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  • Is your website a snoozefest? — Design Agency
    what does a visitor really need to know to turn them into a customer Consider what is the most interesting way of displaying the information Would images and infographics help Too formal Not all businesses can adopt a fun a zany persona and nor should they but that doesn t mean they have to be cold and distant either People don t fall asleep when chatting to their friends they fall asleep in lectures and while watching boring speeches or talks In other words the best way of keeping someone interested is to talk to them more like a friend rather than talking down to them Be personal and don t talk in the third person all the time if you can avoid it Imagine you are having a conversation with visitors to your website when developing your copy Poor branding Coming up with a compelling brand for a new clothes label or restaurant is easy But what about for a business consultancy When you deal with services rather than physical products it can be hard to effectively visualise your offering in a way that speaks to your audience Think less about your business and more about your customer base What will appeal and engage them Stock imagery We ve covered this pretty well in our stock image blog but it bears repeating People don t relate to image of models in business suits and most people have lost count of the number of handshake images they have seen The most engaging people are open and honest and this philosophy should be reflected in the image you use on your website Use real people and real images wherever possible Too much jargon Technical jargon assumes people know what your talking about or care enough to find out This is usually

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  • Interflora and the future of SEO — Design Agency
    their attention Getting free publicity has long been the role of public relations just as creating compelling campaigns is usually the job of creatives and advertisers Increasingly SEO Executives also need to also be a creative a marketer a press officer a copywriter as well as still having the technical skills and expertise to manage the on page elements of Search Engine Optimisation Communication between the SEO team and marketing advertising and PR department is vital SEO concerns need to inform these strategies and these disciplines must be part of a successful SEO strategy Understanding the brand Many people talk about creating good content like it s the simplest thing in the world but if it was paid for links wouldn t still exist Content doesn t just have to be easy to read contain good keywords and be useful It has to also embody the essence of the brand promote positive associations with the brand from the reader make the reader feel good about engaging with the brand by reading the article offer something beneficial to the reader There is a misconception that your customers are dying to talk about your brand but if you want anyone to If you are to do any of this a deep understanding of the brand is needed A shift from short term to long term goals Countless SEO companies guarantee to get their clients to number one in Google searches Aside from this being impossible to guarantee it focuses on the wrong thing The whole point of SEO is to generate traffic which will in turn generate business Being number one in Google may get you traffic but if you re website does not actually offer customers something compelling they are just going to leave again Chasing links is a short term

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog/2015/4/21/interflora-and-the-future-of-seo (2016-02-10)
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  • How to spot web design cowboys — Design Agency
    If it s not their main business don t give them your business You don t do carpet fitting with a bit of web design on the side Or if you do it s because you produce crap websites and need to subsidise your income Nor should you trust anyone that says they know a guy unless that guy has his own website and a legitimate business A free demo of Dreamweaver does not make you a web developer Trying to cut corners with these man with a van and a coding manual types may seem like a way to save money but you will only loose out in the long run when your website looks rubbish and you can t update it If web design isn t the only thing they do there s a reason why Avoid finding out first hand Don t just glance at their portfolio investigate it Even portfolios can be misleading it only takes one killer image and some great text to make a project seem better than it is Some dodgy operations may even include other people s work and pass it off as their own Make sure you actually visit the websites featured in the portfolio Are they easy to use Do you like them For more information contact the owners of the website and ask them how they got on with the web design company Meet them before deciding If a company is reluctant to meet you in person this should set alarm bells ringing While during the build most contact is likely to be via telephone or email if they can t be bothered to meet you and build a good relationship than they probably aren t going to be good to work with Be wary of getting locked in

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog/2015/4/22/how-to-spot-web-design-cowboys (2016-02-10)
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  • Why digital strategies fail (and how to make yours succeed) — Design Agency
    objectives Think about what your business wants to achieve and how you can use digital channels to do this Your online presence should help you achieve your ends not be an end in itself Focussing on short term rather than long term goals Much digital activity particularly social media is concerned with the here and now This means it can be easy to lose site of your long term goals Your digital strategy should look beyond the first 6 months Think about what the business needs to achieve over the next three years and continue to revise the plan as objectives are met and developments occur Short term goals should be designed with the aim of advancing your long term strategy Failing to segment content for different audiences Prospective and existing customers require different messaging yet many companies don t segment their digital content This means digital activity can lose its potency if you don t know whom you are doing it for then why do it A one size fits all approach does not show customer care and can bring your digital content out of step with your real world activity Analyse existing customers vs potential customers digital journey Where do they come into contact with your brand Is your content appropriately targeted Look at which audiences are accessing you brand where and when to help you effectively segment your content Prioritising the wrong activity When you are trying to keep up with competitors the latest channels and digital marketing trends it can be easy to slip into the mindset of we need to send x emails a week or we need to Tweet x times a day without really considering if it is the most effective use of time or even if the activity is meeting objectives All

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog/2015/4/22/why-digital-strategies-fail-and-how-to-make-yours-succeed (2016-02-10)
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  • How to create a bad website — Design Agency
    beautifully with your eclectic colour scheme to produce migraines frustration and confusion from your website visitors No calls to action They key to a truly rubbish website is knowing exactly what you want your visitors to do and making it as obscure as possible Clear call to action buttons are for good websites The action you want your visitors to take should be buried five pages in Safes should be easier to crack Make it hard to navigate Good websites should have a clear journey an easy to find and use navigation that makes it clear where you are in the website and where you can go A crap website should be like a maze Try moving the navigation bar on every page In fact why have a navigation bar at all Think of your site as a treasure hunt except there is no treasure Only pain Slow loading times You have lots of options to achieve this desired crappy affect Building entire sections website in flash using tables filling your site with needless large images and choosing a bad web host will all contribute to a frustratingly slow load time These technique will also ensure your website looks crap too killing two birds with one stone Rubbish content Writing good content is hard With a crappy website you don t even have to write it at all just copy and paste other people s content It will annoy the source of the content the search engines and your visitors Other alternatives include writing too much writing too little poor grammar and constantly talking about yourself rather than what you offer Don t update By now your website should be looking pretty hideous so the next step is to make sure you keep it that way Don t update it

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog/2015/4/22/how-to-create-a-bad-website (2016-02-10)
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  • Blog — Design Agency
    poor quality business websites out there With today s resources and services available is their ever a good enough reason to let your business down with a poor website We explore some of the most common excuses for bad website design and how they can be overcome Tagged Web Design Stephen Muchmore August 20 2012 The 10 worst business blog blunders Stephen Muchmore August 20 2012 Blogs are a great way of reaching out to current and prospective clients in a relevant and interesting way They allow you to illustrate thought leadership aid SEO and play a key part in boosting your company s reputation across social media channels Stephen Muchmore July 16 2012 App Development Mobile websites vs mobile apps which one is right for you Stephen Muchmore July 16 2012 App Development We strongly believe that mobile websites are the most cost effective way of reaching the widest audience on mobile However apps have become increasingly popular with the average mobile user spending 20 minutes a day more on apps than they do on mobile websites Tagged Mobile Stephen Muchmore June 28 2012 Social media disasters of 2012 and what we can learn from them Stephen Muchmore June 28 2012 One of the main reasons many companies fear social media is they worry that they will be opening themselves up to criticism perhaps even a PR disaster Tagged Social Stephen Muchmore June 18 2012 Top 5 reasons why you should never buy likes and followers Stephen Muchmore June 18 2012 Facebook revealed earlier this month that 83 million Facebook profiles are fake It is estimated that there are some 45 million fake Twitter accounts So why do so many of these accounts exist Because increasing numbers of people are willing to buy followers and likes Tagged Social Stephen Muchmore June 4 2012 Why it s time to invest in a mobile web design for your business Stephen Muchmore June 4 2012 So you have a successful website and a thriving real world presence Do you really need a mobile web design Stephen Muchmore May 31 2012 Web Development Everything you need to know about Cookie Law Stephen Muchmore May 31 2012 Web Development The EU Cookie Law is meant to make it easier for people to understand what information they are sharing So why is it so confusing Stephen Muchmore May 24 2012 Web Development The foundations of a great web design Stephen Muchmore May 24 2012 Web Development Web design doesn t have to be cutting edge or innovative to be great The best web designs are the ones that most effectively fulfil their purpose The trouble many web designers face is that some businesses don t know what they want their site to do Tagged Web Design Stephen Muchmore May 21 2012 Web Development How to get more conversions from your website Stephen Muchmore May 21 2012 Web Development Receiving high levels of traffic to your website is great but if those visitors aren t converting

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog/?offset=1358154360000 (2016-02-10)
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  • ASP.NET Senior Developer — Design Agency
    not essential as training and certification will be available Required Skills Experience ASP NET 4 4 5 C JavaScript HTML5 CSS3 MSSQL Desirable Skills Experience Umbraco experience Xamarin experience AngularJS Less ASP NET MV ASP NET WebForms GIT The Package Remote working optional Starbucks Card Flexible working hours Low stress Friendly team Training and book budget Umbraco Certification Xamarin Certification Graze Boxes Bonus Scheme Older Post Front End Developer How

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/careers/2015/5/21/aspnet-senior-developer (2016-02-10)
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  • Front End Developer — Design Agency
    an experienced front end designer If you have a great portfolio and know your way around Adobe CS we want to hear from you Details Reporting to our projects manager you will design awesome user interfaces for our fantastic client base The ideal candidate will live and breathe all things digital although some print design experience would be a nice bonus While being able to code your own designs is not essential we believe it can make for a better web designer This is a brilliant opportunity for someone who wants to work with great clients and develop their career with an established design agency Must haves Knowledge of Adobe CS An understanding of HTML CSS Experience in responsive layout Desirable JavaScript Content strategy implementation Mobile App design and development Branding experience Email Marketing design Coding No recruitment agencies Newer Post ASP NET Senior Developer Older Post Junior Developer How to apply For job and internship enquiries submit your covering letter CV or portfolio to careers designagency co uk Don t see your speciality listed here We re always looking for great creative people to join our team regardless of our current opportunities Get in touch and we ll be

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/careers/2015/5/21/front-end-developer (2016-02-10)
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