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  • Old Photographs of Derby and Derbyshire by Neil Johnson
    would like to thank him for supplying them to me so we can all share the old memories If you have some old photographs of Derby or the suburbs and would be willing to let me borrow them to scan in and put on this web site then let me know They must be YOUR photographs and NOT copies from books or copyrighted productions All images www derbyphotos co uk If you have any comments for the guest book or questions to ask then click HERE Please wait until all the thumbnail photos have loaded before you click on one Photo descriptions provided by Neil DP OLDNJC021 Smalley C of E church early 80 s DP OLDNJC022 Church at Smalley 80 s DP OLDNJC023 Horsley Woodhouse 80 s DP OLDNJC024 Cromford Station exterior 1980 s DP OLDNJC025 Canal Towpath Whatstandwell DP OLDNJC026 Cromford Canal bathed in wintry sunlight DP OLDNJC027 Derby Five Arches rail bridge in Snow Late 1990 s DP OLDNJC028 Bell Lane Smalley early 1980 s DP OLDNJC029 Buxton Carnival late 1970 s DP OLDNJC030 Monochrome view of building facing Ashbourne market place DP OLDNJC031 to 033 Ashbourne at Yuletide mid 1980 s mid evening and hardly a soul in sight All of the views 034 to 039 were taken at Castle Donington Power Station DP OLDNJC034 Saddle tank steam loco at Castle Donington Power station this venue was one of the last in the UK where steam loco s worked on a daily basis The man standing next to the loco is Jack Clifford who lived on Cole Lane in Ockbrook and was employed by J S Clifford Builder and Contractor of Derby Road Borrowash DP OLDNJC035 Steam at Castle Donington loco no 2 DP OLDNJC036 steam at Castle Donington close up view if saddle tank DP

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  • Old Photographs of Derby and Derbyshire by Neil Johnson
    HERE Please wait until all the thumbnail photos have loaded before you click on one Photo descriptions provided by Neil DP OLDNJC041 Spondon Celanese diesel shunting loco on crossing in early 80 s DP OLDNJC042 Another view of Spondon with shunting taking place This was once a very common sight at Spondon Diesel locos had replaced the well loved steam tank loco s named George Victory and Henry DP OLDNJC043 Derby designed and built APT Advanced Passenger Train killed by the media and politicians this revolutionary train is pictured on trial on the West Coast Main line in Cumbria DP OLDNJC044 Darley Abbey weir 1970 s DP OLDNJC045 Swarkestone bridge with high water present on the Trent late 1970 s DP OLDNJC046 Late 1970 s this already ancient lorry is pictured delivering building sand and gravel to a house in St Johns Drive Cherry Tree Hill East Chaddesden The uknown owner kindly agreed to pose alongside his vehicle Both lorry driver I believe came from Borrowash Draycott area DP OLDNJC047 Mid 1970 s military display on Tennant Street at the rear of Derby Market place DP OLDNJC048 This early 1970 s shot shows the old kiln at West Hallam before conversion into a café and a rather nice building A splendid secondary use and worthy preservation using imagination DP OLDNJC049 View beside St Alkmunds way Derby DP OLDNJC050 St Helen s House Derby bathed in sunlight A truly lovely building 1980 s DP OLDNJC051 The A52 during reconstruction this Chaddesden view is looking towards the then town now city DP OLDNJC052 a large crane pictured near Raynesway Bridge as the new A52 takes shape some decades ago DP OLDNJC053 The shell of the once well known Derby ice factory at the end if Siddals road Returning to Derby early one

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  • Old Photographs of Derby and Derbyshire by Neil Johnson
    Derby or the suburbs and would be willing to let me borrow them to scan in and put on this web site then let me know They must be YOUR photographs and NOT copies from books or copyrighted productions All images www derbyphotos co uk If you have any comments for the guest book or questions to ask then click HERE Please wait until all the thumbnail photos have loaded before you click on one Photo descriptions provided by Neil DP OLDNJC061 Freight train on Denby Branch Washery This former branch line split from the main line before Little Eaton and ran through the village DP OLDNJC 062 Driver Mark Nugent and Rail PRO Neil Johnson Note the high visibility safety clothing Mid 1990 s DP OLDNJC 063 Level Crossing opening Denby branch DP OLDNJC 064 A view along the rails towards Coxbench DP OLDNJC 065 Duplicate DP OLDNJC 066 Dale Abbey Arch 1970 s DP OLDNJC 067 Railway Technical Centre Late 1970 s DP OLDNJC 068 Former Progress Café Farnah Green 80 s DP OLDNJC 069 Hartington Duck Pond in early Autumn 1980 DP OLDNJC 070 Cromford Canal Late 1980 s DP OLDNJC 071 The River Derwent at Springtime looking towards Exeter Place Derby 1990 s DP OLDNJC 072 Late 1970 s shot of Ladybower in north of County DP OLDNJC 073 Vintage vehicles Bass s Rec 90 s DP OLDNJC 074 Former Assembly Rooms Derby being re erected at Crich DP OLDNJC 075 St Mary s Railway Goods Yard prior to demolition 1980 s DP OLDNJC 076 St Mary s Railway buildings former stables before their demise 80 s DP OLDNJC 077 Derby Midland Railway Station rear Late 1970 s DP OLDNJC 078 Maglev at the Rail Tech Centre Derby This pioneering vehicle was the fore runner for

    Original URL path: http://www.derbyphotos.co.uk/oldphotos/njc/index4.htm (2016-02-09)
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  • Old Photographs of Derby - Brian Dominic
    08 an out of service vehicle note no destination showing heading past the end of Midland Road the site of a full double track triangular junction in the overhead DP OLDBDC 09 and a service vehicle making a left out of Midland Road at the same spot DP OLDBDC 10 Down in Alvaston a trolleybus heads back for town DP OLDBDC 11 the Tour bus outside the Blue Peter at Alvaston where there was a trolleybus only section of road separate from the island DP OLDBDC 12 Sometimes on tours we wanted to take a short cut where there wasn t a direct connection in the overhead Fortunately there were enough of us to do this DP OLDBDC 13 230 on the tour I think at Victory Road turning loop DP OLDBDC 14 At The Mitre island there was a complete circuit of wiring so arranged that to make a left turn it was necessary to do one and a quarter circuits of the island with the conductor pulling each of the had pulls on the central pole in turn to operate each frog overhead point in turn DP OLDBDC 15 Coming up Balaclava Road about to make the left onto Ossie Park Road Sinfin trolleybuses would have carried straight on DP OLDBDC 19 A vehicle approaches Normanton Barracks from the opposite direction this image makes more sense here than in the numerical sequence DP OLDBDC 16 I wonder why they ve all stopped DP OLDBDC 17 Aha The overhead line gang have come out for an emergency repair holding up the service Though Derby s overhead was regarded by some as being tatty untidy and bit loose it actually stood up to the day to day rigours of operation fairly well perhaps the flexibility helped to limit the damage Note the motor cycle copper with his old style helmet directing traffic DP OLDBDC 18 Batting down Ossie Park Road near the other end of Nightingale Road DP OLDBDC 20 The driver of 236 retrieves an errant trolley pole whilst his ducky looks on DP OLDBDC 21 View looking down on Friar gate from Friar gate railway bridge DP OLDBDC 22 An unusual view looking down on trolleybus taken from Friar gate railway bridge DP OLDBDC 23 View of Trolley bus under Friar gate railway bridge heading towards town DP OLDBDC 24 The Esso filling station s still there the island too though rather larger than in this picture but the pub s now a McDonald s 242 is bound for town from Morden Green Prince Charles Avenue DP OLDBDC 25 Another town bound trolley in Ashbourne Road DP OLDBDC 26 Prince Charles Avenue was the last extension to the system The 1950 s shops look very well as does the clock DP OLDBDC 27 a trolleybus on the 60 to Shelton Lock outbound on Osmaston Road by the end of Litchurch Lane DP OLDBDC 28 230 on the tour on the Nightingale Road loop specially installed for RR shift

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  • Old Photographs of Derby and Derbyshire - Mick Horobin
    weeks before this loco had been espied leaving Chaddesden sidings with an Birmingham bound train of vans Picture summer 1965 DP OLDMHC 05 Just a few yards from Raynesway bridge and the run in towards Spondon a 1st ten Peak class diesel heads a train of mineral wagons out of Chaddesden sidings This mid 1960 s view has long been consigned to history as the A52 now runs over this very spot and Chaddesden sidings too are sadly no more DP OLDMHC 06 How many older Derbiens remember the Midland Station This 1960 s view will no doubt evoke memories for many DP OLDMHC 07 A class 8F steam loco at Derby on misty 1960 s morning These loco s carried every concievable type of goods imaginable across the rails of Britain Many were Derby built and were allocated to Derby shed Chaddesden sidings were rarely without their presence over a period of three decades One such engine was involved in an horrific crash and loss of life at Chapel en le Frith in the 1950 s The driver John Axon because of his devotion to duty and subsequent loss of life was decorated for his bravery DP OLDMHC 08 These little tank locomotives many which were Derby built stand awaiting their fate in the Chesterfield area in the middle of the decade which was entitled the swinging sixties Stanton Staveley Iron Works had been the location for most of them for the best part of their working lives before finding their way to Barrow Hill Chesterfield and awaiting the death knell DP OLDMHC 09 Barry scrap yard in South Wales was the sad destination of many locomotives from all over the Country By a quirk of fate few that passed through its gates ever met their fate Here a rare Derby built class 7F which spent its life on the Somerset and Dorset line waits the cutters torch which never arrived This locomotive is now thankfully preserved and is a living testimony to the skill of its Derby builders of many decades ago DP OLDMHC 10 A long vanished Derby signal box enveloped in the mist and in the foreground a grubby tank locomotive of a type that could be seen in numerous locations within the County during the 1950 s 60 s Local passenger trains mixed goods shunting and pilot duties they were regularly seen alas no more DP OLDMHC 11 These locomotives Jubilee class were a daily visitor to Derby in the 50 s 60 s in addition to many being allocated to Derby as a home shed They pulled most of the express services to from St Pancras as well as to from Bristol Sheffield and north eastern locations Generations of Derby enginemen worked the 5x s to just about every location going Many carried the names of parts of the Empire whilst others boasted the names of the good and the great This particular loco is at rest near the close of its life to

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  • Old Photographs of Derby - Barry Newcombe
    Henry Fowler The loco in the photo is 45522 PRESTATYN Rebuilt patriots like jubilee and royal scott locomotives had similar stanier taper boilers designed by sir william stanier and were very much alike DP OLDBNC 02 A Loco 43942 On the Five Arches bridge near Derby Railway Station taken around 1960 DP OLDBNC 03 A goods train heading north out of Derby Station The engine is a Black 5 taken

    Original URL path: http://www.derbyphotos.co.uk/oldphotos/bnc/index.htm (2016-02-09)
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  • Old Bemrose School Photographs.
    Knott for confirming that Michael Knowles who played Captain Ashwood in the classic Britcom It ain t half hot mum was in the Sixth Form in 1953 54 and played the lead in the annual Shakespear play To read comments made by people about this page scroll down to below this thumbnail If you were a former pupil then you may also be interested in my modern Bemrose 75th Anniversary photos HERE DP OLDBEMROSE 01 Guestbook Comments about this page Hi Andy Those new photos of Bemroses are very good I wouldnt recognise the place now The Hall is still the same with one exception 1953 54 they had a new organ installed on the Balcony at the back of the Hall which seems to have flown out of the window Mr Eades the music teacher was quite proud of that instrument It sounded a little better than metal drums I dont have any fond memories of Bemroses in fact no memories at all just the odd teacher I do or did have a cousin who went there in the 1940 s John Rose from Alvaston but I have no contact with him He was at Bemrose from 1937 to about 1942 he eventually gained a PhD in Zoology and worked at the London Zoo I found that out from his brother who still lives in Alvaston Fortunately for my parents they only paid one month for my education at Bemrose and I think they were overcharged Alan Rose 02 08 2005 Your site brings history alive The large school picture of Bemrose school 1953 was interesting as that was the year that I graduated from Bemrose and emigrated with my parents to Montreal I found myself in the very back row just to the left of the building the blond kid with the happy smile To my right were John Mole and Micheal Knowles One often wonders what has happened to ones friends over the years That is one of the problems in this modern world where people are so mobile one loses contact with one s roots The new pictures of Bemrose school were particularity interesting I always remembered it as a very good looking building but I wondered if I was looking back with rose coloured glasses but no it is a handsome building The type of classic design that still looks good a hundred years after it was built Something that cannot be said for many of the modern buildings that arose in the sixties All the best Ken Scott Victoria British Columbia Canada 08 08 2005 Hello Andy I am on top row Half hidden aged 15 I left Summer 1954 Question I can recognise one or two classmates but have difficulty finding most I was in the school choir circa 1949 51 and we made a recording at BBC Birmingham for Children s Hour Does anyone else remember this There was a 78 rpm record made Does anyone have a copy Are the following

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  • Old Photographs of Derby and Derbyshire by James Wilson
    could not afford to buy it at the time It was purchased by a man who lived on the hill above the Mill He was not a popular man and considered the Mill spoilt his view over the river Dove Meanwhile Mr Boulton died and Mrs Boulton with her son Rex had to leave the Mill Rex had a bungalow built in the corner of the strip of land known as The Bank which he owned This Bank ran between the Mill and the now owner s house on the hill The owner of the Mill wanted to turn it into a tourist attraction but the council would not give him permission for this as I said he was not a popular man However after errecting a large notice board stateing that the council would not allow him to restore the Mill as a tourist attraction he subsequently had it bulldozed down cleared the site so now one cannot even see where it was The river Dove had sluicegates across it a couple of hundred yards from the Mill when opperated these gates would direct the flow of water down a channel stream right alongside the Mill in order to

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