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  • Wheel Covers
    your own cover even if it already has graphics we may be able to remove conceal these Metal Vinyl or ABS moulded covers are all suitable for the application of graphics however we no longer work with woven nylon covers We use either vinyl or specialist paints on wheel covers Contact our sales team to discuss your requirements Home About Us Boards Vinyl Pavement Signs Vehicles Wheel Covers Magnetics Banners

    Original URL path: http://cuksigns.co.uk/Vehicles/Wheel_Covers/wheel_covers.html (2016-02-17)
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  • Magnetics
    recommend using rounded contours rather than sharp angles so as to prevent dog eared corners which could eventually lead to permanent damage to your sign Before applying the sign to your vehicle ensure that the panel is clean dry and waxed We supply all of our magnetic signs pre waxed for your convenience Any gritty particles trapped between the sign and the vehicle panel could lead to damaged paint work The best way to apply your sign is to allow one edge to contact the vehicle in the desired position and allow the magnetic power to do the work of pulling the sign down to the opposite edge Peel back and repeat if alignment is not true Ensure that the entire surface is smoothly against the vehicle with no trapped air pockets and in cold weather the sheeting should be at least 50 F to remain flexible but the vehicle surface temperature does not matter Maintenance and Storage Remove the sign weekly and wipe dry both the magnetic side and the surface of the vehicle This prevents moisture from collecting which could potentially damage paint work Simply wash it with warm water and a mild detergent Similarly remove and wipe

    Original URL path: http://cuksigns.co.uk/Vehicles/Magnetics/magnetics.html (2016-02-17)
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  • Tubular Constructs
    finishes Tubes up to 3 metres in length can be easily cut by hand or machine and are joined together using a comprehensive range of fittings including 90 and 135 angles 3 way Tee 4 way Cross 5 way and 6 way connectors No special tools are required to assemble dismantle structures Where a permanent fixing is required the joints can be glued or solvent welded A variety of methods

    Original URL path: http://cuksigns.co.uk/Banners/Tubular_Constructs/tubular_constructs.html (2016-02-17)
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  • H & S Guide
    on your premises Your risk assessment should include Emergency escape routes and the identification of fire fighting equipment To assess these you should start from the centre of the site or building or point farthest from a fire exit and work towards the exit noting changes in direction or levels At these points a fire exit sign should be placed as well as at regular points along the route i e you should always be able to see a fire exit sign indicating the direction you should take Upon exiting the building the assembly point or points should be signed Fire exit doors should have a sign explaining opening methods and fire doors a sign explaining if they should be kept shut and or kept clear as appropriate The location of all fire fighting equipment should be clearly marked with a sign This includes extinguishers hose reels and call points Building Site entrances and general areas At the entrances to sites and areas within sites where more general safety policies apply signs should be used For example No smoking or This is a safety helmet area First aid equipment and facilities should also be adequately signed Machinery hazards Signs to warn of hazards and actions to be taken such as ensuring guards are in place and identifying emergency stop buttons must be placed on or close to the machine or its control panel Signs regarding protective clothing equipment and action to be taken must be placed on or close to the machine Obstacles and dangerous locations A risk assessment of places where there is a risk of colliding with obstacles i e posts low headroom or of someone tripping or falling or of objects falling needs to be made Where risks exist they must be marked with appropriate safety signs

    Original URL path: http://cuksigns.co.uk/Health___Safety/H___S_Guide/h___s_guide.html (2016-02-17)
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  • Brass
    JB13 17x8 ins JB4 5 5 x 4 5 ins JB5 4 5 ins dia JB6 6 x 4 ins JB7 7 5 x 5 5 ins JB8 7 5 x 5 5 ins JB9 5 5 x 7 5 ins Colours available maroon green black and blue Motifs available NB JB8 motif M1 only Motifs not available on JB1 JB4 JB5 JB6 JB7 Home About Us Boards Vinyl Pavement

    Original URL path: http://cuksigns.co.uk/House_Signs/Brass/brass.html (2016-02-17)
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  • Aluminium
    not available on JA1 JA5 JA6 Powder Coated Aluminium Plate PCA1 6 x 4 ins Black letters on white PCA2 6 x 4 ins French enamel look a like PCA3 6 x 4 ins Reflective white letters PCA4 16 5 x 4 ins Black letters on white Max 10 letters spaces PCA5 16 5 x 4 ins Choice of colours on black Reflective white blue green yellow orange PCA6 18

    Original URL path: http://cuksigns.co.uk/House_Signs/Aluminium/aluminium.html (2016-02-17)
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  • Ceramic
    11x6 5 ins JC6 11x6 5 ins JC15 9 5 ins dia JC16 9 5 ins dia JC9 9 5 ins dia JC17 5 x 6 5 ins JC11 5 x 6 5 ins JC12 5 x 6 5 ins Lettering made of durable vinyl Other ceramic signs available in store JC13 6 5 x 5 ins JC14 6 5 x 5 ins Home About Us Boards Vinyl Pavement Signs

    Original URL path: http://cuksigns.co.uk/House_Signs/Ceramic/ceramic.html (2016-02-17)
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  • Wood
    Chrs max HW10 22x5 ins 12 Chrs max raised hardwood letters HW6 5 5x5 ins HW7 7 5x5 ins HW8 10x5 ins HW6 1 letter HW7 2 letters HW8 3 letters raised hardwood lettering HW6 7 8 9 10 Dark walnut coloured letters on natural beech Wooden Gate Signs GW1 3 ins deep x up to 24 ins long according to number of letters max 15 vinyl lettering Black on

    Original URL path: http://cuksigns.co.uk/House_Signs/Wood/wood.html (2016-02-17)
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