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  • Friar Gate Railway Bridge - 360 degree VR Photography.
    Flash player version 8 or greater please see above to see what version you have and upgrade it if its too old You can get the latest version by clicking on the button here Or this link www adobe com go getflashplayer Finally the two 360s at the bottom do not require any plug ins at all they will work on all computers but you can only look around not up down and no zoom Quick Time viewers The views I have created here require that you have Quick Time installed on your machine and that you have a broadband internet connection Quicktime Viewers Interactive Map This is a photograph of the Bridge area from above To view a 360x180 degree photograph simply click on one of the red circles to view the bridge from that position Or use these thumbnails to view them Click the thumbnail to view Photo Description Friar Gate Railway Bridge View Derby Here you can see the bridge from the Ford Street side photgraph taken from the opposite side to the Cob Shop Image Reference No DP FGBF 360 FGB4 Photo taken 23rd November 2007 This Interactive Spherical 360x180 degree photograph requires Quick Time Click the thumbnail to view Photo Description Friar Gate Railway Bridge View Derby Here you can see the bridge from underneath the arch Image Reference No DP FGBF 360 FGB2 Photo taken 23rd November 2007 This Interactive Spherical 360x180 degree photograph requires Quick Time Click the thumbnail to view Photo Description Friar Gate Railway Bridge View Derby Here you can see the bridge from the Pickfords House side Image Reference No DP FGBF 360 FGB3 Photo taken 23rd November 2007 This Interactive Spherical 360x180 degree photograph requires Quick Time Click the thumbnail to view Photo Description Friar Gate Railway Bridge View

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  • Friar Gate Railway Bridge - Then and now photography
    was located at 96 Frair Gate At the time this pub was the oldest inn in Derby It was demolished on October 13th 1876 to make way for the Great Northern Railway Today Handysides Railway bridge from 1876 8 still stands proud Friar Gate Railway Bridge is a well known Derby landmark The only reference I had to go on here for taking a current photograph was the building next to the pub 93 Friar Gate who s chimney stacks have been removed at some point No 93 Friar Gate was built between 1840 and 1843 when Glover mentions it as a new house of Mr Shaw in his Gazeteer for that year Mr Shaw was William a cornfactor No 93 is a rare classical building by Derby architect Henry Isaac Stevens 1806 1873 I would like to thank Maxwell Craven for the info on No 93 In the view today stands a K6 Telephone Box designed by the famous Architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott Photo A taken 1870 Photo B taken 1st October 2006 Time elapsed 137 years Map Location Click HERE Bird s eye view Aerial Photo Click HERE Click the thumbnail to view Photo Description Friar Gate Railway Line Derby Image Reference No DP TAN FRIARGATERAIL1 133 Details This is a view of the former Friar Gate Railway platform As you can see the scene has changed somewhat over time I had to wait until winter to be able to do this shot as there is so much vegetation here today that it was not possible for me to get suitable reference points You can see the old Bonded Goods warehouse in the background in both shots The platform edges can just about be made out still I m pleased with this one as it demonstrates just

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  • Petition to restore Friar Gate Railway Bridge.
    click on the Sign the Petition here link below then enter your name and a brief reason the Short comment to target section as to why you think the bridge should be restored Max 500 characters You may also enter your Address details if you wish but these are not required and if you do they are only viewable by me If you have read my notes above then please

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  • Your comments about the state of Friar Gate Railway Bridge, Derby.
    engineering and should be preserved for future generations to study and enjoy 600 Eamonn Tague After the disgraceful vandalism that occured with the destruction of Derby Midland station It is vitaly important that Derbys railway heritage is protected and cherished 599 Kevin Wilkins This is an iconic example of our railway engineering history and must be preserved for future generations to appreciate as much as we railway enthusiasts of the present day 598 Ambie Bradish We have lost so much of our railway history preserve the bridge for our children and grandchildren to admire 597 Martyn Warsop Derby has a poor record of destroying its heritage I was born in Dery and the bridge is one of the main sights of the town It MUST be conserved and made to look cared for 596 Carol Farmer In my opinion this is a beautiful bridge and deserves restoration Too much of our past is considered of too little value to the future it is to be hoped that Councillors do not judge this particular landmark in that context 595 Christopher D So long as the restoration is performed with sensitivity to wildlife inevitably claiming it for nesting roosting There will be bats under the arches birds nesting in the scrub Any resotration must not only be done with regard to seasonality but also replace the lost habitat If these conditions can be met you ve got my vote 594 Nicola Breceljnik I want to help restore the bridge 593 Gwenda James My great great grandparents lived in this area would hate to see the bridge destroyed 592 Michael Park This historic bridge must be saved 591 Ray Huckle I am a local lad Enough said 590 John Gow Such a wonderful example of both engineering and art this Handyside masterpiece MUST be restored back to it s former glory so future and present generations can enjoy and appreciate this Victorian bridge 589 Tom Nash i would like to see this bridge restored 588 Grant Mosley Keep it Its one of our only things the bloody council have not pulled down 587 Andrew Maclennan This is a fine bridge and one of the icons of Derby please do your duty and protect our city s heritage 585 Anna Gallimore My mum worked in Vernon Street and have walked under the bridge many times into town I have always thought it was stunning Should definitely be saved 584 Janis Belshaw I came from York to live in Derby 20 years ago and could see that Derby could be a very beautiful and very interesting town but was horrified when I found out how many buildings had perished The demolition of this bridge would be another great loss to a city that should be proud of its heritage and treasure it for future generations 583 Kate Tinkler This bridge is a monumental piece of Derby s history that has been allowed to run to ruins it deserves to be restored 582 Alan Beardsmore Have we not lost enough 581 Mark Collins This important landmark needs to be restored 580 James Peck So many important buildings and structures are being left to rot and degrade It would be senceless to let another do the same 579 Craig Thompson Though not terrible its certainly scruffy at the minute I d like to see the bridge actually reused as well as restored Stick a light railway on it 578 Wendy Summers I would very much like to see the bridge restored 577 Kalwinder Singh Dhindsa Protect our historical landmarks in Derby before it is too late 576 Chris Elton This is a piece of our heritage we must save it 575 Anne Zokas its unique and friargate would not be the same without it everyone knows where it is derby city councillors have a duty of care to preserve this unique feature they seem to forget that they are they are paid public servants they should be ashamed of themselves we will have no historical buildings left the rate things are going 573 Alun Davies Please don t let the bridge go My grandad helped save it in the 1970 s and now it needs people again to stop it going to ruin 572 Carol Anne Nichols To destroy this would be sacrilege It s our history and our art And to see something like this for the first time without knowing why it is there is makes one delve into the history of Derby Without it the history is forgotten 571 Philip Childs Too beautiful a bridge to lose 570 John Braiden This is one of if not the main landmark on Friargate with a quality construction that is so rarely mimicked today 569 Nick Hodder I support the campaign to restore and protect the Friargate bridge 568 Mervyn Sheldon The bridge on Friar Gate is in disrepair yet still it is utterly lovely and a fitting welcome to the city for travellers from all points west If it were a Mosque or a historic masonic lodge a council buildong or a motorway bridge public money would be available in buckets for restoration 567 Janet Hassall There has been far too much erosion of historic buildings in Derby This is a priceless piece of history and architecture which should not be lost and Derby City Council should not renege on their commitment They allow modern eyesores to scar the city and should have more regard to the city s heritage The Westfield will not last a fraction as long nor the abysmal new arts monstrosity we need all the preserved structures we can get if we are not to be swamped by modern mediocrity 566 M Shaw This architectural gem should be the pride of Derby and stand in stark contrast to the depressing monuments from the 1960s and 1960s destruction of Derby City by those who were supposed to be it s charged custodians 565 kelly Adams Why is Derbyshire as a whole so behind the times at looking after protecting and restoring its heritage it s disgraceful This is a beautiful bridge and should be maintained and restored 564 Terry Nelson I am signing this petition as I have little confidence that the City Council will do anything to restore this fine old bridge without the public shaming them into it Their track record on caring for grade 2 listed buildings is appalling Just look down Green Lane Macklin Street to see the state of the Hippodrome which they should not have allowed to be repaired in such a way 563 Paul Miller Dont let this go the same way as the Hippodrome Theatre Lets look after our heritage 562 Carl Cash It is our heritage it should be looked after 561 Andrew Sansome Too many historical buildings like the Friar Gate bridge are demolished these days because they have no further practical use The bow string bridge that carried the Great Central Railway over the streets of Leicester is another example This bridge is of great value to the city of Derby and would be a huge loss This is why I have signed this pertition to save the bridge from further deterioration 560 Michael Browne The bridge is part of Derby s rich railway heritage and must be preserved for future generations It would be a good idea for a pathway to go across it thereby putting it to good use 559 Elaine Browne It is a lovely bridge and should be saved as it is part of the heritage of Derby 558 Marcin Mateusz Jerzewski Save Friar Gate 557 James Chambers This is a landmark of Derby and iconic of the role this city played in the rail industry please restore the bridge to its glory 556 Peter Appleby i would like to see this bridge restored to it s former glory it would show that the people of derby cared for their city and visitors ex gcr fireman 555 Jon Hopkins It s a shame to let something that holds so much history go unnoticed 554 Mike Cottle Friar Gate Bridge is a huge mark of Derby s heritage it has excellent aesthetic qualities and is a testiment to what Derby as a City really is I ve lived in Derby for the majority of my life and have great pride in Derby however it has upset me to see so much of Derby s heritage and interesting architecture distroyed left to go to ruin or turned into flats The question of preserving the bridge should not be asked preservation of something with such historical and community value should and must happen 553 Nicola Straw It s Derby s history It s Derby s heritage it belongs to the people of Derby and the City Coucil have a responsibilty to maintain it whatever the cost of the project Instead of funding something that only benefits a few which there always seems to be money for 552 I think this bridge should be restored purely because the city of Derby and the residents of Friar Gate deserve it 551 Ian Bridges A valuable piece of Derby history and a monument to the railways of Derby 550 Ian Mason As a railway enthusiast I made a point to see the Friargate Bridge during a period working in Derby during 1987 I was suitably impressed and I am sorry to hear Derby Council have neglected to maintain the bridge on a regular basis It is a magnificent structure and should not be allowed to deteriorate further Please restore the bridge to its former glory 549 Neil Davies The bridge provides an excellent visual feature and a reminder of Derby s engineering heritage which should be maintained and retained 548 Peter May A beautiful bridge that needs urgent restoration 547 MALC FENTEN i suggest keep our heritage view points of derby and spend wisely not on signs every 1oomts humps every 100mts its time to look after derby not demolish it final point no i dont know a beeching to bail you out 546 Paul Miller As a small boy we travelled every Saturday to either Derby or Nottingham by train from Awsworth I was always intrigued by the splendour of Friargate Bridge Why do we have to fight to keep such a wonderful landmark In other countries we would be too proud of our heritage to allow it to disappear 545 Tracey Ace help the bridge i used to play here years ago and would hate to see it suffer the same fate as the derby hippodrome 544 Kay Atkinson i feel that it would be a shame to not make use of this bridge and if it doesnt get restored we could lose it for good 543 Richard Collett I feel it is a waste for this bridge not to be in use and if it is not restored we could end up losing it for good 542 Barbara Wiltshire I am signing the petition to preserve the Friar Gate Railway Bridge 541 Rod Nelson The bridge must be maintained to preserve the character of Friargate one of Derby s most atrractive streets Destruction of the bridge would completely change the character of the area for the worse 540 Jayne Elizabeth Morrison please restore the Friar Gate bridge to its former glory 539 Viv Wigley Derby owes its prosperity to its railway heritage This is one of the last remaining symbols of what built this city 538 David Henshaw A historic bridge must be saved 537 Darren Slater Part of Derby s history that deserves preserving All of those that have benefited from the influx of money to this area of derby should put something back into our city 536 Vanessa Robshaw To allow this beautiful bridge to deteriorate any further is an act of urban vandalism Enough of Derby s architectural heritage has been lost already Please DCC don t make another mistake 535 Arthur Taylor Walked under this bridge for 32yrs Great memories of my childhood sweetheart whom I saw one day under this very bridge Walking from St Christophers orphanage for railway children NOW GONE SAVE THIS ONE PLEASE Yes we were married 534 Nigel Carabine Derby cannot afford to lose another of its well known landmarks especially in this area of the City The Bridge is Friargate and we cannot ignore the efforts of those who fought to keep it in the past It would be nice for a change in this day of large commercial developments ie The Westfield Centre that we preserve the past and some of the people who made Derby what it was 533 Alicia Faulkner I believe too much of our heritage is being destroyed 532 Lisa Pickering An important example of our splendid railway heritage which should be proudly preserved 531 Alexander Haines I stumbled upon information on this bridge while watching a video on youtube I really know very little about this bridge or the politics behind it but I must say this bridge is an absolute treasure and should be kept in the best condition possible Good luck with your work 530 Emma Lannie The bridge is beautiful and it would be a real shame to see it fall into disrepair 529 Lydia Fairfield Read Save our bridge 528 Graeme Peach It looks a beauty save it 527 Jill Hyde Friar Gate Bridge is integral to Derby s history save it 526 Gemma Lawrence I would like to see this bridge restored 525 Benjamin Murray Do it This is a real Beauty from a more real time 524 Christopher Grouse Save this bridge The council have a commitment as per the conditions of sale from British rail Even though BR no longer exist the conditions still stand 523 Lynne Barker This bridge should be maintained and repaired by Derby City Council as it is an intergral part of Derby s history and a focal point for citizens and visitors 522 jack boyd it is not only the bridge that needs prtecting but what is left of the old city and to stop the council erecting monstrosities like the quad old buildings have more beauty than what we have now 521 James Salmon I call on Derby City Council to Honour their agreement to maintain the bridge in good condition by restoring it to its former glory 520 Luke Hay Save the bridge 519 Richard Birkin The bridge is not only a historical landmark but also an identifier There s not many like it Also to make way for the short lived station and rail route communities where displaced I think that a rusty bridge is no way to replace that Don t let one of Derby s most beautiful areas turn into another Abbey Street The less buildings that resemble the current state of the old rail depot behind the bridge the better 518 Charlotte Burmester I miss it 517 Liam Reeves What a cracking idea 516 Richard Cooper It is an iconic land mark of derby and the jewel in the crown of the street it s self 515 garrick smith This is something thats needed to be done for a while 514 Paul Beal Who wouldn t want it restoring Get it done now 513 James Cork Friargate is a beautiful bridge I am part of the younger generation in Derby and I believe this one of the most amazing pieces of architecture in our city Sort it out Derby City Council you should be ashamed 512 Frances Lilley This landmark is a major part of Friargate It is an easily recognisable tourist image and reminder of Derbys railway history Too much has already dissapeared 511 Leonard Crick This bridge is part of Derby history and must be saved to maintain this history 510 Simon Hartropp Friargate represents such a story of Derby it is a wonderful example for those who appreciate an urban landscape Something we should be proud of 509 Barrie Gibson I believe we must preserve these old bridges as they our heritidge and should be looked after so as future generations can also see the workmanship 508 Susan Oates We need to preserve and restore these works of art It is up to us to save them in order for our children and grandchildren can enjoy them 507 David Crane We need to retain some character in Derby to complement the behemoth of the new shopping centre It may kick start the re generation of the Friargate area which is blighted by beautiful yet derelict railway buildings Come on Derby be different in this bland world 506 John Slack This is a treasured unique bridge by a local company It creates a perspective that gives Friargate a distinctive meaning that would make the street commonplace if it were to be demolished only to end up in China making new Rover cars Its ironwork typifies the quality of British ironfounders of the 19th Century that made this country Great It could be the last reminder of the GN Railway s link to the city in that company s drive to reach the west markets Real industrial history here 505 Beverley Syson save this bridge for historys sake do not turn Derby into another modern place this country needs its heritage 504 Anne Green save it now 503 Keith Everard Lets not let any more of the pst decay 502 David Wright As an artist specialising in nostalgia I have producuced two paintings that feature Friargate Bridge One titled Underneath the Arches was produced as a jigsaw which has sold nationally This bridge must be saved and restored as it not just a local landmark It is a national treasure 501 Allan Storer It s a one off I have pleasent childhhood memories re Friars Gate and bridge Also mentioned in D H Lawrence novels What history If the council won t look after it they are not worthy custodians of Derby s history Get rid of them 500 Geoff Alcock I was invited to be the first to sign this petition as a surviving member of the group that fought to save the bridge s demolition in 1973 I was proud to do so and proud to see that another generation are equally keen to preserve restore this arguably most important link to Derby s industrial past The Council is legally obligated to maintain this bridge Maybe a solicitors group could pursue this action Council members could be immortalised on a plate showing their success in restoration 499 Jane Robinson It s a thing of beauty 498 Catherine Smith Friargate is one of the few remaining areas in Derby that has not been ruined by poor planning decisions To let the beautiful Friargate Bridge fall into disrepair would be a crime 497 Matt Bodell Save the bridge D 496 Mark Wood I have never been to England let alone Friar Gate but perhaps I may one day have that opportunity My connection to the bridge is through the popular song named for its arches The Andrews Sisters version of that song is played several times a week on XM Satellite Radio channel 4 but until today I had no idea what inspired the song Now that I do know I believe such a great landmark should be restored and preserved 495 John Tuffs Restoration of Friargate Bridge to its former glory followed by continued maintenance to keep the structure in good condition is essential This impressive piece of Derby s railway heritage should be protected for future generations 494 Philip SOUTHALL Please keep this monument in the order that was intended 493 Robert Heldreich This is a Derby landmark and should be preserved 492 E Hitchcock It would be a great pity to see such a great landmark and the labours of our ancestors go to waste 491 Barry Roome What a sad state of affairs if this structure is allowed to disappear 490 Peter geriatric1927 Too much history is being lost if it all goes then we will become a faceless city like so many others 489 Adam Shardlow Theres been too much destruction of old derby its time to stop 488 David Whetstone I would like to see this bridge saved for future generations to enjoy as well as current generations I would also like to see this line re opened it could be put to goods transportation and tourist uses amoung other things There are way too many lorries on the roads Relatively it would be easy to put this line back Aerial photo technology clearly shows this over a large area 487 Carl Haviland A beautiful bridge which must be appreciated by future generations 486 Darrell Taylor This is an essential feature of Derbys heritage and must not be allowed to be neglected or demolished 485 Chris Nutty I think the Friargate bridge should be restored to its former glory as it is one of the most iconic symbols of the city 484 John Farnworth I call on Derby City Council to Honour their agreement to maintain the bridge in good condition by restoring it to its former glory 483 Ann Farnworth It would be a disgrace for such an interesting and historic structure ti be allowed to deteriorate further 482 gordon bethell Save the Bridge 481 Chris Ward Brown This bridge is an important part of the city s industrial and cultural heritage The demands on budgets are huge but when it s gone it s gone Don t let that happen please 480 Richard Baker This bridge is a very important part of Derby s railway history and should be maintained as such It should not suffer the same fate as a large number of the railway buildings and structures in the city have The council should not be permitted to decimated and vandalising this structure in the same way they have with most of the Loco works In my view the bridge and the former station sight should be revitalised in a way to reflect its railway history 479 Elizabeth brooks What a joy to behold 478 Tim Williams This bridge is key feature of Friargate and must be retained The Derby City Council has a long standing history of destroying or letting deteriorate beyond saving Derby s heritage and it s finer features They must be voted out of office 477 chris brooks it is a thing of beauty 476 barbara webb the bridge should be saved and not left to rot 475 beryl bonnington Please save the bridge 474 Julie Stevens It is disgusting that the bridge has been allowed to get into the stste it is i really hope that it restored to it s former glory as soon as possible iremember goin from the station when we went on holiday as a child 473 Graham Walker Part of Derby history built by a Derby company spent a lot of time there as a lad my railway career started at the phone box under the bridge Don let it rust away and go the same way as Derby Bus Station 472 Gary Spear A wonderful structure that is part of our fast disappearing history and heritage Hopefully this bridge will not be one of the forgotten ones that is allowed to decay until removal for safety reasons becomes the only way forward Please make the effort now to save this Derby landmark 471 sue benfield Friar Gate is a very historic area of old Derby The Friar Gate bridge is an important part of this history It is also an extremely beautiful bridge Please save it 470 matt st lawrence It is a unique Handyside bridge reflecting derby s heritage as a railway town It is a landmark located in an historic quarter of the city is one of the few of Derby s historic structures which hasn t been torn down or allowed to die of neglect YET 469 Rob Padley please don t let the historic Friargate bridge succumb to the same fate as so many other great derby landmarks 468 Jo Brooks Far too much of our beautiful heritage is neglected and subsequently lost We owe it to our children and grandchildren to preserve their heritage 467 Charles Lusby I know I am not a native British person but visiting in Britain I enjoy so much seeing things that to me are older and well maintained I would very much appreciate that the bridge restored to its former glory 466 Lesley Steele Derby has lost enough of its identity in no way came my home town loose any more 465 andrew parkes Derby would not be the same without this treasure traveling throuhg town and under this bridge is worth the longer route than going on the ring road 464 J Koupis Friargate Bridge is a very attractive feature and adds charater to a beautiful road with Geogian houses The view of this road would be impaired without it It is also like an entrance way into the city and Derby would be poorer for losing it 463 Vanessa Anderson It is the Councils obligation to keep and maintain the historical artifacts of Derby as part of out heritage and texture of the Derby Landscape The Friargate Bridge is an important historical landmark of past industrial importance in the city The Council want this city to be a tourist attraction well Derby needs historic sights to attract them Let the Council act the part 462 Brandon Jon Morley The friargate station should be restored as its part of our local history it was built by many of our ancestors and its the best structure anyone in derby have produced for the city 461 Paul Perreault Please don t do what some governments do wait to a point that it is too expensive to repair This is not the mandate you were given when voted in place 460 Helena Franklin Such a vast amount of money has been poured into the new Westfield centre supposedly symbolising Derby s shining future that I think some can be spared to maintain a crucial and beautiful piece of the city s past 459 Natalie Essex The Friar Gate Bridge is such an exquisite historical part of Derby History is what Britian is all about and living in a country that just doesn t have it makes you appreciate it all the more Not to restore this bridge to it s full beauty would be to devalue Derby s heritage Do we forget our history and who we are and where we came from 457 sarah hancock please save our bridge 455 Paul Williams Heritage like this is always wasted please save this one Item 454 Sally Ann Bowen Too much of our history and heritage are being lost and demolished How are our children and our children s children ever going to learn the history of our towns and cities etc if local councils and developers keep demolishing these fine structures and buildings and replacing them with modern monstrosities More should be done to protect them Well done on the petition Cheers Sal 453 Maurice Topley I have lived at Mackworth for nearly half a century and have passed under this iconic bridge hundreds and it is a major feature of Friargate Friargate would not be the same without this wonderful bridge we cannot let this incompetent council neglect it any longer maintainance is a dirty word as far as they are concerned they would much rather neglect anything then demolish a building then replace with a tatty cheap and nasty replacement 452 Kathy Leach Derby has lost too many of it s historic buildings we should be making a concerted effort to preserve the city s heritage I can t think of another bridge like this one anywhere else in the city with its beautiful ironwork design 451 Robert D Wilson Derby is very short on high quality artefacts that do justice to its distinguished history Friargate Bridge is to Derby as St Pancras is to Camden It is not only magnificent but also a thing of beauty worth preserving and a feature of the city that deserves to be highlighted in any tourist guide to Derby and Derbyshire 450 Alison Edwards Please save the bridge 449 Andrew Wright It is the Councils obligation to maintain this Bridge 448 barbara hadfield this bridge is a valuable part of derby heritage 447 Liz yule Restore Friargate Bridge it s a historic Derby Landmark 446 Michael Walker The Friargate Bridge is a memorable Derby landmark and as such should be preserved 444 Jack Westcott I feel it is important to preserve relicts of the Industrial revolution in the UK as an example of the craftmanship practiced by the Men at that time when so much of the Industry defaced the Country ie Coal Pits Foundries etc 443 Sophie Roper Friar Gate Bridge is a stunning feature of Derby and should be celebrated In an age of urban regeneration architectural delights such as this should be conserved to ensure they play a part in our children s future 442 Jenny Kilgour A lovely historical landmark which should be preserved for future generations Please do not destroy yet more of our heritage 441 Jenny Rose Please restore the bridge as it is one of Derby s prominent features and deserves to be properly maintained 440 John Richardson Andy doing a wonderfull job in Photos and keeping important historic projects alive JR 439 Kathy Brickell I was a recent visitor to the Derby and found it to be the most charming place I applaud the effort to save a local landmark 438 Martin Bucknall The Friar Gate bridge is an iconic symbol of Derby and should be restored to it s former glory 437 Margaret Roper An important part of the Cathedral quarter 436 Colin Roper This is an important piece of our local history which has been badly neglected by the council for too many years 435 Murray Bruce Too many of Derbys listed buildings have been lost due to the mindlessness of our City Council It is now time to save what little remains 434 Philip Birks It is typical of many councils who will spend rate payers money on pointless fact finding jaunts yet ignore something on their own doorstep The bridge is part of the historic economic fabric of Derby the council should do the right thing and maintain it 433 Rachel Power This is a beautiful bridge Derby should look after the few beautiful old landmarks it has 432 Anna Bakhda It would be nice to see the trainline which I m told used to run to Manchester from Friargate reopened as well 430 Diane Bakhda I originally moved to Derby from York and was astonished as I slowly discovered what little regard the local council had for the history of this city Nothing has changed Yet again it seems unconcerned about the destruction of something unique and beautiful 429 George Allcock PULL IT DOWN no only kidding but that s what normally happen s to anything older than a hundred years except church s in Derby I believe derby s council planning dept hate anything thats not new trendy just l k at derby station what an eyesore and a waist of public money then l k at the new St pancras another fine example of Midland Railway design thankfully kept alive Derby should look to cities like York to see what attracts visitors as for the Hippodrome bridge who knows 427 Julie Lambert It seems that all this Council wants to do is to turn Derby into a giant shopping centre when most of the people of Derby do not want that The Friargate Bridge is part of the heritage of Derby and as such should be restored to its former glory as the Council has promised to do 425 Alison Davis An important part of Derby s history and an engineering achievement which would be difficult to attain today even with the benefit of computer aided design Very easy to let things disappear but impossible to replace them 424 susan hayes we should keep has much of the passed has we can so we can show our children how we used to live that is what the word history means not like some of the buildings people build today that look like monstrosities which look out of place in a town with so much history and beautiful buildings a promise is a promise which should be kept 423 Jayne Sidiropoulou restoration do not leave history to die forever 422 Barbara Wiltshire I work in Friar Gate I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments in this petition 421 martin murfin this is a listed building so please listen to us and save our heratige 420 David Cant This bridge has superb designed highly decorative castings and gives great character to the area 419 judith hayde even tho I ve been away for many years I live in an historic area and work for the national trust and we see too much torn down for the sake of progress by the very authorities that should be caring for our past 418 Jill Lambert I am originally from Derbyshire and have always considdred that the Friar Gate area is one of the most attractive parts of Deby The bridge is really important part of the character of this scene 417 philip langham yes restore it the city has got rid of most of the past and replaced it with trash and are still doing it 415 Graham Fisher The Friar Gate railway bridge is an important part of Derby s heritage and must be preserved for future generations Derby was a Midland Railway town and the bridge symbolises the railway revolution of the 19th century as it is one of the last reminders of the Great Northern Railway trespassing on MR s territory 414 Dave Coxon I used to get off the bus to school next to the bridge in the 1950s and walk through the old tram yard to Derby School I also caught the bus home outside the Royal School for the Deaf It would be criminal to let this beautiful bridge fall into disrepair 413 Derek Holmes As we are a historical railway town our proud heritage should be preserved 412 Douglas Flack I think that Friargate Bridge should be restored as it is a Derby icon and to do otherwise would be an act of vandalism It is part of our heritage and should be treated with reverence 411 Eileen Holmes This is part of Derby s heritage and the Council have no right to allow it to deteriorate further 410 LeighAnn I think that this bridge must be restored as Derby City Council seem intent on pulling down all the nice buildings in Derby It needs to be restored to it s former glory as Derby was the centre of the Rail Industry for many years and it would nice to see it restored to it s former glory All the best with the campaign 409 David Fly As a newcomer to Derby my daily commute involves travelling along Friar Gate The quality of the design and construction of the bridge shows how Derby once looked in a by gone era I believe that repairing and maintaining the bridge is integral to restoring the historical architecture of the city as a whole 408 Jean Treacy Friar Bridge is a part of Derby s histroy and must be maintained We have long been known for our excellence in design and engineering and this bridge is a fine example of both 407 Linda Young This is Derby s heritage and must be saved 406 Janet Sundquist Honor the agreement to restore the bridge It should be restored to its fomer condition we do not want to lose our history 405 nigel pearson i

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  • Friar Gate Railway Bridge - Credits, Acknowledgments, Books, Further Reading.
    Higginson 160 Pages Published in 1989 by Golden Pingle Publishing ISBN 0 9513834 0 X This is a very difficult book to track down but well worth it I managed to get my copy from ebay after a year of looking for it 2 Memories of Friargate Station by Susan Bourne 100 Pages Published in 1998 by Breedon Books ISBN 1 85983 116 8 3 Derbyshire Miscellany Volume 12 Autumn

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  • Ashbourne, Derbyshire, England - Photographs and History
    about the following Ashbourne Derbyshire The town of Ashbourne Ashbourne is most famous for being the place where the annual Royal Shrovetide Football game takes place Photo selection To view large versions of any of the photographs below simply click

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  • Ashford in the water, Derbyshire, England - Photographs and History
    all the thumbnail photos have loaded before you click on one Photos of Ashford in the water Derbyshire England Ashford in the water is one of Derbyshire s most delightful villages The famous 17th century Sheepwash bridge crosses the river Wye here In the 14th century Trinity parish church can be seen some poignant reminders of an ancient English custom The maidens garlands like those which went to the grave with Hamlet s unfortunate Ophelia and which can be seen at Ilam and Matlock The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire used to live here before moving to Chatsworth Ashford in the Water is about 30 Miles North from Derby on the A6 road For an Exact map location Click HERE Photo Description Holly Trinity Parish Church of Ashford in the water Image Reference No DP 101101ASHFO 01 Date photo taken 10th November 2001 Other Information The church has a 14th century tower and font but was heavily restored in the 1870s and most of the building dates from then In the church is the grave of Henry Watson d 1786 who was responsible for the commercial exploitation of Ashford Black Marble Photo Description Ashford Arms Pub Image Reference No DP

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  • Bakewell, Derbyshire, England - Photographs and History
    White Horse when the cook accidentally mixed the wrong ingredients together Bakewell puddings are now sold by the thousand every market day and are best eaten warm Bakewell is a nice place to visit but you need to make sure you get there early otherwise it gets very packed out with people and cars It is located on the A6 road north west of Matlock It has become a victim of it s own success with regard to cars There are too many here This place becomes overcrowded on bank holidays in the summer time Photo Description The centre of Bakewell Image Reference No DP 080701BAKEW 01 Exact map location Click HERE Date photo taken 8th July 2001 Other Information This is the centre of the town Photo Description The centre of Bakewell 2 Image Reference No DP 080701BAKEW 02 Exact map location Click HERE Date photo taken 8th July 2001 Other Information This is the monument in the middle of the town centre and the Rutland Arms pub in the background which was built in 1884 Photo Description Bridge street over the river Wye Image Reference No DP 080701BAKEW 03 Date photo taken 8th July 2001 Other Information This 14th century bridge is in the centre of Bakewell the A619 goes across the river Wye on it Photo Description The water gardens on the river Wye Image Reference No DP 080701BAKEW 04 Date photo taken 8th July 2001 Other Information This is the view from the bridge over the river Wye Photo Description The Gardens Image Reference No DP 080701BAKEW 05 Date photo taken 8th July 2001 Other Information This is a view of the wonderful gardens in Bakewell Photo Description The Gardens Image Reference No DP 080701BAKEW 06 Date photo taken 8th July 2001 Other Information This is

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