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  • Junior Developer — Design Agency
    to building the best web solutions for our clients and you will need to be passionate in order to grow with our small and energetic team Pretty much all our websites and web apps are built in Umbraco so you will get to know Umbraco pretty quickly once you ve got your feet under the table Knowledge of C asp net webforms and some knowledge of MVC is essential and your HTML CSS Javascript skills should also be very good We will offer support and training in Umbraco but you will need to be willing to work hard on your own and as part of our team The work environment is very relaxed which includes gaming battles training courses regular reviews and excellent coffee We love what we do and need someone to join us who is passionate about developing websites and web apps within the Umbraco framework No recruitment agencies Newer Post Front End Developer Older Post SEO Manager How to apply For job and internship enquiries submit your covering letter CV or portfolio to careers designagency co uk Don t see your speciality listed here We re always looking for great creative people to join our team regardless

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/careers/2015/5/21/junior-developer (2016-02-10)
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  • SEO Manager — Design Agency
    the type of person who proactively looks to keep their skills up to date following search engine algorithm updates You will create manage and report on PPC campaigns for our clients as part of their overall digital media marketing strategy This will include setting up PPC campaign from scratch delivering against target and meeting and developing campaign schedules A great communicator you will be comfortable showing what data means and how it was acted upon You will be able to demonstrate market awareness of the various sectors in which our clients operate as well as show impeccable attention to detail when optimizing and reporting PPC campaigns You will have experience of using Analytics packages such as Google Analytics and Omniture a high level of Excel knowledge strongly numeracy skills and be comfortable manipulating data sets This is a fantastic opportunity for someone looking to grow their career in digital marketing working on high performing campaigns for excellent clients at an established digital agency Must haves 1 2 years experience in a PPC SEO role Knowledge of Analytics and PPC Monitoring packages Excellent knowledge of Excel Desirable GAP Qualified as PPC Professional Google Adwords Qualified Google Analytics Qualified Microsoft adCentrer accreditation

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/careers/2015/5/21/seo-manager (2016-02-10)
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  • Making the case for inbound marketing — Design Agency
    if businesses want to stay relevant However many businesses are still hesitant about modern marketing methods ROI One of the main objections businesses have to inbound marketing is the Return on Investment Traditional marketing is easier to measure run a campaign for X amount of money get Y new customers The big difference is that inbound marketing is geared towards long term goals Cultivating a social media presence and optimising your web presence are ongoing activities This means the benefits are not always felt immediately but months down the line The long term nature of inbound marketing activity combined with the variety of different channels and metrics it offers can make success harder to measure However this does not mean it s impossible A good agency will be able to demonstrate the return on investment of social media SEO and other inbound marketing activities While businesses may prefer the easier wins of traditional marketing the simple fact is these wins aren t so easy anymore Traditional print and TV have smaller audiences and have to compete with countless online outlets This means while the ROI of traditional marketing may feel more tangible it is only going to get smaller and less significant Lack of understanding Because it is free to set up a Facebook account and send an email there is a belief that inbound marketing is free or at least cheap What s more the wealth of early adopter success stories has made many think it s easy to create an awesome social media presence or SEO strategy Many businesses start a Facebook page post unstrategic updates and then wonder why they aren t getting any engagement Inbound marketing is not free or easy It is not a one off investment but and ongoing commitment Many businesses aren t

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog/2015/4/22/making-the-case-for-inbound-marketing (2016-02-10)
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  • How to prepare for the launch of your new website — Design Agency
    also consider how you are going to promote your content An effective way of doing this is via social media which brings us to our next point Familiarise yourself with social media New businesses tend to get involved with social media after the development of their site missing out on a vital opportunity to get to know their target audience and build buzz about their brand Equally if you re an established business who has yet to make the most of social media a new website is the perfect time to review your strategy Research the different social channels how your target market uses them and how your competitors use them Review your business model and consider which areas would benefit from social media and develop an on going social media strategy Develop a mailing list and craft an email campaign You may already have a mailing list you want to alert when your website goes live If not now is the time to create one If you have a real world presence start collecting email addresses in store Ask your web developers to add an email newsletter sign up function to your website s holding and use social media to ask people to sign up to receive your mail outs The campaign itself needs to be to the point and encourage website visits from the off Consider an introductory offer form email subscribers During launch Set up online monitoring and analytics Google analytics will allow you to keep track of the visits to your website which will allow you to see the effectiveness of your content strategy and marketing campaigns allowing you to refine them accordingly Investing in SEO will allow to monitor your search engine rankings and help you identify ways to improve your site to gain visibility

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog/2015/4/22/how-to-prepare-for-the-launch-of-your-new-website (2016-02-10)
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  • Top 5 Rebranding Failures — Design Agency
    criticism as its 2009 makeover This latest version took the trademark Pepsi wave and made it into what looks like a wonky smile It went down like a terribly within the design community with many comparing it to an evil smirk or a fat belly What many found most laughable about the rebrand was the cost The Arnell Group were paid 1 million to do what many described as fudging an iconic logo Worse still a support document was leaked showing the Arnell Group s ridiculous and astonishingly detailed reasoning behind the rebrand Featuring an A Z of marketing jargon references as irrelevant as the Theory of Relativity and geodynamics the document only served to make the rebranding feel even more ridiculous Gap Gap s redesign was arguably the least well received ever Feeling their old logo was outdated Gap tried out a more modern logo in 2010 Trouble is it looked like the logo of a software company designed by a first year student Social media meant negative feeling about the logo spread fast and Gap quickly reverted back to their old logo Tropicana Tropicana swapped its distinctive font and orange with a straw motif for an extra sleek minimal image While this may have been on trend it essentially erased the brand s history and personality making it look like every other orange juice bottle on supermarket shelves and all for a cool 35 million Tropicana soon reverted to the original When it comes to redesigning your company s image think about exactly what you want to achieve and convey It shouldn t be something done for the sake of it or to keep up with the latest design fad Successful rebrands will reflect a company s personality values and history in a contemporary consistent and relevant way

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog/2015/4/22/the-five-worst-rebrands (2016-02-10)
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  • Is your email marketing campaign mobile friendly? — Design Agency
    campaigns get maximum engagement from mobile users Use a short and sweet subject heading For traditional email campaigns it is recommended to have a subject line no longer than 35 characters For campaigns aimed at mobile users this drops to 15 characters Keep the subject heading as simple as possible if you want more opens from mobile users Refine your calls to action People tend to use mobile devices on the move and are hence more easily distracted Hence you need to make it very clear why you are emailing them and what you want them to do Avoid asking mobile users shouldn t need to click on some fiddly hyperlinked text that looks tiny on a phone screen Instead use larger clearer buttons and ensure they are close to the top of the screen as mobile users are less inclined to scroll Get to the point Smartphone users may be watching TV listening to music and playing on their iPad while checking their emails on their iPhone Your content is likely to be competing with content across multiple screens and almost certainly having to hold the user s interest while on the move This means keeping your message simple and straightforward is vital Test your emails varying the number of stories and offer per email to determine the optimum length Test test test Mobile email clients are far from uniform with each client displaying email in a different way For example iOS will automatically show images while Android will not Older Blackberry handsets won t display HTML Use analytics software to track which mobile email clients are most popular and adapt your email accordingly and test how it looks in different clients Design Agency s email marketing software for example allows you to generate previews with a single click

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog/2015/4/22/is-your-email-marketing-campaign-mobile-friendly (2016-02-10)
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  • The 5 most common excuses for bad websites (and why they are all total rubbish) — Design Agency
    isn t a nice thing to have if you can afford it it is essential for driving business broadening prospects and portraying your company in the correct way I can t afford to upgrade my website Perhaps you did pay megabucks for a flashy website ten years ago Many people seem to think that creating the website is the end of the story without thinking about their on going digital needs When budgeting for a new website you should allocate spend for future upgrades and improvements A good agency will encourage you to think about this Design Agency uses Umbraco to build our sites Because it is a scalable content management system website upgrades can be made easily and efficiently at minimal cost to the client I don t work in a creative industry People expect my website to look a certain way Just because your industry is perceived as boring doesn t mean your website has to be What better way to set yourself apart from your competitors than by creating and engaging website that offers an easy and memorable user experience I practically designed it myself You might know your business and your customers like the back of your hand but you don t necessarily know anything about website design and development Be prepared to listen to your web designer when it comes to user experience and usability With a good web design team this will not be an issue as they will be able to communicate why something works and other things don t Work with an agency that you trust and find easy to talk to My web designer was no good If you use a rubbish web designer you will get a website to match There is no reason for not researching the web designers

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog/2015/4/22/the-5-most-common-excuses-for-bad-websites-and-why-they-are-all-total-rubbish (2016-02-10)
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  • The 10 worst business blog blunders — Design Agency
    s importance and the long term future of the blog is assured then you should begin 2 Not having a strategy Have you considered why you are blogging Who do you want to reach and what do you hope to achieve All too often corporate blogs do not follow a strategy Posts appear when inspiration strikes and updates become sporadic and untargeted Take the time to create a content plan and identify the types of content your target audience want to read This will keep your blogs regular and relevant 3 Using your blog just to sell products Your blog isn t your shop or an advert for your business Using your blog exclusively as a marketing tool presumes the reader is already interested in your company Instead the blog should be used to create this interest in the first place providing thought leadership interesting articles and news that will encourage readers find out more about your brand 4 Expect every post to be a viral hit One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is giving up blogging because they do not think it is benefitting their business With a growing number of business out there it is increasingly harder to get your content heard and shared particularly if you operate within a niche industry While you should always strive to create content people want to share just because it hasn t been shared doesn t mean it is not beneficial Consider the long term advantages of creating a database of informative articles the SEO benefits of creating new and relevant content 5 Micromanaging it It is understandable that businesses want to ensure that all blogs are on message but when the approval process has to go through half a dozen people it becomes impossible to stick to a schedule and content can lose its personality Streamlining the approval process will allow you to keep to a schedule and help your content stay fresh 6 Not measuring it Taking time to find out which posts are popular what s working and what s not will help you refine your content strategy to better serve the readers interests 7 Not being relevant to your readers Between trying to create something shareable and trying to get relevant comp any messaging into your blog it can be easy to lose sight of what the readers want Keep your content relevant to your area of industry and don t be afraid of commenting on the important issues that matter to your audience 8 Copying other blogs We all take inspiration from a variety of places but it is bad practice and bad value to your readers just to copy other people s posts If you like a blog you have seen consider how you can further the discussion of the subject Perhaps even post a reply post to the author This will serve the reader better and can be a good way of forging links with other successful bloggers 9 Forgetting to have a

    Original URL path: http://www.designagency.co.uk/blog/2015/4/22/the-10-worst-business-blog-blunders (2016-02-10)
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