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  • designdough FORBESFIELD | designdough
    run by florist Beth Forbes Simpson Beth approached us to create a brand that complemented the simple sophistication and style of her arrangements as well as the industrial yet creative feel of the shop s interior Forbesfield is not your average brand or florist so research began by avoiding anything too feminine or delicate instead the focus was put on vintage packaging and signage textures such as hard cut metal and worn wood and industrial colour ways to contrast with the natural vibrancy of the flowers The refined simplicity of the logo became a statement in itself The entire brand was created to hold its own against the texture and colour packed flower studio anything too fussy or ornate would pale in comparison to the natural beauty of the floristry 01 I can say without doubt that as soon as I met Joe and the team I knew that my company was in the safest of hands It s a very genuine interesting and sincere process that you go through with designdough They look for a real understanding and awareness of what your business does and where you want it to be and somehow manage to put all those conversations into a design that answers all those questions The simplicity elegance and presence of our new branding is precisely what I didn t know I wanted before we met They provided me with a great product and with wonderful service professional and personal at the same time Utterly impressed Beth Forbes Simpson Forbesfield 02 AUTUMN 2015 Brand Graphic Print Refining the brand was more of a matter of selecting the appropriate materials to complement and contrast with the logo textures of the shop interior and surrounding arcade Beth had a very clear vision of where she wanted to take Forbesfield

    Original URL path: http://www.designdough.co.uk/portfolio/forbesfield/ (2016-04-24)
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  • designdough Pad Deco | designdough
    illustration request quote HOME QUOTE STUDIO NEWS PORTFOLIO CONTACT Brand Graphic Web 02920 00 88 34 HOME QUOTE STUDIO NEWS PORTFOLIO CONTACT 16 March Brand Graphic Web Pad Deco is an aspirational interior design brand based in Cardiff and Surrey Owners professional interior designer Penelope Allen and Joseph Lloyd approached us to solidify a distinct vision that they both had for Pad Deco Integrating the image of the hummingbird a symbol of renewal and regeneration was important to them as they both see the interior design process as an act of rejuvenation and innovation The sky was limit in terms of how far we could take the brand and website and with the collaboration of both the client and Anthony James of Panik Attack who created the amazing video we set to work creating a level of style and functionality that matched Penny and Joseph s combined ambition We continue to work with Pad Deco on the design development and integration of their online shop a very exciting next step in the brand s story 01 Integrating the image of the hummingbird a symbol of renewal and regeneration was important to them as they both see the interior design process

    Original URL path: http://www.designdough.co.uk/portfolio/pad-deco/ (2016-04-24)
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  • designdough Trade Canvas Print | designdough
    design signage packaging illustration request quote HOME QUOTE STUDIO NEWS PORTFOLIO CONTACT Interior Signage Web 02920 00 88 34 HOME QUOTE STUDIO NEWS PORTFOLIO CONTACT AUTUMN 2015 Interior Signage Web Since the launch of the new website in October 2015 Trade Canvas Print has received nearly 40 000 unique page views Trade Canvas Print is a forward thinking company that approached us to help them maintain their industry growth with a new and improved website The brief was not only to increase brand recognition and web presence but to also simplify the front order process to enable a smoother and more concise experience for customers and for Trade Canvas staff Through its design the website clearly communicates that Trade Canvas Print isn t a factory operation churning out a mass produced product but instead is a company with an emphasis on craftsmanship that puts time effort and passion into their work without letting service or speed suffer 01 We came to designdough to provide an innovative way of ordering online for our customers That s exactly what was achieved with 3D viewing of a product for our customers a content management system which allows us to process orders more efficiently

    Original URL path: http://www.designdough.co.uk/portfolio/trade-canvas-print/ (2016-04-24)
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  • designdough Spatial Buzz | designdough
    analytics system that enables telephone network operators to deliver more transparent consistent and proactive information to their customers SpatialBuzz came to us to take an intricate system of diverse and complex information and deliver it in a way that was both visually appealing and easy to understand The message and aesthetic was then to be rolled out across website app design stationery marketing materials infographics and exhibition graphics to name

    Original URL path: http://www.designdough.co.uk/portfolio/spatial-buzz/ (2016-04-24)
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  • designdough DVS | designdough
    and we have worked with them as they have established themselves as the leading independent CCTV distributor in the UK We continually focus on exploring existing branding outside of the technological industries in order to maintain a fresh feel and stay away from the often corporate feel of DVS competitors It s crucial that DVS stand out from the pack as they are delivering something different from the norm vision They needed a visual identity that proved this to their customers from the start We ve created a brand strategy voice and on and offline marketing collateral that helps them to differentiate from their competitors and introduce vibrancy professionalism and excitement to the industry a strong recognizable and trusted presence 01 What really impressed me with designdough was the way they took the time to understand what I wanted I think Joe could tell I had a very clear feeling for what I wanted ultimately and he managed to take my ideas make them far far better and deliver exactly what I needed in every area It is fair to say that I would recommend designdough to any business that wants a fresh modern look and are ready to move

    Original URL path: http://www.designdough.co.uk/portfolio/dvs/ (2016-04-24)
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  • designdough pa black | designdough
    Alan s exclusive brand pa black proved itself as a powerful industry player and therefore needed to revamp its print materials to match We have been designing for pa black for the past year delivering their quarterly lifestyle and property magazine Distinctive Since the relaunch of Distinctive Magazine pa black have been awarded the leading Sunday Times Prestige Estate Agency Award We continue to work with them on Distinctive Magazine

    Original URL path: http://www.designdough.co.uk/portfolio/pa-black/ (2016-04-24)
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  • designdough British Gas | designdough
    Graphic Interior British Gas a customer s perspective We were tasked with creating an experience more than just a team building or standard corporate exercise so we involved the whole team in brainstorming for the project knowing we needed more than just a design perspective in order to deliver a truly effective outcome Fran our Comms Coordinator suggested the idea of the British Gas Diorama a 1 12 scale dollhouse miniature to represent a customer s home and areas in which the company could better service and offer its clients much more than just its core products The aim of the experience was to engage the staff at British Gas and draw them even closer to customers by putting them in their shoes or rooms in this case The training experience was hugely successful and lead British Gas to create three full size customer centric meeting rooms within their Uddingston offices 01 We first started working with designdough in 2014 for some dynamic ideas on how we could bring some engagement and fun into team building exercise on how to bring the customer to life into our service contact centres I was amazed by what they came up with The

    Original URL path: http://www.designdough.co.uk/portfolio/british-gas/ (2016-04-24)
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  • designdough Oriel Jones | designdough
    CONTACT SUMMER 2014 Brand Graphic Packaging Oriel Jones is a small family run business located at the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains Named after the first generation to run the farm and long renowned for its quality passion enthusiasm and ethics Oriel Jones needed a brand and website to offer a more customer focused experience in order to enhance sales and spread the word of their superior Welsh produce Although the farm is deeply rooted in tradition Shaun and Barrie Jones father and son owners wanted a brand that could stand up to the more contemporary styles of their competition and emphasised their love of good food high livestock rearing standards and the fact that they take full control of the process from farm to fork 01 SUMMER 2014 Brand Graphic Packaging This is traditional farming and butchery at its best with methods passed down over generations so a high end and thoughtful look was crucial A distressed stamp style roundel was produced for its ease of use and application on white brown textured or black backgrounds This simple and classic logo was paired with brown kraft textures as well as natural wood grain and Welsh slate to highlight the

    Original URL path: http://www.designdough.co.uk/portfolio/oriel-jones/ (2016-04-24)
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