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  • Overseas | Decorative Interiors International | DKT Artworks
    Effect Mirror Decorated Furniture How We Work On Site Studio Production Worldwide Who We Are Introduction People Clients Projects All Clients Marine Residential Retail Leisure Hotels Restaurants Overseas Banking Financial Corporate Media Miscellaneous Showroom Glossary of Terms Press Coverage Contact Location Grange Mills Workshop Map Directions 2014 DKT Artworks Ltd Overseas Amman Amsterdam Antigua Antwerp Berlin Budapest Courchevel Dubai Dublin Dusseldorf Florida Frankfurt Geneva Gstaad Hamburg Herzelia Hong Kong Jeddah

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  • Banking & Financial Clients | Interior Arts | DKT Artworks
    Residential Retail Leisure Hotels Restaurants Overseas Banking Financial Corporate Media Miscellaneous Showroom Glossary of Terms Press Coverage Contact Location Grange Mills Workshop Map Directions 2014 DKT Artworks Ltd Banking Financial Accenture Algorithmics Aspect Capital Ltd Banco di Sicilia Banco Espirito Santo Banco Finantia Banco Santander Bank of America Bank of England Bank of Yokohama Banque BNP Paribas Bloomberg LP Brown Shipley Citadel Group Collins Stewart Commerzbank Concordia Advisors Coutts Group

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  • Corporate & Media Clients | Interior Arts | DKT Artworks
    Ashurst Morris Crisp AT T Communications Avenade UK Axon Group plc BAE Systems BAFTA BP plc British Airways British American Tobacco British Broadcasting Corporation British Energy British Telecom Buena Vista International Cable Wireless Canary Wharf Ltd Chevron Texaco Churchill Insurance Group Clifford Chance CNN London Coca Cola Communications Building Conoco UK Cushman Wakefield Diageo DLKW Lowe DTZ Debenham Tie Leung Eagle Star Endemol UK European Business News Explore Learning GUS

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  • Miscellaneous Clients| Decorative Interior Arts | DKT Artworks
    Restaurants Overseas Banking Financial Corporate Media Miscellaneous Showroom Glossary of Terms Press Coverage Contact Location Grange Mills Workshop Map Directions 2014 DKT Artworks Ltd Miscellaneous Airbus AJC Bunhill Fields Carmelite Priory Kensington Cresswell Medical Centre Egyptian Embassy London Great Ormond Street Hospital Hellenic Centre London Historic Royal Palaces Imperial College London Japanese Amb Res Madrid Japanese Embassy London Korean Embassy London Leighton House Museum Lord Chancellor s Department Masterpiece 2013

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  • Decorative Arts Showroom | London Interiors | DKT Artworks
    Location Grange Mills Workshop Map Directions 2014 DKT Artworks Ltd Showroom Over the years we have developed a formidable in house skill base with an outstanding archive of photographs samples techniques formulae and reference material stretching right back to the early days of the company There is a comprehensive selection of our work on permanent display at our Showroom in South West London including an outstanding photographic archive and an

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  • Glossary | Decorative Art Technical Terms | DKT Artworks
    Can be produced on a variety of surfaces using a variety of techniques Craftsman A craftsman or artisan is a skilled worker who uses tools in their particular work Up until the Industrial Revolution they were the major producers of goods often forming individual guilds Craquelure The fine cracking that occurs in old paintings or porcelain This can be reproduced using paint D Back to top Dado The lower part of a wall sitting between the Dado Rail and the Skirting Board Dado is frequently used incorrectly to describe the Dado Rail causing confusion to the painter See also Wainscoting Dado Rail A projecting horizontal moulding traditionally running at waist height along a wall dividing the lower wall dado from the upper wall Also called a Chair Rail it can serve to protect the wall from damage Damask An often elaborately finely patterned fabric formed by weaving The original damasks came from the East taking their name from Damascus Decorated Furniture Most decorative techniques can be applied to furniture suitability being determined by period or personal preference There are many classic effects DKT have also developed a number of treatments that require to be applied in a specialist workshop environment including lacquered metal leaf effects and shagreen Découpage The art or process of decorating a surface with shapes or illustrations cut from paper or card Diptych A painting or carving on two panels usually hinged Distemper Paint A very porous traditional paint usually made from powdered chalk glue and pigment Traditional paints have popularity and in the right circumstances there may be good reason to use them On the other hand the attractive chalkiness of distemper can usually be reproduced using more modern and durable paints Distressing This is the process of treating a new surface to create the feel of an old one In contrast to Antiquing distressing can often be quite stylised and does not necessarily aim to convince that the surface is genuinely antique Dragging The technique of dragging a brush through a glaze horizontally or vertically to produce fine lines Dry Brushing A paint technique that keeps the bristles of a brush fairly dry in order to build layers or to use as a final coat on a textured surface as a highlighter Dutch Metal An imitation gold leaf which is made from a combination of zinc and copper It is used as a cheaper substitute for real gold leaf but unlike real gold it will tarnish and therefore has to be varnished shortly after gilding It is readily identifiable by its larger leaf size usually 140mm square against 80mm square or thereabouts for precious metals E Back to top Ebonising Or Ebonizing To stain or otherwise finish in an imitation of ebony Egg and Dart An ornamental moulding in which a half egg shape alternates with a dart shape Eggshell Denotes a mid sheen finish achieved with a paint or varnish Generally the higher the sheen the more durable the surface Eggshell is seen as a good compromise giving a durable surface without the brashness of gloss Emboss A technique to create a raised three dimensional image on a surface DKT have so named a gesso and paint technique that they devised for their Broad Canvas collection Empire Early 19th Century style originating in France and reflecting the ascent of Napoleon This was an extension of Neoclassicism and influenced Regency in England North America s own Empire and the more bourgeois Biedermeier in Germany Emulsion Paint An emulsion is a mixture of two immiscible substances In the UK an emulsion paint usually means a water based house paint Enamel Vitreous enamel is a strong smooth coating formed by the application of molten pigmented glass on metal Enamel paint was so named since its hard glossy finish resembled vitreous enamel F Back to top Faïence Tin glazed earthenware suitable for painted decoration often used as architectural embellishment on tiles or friezes Faux Bois See Woodgraining Faux Finish From the French word meaning false this indicates a finish created to imitate another material such as wood or marble In some instances when carried out with confidence and style it can be a pleasing pastiche However when done well such as the work of Thomas Kershaw from the 19th Century viewable in the V A Museum it will be a near perfect copy of the real thing Faux Marbre French term See Marbling Fino Stucco Fino is a finely pitted decorative plaster finish from DKT Fissured A name given by DKT to a textured technique where the surface is cracked either randomly or regularly It is part of the Broad Canvas collection Flat A flat or matt paint or varnish has a non reflecting surface This is the best finish for hiding imperfections and aesthetically is often preferable to higher sheen finishes although the trade off is that it will mark more readily Floorcloth Early American painted canvas designs used as an alternative to or a protective covering for carpets French Polishing A method of finishing wood to a high gloss deeply coloured finish Traditionally achieved by multiple applications of spirit based Shellac Fresco The Italian Renaissance was the great period of Fresco painting although this method of wall painting certainly goes back as far as the Minoan Civilisation on Crete A disciplined technique and very durable proper Buon Fresco uses pure pigment painted onto wet lime plaster Probably the most famous example is Michelangelo s Sistine Chapel in Rome At DKT we also name one of our decorative finishes Fresco a colourwash evocative of the natural patina of a lime plastered wall Frieze A broad horizontal band running round the top of a wall often decorated usually with plasterwork or stencilling G Back to top Georgian This period covers the reigns of the four English King Georges from 1714 to 1830 a period of massive social and technological change Stylistically it encompasses the English interpretations of Baroque Rococo and Neoclassicism Gesso Traditional gesso is a mixture of chalk and animal glue and is used as a base for Water Gilding It tends to be brittle so does not make a strong substrate but it does produce a very smooth surface It can also be used as a traditional ground when painting onto rigid panels A modern acrylic gesso is available though it is not a total substitute for classic gesso Gilding The art of applying Metal Leaf to a surface Glaze To cover a surface with a layer of semi transparent colour to modify the underlying tones or colours Gloss Denotes a high sheen finish achieved with a paint or varnish Generally the higher the sheen the more durable the surface though ultimately this must be balanced against aesthetics Gold Leaf Very thin gold sheet 0 0001 mm or less thick produced by rolling or hammering gold and used for Gilding It is available in various purities 24 carat is pure gold but this leaf tends to be unsympathetic to use and lower carat leaf is preferred for most applications Gothic Used to describe the style of art and architecture in Western Europe from the 12th to 15th centuries Originally the term Gothic was applied in the 18th Century as a pejorative term comparing these medieval styles unfavourably with the classicism of the Greeks and Romans Architectural characteristics are the lancet arches and flying buttresses found in for example Notre Dame Cathedral In painting and sculpture it is more difficult to define a style and one can include such disparate artists as the Limburg Brothers Bosch and Grunewald Gothic Revival In England from the mid 18th Century into the 19th Century there was a strong movement to revive medieval forms in reaction to the prevalence of classicism This distilled to Europe and North America Architecturally Pugin and Barry s Houses of Parliament in London exemplify this interest In the decorative arts mass reproduction techniques enabled Gothic designs to be easily reproduced for a wide audience Gouache This paint is a Watercolour but it is made opaque by the addition of a white agent such as chalk It is frequently used in graphic art Graining See Woodgraining Granite Light coloured coarse grained igneous rock Grisaille Using monochrome paints on a flat surface to give the illusion of an item in three dimensions Often appearing as an architectural feature such as a moulding See also Trompe l Oeil Grotesque A complex painted or sculptural design where elements such as flowers figures fruit and fantastic animals intermingle These were seen in ancient Rome and revived in the Renaissance The word also refers to the fantastic creatures carved in Gothic architecture H Back to top Hue One of the three characteristics of Colour this is the basic description such as green or red I Back to top Inlay A form of decoration placed into flat surfaces mostly used on furniture Iridescent A spectrum of colours that shimmer and change as the observer s position change There is a variety of natural and synthetic materials that achieve iridescence Italian Plaster See Polished Plaster Ivory DKT s Faux Ivoire finishes imitate ivory which traditionally came from the teeth and tusks of large mammals L Back to top Lacquer Generally a clear waterproof varnish with a high sheen and depth Original Asian lacquerwork spread from China to Korea to Japan It involved maybe 40 coats of slow drying natural lacquer from the sap of the Rhus Vernicifera tree with painstaking flatting down between coats and items could take years to complete With the advent of quick drying synthetic lacquers the process was able to be put onto an industrial scale though the difference in quality was inevitable Modern 2 packs especially polyesters have made it possible to produce very deep lacquerwork Lapis Lazuli This is a brilliant blue variety of the mineral Lazurite used as a Pigment It is also one of the traditional specialist decorator s showcase finishes Latex Paint See Emulsion Paint Leather DKT s Faux Cuir technique was devised to imitate Leather It is one of our Paperworks collection and usually applied to walls and furniture Limewash Whitewash is primarily an exterior paint made from just slaked lime and water When pigmented Limewash can also used internally Liming Liming waxes are used on timber to give a bleached look Other timber treatments can give a range of similar effects Lustre The radiance on a surface from reflected light M Back to top Malachite A bright green mineral and a source of copper It is also one of the traditional specialist decorator s showcase finishes Marbling Also called marbleising this is the technique of painting a surface to imitate that of natural marble Marbre d Eau A paint technique by DKT that broadens the possibilities of marbled paper It is one of our finishes in the Paperworks collection Marmorino Meaning Little Marble this mixture of crushed marble and lime putty is one of the traditional Polished Plaster finishes Marmorino Classico A smooth plaster finish from DKT One of several variants on traditional stucco plaster finishes Marmorino Naturale A lightly pitted plaster finish from DKT One of several variants on traditional stucco plaster finishes Marquetry Pattern of inlaid veneers of wood brass ivory etc fitted together to form a picture or design used chiefly as ornamentation in furniture Matt See Flat Metal Leaf There are many types of metal leaf used in gilding ranging from fiery copper through a range of golden hues silvers ranging from leaden to bright to the cold sharpness of aluminium There are also variegated types of leaf and a further seam of creative possibilities is opened up by metallic and pearlescent powders which can be suspended in various media and are often combined with leaf work See also Oil Gilding Water Gilding and Verre Églomisé Metallo Velato A reflective burnished metallic plaster effect developed by DKT Modernism A term covering the many movements in arts and design from the end of the nineteenth century to the present day that aim to reflect the realities of the industrial age without reference to any traditional forms Both Modenism and Brutalism are often unfairly blanketed with criticism based on their worst examples but the concept is so widely based that no single work that can be said to define it on its own Examples of work that would generally be considered Modernist are the architecture of Mies van der Rohe the paintings of Mondrian and the furniture of Eileen Gray Mosaic The composition of small pieces of coloured glass stone or other materials with the gaps between the tiles being filled with grout to give an even surface the art goes back to the ancient world DKT work in glass tesserae and smalti marble pebbles and ceramic all of which are suitable for a broad range of applications Mould A mould or mold is produced from an original model to allow the casting of a run of identical items such as Bas Relief s The design of the model and the material of the mould dictate how readily and frequently this can be done Moulding A strip of material with a constant or repeating cross section used at transitions between two surfaces This can be made in a variety of materials such as wood plaster or stone Mural Derived from the Latin word for a wall this strictly refers to a large painting on a wall although the term is freely used to include paintings on ceilings and other permanent surfaces The first murals were cave paintings such as those at Lascaux in France and the tradition has continued more or less uninterrupted from there Muralist Someone who paints a Mural Whereas many muralists are also artist painters not all painters are proficient muralists The scale of composition within a room brings with it a whole series of challenges Muro d Argilla A rigid tightly textured plaster effect developed by DKT to give the feeling of a solid worked finish N Back to top Natural Color System The NCS is published by the Scandinavian Colour Institute and aims to provide a logical and precise definition of colours based on perception It has been taken up by various manufacturers Neoclassicism A style that emerged in Europe in the second half of the 18th Century in reaction to the excesses of Baroque and Rococo and continued through such movements as Empire and Biedermeier up to the 20th Century In architecture and the decorative arts the references to Classicism are obvious in the style whereas in painting and sculpture it is more often the subject matter than the style that is classical This can be seen in the architecture of Robert Adam and John Soane and the paintings of Ingres and David O Back to top Obelisk A square or rectangular stone monument tapering to a pyramidal point at the top Oil Gilding This is the application of Metal Leaf to a surface using an oil based size glue This process though not having the ultimate lustre achieved with Water Gilding is far more practical when decorating multiple items in particular interior or exterior architectural features on site It is also possible to substitute a water based size for the oil equivalent though this is not to be confused with water gilding Oil Paint The traditional medium of fine artists oil paint is valued for its highly saturated colours transparency and slow drying time This also made it the traditional material for decorative artists allowing plenty of time to manipulate the material over a large area However although oil paint still retains a place for many applications modern Acrylic Paint s are preferable since they do not yellow and are more readily repairable Onyx A banded form of quartz found in a wide range of colours Orientalism The term refers to the use of typically Eastern styles and motifs within Western art design and architecture see also Chinoiserie In 19th Century painting it refers to a somewhat exotic and inaccurate interpretation of Eastern cultures Ormolu The industrial gilding of cast alloy ornaments from the 18th Century onwards Ornamentation Enhancement or Embellishment P Back to top Paint Generally a product that protects and colours a surface A basic paint is a binder that solidifies when applied to the surface An obvious additive is Pigment but a whole range of materials can be added to govern a paint s characteristics Lastly the dilutant is the liquid that controls the paints viscosity Palladium A dark silver heavy metal Available as leaf for use in gilding it has a less shiny look than silver and does not tarnish in air Panel Moulding Inlaid or raised Moulding s applied to flat wall surfaces to give variety and detail Paperworks A range of decorative finishes developed by DKT They are designed to created in our Studio ready for application by ourselves or others to walls or panels Parallel Wave One of a selection of paint effects developed by DKT for their Paperworks collection Parchment The skin of certain animals was treated to form a durable material for bookbinding and manuscripts DKT s Faux Parchemin finish imitates the look of waxed parchment for our Paperworks collection Pastello Stucco Pastello is a lightly dimpled semi opaque plaster finish from DKT Pastiglia A paste of Gesso or similar moulded in relief to a miniature design and allowed to harden then frequently gilded Patina A name given to the appearance that age or atmospheric corrosion gives to a surface assuming it is seen as attractive DKT calls one of its water based finishes Patina Patinato Veneziana A traditional polished plaster finish devised by DKT It has the possibility of being highly burnished Pearlescent See Iridescent Pelmet Structure that conceals the top edge of a curtain or window blind Perspective Perspective is the perception of an object s relative position in space The representation of convincing perspective in two dimensions was one of the breakthroughs of Renaissance Art Whereas convincing perspective is relatively straightforward for

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  • Press Coverage | Interior Arts London | DKT Artworks
    at al December 2015 Taking Silk read article The World of Interiors November 2015 Ester III read article Boat International August 2015 Scratching the Surface read article Superyacht Design Autumn 2015 Teasing the Senses Kensington Mansion flat read article design et al June 2015 Kismet read article Boat International June 2015 Invisible Artistry read article The Magazine Antiques January February 2015 Solandge read article SuperYacht World September October 2014 Mondango 3 read article Yacht Premiere Vol 4 2014 Alloy Yachts Mondango 3 read article Superyacht International Autumn 2014 Spa on Tour read article Boat Exclusive Vol 2 2014 Kibo read article Boat International October 2014 The Ultimate Charter Machine read article Yachts International September October 2014 Modango 3 read article Boat International August 2014 Solandge read article ShowBoat International April 2014 Apostrophe read article Boat International March 2014 Kensington Mansion Flat read article The Art of Design February 2014 Ana Coates Interior Designer read article FX February 2014 Sea Owl read article Boat International November 2013 Sea Owl read article ShowBoats October 2013 Artisanal Offerings read article The Mayfair Magazine June 2013 DKT Artworks read article Super Yacht Design Issue 14 2013 Excellence V read article YD Yacht Design February

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  • Grange Mills Workshop | Contact Us | DKT Artworks
    Overseas Banking Financial Corporate Media Miscellaneous Showroom Glossary of Terms Press Coverage Contact Location Grange Mills Workshop Map Directions 2014 DKT Artworks Ltd Contact Location Grange Mills Workshop We moved into our current Workshop in Balham London at the start of 2012 Unlike our two previous spaces we were able to start with a bare shell and have fitted it out both to facilitate the wide range of work we

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