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  • Free Marketing Job Descriptions
    Brand Manager Job Description PPC Executive Job Description Our advice to our clients is always to spend time at the beginning of the recruitment process to write a comprehensive job description which will enable recruiters to pinpoint the right staff with greater accuracy We hope that you find these templates of use and we will be adding more to our site over the coming weeks If you should require any

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  • Why Isn't Your Careers Page Attracting Candidates?
    your page if they can t find what they are looking for Make sure that your search works and job details are easily accessible without having to download large files to see any details Having to go through a longwinded registration process before being able to see the job specification is also a big turn off Give a feel of the company and the people that work there It s always nice to see the faces behind a company some sites even provide a short profile and insight from new employees on what it s like to work there This endorses what a great company yours is to work for and makes others want to join Provide a thorough job description The candidate isn t going to apply if all the information isn t forthcoming For example if the salary isn t listed it might be felt that you re hiding something If you have a tight budget then be honest when the candidate finds out the salary is too low at interview or worse offer stage it wastes time for all involved It s advisable to provide a more detailed job description in a downloadable pdf for example and provide a shorter introduction on the main page Keep the application process simple Don t put off applicants by having a lengthy process for applying long forms with endless boxes to complete are going to put off most Providing you with a CV and covering letter should give you the information needed to assess a candidates credentials if you re still unsure then a telephone interview can always be held Point of contact Using a generic email sometimes seems a little impersonal if possible use a suitable contact name and email address for applicants to send their CV to Respond

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  • Can A New Job Title Motivate Employees
    influential and valued within a company however it has also raised the self importance of the common paper boy by renaming them Media Distribution Officers and our child hood memories of the beloved dinner lady have now been replaced with the implementation of Education Centre Nourishment Consultants serving our school lunches Job titles seem to be ever evolving and will incentivise staff in the short term Long term we may

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  • Preparation is Key to a Successful Interview
    first thing to do before the interview is to visit the company website Most organisations however large or small will have a website containing valuable information on the type of business the size of the company office locations and even the share price if relevant Whilst you would never be expected to learn the mission statement off by heart a few facts that show an interest in the company will impress your interviewer and open up discussion in other areas We would also recommend reading the job description thoroughly so you are aware of the exact duties and responsibilities required in the role Think of examples where you have performed similar duties and also consider areas which would be new to you and how you would overcome these challenges Ensure that you have some appropriate questions prepared for the interviewer that you can ask at the end of the interview Questions such as How would you describe a typical day in this position What are the prospects for promotion and How much travel is expected are all good questions to ask and show you are engaged in the process Good timekeeping is essential during the interview process Ensure that you know the exact time and location of the interview and also the name of the person to ask for when you arrive Consider a trial journey to the office location the day before so you know exactly how long it take to get there and will also allow you to investigate the availability of parking spaces train stations etc Late arrival at interviews gives a really bad impression it is better to be 10 minutes early rather than 10 minutes late Finally ensure that you are dressed smartly and comfortably avoid smoking and drinking alcohol beforehand which should go without

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  • Why Write A Job Description
    should list the key responsibilities requirements and qualifications required to undertake the role Failure to put together a formal job description gives the impression to potential employees that very little thought has been given to the role In our experience it also means that it is likely that candidates will withdraw from the recruitment process as they have minimal information available about the role Key Points The Job Description should where possible include a brief overview of the company and where the role fits within the organisation Provide information about who the role reports to and where possible the make up of the team The description should ideally give a minimum of six key responsibilities that the candidate will undertake When stating the qualifications experience required avoid stating number of years experience as this can be a problem with age discrimination laws Use terms such as Proven IT Management experience Use the description to sell your organisation and the role to potential employees failure to do so will reduce the quality of candidates applying for your roles If you require any assistance putting together a job description we are more than happy to provide you with a template and look

    Original URL path: http://www.cvscreen.co.uk/Why-Write-A-Job-Description.html (2016-02-15)
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  • Graduates Flood Labour Market
    as many graduates as non graduates in these professions today whereas in the 90 s only 1 in 6 were Manual occupations are the only area which hasn t seen a huge increase What has caused the increase It seems that in recent years Graduates have flooded the job market and employers are reaping the benefits This influx has led to a trend in recruitment where the majority of employers are stipulating a Degree as part of the selection process where there was none before This is having a negative effect on the recruitment process where Graduates are replacing employees in positions that didn t previously require a Degree qualification Non Graduates are being left with a smaller pool of job opportunities but there is also the possibility that Graduates are in positions that are below their skill set Is University the only option for students There are only so many good jobs available and as more students pursue a Degree qualification the demand for these professional positions is only going to continue to increase unless something changes The CIPD are calling for some intervention from the Government including providing more highly skilled jobs and to improve career guidance to people of all ages It is suggested that Employers need to understand if a position really required a Degree or if it s just a nice to have and to work more closely with local schools and colleges to provide apprenticeships More choices There are many options available to Students after their A Levels as well as University there are Apprenticeships and entry level positions to be considered Parents are being urged to talk through the options with their children weighing up the pros and cons of a University place It is a hard decision not to take a University

    Original URL path: http://www.cvscreen.co.uk/Graduates-Flood-Labour-Market.html (2016-02-15)
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  • What Job Can I Do?
    would also be advisable as part of your search Contract Contract positions usually demand a higher salary and are more flexible than permanent roles with long term contracts running from 3 months to a year Companies recruit for contract positions where there is a fixed time scale for a role including maternity cover funding or special projects Although contracts have a set time period they can be extended and some role on annually Permanent If job security is what you are looking for then a permanent position is probably the most appropriate You will also receive benefits that are only awarded to permanent staff like a pension or healthcare cover Part Time Flexible Working Decide on your preferred hours from the start if you want flexible working or to work from home always factor this into your job search It is much better to find a job that suits you from the start Make any requirements clear at interview do not request this after offer it could lose you the opportunity Once you know where to target your job search you don t have to pigeon hole yourself to one profession and don t rely on one source of vacancies as you ll limit the opportunities that are available to you Transferable Skills You may already know your field of expertise and sectors you want to work in but if you are looking for a change of career listing all your skills you have built up throughout your career will give you a good starting point You might be surprised at how many skills are transferable IT numeracy communication problem solving and presentation skills are all common abilities that employers are looking for Let Employers and Recruiters find you Be visible to Recruiters and potential Employers register your CV on

    Original URL path: http://www.cvscreen.co.uk/What-Job-Can-I-Do.html (2016-02-15)
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  • Wearable Tech For a Healthier Work Force
    costs employers are now introducing them into the workplace as part of company wellness programs Wellness programs are used in business to help improve and promote health and fitness of employees in turn potentially raising the productivity of those involved Incentives include gym memberships programs to help stop smoking and now wearable tech is being introduced to add to the benefits Employers are looking at wearable tech to provide them with more information about the health and well being of their employees Information that can monitored include Activity levels Sleep quality Distance travelled Steps taken Calorie intake Workout stats Information can be provided anonymously or where staff allow it their details can be used as part of a company challenge where individuals compete on activity levels for instance But is it right to encourage employees to compete over their fitness and health On the positive side engaged employees are healthier and more productive but are there moral implications here Do employers have the right to impose this on their employees and how will the information be used for example if healthy lifestyle targets are not met could it lead to disciplinary proceedings It would be great to hear your thoughts

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