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  • Wedding Photography: How to Stand Out Among Other Photographers
    right equipment It is undeniable that owning the right photography equipment is important in producing the perfect wedding pictures You do not have to buy the most expensive or latest cameras or lenses you only need to be wise in buying Check out the specifications and features of the items you want to purchase before actually buying them Build an amazing work portfolio A work portfolio is what potential clients first look at when meeting with a wedding photographer Hertfordshire like you It is vital for you to build an impressive work portfolio that contains your experiences achievements including the photography training or workshops you took You can also include here your experiences as a second shooter when you were just starting in wedding photography Develop your own style Think carefully on what trademark as well as style you want to be known for Do you want to show more creative photos What wedding photography style do you want to be known for Is it traditional artistic photojournalistic glamorous or a combination of styles Develop your own style that you think will entice more customers your way Observe also your competitors or professional wedding photographers from wedding photography staffordshire you look up to but develop your own identity and create your own unique style Use different platforms to market your business Marketing yourself is important to make you stand out among others You need to use effective marketing strategies through different platforms in order to reach your target market engaged couples You can apply expose yourself by building a strong network with fellow wedding vendors Join events where you get to meet and connect with the right people Prepare the business cards leaflets and other promotional materials you can give it Online marketing is also a good way to stand

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  • Factors to Consider when Choosing a Photography Class
    can be to you and your future career as a professional photographer There are several factors you need to consider when choosing a photography class Relevance How relevant is it to the form of photography you want to get into Do you think you can apply what you will learn from this class in the future Check the syllabus to know what topics or subjects will be taught in that class Does it include the seo for photographers that you want to learn in class Assess carefully how relevant the topics are to your goals Instructor s Background Find out about the level of experience and skills of the instructor Do you think he she is competent in teaching that class You can also try to connect with his her past students and learn how the instructor handles the class Is he she enthusiastic when teaching Does he she share secrets or techniques in photography or reluctant in doing so You can get answers to these questions by asking former students or people the photographer had worked with Time Availability Does the time fit perfectly in your schedule How many weeks will it take you to finish the course If you are busy with work or family you can consider getting an online photography class An online photography class usually allows you to study or learn at your own pace and whenever you have time to spare Online vs In Person Another factor to consider is whether you will take an online or in person photography class An in person photography class has a fixed schedule and actual classroom setting wherein you really need to go to the specific classroom On the other hand an online class allows you to learn photography via the Internet No need to travel to

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  • A Guide to Beach Wedding Photography
    all it is available to you without paying extra especially if you will not require to have a section of the beach blocked off Intimate atmosphere Beaches are naturally intimate type of places better appreciated when there are a few people who go there So if you wish to have an intimate wedding ceremony having it at a beach is something to seriously consider Even if a beach is a popular tourist destination having a beach wedding provides a greater level of intimacy that having a hundred guests would ruin such a mood A wedding and vacation in one For some couples especially those who are working around a budget a beach wedding is a cost saver such that they don t have to spend time and effort separately for a wedding venue and a vacation place and incur more expenses in the long run Beach weddings provide the convenience for both Not to mention the guests also get to enjoy a vacation and a wedding at the same time Less formalities As stated above beach weddings have a greater level of intimacy As such there is a lesser need to be formal whether it is on the aspect of ceremonies or when it comes to outfits You can be as flexible as you want to be for a beach wedding so feel free to create a unique and memorable moment in the process that you as a couple and your guests will get to enjoy Casual affair Speaking of outfits there s no need for to wear formal outfits at a beach wedding One can opt to wear a simpler wedding dress while guests can wear something less stiff and a bit more casual and comfortable that is appropriate for a beach wedding Besides traditionally huge wedding gowns would

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  • Pros and Cons of Online Photography Classes
    to study while inside the coffee shop in the comforts of your own home or even at the park There are downloadable learning materials that will be shared to you by your instructor via email or thru a website which you can study when time permits Easy transfer of information Books and training materials will be accessible through a website or a medium set by the school or instructor There is so much ease in the transfer of information since everything is set online You can even have a chat session with your classmates or instructors if someone most likely the instructor sets it You can exchange information with fellow students through this online chat session More affordable usually Depending on what courses you plan to take as well as in what photography school you enrolled in you can possibly spend less when taking an online course No need to buy books or other materials if you have no budget for such since everything is readily online Some schools also set their online course to be cheaper than in class so you will have to compare the costs when choosing between online and traditional classes Cons Less interaction among students There is no real face to face interaction among students which some might think is not good Other students find this beneficial though since there are students who are more efficient in learning on their own without others interacting or disturbing them Students who take online course also learn at their own pace which means they most likely won t see each other even online unless a weekly or regular online chat or conference is set Difficulty in getting help You take the class depending on your availability or schedule There is a possibility that your instructor is not online

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  • Top Mistakes Wedding Photographers Make That Must Be Avoided
    charges for the extra time will help make your work easier on your end Buying the best camera that you do not need There is nothing wrong with wanting the best camera available especially for your profession Just don t let it come to a point in the future that you will realize that the camera is too much for what you need and you will regret spending that much for the camera in the process The point here is this buy the camera that best serves your needs and those needs do not require a top of the line expensive camera After all your work will be judged by the images you produce and not the model of your camera Bringing ego to the job Then there is that ego problem a number of photographers sadly have They think highly of themselves because they get to make people look good Keep in mind that wedding photography is not about you It is about two people getting married and you are the one chosen to document the most important day of their life Better leave that ego at home and come with an open heart and open mind Agreeing to work with another team without coordination There are those instances that we may be requested or forced to work with another team The bride might book you but the groom s family have booked their own photographer Both have their own work attitudes and do not wish for the other team to mind them and vice versa a recipe for disaster in the making there It is very important in such cases to make sure both teams are coordinated like splitting the responsibilities between the two teams and cover for one another if necessary Giving all the images you shot

    Original URL path: http://www.daintreepaper.co.uk/top-mistakes-wedding-photographers-make-that-must-be-avoided/ (2016-04-29)
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  • Pros and Cons of Hiring a Wedding Videographer
    since a lot of things happen around during the wedding ceremony and party there are certainly happenings that you have missed These fleeting happenings or moments might have been captured on camera by the professional wedding videographer you hired Real emotions Your professional wedding photographer might be able to produce photos that display mixture of emotions among the couple and their guests But then a wedding video goes a step further and gives you the real genuine lifelike way things happened and how your guests happily shared this special day with you Professional high quality video Yes you can definitely have someone among your flock of guests take a video of your wedding but do you think he she can deliver the kind of video you expect to see Remember that professional wedding videographers have the skills knowledge and equipment which they can use to produce professional high quality wedding video while your assigned videographer won t have any of those CONS Additional cost for the couple A wedding videography does not come cheap It can be an added burden to the couple who really cannot afford it But then if you think you can squeeze it in your budget by lowering the cost of other wedding expenses then do so As long as you hire a skilled professional videographer then you will not regret this added cost Possible conflict with the wedding photographer Some couples believe that a possible conflict may arise between the wedding photographer and videographer since both are going to cover the wedding and be all around the venue Well that is not likely to happen if you hire real professionals Professional wedding vendors know how to get along with people in the same industry They already know how to adjust or give way when necessary

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  • Be Creative In Your Photography
    new gear with your camera to achieve more creative but artistically beautiful shots Always remember to be quick in doing such switches as you may miss an important moment if you are too slow Experiment with shooting Even if you don t have any new gear to use during that day you can always capture creative shots using the gear you already have For starters you can try out using the existing color filters of your camera especially using the monochrome filter that gives your photos a black and white look You can also try shooting from other angles and create more dramatic or artistic shots that would grab the attention of the viewer of the photos Have a Second Shooter or You Could Be One If you are a photographer who likes to experiment with more unique shots for creativity s sake you should know that taking those shots can make you miss some important moments even if you are quick to change gears when necessary That s why it is important for you to have a second shooter who can cover those shots that you are unable to take for some reason or another Conversely you can be the second shooter and be able to take some more creative shots by getting in touch with a more experienced photographer and get to work under his wing Another advantage here is that you also get to learn new concepts or methods from professionals that you would be able to use yourself to be better at your skills Whether you will have a second shooter or be one yourself always remember to coordinate with your partner so everything that needs to be covered that day are duly covered Be on the Lookout for Other Sources of Inspiration Apart from other

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  • To Do’s Before a Newborn Photo Shoot
    It is important for you to explain how the shoot will be done as well as how the parent should prepare their newborn After you have explained all the necessary things and answered all their questions regarding newborn photography make sure you have a contract signed and agreed by both parties Prepare the necessary props and gear Once contract has been signed and schedule has been set it is now time for you to prepare for the shoot Inspect your cameras lenses and accessories and make sure they are working properly Also be sure that all newborn props to be used during the photo shoot are all dry cleaned and ready for use Among the necessary camera accessories and newborn props to bring are the following Tripod Lenses Extra Memory Cards Extra Batteries Comfortable Blanket Bean bag Baskets or Crates Stuffed Animals Hats and Headbands Hammock Help the parents prepare their newborn To make your photo shoot become successful the parents must make sure that the baby is in a deep sleep all throughout the photo shoot Advise the parents to keep the baby awake a few hours before the shoot They also need to ensure that the baby is well fed before schedule so the newborn will be in great mood and in deep sleep Ready yourself to be patient There are instances when the baby suddenly wakes up or becomes irritable thus making the session take longer to finish Be prepared for it and ready yourself by being patient at all times If the newborn won t sleep do not fret because you can still take some shots while the mom or dad is holding the child Prepare safety measures The safety of the newborn should not be taken for granted You need to ensure that the baby

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