27001 2013 Enable you to meet the UK Government s requirement for all suppliers bidding for certain sensitive and personal information handling contracts to be certified against the Cyber Essentials scheme What our customers say We are pleased to promote the UK Government Cyber Essentials Information Assurance Scheme to ensure businesses especially small and medium enterprises have the right protections and controls in place IASME Gold Member CS Risk Management were extremely good at embracing the technical know how and practical realities of the scheme to ensure

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  • CS Risk Management - Cyber Security
    business identifying and assessing security threats and vulnerabilities and developing strategies to manage emerging security risks undertaking supply chain information security assessments on behalf of our clients performing focussed IT infrastructure security assessments developing and managing information security improvement programmes We tailor our security consulting services to your specific needs and budget Talk to us now to find out how we can help you Industrial Control Systems ICS Security Industrial Control Systems also known as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition SCADA systems play a very important role in our daily lives It is these computer systems that control the operation of our power plants water treatment plants transportation systems and other critical industrial systems we use every day Modern industrial control systems are highly complex and interconnected with multiple likely pathways from the process control system to the outside world The potential accessibility of these systems as well as the impact the breach of a critical control system could have means hacking into SCADA systems are of great interest to numerous attack groups from novice hackers through to cyber criminals and state sponsored agencies In response to this threat we offer specialist consultancy services aimed at securing industrial control systems both in the design stage as well as those already operational in the field Our approach focusses on more than just computer security we also consider security aspects of the physical environment interconnected systems and networks and system operators Our industrial control system security services include advising on good practice industrial controls systems security requirements design and implementation undertaking industrial control system security control evaluation performing SCADA security vulnerability threat and risk assessments developing bespoke system security assessment tools using frameworks and standards such as HMG IS1 IAS99 IAS IEC 62443 Domain Based Security DBSy BS IEC 61226 2005 and

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  • CS Risk Management - Security Compliance
    an unexpected event with minimal disruption to the business Crucially it will ensure the survival of your company Our Business Continuity services Identify functions critical to the business Determine the impact to the business should these functions cease Put measures in place to ensure critical business functions can continue to operate during an event Put plans in place to ensure the business can return to normal after the event Support the exercising of your business continuity plans Review your existing business continuity plans Support you in achieving ISO22301 certification As a result of a change in the business structure and a new methodology being adopted all divisional Business Continuity plans required a complete refresh Based on this and an impact on internal resource we engaged with CS Risk Management The consultant undertook the development and documentation of our BC strategy Business Impact Assessments Risk Assessments and our initial Business Continuity Plans including communicating the new requirements and methodology to staff The consultant was professional organised and a pleasure to work with He provided excellent support and guidance throughout the whole process and ensured the status for the project was effectively communicated Neil Lunniss Security Controller Operational Security Computacenter PCI DSS Compliance If you are a merchant taking card payments from customers you are required to comply with the PCI DSS standard Non compliant companies who maintain a relationship with one or more of the card brands like VISA MasterCard or American Express either directly or through an acquirer risk losing their ability to process credit card payments being audited or fined Compliance is verified via an annual assessment by a Qualified Security Assessor QSA or through completion of self assessment questionnaire SAQ We offer a range of PCI DSS compliance related services designed to get you PCI compliant including Mapping out your cardholder data environment CDE from a business process and network data flow perspective Discovering unencrypted cardholder data stored within the IT infrastructure through our strategic partnership with software company GroundLabs and their innovative cardholder data discovery solutions Undertaking PCI DSS compliance gap assessments and shaping your compliance strategy accordingly Performing security control effectiveness reviews and collecting evidence in support of the PCI Report of Compliance RoC We tailor our PCI compliance consulting services to your specific needs and budget Talk to us now to find out how we can help you Data Protection Compliance Protecting data is critical for any company and protecting personal data is arguably more so especially with stricter laws having been introduced over the past years Data Protection is one of our core disciplines an area where we are rapidly emerging as leading specialists Our Data Protection services include Principles Policies and Processes Determine whether the necessary business principles policies and processes are in place in relation to data protection Business Process Reviews Assess your business practices and processes to identify and resolve data protection compliance issues in your day to day business operations Compliance Solution Design Provide solution design implementation and project management

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  • CS Risk Management - Penetration Testing
    requires an external vulnerability scan configuration audits of internet facing infrastructure and malware susceptibility testing Our team is certified by IASME and CESG to perform testing in support of your Cyber Essentials Plus certification PCI ASV Readiness Scans If you are preparing to commence formal PCI ASV scanning of your externally facing network we provide a pre assessment to help you proactively address issues that may prevent you from failing your ASV scan Our team perform scans in accordance with the PCI ASV Scanning Procedure Standard to get you ready for successful certification Wireless PCI Scanning PCI DSS section 11 2 requires the business to Test for the presence of wireless access points and detect unauthorized wireless access points We perform a physical survey of your cardholder data environment to detect catalogue and characterise all wireless access points operational in the area We work with you to identify track down and deal with any suspicious access points so you can be assured of wireless network compliance Patch Audits One of the most challenging tasks for any IT department is keeping the IT infrastructure up to date with software patches and updates Out of date and unsupported software present a serious security risk for your business We perform detailed patch audits on your systems and develop targeted remediation plans that will help you stay in control Firewall Audits A Firewall Audit involves reviewing the firewall rule base and can also examine the configuration of the firewall Where possible our consultants will liaise with the relevant firewall stakeholders to understand the business rules and network flows in order to identify which rules pose a security risk and which ones can be improved or removed Contact us to find out how we can help your business 0203 728 6555 Alternatively please complete our

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  • CS Risk Management - About Us
    to exploit any weak link By implementing effective cyber security controls you can reduce or eliminate your organisations exposure to these security risks Reduction of Risk Implementing a management system for information security like IASME or ISO27001 will result in improved security with greater awareness of the security threats facing the organisation and a sustainable reduction of security risk Competitive Advantage All companies can demonstrate credibility by following security best practice Companies bidding for contracts with the UK government also require Cyber Essentials certification a scheme created to help organisations implement basic levels of protection against cyber attack demonstrating to their customers that they take cyber security seriously Consumer Confidence Certification to ISO27001 or the IASME standard allows businesses to demonstrate their level of cyber security providing assurance that shared information will be protected Our Services We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to information security so we offer different services personalised to your business s needs including Cyber Security Cyber Essentials IASME Certification ISO27001 Certification Security Compliance Penetration Testing Business Continuity Our Strengths Customer Satisfaction We are proud of the relationships we build with our customers and as testament to this the majority of our business comes from referrals Flexibility We work with companies of all sizes from SMEs to multi national organisations across various sectors in the UK and globally Practical Solutions We understand that not everyone is familiar with technical terms and jargon so our solutions are designed to be clear to understand and simple to implement Knowledge Our consultants have many years of experience in information security within SMEs leading consultancies and blue chip companies Our consultancts are members of professional industry bodies including ISACA ISC2 the IISP and BCI and hold professional certifications such as CISA CISSP CISM SCCP and

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  • CS Risk Management - contact us
    hearing from you Name Company Telephone Email Enquiry ISO27001 We work with you every step of the way to guarantee your ISO27001 ISMS certification success and help you maintain your certification with free pre surveillance audit health checks for the first year Read more Cyber Security From Financial Services to Industrial Control Systems our security consultants work with companies of all sizes to develop information security strategies aimed at reducing

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