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  • Professional CV Writing, Career Advice, CV Samples and CV Templates
    THE PRICE OF YOUR CV AND OR COVER LETTER To see how much it will cost simply click on the service appropriate to your need s Each CV writing service product includes A full consultation with a professional CV writing consultant circa 45 minutes to 120 minutes depending on level of experience A completely new CV written from a blank canvass 12 months free career support Your new CV in Word and PDF via email Paper copies can be provided if needed CV Review 1st CV free 2 CV Curiculum Vitae and 1 Cover Letter Select Your Salary up to 15 000 up to 20 000 up to 25 000 up to 30 000 up to 35 000 up to 40 000 up to 45 000 up to 50 000 up to 55 000 up to 56 000 Additional Cover Letter No Yes Job Application Forms No Yes LinkedIn Profile Makeover No Yes Express Service No Yes Reset Job Search Career Resources We believe in promoting websites that provide relevant and beneficial services that are related to your career circumstances which we hope will help you in finding the job that you really want Aside from this catalogue of references we strongly recommend that you conduct your own search via usual search engine resources i e Google Yahoo Bing etc It s a good idea to get involved in some of the professional social network sites where you can post your CV or Resume for employers and head hunters as well as extending your professional horizons visit LinkedIn Facebook Twitter etc We will be continuing to add partners and advertisers that will benefit you so please remember to bookmark this page for future reference Logo Logo Career Help Blog CV and Resume Keywords and Phrases CV and Resume Phrases Professional Summary or Profile Results driven logical and methodical approach to achieving tasks and objectives Determined and decisive uses initiative Getting Personal Techniques for handling personal interview questions Once upon a time it was considered a faux pas for interviewers to ask about your family life or political affiliations However as many jobs Recuiters Shorthand Abbreviations Meanings Recruiters like many specialised professionals have pet words and phrases that they regularly use to classify certain types of candidate These code words can speak Study reveals majority of workers feel over qualified while a fifth are under qualified Only a small proportion of people around the world are working in a job that they feel they are properly qualified for a new report What you need to know about CV and Cover Letter Presentation Did you check your CV and Cover Letter for spelling and grammatical errors before you emailed it to every job vacancy you could find There Get Your CV Done Professionally There s a lot of hype about why you shouldn t get your CV professionally prepared some say it s silly to pay for a CV Resume when there Where Can I Get a CV Done Being a Careers Adviser I am asked this question a lot It s an extremely good question because the result will have a profound effect on Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out Regardless of how you apply for jobs it s the strength of your writing skills that means the difference between getting an interview or not The SERVICE GUARANTEE CV Wizards guarantee that your CV and career needs will be handled with the utmost professionalism integrity and discretion We will continue to work with you on your CV until you are 100 happy The end result will be accurate on time and get you great results It s in our best interest for you to be perfectly happy with all aspects of the services that we provide since we rely on you for recommendations to your friends and acquaintances Your success is our business CV Wizards 2016 Terms of Business Back to top Terms of Business Your use of The CV Wizards website www cvwizards co uk is subject to the following terms and conditions which you are deemed to accept Interruption and omissions in service Whilst we try to ensure that the standard of this web site remains high and to maintain the continuity of it the Internet is not an inherently stable medium and errors omissions interruptions of services and delays may occur at any time We do not accept any liability arising from such errors omissions interruptions or delays or any on going obligation or responsibility to operate this web site or any particular part thereof or to provide the service offered on the web site We may vary the specification of this site from time to time without prior notice Information on this site Whilst we make every effort to ensure that the information on this site is accurate and complete some information is supplied from third parties therefore we are unable to check the accuracy or completeness of that information We do not accept any liability arising from any inaccuracy or omission in any of the information on this site supplied by you any other site user or any other party Your use of this site You may only use this site for lawful purposes when seeking CV advice and CV related products or help with your career You must not under any circumstances seek to undermine the security of the site or any information submitted to or available through it In particular but without limitation you must not seek to access alter or delete any information to which you do not have authorised access seek to overload the system via spamming or flooding take any action or use any device routine or software to crash delay damage or otherwise interfere with the operation of this site or attempt to decipher disassemble or modify any of the software coding or information comprised in the site Exchange of Information You are solely responsible for any information submitted by you to this site You are responsible for ensuring that

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  • CV and Resume Keywords and Phrases
    tolerant and understanding Searches for and finds solutions to challenges exceptionally positive attitude Great team worker adaptable and flexible Well organised good planner good time manager Seeks new responsibilities and uses initiative self sufficient Solid approach to achieving tasks and objectives determined and decisive Excellent interpersonal skills good communicator high integrity Energetic and physically very fit quick to respond to opportunities and problems Active and dynamic approach to work and getting things done Financially astute conversant with accounting systems and principles Tactical strategic and proactive anticipates and takes initiative Systematic and logical develops and uses effective processes Good listener caring and compassionate Critical thinker strong analytical skills accurate and probing Good creative and methodical probing and resourceful Facilitative project manager develops and enables group buy in Persistent and tenacious sales developer comfortable with demanding targets Resilient and thorough detached and unemotional Completer finisher checks and follows up immaculate record keeper Team player loyal and determined Technically competent qualified state discipline or area to whatever standard or level Task orientated commercially experienced and aware Excellent inter personal and communications skills Sound planning and organizational capabilities Results oriented focused on productive and high yield activities Tolerant and understanding especially good with young children elderly people needy people disadvantaged people etc Emotionally mature calming and positive temperament compassionate and caring Sensitive and patient interpersonal and communication skills High integrity and honesty ethical and socially aware Energetic and positive outlook which often inspires others Calm reliable and dependable in meeting objectives logical and numerate CV and Resume quantification context scale indicators to enhance and support responsibilities Responsible for X number of staff Geographical territory Number of accounts Annual turnover or revenue company size Annual cost budgets Plant or asset value Size of location or site Number of departments Number of locations International domestic coverage

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  • Getting Personal: Techniques for handling personal interview questions.
    avoid asking questions on those subjects and other personal issues that are not directly work related since it opens up the possibility that an applicant rejected by lack of qualifications could claim that he or she was discriminated against Much as we try not to ask these sorts of questions they still pop up especially if they may affect your ability to do your job A recruiter might ask about your family for example if the job in question requires extensive travel or long hours as young families can be burdensome in certain types of jobs He or she might also ask about your physical health if the job requires heavy lifting or repetitive physical tasks Be careful of the information that you volunteer Remember that any personal details you give could be used against you since you opened the door to the question in the first place So before the interview think about the information you don t mind sharing versus what you would rather not If the interview moves into the realms of your personal life manoeuvre it back to the discussion about the role for which you are applying Try to think of a way that you can turn the inadvertent blunder into an asset that will assist you in being employed It s possible that you ve lived in another country and so have a second language Tell the interviewer how this may increase your efficiency at work and increase better work relations But if you are asked something personal ask some questions of your own such as Is this something that s important to your employment decision Be polite and don t get aggressive Keep in mind that the recruiter may have a valid reason for asking a question No matter why you re being

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  • Recuiters' Shorthand Abbreviations & Meanings
    perfectly acceptable for a CV to note the coursework completed towards a degree or the progression of professional qualifications by exams taken Don t lie be honest don t embarrass yourself the recruiter who recommended you or the employer by making people think you are something that you are not even if it doesn t get found out You could find yourself in a new job but employer expectations are higher than the standard that you are able to perform to and you could find yourself without a job at all and facing the whole lengthy process all over again Not only that you will have some tricky explaining to do about why you left a previous employment so suddenly SV Short for Search Virgin A common misconception is the belief that recruiters are responsible for finding people jobs What candidates sometimes don t know is that recruiters are hired by companies to help them fill positions with qualified talent Candidates often voice their disappointment or anger to recruiters which can derail their chances and because of this misconception attitude recruiters often become reluctant to place them in front of a client Be careful what you say how you say it and to whom you speak NC Short for Non Communicative or Noncom Shorthand for candidates who lack good communication skills Recruiters are frequently placed in situations where they have to note noncom or NC at the top of a CV Resume application during an interview It is imperative that you look the person in the eye speak eloquently by putting clear words and sentences to your recruiter prospective employer and be confident about what you are saying PP Short for Poor Presentation For some recruiters employers poor presentation sometimes comes to mind before even shaking a candidate s hand Your presentation and style are assessed the moment you walk into the room A lot of people don t realise that they should be in the right mind set you can t afford to have an off day when it comes to job interviews Only very famous film and TV stars are allowed tantrums or grumpiness the rest of us must impress the moment we step into the building Examples of poor presentation include slouching foot tapping hair twirling treating receptionists rudely and gum chewing anything that detracts from that impeccable professional look and attitude scores negative points FP Short for Flat Personality or Boring Liven up and show the interesting side of your character Too many times candidates become blasé bored with meeting recruiters not necessarily so with employers but that flat attitude stops your CV or job application being put in the good pile and you run the risk of losing out on some very worthwhile opportunities This is another reason why job seekers have the idea that recruiters are not working hard enough on their behalf If a recruiter cannot be 100 confident in you then yes you can forget it Recruiters want to see candidates express

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  • Study reveals majority of workers feel over-qualified, while a fifth are under-qualified.
    they are overqualified for their job In Turkey this figure was even higher sitting at 78 per cent This could be attributed to the fact that job seekers in these countries are finding far less highly skilled jobs available meaning that they turn instead toward positions which they are overqualified for in a desperate bid to work It was said though that in northern European countries there appears to be a better balance of people who feel their job matches their skills In Denmark for example only 28 per cent of employees agreed with the fact that they were overqualified with their job And it appears according to the report that there is some correlation between people being properly skilled to carry out their job and the satisfaction that they get when they are in work For example in Sweden and other Nordic countries like Denmark there is a high level of job satisfaction to go hand in hand with the fact people are well matched for their position In the nation job satisfaction rose from 65 to 75 per cent of people Meanwhile in economically challenged countries such as Greece and Spain when people are forced to take jobs that are below their skill level are among the least satisfied in the world Randstad said alongside Hungary Key Findings Mismatch Level of Education 1 in 5 people say they are under qualified for their job Even more so in Italy 47 Japan 42 and Chile 41 In Hungary 4 Czech Republic 7 and Greece 9 the no of employees who say they are under qualified for their job is lowest Globally almost half of the employees 47 feel currently overqualified for their job Especially in China 84 Turkey 78 and Greece 69 These numbers are lowest in Belgium 28 Luxemburg 23 and Denmark 25 More than 4 out of 10 employees work with overqualified as well as under qualified colleagues Especially in Brazil 61 Hong Kong 71 and China 65 employees see many colleagues working below their educational level In Argentina only 18 feel they are under qualified themselves but 65 see many under qualified colleagues around them In Japan Chile and China many people seem to have jobs which are not compatible with their level of education Overall 66 states their job is a good match in terms of their field of study Smaller Mismatch Field of Study In Hong Kong 78 and India 82 many employees indicate that their job is a good match with their educational background Also in Denmark 80 and Norway 68 most employees have a suitable job Sweden however is at the low end of countries with a good match in terms of studies 60 In Japan 37 and Slovakia 48 few employees are in a job that matches with their field of study In accordance with this finding employees in these countries also see many colleagues whose jobs do not match their education Especially in Japan there seems to be a gap

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  • What you need to know about CV and Cover Letter Presentation.
    most word processing applications have spelling and grammar checkers So if you aren t sure about the right verb pronoun tense spelling etc you can always check it Even if your WP application doesn t have the facility to check your work you can still get help online through a huge variety of dictionaries thesauri and language usage Sending CV s and Cover Letters without checking them for mistakes signals to the recipient that you either don t care or can t be bothered and potential employers definitely don t want an employee who can t be bothered to check fundamental points Here is a proofreading checklist for your CV and Cover Letter Apostrophes An apostrophe is a punctuation mark and it serves three purposes The marking of the omission of one or more letters such as in the contraction of do not to don t The marking of possessive case such as in the cat s whiskers or Peter s bicycle Just like it s it apostrophe s is singular its its and no apostrophe is plural For example it is incorrect to write laptop s in reference to many laptops it is incorrect to write a kilo of pear s instead the correct way is to write a kilo of pears Some words have a chameleon like spelling for instance you wouldn t write a kilo of cherry s you would correctly write a kilo of cherries However if you were referring to the name Cherry and writing about Cherry s belongings Cherry s in the singular possessive case would be correct Tenses The correct way to write a CV or Cover Letter is for the current job to be referred to in the present tense in other words writing manage the sales ledger is correct for your

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  • Get Your CV Done Professionally
    career There are obviously many different levels of client each has their own unique set of skills and it s the consultant s job to make sure they understand them all Sometimes it s necessary to use personality test software I personally prefer the old fashioned conversation elimination method as I find it s much more insightful but software can be extremely effective provided you know how to interpret it So now that the consultant knows what makes their client tick what kind of personality they have and so on it s time to add information to paper Consultants have to make sense of all the information that they ve amassed during an extensive consultation my consultations are very extensive as I need the most information I can get to build a CV that I would be happy with A UK CV has certain pre requisites i e a profile a skills profile specialist skills employment history education professional associations further training education and a spot for any additional items such as interests computer skills availability and so on It sounds straight forward enough but being able to sift out what information is most relevant what aspects of a client s personality are necessary for the new job which skills should be promoted and how Also what information should be included under each previous employer for instance how much detail and what skills should be highlighted How do you decide what s necessary and what isn t what s vital and what s extraneous It s the consultant s job to put themselves in the employers chair this is something that they should already have experienced in their own career to understand how to correctly combine it all onto paper They have to target the CV at specific job types using specific key skills in order for the CV to be chosen by job site software without this the CV will be utterly useless Next it s time to check the CV for grammar and spelling mistakes It s definitely worthwhile looking on the Internet for a free grammar checker don t rely solely on MS Word s spelling and grammar checker it isn t always correct When there is a lot of competition for one job the easiest way to reduce the number of applications is to get rid of all the ones with grammar of spelling errors Finally ordering the information and setting how the document will look Appeal professionalism and flair are so important if you use CV templates or copy CV samples your CV could end up looking like a thousand other CV s If you copy verbatim what CV samples say to match your specific job then you ve created more CV competition because every one else could have had the same idea Your CV has to be completely unique to you in every possible way from what it looks like to what it says If the CV is too fancy it will get binned

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  • Where Can I Get a CV Done?
    the level of skills and qualifications so on finding out it s possible to get a CV for under 100 00 is a very common choice until you realise that the CV doesn t work The majority of typing services do not guarantee their work once the CV has been produced and you ve approved the draft then that s where the relationship ends You can t get your money back and you can t complain because you approved the draft So whilst it may be painful paying for a professional to write your CV is more cost effective and if the CV doesn t work then they will either re write the CV or refund your money Not only this professionals offer help with career advice basic do s and don ts of job interview preparation and skills and many other job related subjects In your search for the perfect CV writer you will find many typing services that masquerade as professional consultants Let me put this as clearly as I can someone who says they are a professional CV writer who has 12 to 24 months of agency recruitment experience is NOT a professional CV writer Someone who says they are highly experienced in CV writing with a background of helping friends and family and working customer services is NOT an experienced professional In the UK there are no professional qualification for a CV writer to gain the title of experienced professional CV writer one should have either extensive experience of recruitment or human resources and recruitment from an employers perspective or have more than 3 years human resources experience and be on the way to qualification CIPD A professional consultant can also be a qualified careers advisor career manager life coach a part qualified careers advisor with extensive experience or a recruitment consultant who is studying towards completion of their REC exams Recruitment and Employment Confederation So now that you know what the difference is between the two types of CV writer it s up to you to decide which route you want to go down My advice is that if you cannot afford a professional consultant try a typing service but before approving the draft check it against some of the CV samples available online make sure that there is a profile that doesn t read like a million other profiles look for originality a skills profile that also doesn t read like a million and one others look for your own unique skills and then look at common skills such as MS Office etc Look for originality in the layout and cosmetic look of the document most typing services use a set format or template so what you get is not in the least bit original but looks uncannily like many of the CV samples or templates you can access online You can find CV writers online on the notice boards at libraries schools colleges and universities in local newspapers recruitment publications windows of newsagents

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