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  • InVision - Our favourite rapid prototyping tool — Design Agency
    prototyping tool that enhances your designs by creating interactive walkthroughs You can add hotspots to transform your static screens into clickable prototypes with gestures animations and transitions Source http www invisionapp com Instant Feedback and Comments With InVision once a prototype has been shared with a colleague or a client comments and feedback can be instantly given increasing our production efficiency Once the comment has been actioned it can be marked as complete so that we can keep track of progress Build Apple Watch and Android Wear Prototypes We used the apple watch prototyping tool to demonstrate an app to a client and the animation and interactivity that InVision offers is incredible InVision V5 InVision have recently launched a product update They have many cool new features but one we are particularly interested in seeing and possibly using is the project management and workflow tool Tagged Wireframing Prototyping Newer Post Apple Pay What s the verdict Older Post Our top 5 things in May App Development 3 Branding 4 Design 3 Favourite Things 1 SEO 2 Social 3 Umbraco Development 3 User Experience 6 Web Development 9 Archive April 2012 1 May 2012 5 June 2012 3 July 2012 1

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog/2015/4/27/invision-our-favourite-rapid-prototyping-tool (2016-02-10)
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  • Our top 5 things in May — Design Agency
    office My current favourite are the minimal selection offered by Stock in Australia I have the S001B model and I think it s a great looking watch They have just released the S003 range which are just as nice 3 Penxo Pencil Penxo is a minimalist 2mm lead holder with no springs buttons or mechanical parts We love how they have made a conventional mechanical lead pencil into a simple slick pencil Penxo is awarded for groundbreaking design and is the top prize in the Red Dot Award Product Design and it is totally worthy of this award 4 Asymmetric Tokyo Apartment This is so cool it almost doesn t look real It is an apartment in Tokyo renovated by Kochi architect s studio using asymmetric plywood planes 5 Game Of Thrones I joined the Game of Thrones bandwagon quite late on but I can happily say that I am hooked and I do recommend it to everyone Everyone in the office is a fan too mainly because of Khaleesi Newer Post InVision Our favourite rapid prototyping tool Older Post Periscope App Development 3 Branding 4 Design 3 Favourite Things 1 SEO 2 Social 3 Umbraco Development 3 User Experience

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog/2015/5/11/our-top-5-things-in-may (2016-02-10)
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  • Periscope — Design Agency
    How does it work As it s owned by Twitter you obviously connect your twitter account once you download the app Once into the app you have the option of viewing live feeds from the people you follow on Twitter that are also on Periscope watch the global live feeds that are trending or start your own stream I have yet to bore the world with this yet You ll also get a notification as soon as one of the people you follow are live on Periscope you can manage this in your settings should you decide that you ve had enough of them All in all I love the app at the moment but I m pretty sure I ll get tired of the notifications once more and more users jump on to Periscope Follow us on Periscope stephenmuchmore design agencyuk Newer Post Our top 5 things in May Older Post Mobile friendly websites are ranked higher by Google App Development 3 Branding 4 Design 3 Favourite Things 1 SEO 2 Social 3 Umbraco Development 3 User Experience 6 Web Development 9 Archive April 2012 1 May 2012 5 June 2012 3 July 2012 1 August 2012 1 September

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog/2015/4/27/periscope (2016-02-10)
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  • Mobile-friendly websites are ranked higher by Google — Design Agency
    will now use mobile friendliness as a factor in ranking search results Mobile is the future The number of people using their mobile phones and tablets to browse websites rather than desktop computers is increasing every year 5 billion people will use mobile phones by 2017 Statista Making your website responsive is a way to keep traffic coming to your site and even introduce new customers who will enjoy using your website and recommend it to other potential customers What is responsive design A responsive website adjusts gracefully to fit and look good on desktop tablet and smartphone browsers creating a high quality and optimised user experience on each device Your customers take only a couple of seconds to decide whether your website is right for them If you re not presenting to them a mobile friendly experience it is likely that they will leave immediately and go to one of your competitors whose website is far better and easier to use Responsive design is future proof Responsive websites flow to fit any screen size creating an experience and design to suit This means that a responsive website is very future friendly It doesn t just focus on screen sizes and devices that are about today It will continue to work well in years to come Even if your website currently doesnt have many mobile visitors it may do in a few years time and adopting a responsive website will ensure that those visitors have an experience optimised for them and their device Why should your website be responsive Because everyone else is doing it or has already done it And it s a lot better Interested If this sounds like something you are interested in give us a call on 01234 834830 or drop us an email at hello

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog/2015/4/27/mobile-friendly-websites-are-ranked-higher-by-google (2016-02-10)
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  • The pros and cons of single page websites — Design Agency
    immersive experience With many multi page website you will often get a beautifully designed homepage and then find the internal pages are bland and boring With a one page website strong consistent and engaging design is used throughout making for a more immersive and interesting web experience Less steps between customer and conversion Research carried out into one page check out vs multi page checkout revealed a 21 8 improvement on conversions Taking customers to different pages means having to reload the website which can be time consuming and result in a loss of conversions Having everything on run page makes it as easy as possible for visitors to become customers Suits user behaviour more effectively Traditional schools of thought recommend having as much information as possible above the fold and advise against long pages and scrolling Today user habits have changed Sites like Twitter Facebook and Pinterest encourage scrolling Screens are bigger The web is more image driven than ever before It s even harder to keep visitors interested and attentive Single page websites allow designers to create striking and immersive experiences which more effectively suit modern user behaviours Cons SEO Having lots of content on one page can be beneficial for SEO Having one page also means all links point to that page increasing the likelihood of having a high page rank and domain authority But the negatives outweigh the positives It is hard to optimise a single page for more than one keyword With so much content on one page covering different areas it can be hard to effectively optimise for even one keyword You have no keyword rich internal anchor text links only one title tag one meta description and only one URL Single page websites are very large and can load slowly something that can also be detrimental to SEO Hard to get site architecture right While there are tried and tested methods of creating great site architecture for multi page websites single page websites can be difficult to get right Information segmentation is important and it can easily become confusing on a single page Less insight into what s working Google Analytics provides essential insight into what is working on your website and what isn t what information is more popular what content causes people to leave what pages aren t getting much attention at all Beyond the number of visitors and the duration of their visit their isn t much insight analytics can offer on one page websites Creatively taxing Having to display lots of information on one page presents more creative challenges than the multi page layout There is lots more to consider and much more information to wrangle It can be difficult to display it in an interesting way Difficult to update While great for brochure type websites features like news and a blog feed don t really work on one page websites If you want to regularly add new content to your website this isn t the right type of

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog/2015/4/21/the-pros-and-cons-of-single-page-websites (2016-02-10)
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  • The 5 worst types of corporate tweet — Design Agency
    a project then don t talk about it It s the Twitter equivalent of going I now something you don t know It won t make your fans excited it will just make them annoyed The Check out what we re having for lunch Tweet Many businesses do this because they think it makes them human and relatable Well it s annoying which is particularly human and relatable so mission accomplished People don t even care what their friends are having for lunch Why would they care what food your team is shovelling down their gullets at 1pm The Inspirational Quote Tweet Because who doesn t love a philosophising butchers supermarket stationers insert your business here Answer Everyone There is more than a whiff of David Brent about this kind of tweet It makes businesses sound pretentious and just shows they can t think of anything to say for themselves The Bitching about Clients Customers Tweet Most businesses will have funny customer stories that they ll probably share with their friends down the pub You know where you don t want to share it Anywhere your customers might see Disrespecting customers however moronic or annoying they are being will not get you more customers The Busy busy busy Tweet Most of us know a guy who always has something to prove The one that has to list all the things he doing all his achievements and successes every time you see him Don t be that guy on Twitter By all means talk about your accomplishments but going on about them all the time on Twitter is an easy way to sound desperate and unengaging In other words just be cool about it Tagged Twitter Newer Post The pros and cons of single page websites Older Post Is poor copy

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog/2015/4/21/the-5-worst-types-of-corporate-tweet (2016-02-10)
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  • Is poor copy killing your website? — Design Agency
    CEO review the copy Being meticulous is a great thing but involving too many people creates flabby untargeted copy A lengthy approval process can also make it difficult to update the copy something vital for achieving a lively and effective web presence Implement a lean and effective approval process and that copy run by select but relevant people who can make a proper contribution It s been copied from the company brochure Some companies will shell out loads for an expensive copywriter to handle their latest brochure or printed communications They figure they may as well just use this copy again for their website Research from the Nielsen Norman group found that people on average spend 10 20 seconds on a page and read as little as 20 of the text This is because people read differently online skimming the text rather than going over it sentence by sentence Web copy therefore needs to be radically different to other types or writing Sentences need to be shorter sub headings need to be used and important phrases needs to be highlighted All efforts must be taken to ensure the reader gets the most amount of information in the least amount of time Simply duplicating lovingly created long copy from your latest brochure doesn t work No SEO Cobbling something together or pasting in copy from somewhere else means you aren t thinking about search engine optimisation Your copy needs to appeal to search engines if the website is going to have visitors at all In some ways this isn t difficult the key to writing SEO friendly copy is writing people friendly copy Use sub headings bold important keyphrases go for relevant titles and heading rather than funny ones keep sentences short and ensure there is plenty of white space Search

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog/2015/4/21/is-crap-copy-killing-your-website (2016-02-10)
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  • The five worst web design agency clichés — Design Agency
    use the words themselves The most common offenders being wordclouds brainstorms speech bubbles and signs These types of images are the exact opposite of creativity and yet so many creative agencies fall back on them Even we ll admit we ve used a couple of these sorts of images in a blog post or two a good image for content marketing anyone but you should be very wary of a web design company who uses this sort of image on their homepage Web designers are supposed to make the web look beautiful they should be able to come up with something more compelling than a wordcloud The fun team bios We really do mean fun in quotation marks Nothing feels quite so forced as the fun team bio Do you really need to know what your web designer s favourite vegetable is a carrot or what their favourite box set is Will you think more of them for seeing them in a funny hat or sticking their tongue out On the one hand a relaxed approach to describing your team can make agencies seems more approachable but there s coming across as friendly and there s coming across high Just add the dreaded team dog and your have the ultimate quirky cliché Passionate about what we do It seems everybody is so passionate these days and this trend isn t exclusive to web designers You can bet almost any business website chucks the word passion in there somewhere The thing is if every business was a passionate as they claim to be wouldn t there be a lot more brilliant businesses out there One only needs to look at the hundreds of crappy LinkedIn profiles X Factor contestants and shady organisations to know that saying you re passionate rarely equals

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog/2015/4/21/the-five-worst-web-design-agency-clichs (2016-02-10)
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