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  • tutorial «
    graphic design but especially posters and music design In this tutorial I will show you an easy way to create a photoshop graphic from photo perfect to then use in other applications A few pointers before we begin We ll be creating a four layer graphic here so you need to pick out four colours In the image below I have chosen dark red lighter red dark grey and light grey It tends Read The Rest In designbysoap photoshop tutorial 2 comments by Rob 09 Jun 2010 Designbysoap Tutorials Make Your Graphics Appear Printed Onto Any Material Welcome to the first in a new series of designbysoap tutorials Today s tutorial is very easy and quick but produces some really great results What we are aiming to do is take a logo and make it look like it s printed onto a material This can be done with any logo and material but seems to work best with large areas of colour or graphic that give the texture a chance to show through To do this you will need a graphic of your choice and a high res material or Read The Rest In designbysoap photoshop textures tutorial 1 Comment

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  • The Dangers of Working with Averages | Designbysoap Ltd
    that is completely disproportionate the 100th person the outlier has made the average value completely useless Now if we can highlight and remove this outlier from the data set then the resulting average would be more appropriate the figure would have some value But how often can this be achieved We rarely get to see the raw data when we re looking at an infographic or being given a presentation so how can we be sure that an outlier or several outliers are not throwing off the average value How do we know that the average being used is in any way representative Even if we know of an underlying distribution that is dramatically affecting the average we can t always remove the outlier from the data set An excellent example of this is given by Nassim Taleb author of The Black Swan You might know the average depth of a river is 4ft deep and therefore assume it is safe for you or you children to swim in a somewhat reasonable assumption for the majority of people However the reality might be that the river is only inches deep for very long stretches before reaching a 20ft deep section in which you could easily drown In this example the underlying distribution gives us an average that is completely meaningless it gives us no useful information whatsoever but it is essentially correct because the extremes cannot be removed This phenomenon is known by mathematicians as the power law a situation where a handful of extremes or even a single extreme controls the distribution making the term average entirely useless There is another effect that can make averages a dangerous metric on which to base your reasoning referred to as stage migration This effect can occur in any industry or walk of life but is most worrying when it appears in the financial or medical fields As an example of how this effect works let s say you re a company director tasked with solving the following business issue There are two sales departments in the business one department A is performing admirably the other department B is consistently bringing in low numbers You want to bring up the average sales figures for department B so you hire an expensive consultant to deal with the problem The consultant finds that the lowest performing salesman in department A is selling considerably more than the best performer in department B and simply transfers him from one department to the other In one swift move the consultant has not only improved the average sales figures of department B but has also managed to improve those of the already high performing department A In this situation the consultant will have achieved exactly what they were tasked with and more and you as the company director would feel validated in paying his fee and likely receive a pat on the back from the investors Everyone is happy with the outcome despite the fact that not only

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  • 7 Excellent Examples of Newsjacking « «
    s announcement that he is retiring we re proud to introduce Nando s Fergie Time all our Manchester Nando s will be open 5 minutes later tonight A funny reference that any football fan will get and a great way to advertise their brand in a way that was sure to and did increase social media traction 3 Etihad Airways Etihad Airways are the main sponsor of Manchester City Football Club so when Manchester United won the league last month and City got beaten by Wigan in the FA Cup final you would imagine they didn t have a whole lot to shout about That context made it even more impressive when they demonstrated a superb level of wit and opportunism last month upon spotting a photo taken in Manchester of United players in a City sponsored sky blue taxi while on a night out celebrating their title win Etihad quickly incorporated the picture into an ad in the Manchester Evening News The ad showed the picture with a tagline reading Congratulations Manchester United You deserve to go home in style 4 Kit Kat Another football related piece of newjacking this one focusing on Michael Owen s retirement from the game back in March The ad features a pair of boots hung up on the number 10 hook Owen s England number and has the famous Kit Kat slogan and logo The image was featured on Facebook alongside the status 40 England goals 89 caps and one devastating hat trick against Germany Michael have a well earned break The status was Liked over 250 times in one day and shared all over the social media platform in the following days 5 The Guardian This ad was featured in The Guardian newspaper and was published in the weeks after the death of Margaret Thatcher to promote an upcoming feature on the former Prime Minister s life Using someone s death to promote a brand or product is a very tricky and often ill advised practice but in this instance the ad is tastefully done and isn t attempting to profit on the misfortune of others instead using a significant cultural and historical event to promote an unbiased piece of journalism The ad features a jar of Marmite labelled Margaret and featuring an image of Thatcher s face along with the line Contains Iron This is an excellent play on the tagline of Marmite you either love it or hate it and the juxtaposition of Thatcher s reputation and popularity in the UK which divides opinion to this day The Contains Iron is also a clever reference to Maggie s nickname as subsequent characterisation as The Iron Lady Along with the image is the tagline One woman a nation divided along with some information on the article the ad is promoting 6 Oreo This brilliant Tweet was sent out during Super Bowl XLVII when the lights in the stadium went out for half an hour causing the game to be stopped until

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  • Designbysoap Director Featured in Advanced Photoshop Magazine « «
    entitled 15 Ways to Master Infographics The article features some fantastic advice from some of the foremost infographic design experts in the UK and the US and Designbysoap Ltd were proud to be among those chosen for the 8 page feature Each expert covers a specific area of researching creating and promoting infographics and John was asked for his opinion on making infographics easier to share Here s an extract from the article In order to encourage sharing you need to think about three main elements the data the design and the subsequent promotion of the artwork The data is integral to the success of your infographic as is the angle from which you decide to approach the information The data should be at least one of the things informative educational or entertaining Similarly the story is hugely important much like a journalist does it s better to approach and visualise the data with a story in mind If you d like to read the rest of the article be sure to grab yourself a copy of this month s edition of Advanced Photoshop Client Infographic Eight Ways the World Might End Competition Win An Xbox One Leave a Reply

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  • Client Infographic: Eight Ways the World Might End « «
    mildly obsessed with trying to predict how the world will end whether it s the Mayans Nostradamus or that sandwich board wearing oddball who s convinced the end is nigh But how is the world most likely to actually end What are the biggest threats to the human race These are interesting questions and we weren t the only ones to think that an infographic covering potential extinction events would be a good idea as LifeQuotes4U commissioned us to produce the following piece looking at eight of the most commonly cited methods of apocalypse Click for larger version Feel free to share or repost the infographic above just please link back to this post or to LifeQuotes4U co uk if you do choose to use it Designbysoap Director Featured in B2B Marketing Ebook Designbysoap Director Featured in Advanced Photoshop Magazine Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked Name Email Website Comment You may use these HTML tags and attributes a href title abbr title acronym title b blockquote cite cite code del datetime em i q cite s strike strong Ranked in the top 100 UK Marketing Blogs by HubSpot Featured

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  • Finding Love Online: Marital Satisfaction by Method of Meeting « «
    recent research from Harvard University and the University of Chicago While that might not be especially surprising to many of us what is perhaps more surprising is the research findings into how satisfied people who met online are with their marriages particularly when compared to those who met offline As our visualisation of the data above shows of those surveyed the couples that met via the internet either online dating or social networking sites are far more satisfied with their marriages than those who met in a more traditional offline manner To get the data the researchers at Harvard University and the University of Chicago spoke to more than 19 000 married couples or those who had been previously married and asked them how satisfied they were with their marriage by scoring it between 1 and 7 In addition they were also asked to rate specific statements we have chemistry for example The research also found that marriage break ups and divorces were less likely in couple who met online 5 96 compared to a 7 67 break up rate for those who met offline If you enjoyed this post then why not share it via the social media bar on the left hand side if you d like to repost our visualisation above then feel free just please provide a credit link back to Designbysoap If you re feeling really generous then why not Like us on Facebook Is Britain Getting Hotter Apps Oranges Infographic Comparison of the App Store and Google Play Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked Name Email Website Comment You may use these HTML tags and attributes a href title abbr title acronym title b blockquote cite cite code del datetime em i q cite

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  • Tech Myths Series #1: Cars « «
    2 000 revs per minute which equates to between 35 45mph in the majority of cars 2 You should let your engine run on cold winter mornings before driving Click for larger version This one is a common activity in the UK mainly because we have so many cold mornings The myth is that you should start the engine and leave the car running for a little while before embarking on your journey in order to warm up all the components and improve the performance of the car We ve no idea where this one came from but it s simply not true Just check your vehicle handbook and you ll see that manufacturers state the the best way to warm up your car is to drive it as this gets all the components up to their ideal operating temperature much quicker Idling the engine is not only ineffective in warming your engine to its optimum temperature but it wastes fuel and increases overall emissions 3 Electric cars are 100 green Click for larger version I ve had a couple of conversations recently with Prius drivers who claim in one case rather forcibly that electric cars are 100 green because they don t have an internal combustion engine meaning they don t emit greenhouse gases or contribute to air pollution Whilst it s true that their direct emissions are minimal the myth that they re completely green is simply unfounded They the same tyres as petrol cars which shed rubber onto the roads and contribute to waterway pollution and the batteries they use contain lead lithium and nickel amongst other rare and toxic materials But perhaps the most notable statistic is that the manufacture of an electric car creates 8 8 tons of CO2 compared to 5 6 tons for

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  • Flight «
    world situations One such opportunity arose last month when we were approached by the publishers of History Revealed formerly BBC History who asked us to complete a double page spread for their first issue under the new name The two page graphic visualises the history of flight from the Wright Brothers completing their first flight in 1903 through to the first solo non stop circumnavigation of the Read The Rest

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