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  • CS Risk Management - Free Tailored Security Assessment
    Our FREE Security Assessment can be tailored to your specific business needs all you need to do is tell us which area s you are interested in and we can customise the review based on your particular requirements in areas such as Information Security Maturity ISO 27001 Alignment Customer Data Protection Business Continuity Capabilities Cloud Service Security Our Security Assessment offer consists of a 2 3 hour on site review workshop based on your specific requirements with a detailed report on our specific findings and recommendations for your business Our range of Information Security and Data Protection services can enable you to Assess your current level of compliance within ISO 27001 standards Understand and implement the necessary policies and procedures to meet required standards Fully integrate security controls and procedures within your organisation Improve awareness understanding of the importance of data protection across your organisation To find out more or take advantage of a FREE Security Assessment for your organisation please call us on 0203 728 6555 or alternatively e mail us at info csriskmanagement co uk We recently engaged CS Risk Management to conduct an ISO27001 Information Security Assessment We are very pleased with the engagement the consultant was extremely knowledgeable and took time to understand our business in detail providing reassurance that our current processes aligned to best practice guidelines I would recommend CS Risk Managements security assessment as an independent and objective evaluation Malcolm Mason IT Manager Balfour Beatty Worksmart Contact us to find out how we can help your business 0203 728 6555 Alternatively please complete our online enquiry form Download our brochure ISO27001 We work with you every step of the way to guarantee your ISO27001 ISMS certification success and help you maintain your certification with free pre surveillance audit health checks for the first

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  • Data Breach Temperature Check for Information Security, Business Continuity, Data Protection, UK
    you know where you store or process customer employee or supplier personal data in your business No Yes we know where some of the information is held Yes we have a pretty good idea as we ve undertaken a few data discovery reviews in the past Yes we know exactly where we store personal data 5 How would you describe your recruitment process We employ only permanent staff directly and do background checks on all potential employees We employ mostly permanent staff but some long term contractors and short term agency workers are in the mix We rely on an external party to recruit on our behalf and to check references We have a balanced mix of permanent long term contractor and short term agency workers and recruit employees directly We employ more temporary staff than permanent staff and rely on an external company to provide the staff We employ mostly temporary staff with a high turnover rate due to the turnover we don t have time to perform background checks 6 Do you collect customer information for customer service market research or other business purposes No Yes everything we can get Yes but we only collect the information we need to provide a great service to our customers Yes but we only collect the information we need and have a regular clear out of obsolete customer data Yes but we only collect the information we need we keep it up to date and have a regular clear out of obsolete customer data 7 Do you share personal information about your customers employees or suppliers with other companies No Yes we share personal information with anyone who asks for it Yes we share personal information with our trusted business partners worldwide Yes but only with our trusted business partners within the European Economic Community Yes but we always ask our customers permission before sharing personal information and only share it to partners who signed up to comply with our data protection policies 8 Do you have someone in your company who looks after your information security i e IT systems security building security records security etc No Yes our IT team is responsible for all our security needs No but we rely on our software vendors and suppliers to help us secure our business information Yes we have an internal information security team Yes we are using an external information security consultancy to help us manage our security risks 9 Do you allow your staff to take customer employee or supplier personal data out of the office on laptops or removable media Yes we don t mind as long as our employees are careful not to lose the information in the process As a rule it is not allowed but from time to time we do allow users to take some data out of the office No but we don t have the means to enforce this No and we have disabled the use of USB memory sticks MP3 players

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  • CS Risk Management - ISO27001 Working for your business
    it simple so that it enables a clear prioritisation to be identified when applied to all the information security assets When implementing an ISMS set clear objectives as this in turn will drive how you measure the success of the system You will not know how good or how bad your ISMS is without a benefit realisation plan Objectives to measure can include Management Support Visible support from management is key to ensuring the success of an ISMS management must be committed to ensure mutual buy in If management do not recognise the benefits or support the ISMS then the value is reduced Culture In order for ISO 27001 to be successful it must work within the culture of the company An organisation can still meet requirements in line with how you work rather than changing the culture In essence ISO27001 must be integrated not imposed and The Right Reason ISO 27001 accreditation in itself can have benefits in attracting new customers for example However it is important to obtain accreditation for the right reasons do not just get the stamp but realise the benefits for the business Reviewing When reviewing the ISMS ask these questions How do you know your security programme is working What were your objectives Does the solution you have chosen fit the business It is important to note than ISO 27001 does not fix a poor ISMS rather it provides the options to facilitate a good ISMS There are 2 audit stages in achieving certification Part 1 is a review of the ISMS including checking the existence and completeness of key documentation such as the organisations information security policy Part 2 focuses on the Statement of Applicability and Risk treatment plans that have been identified Whilst these parts can be combined into a single audit

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  • CS Risk Management - Management Buy In
    data to gain an advantage in the marketplace potentially resulting in lost projects and revenue A security programme will limit the exposure to data breaches of this nature A common objection is that having a security programme does not drive sales However a thorough sustained security programme will attract new customers who need secure business practices providing a competitive advantage Finance Company sensitive information or funds being stolen would directly impact the companys ability to operate as usual A business that is unable to pay employees and suppliers will founder quickly Cost can be an issue to management but compare the value of a security programme against the cost of loss of financial data or funds and there is a clear victor No one wants to see their business fail especially when preventative measures are available Operations For day to day operations intellectual property including templates and company policies need to be protected The challenge is to balance data confidentiality with accessibility for business processes Customer data is also an issue as this will ordinarily be stored either as hard copy and or electronically If this data was lost or stolen the impact on both customers and the business could be devastating with loss of customer confidence possible legal action investigations and fines Information is a valuable corporate asset and must be treated as such While management might question the benefits of complying with information security standards the expense for non compliance could be far greater The savings in terms of audit findings and evidence of good practice are significant The potential damage to reputation that data loss could cause is extensive Should the media become involved any negative headlines will inevitably affect the publics perception of the company For example negative comments on social media can instantly impact a

    Original URL path: http://www.csriskmanagement.co.uk/MBI.php (2016-02-14)
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  • CS Risk Management - Cybersecurity
    the users of the systems and applications that access the company data By developing an evolutionary awareness programme for all users the threat level can be reduced An effective security awareness programme addresses three key areas It is regularly reviewed and updated as the social engineering attacks adapt and become increasingly sophisticated It is visible and repeated regularly as it has been seen in experiments that despite telling people not to click on attachments the advice is forgotten quickly and Employees know who to tell when they are subjected to a social engineering attack so that the incident can be captured and lessons learnt Application Security was identified as the top threat to information security professionals in the 2011 ISC 2 Global Information Security Workforce study Therefore it is worth taking time and effort to ensure that exposure in this area is minimised Key areas to be considered are Ensuring that applications and systems are updated with the latest patches and known vulnerabilities are addressed is a key step in ensuring that there is no easy access for a potential attacker Modifying default vendor supplied usernames and passwords on internet accessible devices and Incorporating security requirements into the software development process Since 1995 the British Standards Industry has published Information Security Management guidelines and these have developed into the ISO 27000 series The series provides best practice recommendations on information security management risks and controls Many companies are finding that the benefits provided by alignment with the standards include A quality based methodology to evaluate implement maintain and manage the information security program Information Risk management which provides a mechanism to integrate information security into the companys overall risk management strategy and Improved image as it demonstrates to customers that the security of their information is paramount Many companies believe

    Original URL path: http://www.csriskmanagement.co.uk/cybersecurity.php (2016-02-14)
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  • CS Risk Management - Insider Threats
    involved In addition to this threat there is a greater vulnerability at this time of the year as people start to wind down for Christmas and staffing is reduced to minimal cover This could mean that if an employee is looking to steal or maliciously damage data it may be easier to do so than at other times of the year So what can be done about this Firstly it is important to be aware of the risk and ensure it is considered throughout company management The reduced cover for Christmas periods should include key senior personnel to ensure that activities being conducted are monitored The HR and review processes should be practiced to determine individuals who are at a greater risk of this threat for example if there is an employee with access to a lot of data that never takes time off and seems very unhappy it could be that they are staying at work to ensure they cover their tracks If there is an individual identified as posing a threat to the organisation that individual should be monitored and system controls must be put in place System controls can be implemented to aid in protecting against this threat such as ensuring all desktop machines are locked down and USB ports CD writers cannot be used unless specifically authorised by senior management Access to the internet can be restricted or removed and email messages can have a maximum message size applied such as 1mb Segregation of duties should be considered in systems ensuring that there are approval points built into any system to make it harder for a sole individual to authorise activities and accessing data en masse such as through a database should be kept to the minimum number of people necessary Lastly practicing good access control

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  • CS Risk Management - Cost of a Data Security Breach
    at pound102 per record compared to negligence at pound76 The remaining 29 was caused by system glitches There are also factors to take into consideration which increase costs per record during and after a breach Breaches caused by a third party organisation such as a supplier increased per record cost by pound17 Finally breach incidents involving the loss or theft of devices like tablets laptops and memory sticks which hold personal data increased the cost by as much as pound10 per record Although these costs are on the rise various factors were identified which may help reduce these associated costs Having an incident management plan in place is key so that when a breach occurs costs can be reduced by resolving the issue faster Good security measures also help in reducing costs 50 of organisations had a security effectiveness score at or above the average which helped reduce cost per record by pound13 Other factors which help in reducing costs are having an Information Security Officer responsible for enterprise data protection ensuring that it is known where personal data is kept developing an understanding of the threats that could put the confidentiality and integrity of this personal data at risk putting measures in place to reduce these risks to an acceptable level hiring consultants to help remediate a breach and notifying the victims quickly Social media is also a huge factor to take into consideration if and when a security breach happens Negative news spreads quickly via social networking sites so is important to announce any measures being taken to deal with a breach in a suitable manner to limit damage to reputation Finally in the aftermath of a security breach companies need to ensure they perform a root cause analysis to help identify how the breach occurred in the

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  • CS Risk Management - Social Media
    ransomware or even the hijacking of the account and There is a threat of exposure to offensive web content via links contained in e mails posts and tweets After reviewing these risks and benefits there are several options available to businesses when considering the use of social networks Allow unrestricted access to social networking sites providing employees with unrestricted access could boost morale however there is the potential for this access to be exploited Allow restricted access to specific sites and or at specific times allowing employees access to certain sites perhaps those designed for business networking or allowing access to personal sites only outside of business hours or during lunch Allow access to social networking sites only to those authorised to use a business profile for example marketing teams who update the site with business related information Block access to all non business related sites for all employees only allow access to sanctioned business related programs and Block internet access to all this is an unlikely option since many companies now use internet based programs for day to day operations Social Networking Policy For those businesses that decide to use or allow access to social networking sites it is crucial to implement and maintain a social networking policy The policy will provide employees with guidance so that they are accountable for their actions While specific components of the policy will vary dependant on the nature of the organisation and how they use social networking there are several elements that should form the basis for any social media plan Guidelines and Restrictions It is important to establish a level of control that provides protection whilst allowing the informality that is the foundation of social networking Business data should be classified so that employees are fully aware of what sensitive information is and what can and cant be mentioned on profiles or in posts Also determine who is authorised to access corporate content and modify accounts on behalf of the company Remember that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs are also at risk from hackers so be sure to specify if employees are permitted to access social networking from these devices Education and training Educating employees on the acceptable use of social media is essential to reducing the risks Each employee represents the company and a thoughtless tweet about a product launch or personnel change has the potential to damage reputations Consider limiting the posting of corporate data unless authorised and clearly state the consequences of failure to follow policy disciplinary or dismissal procedures can be implemented for employees who violate policies Although this may seem heavy handed prevention is always better than cure Monitoring Once a policy has been approved it is important to monitor the activity relating to the business Check the networks for the company or product name find out what is being said If customers are losing faith in the company take the opportunity for promotion by addressing concerns Failure to monitor on a regular

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