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  • Custom Ties Supplier to Clubs, Companies, Schools & More
    same bespoke service attention to detail at a price we believe you simply won t beat Ties International Because You Deserve The Best Club Ties From local clubs associations through to National International organizations we can supply the perfect tie for you Company Ties No matter if you are a small local company or a large multi national we can design and produce a company tie for you that exemplifies your brand School Ties We have developed a special microfibre school tie that is much more durable for the demands of modern school life Promotional Ties Need a tie for a one off event or promotion we can supply you a beautiful presentation set custom designed for you Min Order Qty We have a low minimum order quantity starting at just 35 ties for both Poly Silk Ties Price Match We believe we can t be beaten for price we will beat any price on a like for like basis Quality As Standard We have earned our reputation for manufacturing the highest quality ties available In House Design Service We will design your tie for you or work off your design brief We can give you ideas to make sure you have the most beautiful tie for your purposes Logos Woven Not Printed All Logos and Crests are woven into our ties not printed They are of exceptional quality detail Get A Quote For Your Custom Ties Scarves Name and Surname Email Website Message Sending Send message Latest News Check out the latest news at Ties International View large More details Welcome Manchester City Posted on April 20 2015 12 20 pm by howard admin Manchester City Football Club are now on board the panel of licensed products that Ties View large More details Wembley Success Posted on April 20

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  • What We Do - Ties International
    to the Business Although some might think it s just a way of showing others where you work company ties actually offer a way to market your business to everyone that passes It s not only that ties can make you feel smarter in the way you dress and complete the overall look of a business suit but it s the fact that when there are a group of employees at an event or meeting that it shows a sign of unity and teamwork Find Out More School Ties Custom School Ties Complete the Uniform Smartie School Ties New Microfibre Material by Ties International Designed for schools Smartie introduces our new Poly Microfibre material School ties that are softer and more durable than ever before Smarties can be produced to any school design with or without crest or logo Smarties are available from stock and are available in two sizes STL school tie length 137cm and STS school tie length 114cm Smartie Style for schools Find Out More Custom Ties A custom tie will complete your look No matter what effect you are trying to present a custom tie designed specifically to your requirements can be the icing on the cake For those special events and occasions we can manufacture a custom made tie to add to your occasion Special club events anniversaries achievements can all be marked with a one off custom tie design Find Out More Promotional Ties Promotional Ties can be a great marketing tool for your Club Business association or event By promoting your colours logo a promotional tie can be used as a giveaway to customers or prospects and will serve as a great reminder of who you are and what you are about We can add a cuff link set handkerchief to your Tie

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  • Club Ties - Ties International
    collection of people all dressed up to go to an event and all wearing club ties is a sight to behold It s a sense of belonging a reflection of being a piece in the greater puzzle and is something to show off too if it s an exclusive club for instance From yachting clubs to professional football clubs and even snooker clubs there are many occasions where being suitably dressed and topped off with a matching tie is required The ties themselves come in all different colours and patterns from striped ties to plain ones or even chequered What to Look For With Club Ties The main aspect to look for when creating or choosing club ties is that the company making them has a low lead time and can reproduce the design time after time This ensures that everyone that is part of the group or organization has the same tie and for those that join at a later date Choosing a high quality silk is a good way of making the difference between just a regular tie and one that really stands out If the club or team has a crest or emblem it s important to have that on the club ties as it shows a part of the heritage of the group The best place for an emblem is at the foot of the tie and the colour of the tie will depend on the logo s colours so that they don t clash or over power the emblem Finding Good Quality Club Ties It might sound a difficult or daunting task but finding good quality club ties doesn t have to be the headache it once was By finding a company that offers low or small volume batches or even one off batches then

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  • Company Ties - Ties International
    location on the body right in the centre of the torso If it s a new company trying to enter a new market for instance then a whole group of people all dressed the same with the same company ties shows that there is a defined mission It also shows that the company believes in themselves as well as the product or service they are promoting If there were two companies running similar campaigns side by side and one group had company ties while the others were wearing jeans and T shirts then it s easy to guess which company would be taken more seriously Company Ties For Everyone Ensuring everyone in the company wears the tie is a great way of having a united team If only senior management wear it then it could be seen as an enticing way of encouraging employees in the lower ranks to aim higher Men and women can wear the company ties and it is also a good way of ensuring there is a more formal dress code for your business Displaying the company s tie around one s neck is also very good for advertising While care needs to be taken in the design a neck tie can show off the company s name brand design logo or even a the website address Of course a sympathetic approach to this direct advertising is needed so as not to be seen as gimmicky Company Ties Show Off A Marketing Image It s not really possible to have company shoes that make the employees part of a team but if everyone is wearing a tie then it shows a combined effort of advertising As ties are almost at eye level they are perfectly placed to be a promotional item of clothing Wearing company ties

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  • Custom Ties - Ties International
    this reason why custom ties are so popular right now Some shirts simply cannot carry a wide tie while others look odd if the tie is narrow It can be a daunting task trying to find the best tie for the job and wearing a tie can help project a statement which is particularly important in a job interview for example so it s best to have one custom made to fit your preference personality and what you re trying to say Many ties can make a really smart suit look drab and boring in an instant The tie is the final piece of the puzzle that can either make you really stand out from the crowd or shy away in the mix of humdrum suit wearers If you run your own company then you can have custom ties for your employees and advertise your brand or logo too Ties aren t just something to wear around your neck and not care about They are directly in people s vision and that means they need to be impressive Custom Ties For Special Occasions It could be seen as offensive if you re a groom at a wedding and the tie is letting you down A custom made tie shows that there has been thought gone into your outfit and that it matches the suit and theme of the wedding perfectly For other events such as trade shows for example custom ties can separate your company s employees from the rest of the companies and be more memorable to potential customers and clients if the tie stands out and makes a statement Corporate uniforms or even a graduation day cry out for a custom tie and it s that special thought that s gone into designing and creating it that makes

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  • Promotional Ties - Ties International
    neck tie as a promotional tool All over the world companies are using different advertising techniques and promoting their business by the employees uniform As they are part of the uniform it also shows a unity amongst the business which infers that it s a well rounded company Promotional Ties Bring in New Sales Every time potential customers see promotional ties they might subliminally see the message or company name and buy a product or service from your company somewhere down the line This means that the ties actually increase sales and therefore profits It s this kind of advertising that helps generate more sales and raises your bottom line So buying promotional ties is a great investment It s not only sales that are increased but if you visit a financial establishment and wear a promotional tie then it shows that you re proud of the company and it shows that even the uniforms make a statement It can help ease peoples minds into knowing that the company is trustworthy and has something exciting or intriguing to offer Promotional Ties Are a Cheap Marketing Source Compared to advertising your business on TV radio billboards or on expensive online adverts using promotional ties is a very affordable way of getting your company s message across to targeted people anywhere your staff go If there are large trade events or gatherings then more and more people will see your brand name And that is something that cannot be bought as cheaply as some bespoke ties Marketing is all about promoting the right message to the right people at the right time Wearing a neck tie that has something to do with your company on it is difficult to hide and therefore if you notice it then people in front of you

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  • School Ties - Ties International
    has a direct effect on the overall look of them Primary school children might wear slightly thinner ties to older children for instance School ties have been part of school uniforms for many years and it s usually a prerequisite for any member of the school to wear it In fact many teachers and head teachers tend to wear the school colours particularly if that school has a long history and is full of heritage This also makes the school children feel as part of the organisation which adds to the sense of pride of being part of a team Different Branding and Custom School Ties Certain schools have their own emblems logos and colours so that requires the school to have their school ties match them A bespoke or custom made tie manufacturer like Ties International can produce lots of ties in bulk orders and low volume for topping up supplies Some schools tend to move with the times and adjust the design of the tie to suit the era while others tend to stick to what they have always been Whether it s custom school ties or simple design patterns that are needed it s important to have the ties made from durable material Silk ties can be damaged and can be more expensive to look after as most are dry clean only A more robust material is usually used for school ties which will still look good but can be machine washed and withstand being worn day in day out by school kids Customizing School Ties Weighing up cost colour design and durability means looking at the cost If you scrimp on the cost then it could cost more to replace the ties that if you d chosen a durable one in the first place It s

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  • Sports Club Ties - Ties International
    club tie with pride It s this sort of promotional merchandise for your team or sports club that completes the overall look It s seen as being a must have for any serious and competitive sports team At awards ceremonies it s definitely a way of showing just as much team spirit as they do on the pitch because all of the team members are dressed smartly and topped off with their club s sport tie It adds that final sense of unity and adds credibility too Custom Designed Sports Club Ties A regular tie simply won t cut it when it comes to having a team all dressed up Yes they will look smart but no they won t look a part of one united team Sports club ties are simply a way of linking all of the team members to one particular group and by wearing the club s colours will add even more of a sense of unity and pride The ties can be created in the team s colours with or without the logo or emblem and made from high quality silk It s important to choose a manufacturer or supplier that can offer a low volume of ties and one off orders afterwards to be able to order more for any new team members In many cases giving each team member sport club ties is just as much of a sense of achievement as scoring a goal or a try as it means they have been accepted into the team fully Personalize Your Sports Club Ties It s important to symbolize your team s personality and indeed each team members personality and you can do that with a tie If there are many events that the team members will go to then the tie must

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