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  • How people have found my Derby website in search engines
    map england repton melbourne austrailia lynch wedding map directing to darley park in derbyshire Directions from where exactly married in midland hotel derby mystery photo of june mathews bb in canada norton antivirus 2002 download nottingham castle wedding reception nightclub website and halloween photos So thats ANY nightclub what and Halloween as well pic boy called edward thumbnails pictures of the noahs ark taken recently in a museum I have no idea what you are looking for here photographs thumbnails free black white industrial revolution england photographs england sheep photographs of old factory photos of chimneys of england photo of places bath pictures of royal balls photographs of footpath photo of you A photo of me or you or do you mean mr Google paintings of being hung drawn and quartered photographs of most beautiful wifes pictures of past parties people pass out photo decorated donkey high resolution pub indian derby road melbourne sunday photo viewing photo of man getting kicked in balls pittsburgh photographs guestbook 2002 pagan danish photographs of boy angels photo of sheep in england photo 1983 or 1984 or 1985 So as long as the photo was taken in one of those years your not bothered what the photo subject matter is property for sale in littleover derby photos of decorated christmas trees pictures of ghosts in queen mary A ghost IN Queen Mary photos and description of wood reason for creating website room decorated like a castle road and angel and camera st helens uk river forcast for river trent read ontario lindsay rd haunted house spiders of albert lea photos school photo pussy cat sydney panoramic print show me flashing Do you want to know what flashing is or a photo of yourself flashing squirting collar smoke bombs to buy in england show me the landranger grid society of derby britain this is derby IT sure is but I guess you must be after thisisderbyshire Derby Telegraph website to find the ip address who r visiting my website toy production manufacture manchester factory manchester or toy or manufacturers or factory or production toy manufacturers in manchester Far too many words used here the type of heritage site the golden pavillion is trees high resolution uk photo tree bark photographs the white swan england I think you will need to be a bit more specific as there must be thousands used book on jean tijou work on hampton court uk top down round a bout pictures uk supermarket photographs uk round a bout pictures u k dead people family whatton uk road photos very high resolution colour pictures aerial photo visit levis factory wednesday Any particular Levis factory in the world and which wednesday victorian death pictures actual photographs who was st mathews why is 800 x 600 too narrow for my screen windows 98 I don t know why is 800 x 600 www calke abbey co uk Almost a website address on its own wooden pivot window sections what about the description of

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  • www.derbyphotos.co.uk - Web Statistics for this site in 2003
    Server Page 46710 CLASS program Java class 34937 PHP document PHP Script Page 27097 TXT document Text file 23928 Most Popular Hours time period hits 3 00pm to 4 00pm 354607 1 00pm to 2 00pm 351070 2 00pm to 3 00pm 340063 12 00pm to 1 00pm 336649 4 00pm to 5 00pm 327377 8 00pm to 9 00pm 323816 9 00pm to 10 00pm 318039 6 00pm to 7 00pm 306548 7 00pm to 8 00pm 296979 5 00pm to 6 00pm 293910 11 00am to 12 00am 284765 10 00pm to 11 00pm 277813 10 00am to 11 00am 261080 11 00pm to 12 00pm 207476 9 00am to 10 00am 204742 12 00am to 1 00am 152407 8 00am to 9 00am 127522 1 00am to 2 00am 116738 2 00am to 3 00am 102839 3 00am to 4 00am 96025 7 00am to 8 00am 91408 4 00am to 5 00am 87414 5 00am to 6 00am 84062 6 00am to 7 00am 81998 Most Popular Days of the Week Most Popular Months Tuesday 851722 Monday 851074 Wednesday 846829 Thursday 794597 Friday 783003 Sunday 717907 Saturday 580215 Weekend 23 9 Weekdays 76 1 May 2003 537433 October 2003 483863 July 2003 473426 March 2003 470144 June 2003 466268 January 2003 454162 November 2003 450770 December 2003 432906 April 2003 428411 September 2003 424700 February 2003 416875 August 2003 386389 Most Popular Web Browsers client browser type hits Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 0 3 251 600 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 5 804 704 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 0 413 084 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 01 364 078 Netscape 5 0 74 676 Googlebot 2 1 70 347 Microsoft Internet Explorer 60491 Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 01 29911 Netscape 4 0 29885 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 22 14512 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 16 13233 Netscape 4 7 6282 Netscape 4 78 6212 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 21 6197 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 14 5962 Netscape 3 0 5948 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 13 5845 Netscape 4 75 5693 Netscape 4 79 5640 Netscape 4 72 4126 Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 0b 3683 Microsoft Internet Explorer Jeeves Teoma 3270 Netscape 4 73 3200 UbiCrawler v0 3beta 3195 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 15 3162 Microsoft Internet Explorer ANTFresco 2 17 3149 Microsoft Internet Explorer 3 0x 3141 Netscape 4 76 2798 Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 0 2790 Netscape 4 77 2747 Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 5 2715 Netscape 4 08 2366 Netscape 4 5 2357 Microsoft Internet Explorer 3 0 2271 Netscape 4 6 2036 Netscape 4 8 1943 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 17 1932 Netscape 4 77C CCK MCD 1673 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 12 1469 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 23 1469 Microsoft Internet Explorer i686 Linux 1448 Netscape 4 61 1418 Microsoft Internet Explorer 3 01 1264 Microsoft Internet Explorer Linux 958 FAST WebCrawler 3 7 FirstPage 947 FAST WebCrawler 3 8 942 Microsoft Internet Explorer Win32 892 Netscape 4 51 756 Netscape 4 74 697 Most

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  • The www.derbyphotos.co.uk website - The reason for creating it - When, How and Why
    of fun clicking through your site and brought back many fond memories It appears that Derby has remained a very special place You web site is excellent and caused me to spend almost an hour away from my work I ll be back Pete Peters e mail was the catalyst for creating this website I had just got a new digital camera and was becoming quite skilled at creating web pages so I suddenly realised that I had all that I needed to create a dedicated Derby section on my website There were a few Derby specific websites on the internet but they all seemed either very out of date run by companies or featured very small badly taken photographs I kicked off the site by taking photographs from the top of Derby cathedral and then started taking pictures of famous Derby buildings I found after a few weeks of adding photos that I was running out of web space on my free web space domain so I decided to buy my own domain I bought www absolutelyandy com on 12th June 2001 and created a Derby section on it This new website had 100mb of web space so I thought this would never fill up By the way the reason for the domain name is due to me liking a certain Scottish comedy sketch show called Absolutely for which there is a dedicated page on my website After weeks of taking photographs and putting them on my site I thought it would be nice to also put a bit of history on there too This was when things really started to take off At school I did not enjoy History at all I found it boring but since creating this website I have discovered that it is very enjoyable You don t have to rely on books either Everyone has a bit of info for you if you ask about Another major point was reached around the beginning of July 2001 when my Derby section became listed in google From this point I started to get e mails from people around the world who used to live in Derby that had found my site and fell in love with it Over the months I kept adding new areas of Derby and Derbyshire By May 2002 my Derby section had grown so much that it had 870 photographs on it It was getting very popular with visitors and I decided that it was time to buy a dedicated domain name just for the Derby section So on 15th May 2002 I launched www derbyphotos co uk I moved the entire Derby section from my www absolutelyandy com website to this new domain I placed auto redirects on all the pages on www absolutelyandy com so that anyone visiting from old search engine matches would arrive at the new site Because this new website was completely dedicated to Derby and Derbyshire I was able to take it a lot further by

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  • How to link to www.derbyphotos.co.uk - Simple steps to follow for web designers
    Save the graphic banner or button of your choice to your hard drive and upload it to your site server in a location of your choice Please DO NOT simply link to the graphic on my server that uses up my bandwidth To save the graphic you want click on it with the RIGHT mouse button and choose Save picture as or Save photo If you need help with the

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  • www.derbyphotos.co.uk - Reference information, Mapping, Books, sites...
    local history and photographs of the local area Below are details of my collection Please note that I do not sell books Try Waterstones or Amazon for books that are still in print or books on ebay for out of print books Amazon co uk Widgets S ome Books used for reference by me during the creation of this site were The Winter s collection of Derby Volume two ISBN 1 85983 055 2 The old parish churches of Derby by Mike Salter ISBN 1 871731 33 X The story of Normanton by Normanton by Derby local history group ISBN 1 873626 56 8 The illustrated history of Derby s pubs by Maxwell Craven ISBN 1 85983 330 6 Derby An illustrated history by Maxwell Craven ISBN 907969 33X Bygone Derby by Maxwell Craven ISBN 0 85033 705 4 A century of Derby by Maxwell Craven ISBN 0 7509 2654 6 Derby our City by Nicola Rippon ISBN 1 85983 245 8 Around Matlock Bath by David A Barton ISBN 1 84015 076 9 Derbyshire Detail Character by Barry Joyce Gordeon Michell Mike Williams ISBN 0 7509 0919 6 The Cromford Guide by Freda Bayles Janet Eder ISBN 0907 758 76 2 Derby The crossroads of history by richard Felix Keene s Derby edited by Maxwell Craven ISBN 1 873626 60 6 The illustrated history of Derby s suburbs by Maxwell Craven ISBN 1 85983 031 5 Around Derby The old photographs series by Alan Champion Mark Edworthy ISBN 0 7524 0020 7 Around Derby Images of England by Alan Champion Mark Edworthy ISBN 0 7524 3014 9 Around Derby Photographic memories by Clive Hardy Francis Frith ISBN 1 85937 046 2 AA book of 50 Walks in Derbyshire by John Gillham ISBN 0 7495 2871 0 Derby our century by the people that lived it by Emma Atkin ISBN 1 85983 168 0 The Story of Transport in Derby by Barry Edwards ISBN 1 873626 57 6 Derbyshire of one hundred years ago by David Buxton ISBN 1 84015 086 6 Yesterday s Derby and its districts by F W Scarrat ISBN 1 85983 030 7 Memories of Friar gate Station by Susan Bourne ISBN 1 85983 116 8 Memory Lane Derby by Rod Jewell ISBN 1 85983 119 2 Derbyshire Canals by Mike Smith ISBN 0 946404 56 9 The Derbyshire Country House 1 by Maxwell Craven Michael Stanley ISBN 1 84306 007 8 The Derbyshire Country House 2 by Maxwell Craven Michael Stanley ISBN 1 84306 041 8 Hidden Derby by Derby Evening Telegraph ISBN 1 85983 181 8 Derby History and Guide by Maxwell Craven ISBN 0 7509 0420 8 Yesterday s Town Derby by John Heath Roy Christian ISBN 0 86023 211 5 Frank Rodgers Derbyshire ISBN 1 873626 79 7 Ghosts of Derby by Wayne Anthony Richard Felix ISBN 1 85983 42 0 Belper Looking into the past by Audrey Barrass ISBN 0 9501879 1 7 The Little Eaton Gangway Derby Canal by David

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  • www.derbyphotos.co.uk - Copyright Information on my photographs
    on this site for business purposes please use the Contact me option and supply the relevant details of the material required Pages may be printed out for personal reference provided they are not copied for any form of public distribution without our permission Photographs must NOT be printed out Non profit sites may normally be given permission to use material from this site for free in exchange for a backlink

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  • The Derby Photos Screen Saver - High quality photo screensaver
    95 98 ME NT 2000 and XP All of the images supplied with the screensaver are copyright Andy Savage and must NOT be used for any purpose other than the screensaver they came with The screensaver is supplied free of charge and must NOT be sold It can be freely distributed as long as it remains completely unaltered The setup SCR file have been checked for viruses and are clean Checked using Norton AntiVirus 2002 with virus definitions dated 15th May 2002 Installation Problems If your system is old or does not have the latest VB runtime files then during the install you may get an error message such as file OLEAUT32 DLL is out of date If this occurs click Cancel then click HERE and download and install the file VBRun60 exe Then install the screensaver again This will fix the problem Screensaver Removal instructions To remove the screensaver Goto the Start button on the task bar and select Settings Control Panel then Add Remove Programs then Select Derby Photos Screensaver and click the Add Remove button Click the disk icon above to start the download process DerbyPhotos Standard Edition screensaver Click the disk icon to start the download All Photographs are 1024 x 768 pixels Features 20 different photographs of Derby Derbyshire File Size 3 66Mb With a 56K modem will take approx 11 20 Mins This screensaver is best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024x768 If your resolution is greater then the photos will be stretched to fit It features many great looking Transition Effects including curtains Random blocks Slides Stripes Spiral Circle out Flying Images Multiple Float Zoom and Random Mix Also you can adjust the Display time transition effect speed and order of the show Note additional Photo packs will be available to download

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  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about www.derbyphotos.co.uk
    but it is quite tricky This is why sometimes the second image does not seem to quite line up with things in the first image Then it s a case of cropping rotating and finally resizing so the two images are the same size Once the two images are ready I create a macromedia flash movie which I have designed that allows me to fade between the two images slowly How do you prepare the photographs for the web site I always take the photographs at the maximum resolution of the camera which is 1600 x 1200 pixels This is too large to use on a web page so first I decide if the image needs cropping to remove any unnecessary area Then I reduce the size to 800x600 pixels or smaller if the image is not that interesting to warrant 800x600 Where possible I try and use untouched images for the site but sometimes if the lighting conditions were not very good then I will alter the brightness and curves of an image to get it looking better How have you made the popup information boxes Like a tooltip show when the mouse hovers over the titles map on the main index page This is achieved using a great little javascript program called OverLIB Visit the site for details of how to use it on your pages This allows you to show useful information to the user without taking up valuable space on the page and it works in most browsers How have you created the Derby movie on the main index page This is what is know as a Flash movie I created it using Swish this software allows you to quickly create flash movies without the need to understand Macromedia Flash Why does the right mouse click menu not work I have disabled the mouse right click menu to prevent people from taking my images without asking I am a local photographer who pays for the hosting of this site myself and put a lot of work into this site so it s not very nice when people steal the images Why do you run this website if you do not make any money from it I originally started this site as a small collection of photographs which expanded greatly over time After a while I started to get e mails from people saying how much they enjoyed my photographs so I kept adding more and more So I guess the reason for running a non profit making site is down to the fact that I like the nice comments I get from people from all around the world If I did not get any feedback I probably would not bother running this site I notice the photographs load in very quickly how have you managed to achieve this Most people do not seem to realize that the JPEG image format supports a variable compression factor which can be set from 0 no compression to 100 maximum compression Graphics programs normally default to a compression factor of around 5 10 So if you simply click save then this is the compression factor that will be used If you want a different compression setting then look out in the save dialogue box for an area that allows you to adjust it In Paint Shop Pro there is a options button This gives you access to the compression setting All of the photographs on this site have been compressed at 40 compression This gives very high quality images but also a very small file size which means that the images will download pretty fast even with a 56K modem Why have you not used larger images than 800 x 600 pixels on the website I have designed this site to allow for the most common PC setup There seems little point in using images which are larger than the resolution of your monitor I consider that most users will have the following system A PC with a 500Mhz processor A screen resolution of 1024 x768 pixels at 24bit colour A 56K modem Internet Explorer V5 It s likely that a lot of people will have better systems than this but I have to allow for people that do not have the latest spec systems If you have broadband Internet ADSL Cable etc then this will make viewing my site better If you only have a screen resolution of 640 x 480 then you will not be able appreciate the larger photographs at their best as it will involve a lot of scrolling around How do I find out what MY screen resolution is This is quite easy to find out Click Start button Settings Control Panel Double click on the Display icon This will show your display properties Now click on the Settings tab at the top Your current screen resolution will be in the section called Screen Area This will most likely be 1024 by 768 pixels but could be anything from 640x480 upwards I notice that there is a mistake in the historical information on your site Can I inform you what I think is correct Please do let me know if you think any information is incorrect Also if you have any additional information about and area or a building featured then please let me know via the Feedback page I have found a dead link page not found on your site What should I do Please let me know of any links on the site which do not work I try and test every link but sometimes one will slip though the net There s nothing worse than a dead link so please report them to me using the feedback page Where do you get your historical information from for the website I use a combination of sources these include my own personal knowledge Books Videos the internet Information plaques Guides and leaflets from Tourist information centers Information from people that live in the areas

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