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  • CTM Potters Supplies
    book or a course as there are many techniques we have not tried ourselves if we are trying to get orders out for customers we may have to ring you back or ask you to call back once the couriers have been We usually have some Clearance Potters Glazes and other Sale Products ROHDE Special Offer We look at current Euro exchange rate to give you the best price we can speak to us we are usually offering prices below the official web page and price lists as we pass on any exchange rate gains in March 2016 we are doing the Ecotop 43L at GBP1500 incl controller and furniture set and VAT Rohde HMT500 German Engineered Quality 1 2 HP 13 4 alloy wheelhead 40kg centering weight Rohde Retail Recommended Price for the HMT500 with adjustable seat is GBP1090 80 VAT GBP1308 96 plus tail lift delivery CTM Potters Supplies 2016 price is GBP892 VAT without the seat or GBP945 VAT this discount is because we bring in a dozen at a time but when Sterling is strong against the Euro we might be able to offer a lower price In March 2016 we are doing a further 5 discount at GBP900 VAT GBP1 080 including seat Potters Association Members Special Offer 5 Discount to all members of Potters Associations you must provide us with your membership number before we despatch the items to get the discount however call in customers can ring us with the number when they get home and we will refund them the discount Discount offer excludes direct deliveries of clay kilns machinery wheels Please do not expect to ring back two weeks later with your membership number and get a retrospective discount Glass If you are involved in Glass Blowing please see www kugler

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  • CTM News Page
    v E S 65 Terracotta Crank 1080oC 1220oC Enabling you to create large sculptural pieces without the risk of lime popping commonly associated with grogged reds A beautifully textured richly coloured clay combining the warmth and excellent working properties of red clay with the strength of a crank Ideal for all types of hand building v E S 70 Architectural Body 1240oC 1300oC White to off white Created with extremely low shrinkage only 6 from plastic to 1260oC allowing just sufficient space for grouting Completely frost proof with excellent thermal resistance v E S 75 Smooth Textured Terracotta Crank Fine grogged alternative to E S 65 to take surface detail v E S 80 Reduction 1220oC 1300oC Highly plastic ideal for reduction firing and for oxidation and salt glazing Excellent warping and cracking resistance and its high proportion of ball clay make it easy to work Ideal for producing domestic tableware Specially developed for the needs of craft and studio potters Suitable for throwing and jiggering v E S 90 Flecked 1220oC 1300oC Attractively speckled even in an oxidised electric kiln v E S 109 Professional Speckled Stoneware 1160oC 1290oC Speckled Superbly plastic with an attractive speckle made from ball clays and medium textured silica sands Gives a reduction effect when fired in an oxidising atmosphere Designed for the professional potter and is excellent for domestic ware with good thermal shock properties v E S 120 Ming Porcelain 1220oC 1280oC Extremely white and translucent One of the best throwing porcelains with excellent standing properties Fluxed with a slow acting flux to minimise slumping Intended for cones 7 10 v E S 130 White Earthenware 1060oC 1150oC White Plastic clay throws well excellent colour response and wide firing range Ideal for school use Casts well and designed for most commercial low fire glazes Smooth with no grogg v E S 150 Golden Harvest Discontinued v E S 160 Special 1200oC 1300oC White Excellent base for colour decoration this clay has highly plastic and handling properties making it excellent for large and small pots Highly resistant to warping cracking and thermal shock also suited to salt glazing and reduction firing Specially selected and blended molochite make it incredibly versatile v E S 170 Glacier Porcelain 1250oC 1280oC White By using the best and lowest iron bearing china clays silicas mineral fluxes bentonites Valentines have produced a body that is very white translucent and plastic one of the best porcelain bodies available anywhere T S Flax Paper Clays Scarva v E S 200 Smooth ES 250 E S 300 Grogged E S 400 White Earthenware E S 600 Porcelain E S 600 Grogged E S 800 Terracotta Finely chopped fibres of flax and cellulose produce very forgiving clay bodies offering potters the widest possible range of making options Flax Paper Clay gives strong flexible lightweight clay with virtually no mould growth Suitable for raku oxidation reduction salt and soda The fibres create strong but a flexible internal structure that transfers moisture easily and evenly Greenware rewets easily and allowing re work altering and adding of new clay at any stage of dryness Possible to build and dry an armature as a support sculpture that need not be removed for firing Greenware even bone dry is unbelievably strong and easy to handle and transport if necessary Potters can now concentrate on being artists Earthstone Air Drying Scarva v E S 950 Air Drying Modelling Clay Suitable for schools that may not have a kiln it produces an ideal opportunity for pupils to experiment and create with clay Manufactured by mixing fibres with the most plastic materials available it has unrivalled strength and plasticity The super fine particle size allows model makers to produce very detailed forms Earthstone air drying clay can be decorated with acrylic paints and clear varnish with excellent results Professional Clays v PF560 White Stoneware 1200oC 1300oC Off white Strong grained plastic clay made from the purest white ball clays A superior body with very smooth throwing characteristics This body has been designed for the professional production potter Is excellent for domestic ware with good thermal shock properties It stands up extremely well and fires to an off white colour It works well in oxidising and reduction atmospheres v PF570 White Stoneware Grogged 1200oC 1300oC Off white As PF560 but with 10 Molochite 80 s added for potters who require clay with more tooth to aid in the production of larger work with ease of drying The molochite allows this body to be used for small hand built and coiled pots v PF640 GT Material Sculptural Body 950oC 1300oC High performance extremely workable durable clay body Carefully selected grades of molochite have been added to give tooth strength minimal shrinkage and excellent thermal shock properties GT Material can with stand demanding sculptural or tile needs and is ideal for large life size pieces It is very useful for mixing with other clays to give them strength and can also be used successfully in raku firings v PF510 Peter Beard Heavily Grogged Clay Body 1140oC 1280oC Peter Beards own clay body recipe is made from a blend of the most plastic white ball clays available This white firing medium textured body is most suitable for hand built pieces to create textural surfaces A combination of molochite and silica sand gives this body low shrinkage good warp resistance and green strength v PF520 Ashraf Hanna Super White Raku Body 900oC 1200oC The very best white smoke fired raku body on the market With over 55 molochite this body can withstand the most extreme thermal shock This is due to its high alumina plastic ball clay and three different grades of molochite This body has a very low shrinkage and has a medium texture and is highly resistant to warping and cracking v PF540 Jim Robinson Heavily Grogged Crank Body 1220oC 1310oC Heavily grogged coarse crank clay This body has all the elements to allow the maker to produce large textured sculptural pieces Made

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  • CTM Products Page
    229 34 VAT and Stoneware Buff GBP 260 94 VAT delivered main area UK Potters Raw Material Frits Plasters Oxides You can collect or order for delivery by courier from our range of Raw Materials Basic Materials Colouring Oxides Frits Plasters We usually have very good prices for our materials especially the metal oxides See web page or download the price list can be easier for full details Potters Tools Equipment Mudtools flexible ribs platter ribs sponges braided cutting wires Stoppers orton cones magnets whirlers moulds scales mixing tools sponges forged steel tools tile cutters buckets containers natches scoops tongs clay gun slip trailers clay cutters harps needles brushes sieves palettes kidneys throwing ribs sticks knives hole cutters turning tools boxwood modelling tools gloves apron mask looped ribbon tools See web page or download the price list for full details and the catalogue which includes many pictures to guide you Bisqueware Pressmoulds Bisque tiles Press moulds Bisque utility ware Bisque fairies vehicles penguins and other animals for fun and school use Rohde Kilns Electric or Gas or Raku Style Top or Front Loading Kilns delivered direct from this highly respected German manufacturer we usually have a Rohde Ecotop 43L 13 amp 1320oC top loader in stock Downloadable brochures and instruction books Due to fluctuating Euro GBP exchange rates please ask us for our best possible price we will try to give you the fairest price we can some weeks the discounts have been big enough that people have been able to go for larger kilns Potters Wheels Shimpo Rohde and Frema wheels details pictures and prices we usually have the Shimpo RK3T Frema PWDCT Frema Table Top and Rohde HMT500 wheels in stock at a very good price We also now stock the Shimpo seat and some marine plywood wheel bats and some treated mdf wheel bats Due to high sales following the BBC programme we are short on stock Kiln Furniture Repair Accessories Nichrome wire insulating bricks pyrometers props stilts tile setting cranks bead stands batts shelves thermocouples raku burners controllers ceramic fibre blanket mortar etc Potters Machinery Rohde and Gladstone machinery Made to Order details pictures and prices Pugmills Slab Rollers Drying and Damp Cabinets Glaze Mixer Clay Extruder Spray Booths Sedimentation Tanks Potters Dictionaries Handbooks We stock the very comprehensive Hamers Potter s Dictionary of M aterials and Techniques two of the best general pottery making guide books available by Dan Rohde and by Jacqui Atkin 26 of the Ceramics Handbooks series and 9 of The New Ceramics series of affordable and excellent guides to the world of the ceramicist TERRACOLOUR Earthenware Powder and Brush On Glazes This page shows the excellent range of Terracolour Earthenware Powder Glazes and Terracolour Earthenware Brush on Glazes and Earthenware Fluid Brush on Glazes glossy satin matt mica speckled metallic many in powder all of them in 230 ml 325 g Brush on pots and some of them also in 500ml 700g pots Stoneware Powder and Brush On Glazes TERRACOLOUR and

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  • CTM Feedback Page
    mile on your right Map http maps google co uk maps hl en tab wl q ex5 201el EXETER Contact Information We are open 9 30 am till 4 30 pm Mon Fri and from 10 00 am till 3 00 pm on the first Saturday of the month ring for which Saturday in January or if it falls on a bank holiday weekend Telephone 01395 233077 Fax 01395 233 905 Postal address Unit 10A Mill Park Industrial Estate White Cross Road Woodbury Salterton EX5 1EL Electronic mail admin ctmpotterssupplies co uk Direction From M5 Take Junction 30 off the M5 we are 4 4 miles from this junction Take signs to Sidmouth A3052 Straight over at the 1st roundabout left hand lane at Clyst St Mary Take the Sidmouth Road Pass WestPoint County Show Ground on your left Pass Farm Shop on your right As you come down the hill you will see the White Horse Pub on your right SLOW DOWN and indicate right Take the road on the right just before the pub signposted Woodbury Salterton We are about 1 2 mile down that road it is narrow in places As the road goes over a bridge and bends to the right we are on the Left Mill Park Industrial Estate Go up to the top of the park we are in the end row of units on the lefthandside Unit 10A Map http maps google co uk maps hl en tab wl q ex5 201el Open for collection 9 30am 4 30pm Mon Fri and from 10 00am to 3 00pm on the 1st Saturday of each month check re January if possible please ring your order through the previous working day It is not an on line shop you can phone us email us or

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  • Ordering and Delivery
    VAT Delivery Charges Local EX PL TQ TR except TR210 TR250 BB BD BL CW DN HD HG HU HX L LS M NG OL PR S WA WF WN YO Area 1 AL B BA BS CB CF CH CM CV DE DH DL DY FY GL HP HR LE LN LU MK NE NN NP NR OX PE PO excpet PO30 41 for pallets RG SG SN SR ST TS Area 2 BH BN BR CA CO CR CT DA DT EN GU HA IG IP KT LA N not N1 N81 NR NW SO W not W1 Area 3 E EC FK1 19 G not G63 G83 84 KA1 KA3 KA11 12 KA30 LD LL ML1 9 N1 N81 PA1 19 SA SE SW SY W1 WC Area 4 DG EH G63 G83 84 KA KY LL ML10 12 TD Area 5 DD FK20 21 PH1 18 Area 6 AB IV not IV40 49 IV51 54 Area 7 BT Northern Ireland PO30 41 IOW KW not KW15 17 PA20 38 PH19 26 PH49 50 Area 8 IV40 49 IV51 54 Skye KW15 17 Orkney HS Outer Hebrides IM Isle of Man Ze Shetland Area 9 KA27 PA42 49 PA62 75 Area 10 KA28 PA60 61 PA76 78 PH42 44 Area 11 GY1 8 JE Area 12 GY9 Dublin Rest of Ireland All other areas please ask Pallet Service is a non guaranteed 2 5 day service All prices and charges are in GBP and require VAT to be added Parcel Charges Up to 650 g net GBP 4 00 Up to 4 kg net GBP 6 50 4 to 18 kg net GBP 7 50 18 to 25 kg net GBP 9 00 Up to 50 kg net GBP 16 50 Extra boxes GBP 6 00 each up to 650gm price is not suitable for pots of colour or bulky items Ireland under 5kg GBP13 00 under 18kg GBP18 00 under 25kg GBP19 25 Highlands and N Ireland Courier up to 25kg 11 30 9 75 per extra box Pallet Charges Up to 500 kg Up to 1000 kg Named Day Local GBP 34 GBP 36 extra charge Area 1 GBP 38 GBP 44 if available Area 2 GBP 44 GBP 48 please ask Area 3 GBP 48 GBP 54 Area 4 GBP 55 GBP 60 Area 5 GBP 56 GBP 72 Area 6 GBP 70 GBP 76 Area 7 GBP 70 GBP 85 Area 8 GBP 103 GBP125 Area 9 GBP 110 GBP 135 Area 10 GBP 140 GBP 194 Area 11 GBP 130 GBP 165 Area 12 GBP 225 GBP 300 Dublin GBP 80 GBP 90 Rest of Ireland GBP 80 GBP 99 CLAYS Direct Delivery extra delivery charge for some postcodes can be seen on the relevant page Large Heavy Tool Items Please phone for carriage estimate includes sieves buckets clay harps whirlers tile cutters rolling pins and other bulky items Credit Card Business Debit Card and Commercial Purchasing Card Charges We pass on

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  • Catalogue and other Downloads
    Frit Raw Materials Metal Oxide Alumina Calcined Barium Carbonate Batt Wash Bentonite Bone Ash China Clay Grolleg China Clay Puraflo Chromium Oxide Cobalt Carbonate Cobalt Oxide Colemanite Copper Carbonate Copper Oxide Black Cupric Cornish Stone Dolomite Felspar Potash Felspar Soda Flint Hyplas 71 Ball Clay Illmenite Coarse Illmenite Fine Iron Oxide Black Iron Oxide Red Iron Oxide Spangles Iron Oxide Yellow Ochre Magnesium Carbonate Manganese Carbonate Manganese Dioxide Molochite fine medium Nephylene Syenite Nickel Oxide Petalite Potters Plaster Quartz Rutile Silica Sand Silicon Carbide Sodium Carbonate soda ash Sodium Silicate Spodumene Strontium Carbonate Talc Tin Oxide Titanium Dioxide Wax Resist Whiting calcium carbonate Wollastonite Zinc Oxide Zirconium Silicate Clay Bodies Prepared Clay Bodies Scarva Decorating Slips DS1001 Intense Orange DS1002 Brown DS1003 Mallard Green DS1004 Red DS1005 Eider Green DS1006 Discus Blue DS1007 Yellow DS1008 Teal Orange DS1009 White DS1010 Black DS1011 Bright Blue DS10012 Scaup Blue Scarva S W E W Glazes Scarva S W E W Glaze Powders Scarva S W E W Glaze Brush on S W Glossy GZ1900 S W Glossy GZ1905 S W Glossy GZ1908 S W Glossy GZ1909 S W Glossy GZ1910 S W Glossy GZ1917 S W Glossy GZ1919 S W Glossy GZ1923 S W Glossy GZ1924 S W Glossy GZ1927 S W Glossy GZ1928 S W Glossy GZ1929 S W Glossy GZ1932 S W Glossy GZ1933 S W Glossy GZ1936 S W Glossy GZ1945 S W Glossy GZ1946 S W Glossy GZ1948 S W Glossy GZ1949 S W Crackle GZ2313 S W Crackle GZ2314 S W Crackle GZ2315 Scarva Porcelain Glazes GZ2302 GZ2303 GZ2304 GZ2306 GZ2307 Contem Glaze Stains GS1 GS2 GS3 GS4 GS5 GS6 being prepared GS7 GS8 GS9 GS10 GS11 GS12 GS13 GS14 GS15 GS16 GS17being prepared GS18 GS19 GS20 BS21 GS22 GS23 GS24 GS25 not currently using this number

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  • Discount Stock
    2 00 VAT CN222 Duncan Concepts 59ml pot Bright Blush 1 at 2 00 VAT CN232 Duncan Concepts 59ml pot Bright Briarwood 8 at 2 00 VAT CC116 Duncan Cover Coat 59ml Cover Coat Aztec Brown 1 at 1 50 VAT LG14 Amaco Cone 05 472ml Liquid Glossy Series Gray 1 at 9 45 VAT LT34 Amaco Cone 05 472ml Textured Alligator Series Antique Brown 1 at 9 75 VAT LT132 Amaco Cone 05 472ml Textured Alligator Series Jewel Brown 4 at 8 60 VAT PFP0004 Potterycraft 500ml Low Sol Burnt Sugar E W Brush On 1 at 7 45 VAT PFP0028 Potterycraft 500ml Low Sol Bitter Honey E W Brush On 2 at 7 45 VAT PFP0034 Potterycraft 500ml Low Sol Champagne E W Brush On 1 at 7 70 VAT PFP0037 Potterycraft 500ml Low Sol Semi Transparent Calyx E W Brush On 2 at 6 40 VAT PFP0038 Potterycraft 500ml Low Sol Pumpkin E W Brush On 1 at 10 82 VAT PFP0042 Potterycraft 500ml Low Sol Jonquil E W Brush On 2 at 6 54 VAT PFP0048 Potterycraft 500ml Low Sol Moroccan Brown E W Brush On 1 at 8 52 VAT PFP0128 Potterycraft 500ml Low Sol Tobacco Matte E W Brush On 1 at 6 58 VAT PFP2910 Potterycraft 500ml Lead Free Transparent Pink E W Brush On 1 at 6 30 VAT PYS 2105 Mayco 113ml E W Orange Slice Brush On 1 at 3 89 VAT PYS 2120 Mayco 113ml E W Double Fudge Brush On 1 at 2 93 VAT PYS 2142 Mayco 113ml E W Orange Squash Brsuh On 1 at 3 37 VAT 29 01 2016 Open for collection 9 30am 4 30pm Mon Fri and from 10 00am to 3 00pm on the 1st Saturday of each month check re

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    Puisaye in the Burgundy Region high iron naturally occurring brown stoneware clay body Mottled buff pale brown in oxidation brown warm orange in reduction A medium grained plastic naturally occurring clay with excellent throwing and modelling characteristics As we know customers have to get order numbers etc which takes time we are holding the old price until the end of May 2013 though the new prices are now on the website 11 06 13 PW DCT 1 3hp tabletop potters wheel with foot pedal 399 VAT currently sold out but we are expecting a delivery in mid August two of them are pre sold so we suggest if you want one to contact us before they arrive 10 06 13 Two new Scarva Professional clays in stock both suitable for Raku work and general stoneware firings brick red from 1100oC and dark reddish brown from 1220 1260oC Both are highly resistant to cracking warping and thermal shock PF690 Red Stoneware Large Work Throwing Handbuilding clay PF695 Textured Red Stoneware Sculpture Handbuilding Raku clay 16 05 13 New Rohde Kiln Prices increases from 2 to 8 A complete recalculation of prices by Rohde As we know customers have to get order numbers etc which takes time we are holding the old price until the end of May 2013 though the new prices are now on the website 04 04 13 We have just brought in a few pallets full of the HMT500 so we can offer an even better deal for the first few buyers 833 VAT 1000 for the wheel and seat collected or delivered on a pallet at extra charge Rohde HMT500 German Engineered Quality 1 2 HP 13 4 alloy wheelhead 40kg centering weight Rohde Retail Recommended Price for the HMT500 with adjustable seat is 1062 30 VAT 1274 76 plus tail lift delivery This is a very special price and cannot be held forever 01 02 2013 The 20 08 12 batch of wheels have now all been sold but we have now reduced our normal HMT500 price by 50 VAT 20 08 12 Potters Wheel Special Offer Due to bulk buying we can currently offer a special deal on the practical Freema PW DCT Table Top Wheel and the excellent Rohde HMT500 Wheel 20 02 12 New items in stock KBS R Raku Kiln Burner Set 148 VAT Full set of Burner Flame Failure Cut Out Valve Regulator Connector 4m High Pressure Gas Hose KBS 75 7cuft Kiln Burner Set 172 VAT Full set of Burner Flame Failure Cut Out Valve Regulator Connector 4m High Pressure Gas Hose These are UK made value for money Kiln Burner Sets and are highly recommended 20 02 12 New items in stock with 5 dies and a blank die 23 95 C38 Spring Handled Glaze tongs 12 40 T1004 Fine Wire Modelling Tool Set 6 95 Set of 5 double ended quality stainless steel tools 160 mm long Pattern Cutter Sets There are two sets of 6 spring loaded pattern cutters T191 4 95 Circle Triangle 5Leaf Shape Diamond Heart Star T192 4 95 Pentagon Head Oval Moon Cat 3 Circles There is a spring on each cutter enabling the clay to be released easily Tile Cutter Set 21 95 Spring Loaded Handle and Set of 10 Clay Cutters Holder 100 mm tall each Cutting Board is 90 x 90 mm Stainless steel cutters Cutters interchanged with 4 screws Press button to release the tile cut Ergonomic shaped handle T106 Hole Cutter Full Round 4 mm 1 40 T107 Hole Cutter Full Round 7 mm 1 70 T108 Hole Cutter Full Round 12 mm 1 95 T109 Hole Cutter Full Round 21 mm 2 25 PW DCT Due into CTM April 2012 Table Top Wheel 1 3 HP with optional legs Only 455 VAT Robust table top wheel with a full sized 12 head Reserve yours today 19 10 11 Latest catalogue available as a download changes include Latest Rohde Kiln prices Reduced delivery charges for Highlands and Northern Ireland now only 11 up to 25kg 9 50 per extra box VAT latest gold and lead prices and a number of small grammatical changes THIS WAS NOT A FULL CHANGE IN PRICES that will probably be in March 2012 03 10 11 Kiln Orders free glazes tools etc TO QUALIFY FOR ANY OFFERS YOU MUST TELL US AT THE TIME OF ORDERING Order any Rohde kilns from CTM Potters Supplies before the end of January 2012 and you will receive a voucher including VAT to be spent with CTM on glazes tools raw materials collected clay For example on the most popular kilns Ecotop 43L 43 litre 2 9 Kw 13 Amp plug in 1320oC 310 mm shelf size top loading kiln GBP120 voucher including VAT Ecotop 60 60 litre 3 6 Kw 16 amp 1320oC 350 mm shelf size top loading kiln GBP135 voucher including VAT TE75 MCC Plus 75 litre 6 0 Kw 26 Amp 1320oC 420 mm shelf size expandable top loading kiln GBP150 voucher including VAT TE200 MCC Plus 200 litre 9 2 Kw 40 Amp 1320oC expandable top loading kiln GBP240 voucher including VAT Delivery will be charged for on any voucher items for non collect customers 22 08 11 Due to increase in the price of lead since we brought in the last 8 tonnes unfortunately the price of Lead Bisilicate and Lead Sesquisilicate has increased significantly 28 06 11 Exeter 28th and 29th July MICROKILN DEMONSTRATION DAYS please ring 01395 233077 to reserve a place Special Offers 27 06 11 To qualify for any offers you must tell us at the time of ordering 5 Discount to all members of Potters Associations must provide membership number before we despatch the items to get the discount Call in customers can ring us with the number when they get home and we will refund them the discount Discount offer excludes direct deliveries of clay kilns machinery wheels If an order fits into a 10kg

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