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  • Should you send a thank you note after interview
    through them on your behalf Why send a thank you note If you re considering saying thank you then you need to understand if there are any benefits to doing so It acts as a reminder to the interviewer who you are You can highlight a certain skill that sets you apart You can mention something you may have forgotten to state during interview Should you send an email or a hand written note It s completely acceptable to send an email but if you do want to go for extra impact then a letter is fine although it will take a little longer to get there Things to remember It is a note so keep it short a few lines is all that is needed Get the interviewers name correct Always take a record of all the interviewers names Email is acceptable if you want to go the extra mile then send a hand written note Send it as soon as possible after interview for maximum impact ideally within 24 hours It would be interesting to hear if you think sending a thank you note secured you your job and if you would recommend it POSTED BY AT 12

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  • How to get a personal statement right
    your opportunity to highlight your skills and achievements to a potential employer It s your chance to stand out from other candidates and prove how and why you are suited to the job What to include The key here is to be brief between 100 and 200 words maximum use your cover letter and employment history to elaborate on your achievements Keep your focus on the important components Who are you What can you bring to the role What is your career goal Quantify your achievements this adds value and enhances your credibility Avoid clichés like great communicator and a team player these are unquantifiable statements and unoriginal Take your lead from the job description pinpoint the skills and attributes that an employer is looking for and tailor your skills to prove why you would be perfect for the role Once you ve drafted your statement as with the rest of your CV make sure it reads well and that there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes About Us Established in 2000 we charge just 12 5 of the basic salary and have provided cost effective resourcing solutions to a host of well known organisations such as the FA Premier

    Original URL path: http://www.cvscreen.co.uk/How-To-Get-Your-Personal-Statement-Right.html (2016-02-15)
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  • Do Hobbies Add Anything To A CV
    you do If you are a school leaver or someone that has limited work experience in the field you are applying for but have out of work interests that show a level of skill or knowledge that is applicable it will provide that additional piece of information which may be lacking from your employment history When not to include hobbies Simple answer is if you don t have any don t include them If you are thinking about making some up or using clichés like eating out and going to the cinema don t be tempted as these just limit the space available for the more important detail You might be surprised at how many correlating skills can be acquired from social interests like running local sports teams for instance Traits such as organisation communication and people management skills can all be obtained from this type of hobby How do I present the information Using hobbies in context rather than just a long list of pastimes will makes this section much more appealing to the reader As with the rest of your CV make it relevant well written and truthful there is nothing worse than embellishing something and having to

    Original URL path: http://www.cvscreen.co.uk/Do-Hobbies-Add-Anything-To-A-CV.html (2016-02-15)
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  • Get Noticed By Tailoring Your CV
    to list key targets that are relevant to the job you are applying for Targeted CV This type of CV is particularly useful if you are looking for a change in career You should focus on your transferable skills i e those skills that you can bring with you from your current work experience that suit the role you are applying for List them in order of importance and from different times in your career history Alternative CV Jobs where a creative flair will impress a potential employer such as Marketing Media PR or Design an alternative CV might be what you need There aren t any real styles or formats to follow for this as it s your creativity that should be put to the test here If you are stuck for inspiration a quick Google search should inspire you from CV Cakes to Milk cartons anything goes here CV Rules Whichever format you choose there are some common elements which should always be included Your name address mobile number and email Address A LinkedIn profile or Blog Qualifications Industry experience Work history Keep it easy to read and use bullet points where appropriate Check for spelling and grammatical

    Original URL path: http://www.cvscreen.co.uk/Get-Noticed-By-Tailoring-Your-CV.html (2016-02-15)
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  • Jobs and local news for York
    creation of 100 jobs over the next five years http goo gl KKTN6Q A National Trust property The Treasurer s House is recruiting paid and voluntary workers across all areas of the house http goo gl bFZZKT Companies who are currently recruiting in York The National Trust are looking for a Finance Business Partner based in Dringhouses north Yorkshire http goo gl dAIyT8 Costcutter is a leading retailer in York who are looking to recruit a Database Administrator http goo gl C33ngB Merisis is an IT solutions company based in York Looking for a Junior Software Developer to develop support and test existing solutions http goo gl 1vuMMW Legend is the UK leisure industry s service provider for management software They are looking for a 1st Line Support Engineer in York http goo gl 8bnWYC Local News http www yorkpress co uk jobs jobsnews Average local house prices 219 373 Jan 2015 Source Zoopla http www zoopla co uk home values browse york q york search source home values Useful Links Top companies in Yorkshire Supplied by the Yorkshire Post IT Recruitment York IT Recruitment in York from CV Screen Recruitment in York Your local recruitment agency About York From

    Original URL path: http://www.cvscreen.co.uk/Employment-News-York.html (2016-02-15)
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  • Should Gender Equality be Imposed by Government
    the German parliament in Berlin We ve decided to do this and it will happen Looking further into the way in which other countries are handling the representation of Women on the board the 30 Club came up in my search Their belief is that a higher percentage of Women at all levels will make businesses and boards more effective Launched in 2010 the 30 Club has led the way for change in the UK Coupled with the publication of the Davies Report into Women on Boards in 2011 the number of female appointments has increased considerably In 2012 27 of FTSE 100 and 25 of FTSE 250 boards members were female by September 2014 these figures rose to 33 and 31 respectively More countries are following suit with Hong Kong the USA Ireland and Southern Africa working to extend the 30 Club scheme worldwide by joining their international efforts There are always going to be differing views held by Companies countries and even Governments and it seems that rather than forcing change as the German Government have done a mentoring scheme to build confidence and educate such as the 30 club looks like the way forward About Us Established

    Original URL path: http://www.cvscreen.co.uk/should-gender-equality-be-imposed-by-government.html (2016-02-15)
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  • Impact of Auto-Enrolment Pensions on Employers
    voluntary sector employers are managing the changes within their organisation and the popularity of the new scheme with employees The research carried out in September 2014 found that the number of employers that have implemented the scheme is relatively high with 68 of employers having already enrolled employees this is made up of mainly larger companies attributed to the staging dates that vary depending on the company size The contributions from both employers and employees alike are of a similar percentage with 50 of employers and 59 of employers paying less than 6 of the salary into the pension pot With a higher percentage 72 being private sector workers compared to 25 public sector The number of those who opted out of the new scheme was relatively low with only 10 of employees choosing not to take up a work place pension With new legislation their inevitably comes cost of those companies that had already implemented the changes 38 said that they had simply absorbed the costs For some employers the costs have directly impacted employees as 14 of employers had stopped wage growth and 13 had felt it necessary to restrict hiring or even cut jobs So while the benefits for employees are good in terms of providing for their future it will have to be seen if the generally low percentage of salary paid into pension pots will be enough to allow them not to work past retirement age The impact on some companies may be felt for some time to come while employers are struggling with the additional cost that has been placed on them company growth will be slow if they are unable to recruit as a result Useful links Essential guide to automatic enrolment information for employers http www thepensionsregulator gov uk employers e brochure

    Original URL path: http://www.cvscreen.co.uk/Impact-Auto-Enrolment-Pension-On-Employer.html (2016-02-15)
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  • A look at the most popular ways to recruit
    recruitment route with smaller companies choosing to use free channels including Job Centres and Government Schemes Larger employers enjoyed a wider range of recruitment channels with dedicated recruitment budgets possibly playing a part in this Getting young people their first job following education is high on the agenda for the Government and there seems to be some improvement in this area with 66 of employers taking on someone under the age of 25 A high number of employers also found that 8 in 10 of university graduates were well prepared for the work environment which goes against the common misconception that they are ill equipped for the world of work As the age of retirement rises more people are working longer but worryingly there seems to be some discrimination of this age group as only 3 in 10 employers recruited someone over the age of 50 Social media has been heralded as one of the top recruitment tools Using LinkedIn to network with candidates is seen as the way forward but this isn t reflected in the results with just 4 of employers using social media to recruit under 25 s a core market you would expect to use this platform It s not a revelation that the most popular way to recruit depends on company size and budget and free channels are always going to be depended on heavily by smaller businesses The big surprise was the low take up of social media candidates are encouraged to maintain a high social media profile but if employers aren t using it as a recruitment resource candidates efforts could be in vain when targeting some businesses As a recruiter CV Screen would recommend using the tools that are available to you as effectively as possible but if you have a limited

    Original URL path: http://www.cvscreen.co.uk/a-look-at-the-most-popular-ways-to-recruit.html (2016-02-15)
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