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  • Why email marketing is more important than ever — Design Agency
    out something run of the mill So how do you make your email marketing campaign stand out Be personal Personalisation is about more than knowing the recipient s name It s about tailoring your email marketing content based on their likes and dislikes Our email marketing software tells you who clicked on what With this information you can create new mailing lists for targeted campaigns or refine your email marketing material based on what s working and what isn t Be obvious One of the biggest reasons people unsubscribe from mailing lists is boring content Have a clear reason for sending your mail out with obvious calls to action Be brief People don t need updating every time someone from your organisation has a cough Nor do they need an essay explaining your latest offer Email marketing content should be like an advert to the point and enticing with clear calls to action Be adaptable Our email marketing software tells us that up to a quarter of people open our Eshots on their mobile devices Statistics show that this number is likely to grow If email marketing isn t optimised for the mobile you may as well not send t out to a quarter of your mailing list Our email marketing campaigns are designed to work for every email client and device Be listening Our email marketing software lets us know who opened a campaign where they opened it what device they used and what they clicked on It tell us who shared it on social media who forwarded and who unsubscribed This information is vital to ensure good email marketing Think of it as a conversation By clicking on certain things and not clicking on others the recipients are telling you what they like and what they don t

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  • How to manage a crisis using social media — Design Agency
    Cross While not on the same scale as O2 s problem The Red Cross faced its own little crisis in February of last year when an employee accidentally sent a personal tweet through the American Red Cross account It read Ryan found two more 4 bottle packs of Dogfish Head s Midas Touch beer when we drink we do it right gettingslizzerd The Red Cross deleted the Tweet very quickly but also acknowledged it had happened This light and friendly approach went down well with some people Tweeting that they had been prompted to give blood by the amusing incident Dogfish beer who were also mentioned in the Tweet used the incident to encourage people to give blood even using the hashtag gettingslizzerd So what was a potentially damaging situation was quickly neutralised and in fact turned into a win What this incident shows is that followers do see the funny side of things and will forgive slip ups The great thing about social media is that it makes companies more human and Red Cross s response was funny humble personal and completely appropriate Toyota Later in 2009 another high profile company would have a crisis Toyota was force to recall millions of cars following a car crash that killed four people The company faced lawsuits operating losses falling shares and of course potentially irreparable reputation damage Toyota recognised the power of social media to help diffuse the crisis and created a social media response room where all social media conversations mentioning Toyota were monitored 24 7 They took to multiple platforms to diffuse the situation with President Jim Lentz issuing a YouTube apology as well as participating in a Digg Dialogg interview and Twitter chat Facebook was used to provide information and to direct people to Toyota s twitter feed and microsite Twitter was used to respond to questions share positive stories and again directed people to the microsite which contained even more information As well as the apology YouTube was used to post informative videos about the situation in easy to understand terms Toyota also established its own branded channel through Tweetmeme which aggregated conversations both positive and negative about the subject The company recognised those that supported them and invited their brand loyalists to tweet and blog positive stories and also featured some of these brand advocates in their YouTube videos After the crisis Toyota experienced a 41 increase in sales compared to the previous year and grew its online fan base by 10 More importantly however it showed it was prepared to go the extra mile to reassure customers responding quickly across a variety of social networks thanks to a dedicated team Oreo In June of this year Oreo faced a massive social media backlash following their posting of a rainbow cookie in support of Gay Pride Month While the move also attracted many positive comments Oreo faced a massive social media backlash with over 35 000 threatening to boycott the product and numerous people posting

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog/2015/4/22/how-to-manage-a-crisis-using-social-media (2016-02-10)
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  • Blog — Design Agency
    5 things in May Rob Lafratta May 25 2015 Favourite Things A round up of the top five things that we have enjoyed in the office Stephen Muchmore April 27 2015 App Development Design Periscope Stephen Muchmore April 27 2015 App Development Design I have to say that I m slightly addicted to Persicope and I m not sure why It might be the way Periscope feels like it brings you closer to the person celebrity or event that is live streaming via the app Stephen Muchmore April 20 2015 SEO Mobile friendly websites are ranked higher by Google Stephen Muchmore April 20 2015 SEO If your website isn t mobile friendly don t be surprised if its ranking drops on Google search results From April 21st Google is updating its algorithms to favour websites that look and perform better on mobile devices Source http www statista com chart 1517 worldwide mobile phone users Stephen Muchmore June 4 2014 Umbraco Development Web Development The pros and cons of single page websites Stephen Muchmore June 4 2014 Umbraco Development Web Development Slick visually appealing and innovative we are big fans of one page websites when they are done right One Page Love has a fantastic collection of great examples on one page design But is it right for your business We look at the pros and cons of one page websites Tagged Web Design Stephen Muchmore April 28 2014 Social The 5 worst types of corporate tweet Stephen Muchmore April 28 2014 Social Tweeting is hard enough as an individual let alone when you re tweeting as a corporation with brand images customer trends PR initiatives and marketing strategies to consider It can be easy to slip up and very easy to annoy We ve put together a list of the five most annoying types of corporate tweet Is your company guilty of any of these Tagged Twitter Stephen Muchmore January 27 2014 Is poor copy killing your website Stephen Muchmore January 27 2014 Poor copy can cripple even the most slickest looking website While a brilliant design and excellent functionality are essential for attracting prospects copy is essential for building trust It makes people feel confident enough to make that purchase or send that enquiry Stephen Muchmore July 14 2013 The five worst web design agency clichés Stephen Muchmore July 14 2013 Most web design agencies will put a lot of effort into their website After all why would you hire a company to design your website if they can t design their own Stephen Muchmore July 3 2013 User Experience Is your website a snoozefest Stephen Muchmore July 3 2013 User Experience Business selling service rather than products often find it harder to make their websites interesting Particularly if they are quite technical or involve a lot of industry specific term But that doesn t mean it s impossible or that your website should be offering anything less than the best customer experience possible Tagged Umbraco Web Design Stephen

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog (2016-02-10)
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