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  • Delivery and Packaging
    re in the UK If you want to make sure that I can get the jewellery to you in time then then call me on 01275 390357 or email me and I ll let you know when you can have it If you need it for a birthday or a special event then please tell me in the Special Requests box of the shopping cart when you order and if for some reason I can t meet the deadline I will let you know straight away Outside the UK If you are outside the UK then I will still ship within a couple of days but apart from the Insured service to the USA I can t guarantee delivery times so bear this in mind when ordering and leave a little extra time if you can Click here for full details on shipping zones and rates Packaging When I was in Winchester my workshop was next to a Cardboard Engineering firm and with them I developed a range of stylish boxes in matt laminated cardboard with little triangular nickle silver triggers which lock the draw into the box The ring box is based on a cute prism shaped matchbox that I found in a hotel in Hampshire The ring is slipped onto a rolled up satin foam pad within the box They seem to go down well with my clients although apparently they are a nightmare to gift wrap Returns What if I don t like it You can return anything for any reason as long as it s within 31 days and it s sent back in it s original condition Each piece is sent out with a guarantee and returns form with all the details of how to return it What if it doesn t fit All rings

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  • Shipping charges
    select your country and service in the shopping cart and your jewellery will turn up in a stylish gift box usually within a few days Wherever possible I ship via an insured service Within the U K I use Royal Mail s Special Delivery or DX Secure couriers The prices however have been going up year on year and so I ve now introduced a Royal Mail 1st Class service 1st Class is not insured but I ve found it to be very relable so the risk is minimal If it doesn t make it however I can t replace your jewellery free of charge It s never happened yet To North America I can provide an insured service via a carrier but this is far from cheap so I bear some of the cost myself as a concession to the customer If you would like to use this service even if you do not live in North America then please place your order as normal but contact me to arrange the delivery and I will charge your card for the extra cost These prices are for up to 3 items Over that the costs increase slightly If you have

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  • Commissioning a piece of bespoke jewellery
    claws have the advantage of obscuring less of the stone than flush or rubover settings Rubover settings comprise a solid rim of metal that is forced over the stone to retain it A rubover gives a hard outline and a more contemporary look and this is often favoured in modern jewellery Flush settings sometimes called gypsy settings have the stone actually buried into the surface of the metal and are often used on wedding bands in order to create a smooth ring with the stones protected Metals I can work in any of the precious and semi precious metal and you should consider them all for their different qualities and costs I ve had clients come to me for a platinum wedding band and walk away with a silver one and 900 extra to spend on the honeymoon As it s such a huge subject I ve devoted another page to it so please go to my Metals and Carats page for more information Stones Please read my Diamonds page for an introduction to these marvellous stones If you prefer to use coloured stones or to mix the two then the options are virtually endless Traditionally sapphires rubies and emeralds have been classed as precious stones and all the others as semi precious Generally it would be the precious group that would be set with diamonds but there is no need to restrict yourself to those three when there are so many interesting and vibrant colours available You might want to visit my Gem stones page to learn more about the various coloured stones that I set The list there isn t exhaustive and basically if you can give me a colour I can find you a stone As with diamonds you will find that the price varies hugely depending on quality and that bigger stones are cut from better material making them even more expensive For both diamonds and coloured stones you will probably want to find a balance between quality and price so that you are not paying a great deal more for a virtually indiscernible difference Time Obviously if you can find what you re looking for in a shop or on the web you can get it immediately Commissioning a piece of bespoke jewellery is going to take a little longer but possibly not as long as you think Simple wedding bands I can do in a few days but more complicated pieces are going to take a minimum of three weeks from the time that the design is finalised to the date of completion This gives me a week to source the materials a week to make the piece and a week to get it hallmarked Some designs will take longer and involve more processes such as making moulds and masters for casting Also of course at busy times of year such as the run up to Christmas I have a great deal of work on and everything takes a little longer Having said that

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  • Diamond infromation. Grading, colour, cut, clarity and carat
    need to be aware that because of the relationship between volume and diameter a stone that weighs twice as much as another one will not look twice as big Have a look at the table below and you ll see that you have to add nearly 70pts to go from 3mm 10pt to 6mm 78pt or to put it another way to double the size you have to multiply the weight by eight Ouch Colour Colour I would say is perhaps the most important factor that bears upon the appearance of a stone Diamonds can be anything from a brilliant hard white to pitch black with every shade of colour in between The colour is graded by letter with the very best stones in the D F range passing to yellow stones at the other end of the alphabet Anything beyond Z is considered a Fancy colour You can read more about these here Cut The shape of a stone is critical to how the stone performs Diamond is an amazing material as not only is it the hardest material known to man but it also has a very high refractive index This means that light coming into the stone is bent to a degree that makes it possible to bounce it around and send it back out of the top of the stone rather than just zipping straight through as it would with a piece of glass To achieve this though the shape or make of the stone must be just right in order to direct the maximum amount of light back out through the crown of the stone The term used to describe the amount of light that makes it back to the eye is Brilliance If a stone is cut too shallow or too deep then light is lost through the bottom or pavilion of the stone and the brilliance is diminished You can read more about the different cuts and shapes of diamonds on my Moonrise page Clarity Natural stones contain small imperfections called inclusions These are either little bits of carbons that contaminated the diamond crystal as it formed or small tears and fissures in the crystal lattice They show up as anything from large dark or white blobs to tiny specks that can only be seen under high magnification How big but also where the inclusions are dictate the value and appearance of a stone If they fall within the table facet the large flat surface on the top of the stone then they mar the appearance much more than if they are lost in the facets around the edge or girdle of the stone where there is so much dancing light that they are hidden You should think of clarity in two ways There are basically good clean stones that have small inclusions in them and then there are stones that have a haze of tiny inclusions that cannot be seen with the naked eye but which reduce the performance of the stone

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  • Coloured Gemstones
    are clear at the base and slowly graduate to a purple colour that intensifies near the top of the crystal or else they are clear on the inside and the colour deepens towards the outer edge This shows that the impurities came into play late in the crystal s formation and only contributed to the colour as the mineral cooled the base of the crystal forms first and the crystal grows narrowing to a point as the material building the crystal is depleted The fact that the colour is due to impurities and is affected by the cycle of cooling means that a consistent deep colour is rare and prized within gem stones As the colour is often graduated finding a large volume with a consistently rich hue tends to be very rare This is why the price of coloured stones rises exponentially with size and why the richest colours command the highest prices Ruby for instance comes in all shades of red from almost black to a washy pink colour The premium colour for a ruby however is known as pigeon blood red and as its name implies it s a deep rich red colour that retains the clarity and lustre of a liquid Clarity Naturally formed stones often have inclusions or flaws These are either small pockets of other minerals that get caught in the crystal as it cools or else cracks and fissures in the material Some stones are much more prone to inclusions than others and emeralds in particular suffer from these impurities which are sometimes called jardin from the French for garden Why I don t know These flaws are generally accepted in emeralds and stones with high clarity are very rare and can cost more than a diamond of equivalent size You may well find inclusions in other stones and if you do so you have to take a view on whether it mars the appearance sufficiently to reject the stone in favour of another one The thing to watch out for is a stone that should be clear but appears dull or hazed indicating that the material is of generally poor quality A small black spec at the margin of a deep blue sapphire on the other hand isn t going to materially effect the performance of the stone One other thing to be aware of is that stones are often oiled in the lapidary trade This involves applying an oil of similar refractive index to that of the stone which is drawn into the fissures in order to fill and hide them It s common practice and so long as the oils used are not coloured it is accepted within the trade but you might want to ask whether the stone you are buying has been oiled especially if it is an emerald as if you were to have a jeweller work with the stone he or she would need to know about it So this is all very interesting but how

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  • Conflict diamonds and Mining
    be able to sustain any peace of mind if I felt that the materials I was using had helped to bring death and misery to others and I would not want to pass that responsibility on to my friends and clients I hope therefore that you will have confidence that when you buy a piece of my jewellery you are buying something that is truly precious and not tainted There is a wider issue however The way that we view diamonds as a priceless gift of love is a relatively recent thing Furthermore it s not even our own idea but was given to us early in the last century by well the people who sell diamonds actually You can get the whole story from a famous piece first published in The Atlantic by Edward Epstein If you re thinking of sinking your money into a large diamond then I d urge you to read these pages and think again and think for yourself rather than thinking what De Beers want you to think Mining Many people are now aware of the conflict diamonds issue partly due to Leonardo DeCaprio s fine work However there are other ethical issues that have a bearing on the jewellery trade and these include the environmental impact of mining and processing precious metals Mining is inherently destructive In many parts of the world gold is mined by small companies and prospecting individuals who have scant regard for the environmental damage that they may be causing As an example many parts of the Amazon river banks are blasted away to liberate the gold deposits that can be found in it s sediments The gold is then separated by amalgamating it with mercury some of which inevitably finds its way back into the river and so into the food chain Studies have found that small scale miners are less efficient with their use of mercury than industrial miners releasing an estimated 2 91 pounds 1 32 kg of mercury into waterways for every 2 2 pounds 1 kg of gold produced Other toxic compounds are used and generated in the mining process as well Mining exposes previously buried metal sulfides to atmospheric oxygen causing their conversion to strong sulfuric acid and metal oxides which run off into local waterways Oxides tend to be more soluble in water and contaminate local rivers with heavy metals Cyanide a highly toxic compound is also often used to separate gold from sediment and rock While cyanide is supposed to be carefully monitored to prevent its escape into the surround environment spills do occur especially when there s no one around to enforce mining regulations The effects of poisoning can be widespread especially when a waste holding pool overflows or breaks as it did in Guyana in August 1995 Child labour In addition to the environmental damage that large scale mining causes there is also a price to pay on an humanitarian level A good proportion of the gold that comes

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  • jeremy Heber Jewellery shops
    all the advantages that provides for both of us Over recent years I ve stopped taking on new accounts and so the list below has dwindled as shops have gone out of business or changed to different lines The few that are left will carry a selection of my designs but if you do want to see the whole range then you ll either have to visit me or order my free catalogue South Central Occassions Jewellery 64 High Street Alton Hampshire GU34 1ET 01420 87678 South East Top The Workshop 164 High Street Lewes Sussex BN7 1XU 01273 474207 Around London Top Kaanaanmaa 22 Denmark Street Wokingham Berks RG40 2BB http www kaanaanmaa co uk Cambridgeshire Primavera 10 Kings Parade Cambridge CB2 1SJ 01223 357708 http www primaverauk com Midlands Rock Lobster Jewellery 21 Reindeer Court Mealcheapen street Worcester WR1 2DS 01905 729022 www rocklobsterjewellery co uk The Jewellery Workshop 27 Wood Street Stratford Upon Avon WARKS CV37 6JF http www thejewelleryworkshop com The North Argent 16 Thorntons Arcade Leeds LS1 6LQ 01132 470085 Scotland The Herbary 57 Ayr Street Troon Ayrshire KA10 6EB 01292 313489 http www theherbarytroon co uk Rock Candy Gallery 111 Rose Street Edinburgh EH2

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  • Links: Jeremy Heber Jewellery
    linens tablecloths napkins and placemats exotic wood jewelry and wood pens perfumes bottles and Raku pottery Amberdream com A comprehesive amber jewellery web site with some unusual designs Treat Her Womens Gifts and Romantic Women gifts Treat her offers Gifts for women and Romantic Gifts for Women There s a range of gifts and also other unusual stuff to treat her with Fancy tandem skydiving for instance Elizabeth Plumb Jewellery A selection of beautiful and unusual jewellery in a variety of styles and materials Ka gold jewelry Spiritual jewelry by the known artist David Weitzman Flower of life Seed of life Gordian knot and other great designs For Her From You Description We aim to provide gifts for all ladies wives girlfriends sisters mothers or colleagues It is our wish to offer you a gift solution that will be really appreciated and cherished From charm beads to pocket gardens For Her From You has something for everyone Diamond stud earrings Diamond stud earrings from Modern Design Modern Design is a manufacturer and wholesaler of diamond jewelry They have been in business since 1978 and are a proud member of The Jewelers Board of Trade They have wholesaled their fine line

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