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  • Site map for Jeremy Heber Jewellery
    Collections New Designs Special Offers ROGUES GALLERY Rings Earrings Bangles Bracelets Cufflinks Necklaces Brooches The Information Company Contact Catalogue Shipping Delivery Commissions Diamonds Diamond Cuts Diamond Enhancement Gem Stones Metals Carats Reviews endorsements Ethics ecology Weddings Wedding rings Ring Sections Ring sizes Silver and gold jewellery Jeremy Heber Biography Jewellery as Art Jewellery with substance Quality Fiddling Amethyst Garnet Topaz Tourmaline Citrine Peridot Iolite Browse our modern Jewellery Rings Gold

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  • Gold strands ring
    look great on their own Detail They are very thin sitting close to the finger and vary from 0 75mm to just under 2 0mm wide If you wear all five then they come to just over 6mm but they look great in smaller groups as well Ring size P Can they be sized Yes As with everything on my site if you don t like it then you can

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  • Silver and gold jewellery
    then I ve never looked back That incident opened up a whole new range of possibilities and marks a turning point for my business I continued to use gold beads where ever possible This is because when highly polished silver and 9ct gold are quite close in hue and you lose the contrast between the metals because there is so much light bouncing off the surfaces By using gold beads you introduce a junction between the silver and gold and this helps to make the contrast more evident Today the mix of silver and gold forms the core of my range and you ll notice that gold beads still feature very heavily The rings above continue to be popular but the Interlink range perhaps shows the best example of how a very simple design becomes something special with the addition of a little gold Not just me Time was when you would never mix different colours in jewellery I still run across people who were told by their mothers that you should never mix silver and gold Mothers indisputably are wonderful things but the world turns and fashion moves on Not just jewellery but watch straps handbag straps and just about any accessory these days can be mixed metals and it makes for a much more interesting look Other golds I have experimented with using 18ct gold in some designs over recent years such as the pearl drop necklace shown below 18ct gold is a deeper yellow an so gives a better contrast with the silver see my metals and Carats page for more information on the different kinds of gold but the ludicrous rise in the cost of precious metals over the past few years means that the extra cost largely outweighs the benefit of a slightly deeper colour

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  • Plain silver rings
    curved on the inside to make it a little more comfortable 3mm 35 4mm 37 5mm 39 6mm 44 8mm 49 Silver Court Ring Size Width 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm Rectangular I tend to make these a little shallower as the ring size increases in order to keep it comfortable to wear 3mm 35 4mm 37 5mm 39 6mm 44 8mm 49 Silver Rectangular Ring Size Width 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm Shallow Reversed D Somethings called a comfort fit this one is curved on the inside and flat on the top For very small sizes you might want to go for the true D section in order that the ring not be too flimsy 6mm 40 8mm 49 10mm 54 Silver Shallow Reversed D Ring Size Width 6mm 8mm 10mm True Reversed D This one has a section that is half a circle so if the ring is 5mm wide it will be 2 5mm deep Especially for larger sizes and widths this can get a bit uncomfortable so I d suggest you don t go above 4mm for a ladies ring or 6mm for a gent s unless you really like chuncky jewellery that is 4mm 30 5mm 39 6mm 45 Silver True Reversed D Ring Size Width 4mm 5mm 6mm Deep Reversed D Available in 3 0 or 3 5mm width anything bigger is going to hurt 3mm 35 3 5mm 37 Silver Deep Reversed D Ring Size Width 3mm 3 5mm Round Sometimes called halo rings these ones are a little bulky to wear if you go above 3 5mm Only try a 4mm if it s a size over R and you like chunky rings 3mm 35 3 5mm 39 4mm 48 Silver Round Ring Size Width 3mm 3 5mm 4mm Oval These are

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  • Two part worry ring in silver and gold by Jeremy Heber
    roof or in the launderette I ve written about jewellery as art on another page Personally I think it should also be something to fiddle with There are many occasions where you might find an urgent need to fiddle waiting in a cafe for a friend to turn up in the laundrette waiting for the spin cycle to finish when really there s not time to start another article in Hello waiting for the kids to emerge form the school gate The list goes on Salvation is at hand This ring like many other pieces in my range is designed to be fiddled with The beads intermesh like gears and can be rotated around each other Get bored with that and you can spin them like coins or lay them down and try and flick sweeteners into them from across the table The possibilities are endless Many of my rings can be put together in different ways take a look at the Interlock ring and many of my necklaces and bracelets break down into individual links so that you can add or subtract them to make different lengths Other than the obvious benefit of having a bracelet that will keep

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  • Gold, silver, palladium and platinum
    not notice the change in colour I would generally choose not to use rhodium where it will wear off although I will if this is what you want so you need to choose your white golds with care and an eye to the long term If you want to combine yellow and white then 18ct golds give the best contrast and you should consider platinum or palladium if you want a better white metal You can also consider red or rose gold very popular with the Victorians and even green gold To be fair green gold is not that green but if you put it next to yellow gold then you can see a difference Platinum Platinum is really expensive and really dense It s approximately twice as dense as 9ct gold and about 3 times more expensive Therefore a ring that would cost 100 in 9ct gold is going to cost nearer 600 in platinum It is harder and whiter than white gold and so you are getting something extra for your money but you need to be aware that working in platinum is a whole other thing financially and you might want to spend the money on a bigger or better stone or something else entirely These days largely due to the extraordinary rises in precious metal prices I m tending to suggest that my clients consider palladium as a good alternative to platinum Palladium Palladium is one of the platinum group of metals and comes just above it it the Periodic Table It s very similar visually but is much less dense and much less expensive It s been used in jewellery for centuries and was popular in Victorian times and it s experiencing something of a renaissance at the moment It went something like this There has been a trend recently for diamonds set in white metals and so 18ct gold and platinum became popular choices for engagement and eternity rings Then having been stable for decades the price of those metals went bananas in the last few years and soared out of some people s price range The platinum ring that was 600 was suddenly 1 300 and so palladium became a much more attractive option At the time of writing palladium is about half the price of platinum and being about half as dense works out to be much cheaper by volume Other than the fact that it feels lighter you ll not tell it apart from platinum and as of 2009 when the Assay Offices introduced a new palladium hallmark it s a bona fide precious metal once again Silver Silver has always been much more common than gold and so is a fraction of the price It s considered a semi precious rather than a precious metal but you shouldn t dismiss it as a material for a special piece of jewellery Because it is softer than the precious metals it s not really suitable for claw set engagement rings that will

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  • Silver and gold heart designs by Jeremy Heber Jewellery
    something costly and of worth but something cheap enough to be worn everyday like costume jewellery In those days the earrings were so light that you would fear for your earlobes on a breezy day Much of the jewellery was hollow and made of very thin sheet so that although it looked bulky it actually contained very little gold I would not wish to pass judgment on this approach to jewellery as it has it s merits suffice it to say that s not what I m about Jewellery has had another aspect throughout history that of treasure People have invested their money in jewellery for the joy of having something precious about them Jewels have in past times been used as currency and people chose to set them in jewellery as a convenient way of keeping them together at the same time as displaying their beauty in a way that enhanced the appearance of the wearer Of course it was also a good way of displaying your wealth and superiority the equivalent now a days of Rolex or an expensive car The jewellery I produce is made to be something precious and valued It doesn t come out of a factory in the Far East and each ring earring or necklace spends a good deal of time being worked scrutinized and reworked in order to produce a piece that is of the highest quality and finish that I can achieve With this investment of time and effort it makes sense use proper quality and quantities of material as well so I try to build designs that are weighty and solid and feel great to handle as well as looking great in wear Clearly there are some constraints With earrings for instance most women would like their earlobes to be

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  • Jeremy Heber. Who is this man?
    a man who has too much to do and not enough time in which to do it In his poem The Waste Land T S Elliot refers to The broken fingernails of dirty hands That pretty much sums up jewellery making Clearly I enjoy what I do or I would not have stuck with it for 25 years I actually quite like the challenge of handling all the different aspects of the business and learning new skills Therefore if everything looks a little home made it s probably because I made it at home I do the web site photography catalogues advertising copy and accounts for the business This is partly because I enjoy the variety of all those different aspects and partly due to the poverty of my earlier years when there was no money to pay someone else who actually knew what they were doing Having studied English Literature at University I have no formal training in jewellery making but took it up as a temporary means of earning a living I was going to give it a couple of years and then go and do other stuff and use the revenue from making jewellery to sustain me

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