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  • Calypso pear diamond ring
    around Symonds Yat in Herefordshire Have a look at a satellite image on Google Maps to see what I mean It s an area popular with kayakers and the marquise diamond represents a kayak on the river I ve been asked to make various variations on this ring and you can see a few of them here If you like the design but can t afford gold and diamonds then you could take a look at the Silver Calypso The main stone is a 75pt pear 3 4ct and with such a large stone the price of the stone is going to dominate the price of the ring and so I ve given a guide for two different qualities of diamond The marquise is a 10pt stone and I will match it to the main diamond You can either buy now using the cart or you can contact me to discuss the quality price balance that you need to strike and I can see what s available to meet your needs For general information on diamonds please visit my Diamonds page Buy it Calypso Pear and marquise diamond set gold ring G H si1 2 980 D vvs2 3 580

    Original URL path: http://www.dd2.co.uk/Church_House_Jewellery/gold_ring_calypso.html (2016-05-01)
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  • Silver & gold slice diamond jewellery collection
    of each piece Choker 345 Earrings 90 Pendants 85 Light bangle 245 Heavy bangle 275 Ring 85 Buy them You can either visit the individual pages to purchase them or select them below if you want to buy more than one piece Choker Earrings Square pendant Tri pendant Round pendant Heavy bangle Light bangle Ring Ring size Browse our modern Jewellery Rings Gold rings Earrings Bracelets Bangles Necklaces Cufflinks Keyrings

    Original URL path: http://www.dd2.co.uk/Church_House_Jewellery/slice.html (2016-05-01)
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  • Titan & Hyperion ring set
    gold colours to add interest Titan has a large square stone set in white gold on a yellow gold shank with a small square one at the other end Hyperion has a large round stone set in yellow gold on a white gold shank with a small square stone at the other end Are you keeping up You can buy one as an engagement ring and then come back for the other as a wedding ring In this case I tend to bring the small stone into line with the large one to make it look a bit more balanced It can then be refitted to the other ring when the time comes The large stones are approximately 6pt but I do a larger version of this ring set if you want a bit more sparkle on your finger Click here to see a animated 3D model of these rings so that you can see how they can fit together As with anything that you buy from my site if you don t like it then you can return it for a full refund Buy it Titan Hyperion For each ring 9ct 380 18ct 460 Titan Gold 9ct 18ct Ring

    Original URL path: http://www.dd2.co.uk/Church_House_Jewellery/gold_ring_hyperion.html (2016-05-01)
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  • Monster daisy pendant in silver and gold.
    it The pendant is 50mm across and has a 9ct gold domed centre I supply it on a neckwire which supports the weight and keeps it high on the neck If you d prefer a chain then please let me know See the rest of my Daisy jewellery on the Daisy Collection page As with everything on my site if you don t like it you can return it for

    Original URL path: http://www.dd2.co.uk/rogues-gallery/large-daisy-pendant.htm (2016-05-01)
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  • Silver 'Gold Window' cufflinks
    version of the fronts These are my prestige cufflinks and one of my own favourite designs They have a good solid feel to them and the 18ct gold adds a rich tone The square one tends to be the most popular and there are smaller ladies versions of all three As with everything on my site if you don t like it you can return it for a full refund

    Original URL path: http://www.dd2.co.uk/Church_House_Jewellery/cufflinks_18.html (2016-05-01)
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  • Company information - Jeremy Heber Jewellery
    designer extraordinary arrogance This is just one among the many reasons that I no longer employ My aim is to design jewellery that is distinctive and yet classic enough to be worn by most people on most occasions I try to restrict the size of the range to those designs that I feel really work rather than churning out hundreds of bland ordinary pieces that would sell well but simply blend into all the other unexciting jewellery on the market I want the pieces that I sell to be treasured by those who own them to be beautiful as objects in themselves and to enhance the way a person feels about themselves when wearing them Many of the pieces that I design deliberately stretch the capabilities of the materials and the skill of manufacture in order that they remain exclusive and difficult to copy It s also because I have a perverse drive to attempt the impossible which has led me into all sorts of difficulties over the years Quality The final finishing process involves a fine polish called rouge When I employed Thursday was rouging day where I would finish all the work made for me by my hapless slaves during the week We all hated it me because I had to spend a whole day polishing and the slaves because I threw so much of it back at them to be sorted out or improved These days I m making each piece myself and following it right through every process This means that I can monitor the quality the whole way through to the point that it goes into the box for dispatch If anything does slip through and if you find any faults or flaws in the work or the materials I will set it right in

    Original URL path: http://www.dd2.co.uk/Church_House_Jewellery/company.html (2016-05-01)
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  • Contact Jeremy Heber Jewellery
    using the details above or if you prefer use the form below Only the email is a required field so you don t have to part with your address or phone number I won t pass on any information you give me or bombard you with emails If you d like a catalogue or ring sizer then please click here EmailMeForm Name Email Subject Message Browse our modern Jewellery Rings

    Original URL path: http://www.dd2.co.uk/rogues-gallery/contact.html (2016-05-01)
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  • Order a catalogue or ring sizer from Jeremy Heber
    the internet to order You can of course order by phone or post instead To go to the download page click here Order the catalogue on a memory stick Use the form below and I ll send one out by first class post and you can keep it in your handbag or load the catalogue onto your computer Order the paper catalogue You can t sit on the sofa and flick through a memory stick so if you d like the printed version then use the form below You can also use this page to order a ring sizer Please check the relevant boxes before submitting the form The current catalogue is the 7th Edition If you have anything other than this then you re not up to date EmailMeForm Name Email Address Street Address Address Line 2 City State Province Region Postal Zip Code Antigua and Barbuda Aruba Bahamas Barbados Belize Canada Cook Islands Costa Rica Cuba Dominica Dominican Republic El Salvador Grenada Guatemala Haiti Honduras Jamaica Mexico Netherlands Antilles Nicaragua Panama Puerto Rico Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Trinidad and Tobago United States Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador Guyana Paraguay Peru Suriname Uruguay Venezuela Albania Andorra Armenia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Faroe Islands Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Malta Moldova Monaco Montenegro Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania San Marino Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Ukraine United Kingdom Vatican City Afghanistan Bahrain Bangladesh Bhutan Brunei Darussalam Myanmar Cambodia China East Timor Hong Kong India Indonesia Iran Iraq Israel Japan Jordan Kazakhstan North Korea South Korea Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Lebanon Malaysia Maldives Mongolia Nepal Oman Pakistan Palestine Philippines Qatar Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore

    Original URL path: http://www.dd2.co.uk/rogues-gallery/catalogue.html (2016-05-01)
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