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  • Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour - Online Dog Training Courses
    one of the most successful canine related organisations Whether as a career change or hobby we offer a well laid out set of 6 training courses which participants study online So many people begin dog training without the required knowledge or even a business plan The information provided within the structure of the ADTB courses is designed to help would be Trainers to plan ahead It also allows present day trainers to keep abreast of new and modern training methods Within the ADTB we believe that practical training experience is a MUST before people undertake hands on training of dogs but everyone must start somewhere and we truly believe our courses are a great place to start The ADTB does not provide practical training courses however we will advertise any course material we receive on our members forum in order to offer our students information as to where they can find practical study ADTB Principles ADTB Instructors only use positive training methods ADTB Instructors need to know the basics of behaviour ADTB Instructors must be enthusiastic and passionate about dogs Read More Courses Overview ADTB Courses List Understanding What Makes Dogs Tick Setting Up A Successful Training Class Puppy Level

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  • Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour - Available Dog Training Courses
    the courses You can register and log in to the Member s forum using the link below Access The Member s Forum Note You will need to register on the forums to gain access to your online courses Please follow the instructions in found in your Welcome Email Renew Your ADTB Membership You can renew your yearly ADTB Membership by using the Pay Now button below You can with your

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  • Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour - About the ADTB
    ADTB Since 1981 when she was first requested to run a seminar Jenni has travelled the country teaching others how to achieve the very best from their dog She has instructed in many European countries and the USA In all she has held over 400 seminars and has provided a helping hand in the training of many of the top UK competition dogs When Jenni ceased competing in the late 1990 s she turned her attention to trying to improve the facilities offered to pet dog owners She ran several classes weekly in the Cleveland area of the UK and found pet dog training and the requirements of the owners totally different to competitive work She also realized that there was very little opportunity available for people who either wanted to study How to become a Dog Trainer OR those who were already in the business but wanting to update their training methods Nowadays and after moving her home to Spain in 2004 Jenni spends most days of the week working in her office and is still as passionate about the ADTB as she was on the day it was launched She lives with her partner Alan who is a great support to her in her work along with their two dogs Charlie a Border Collie rescue and Chica a German Shepherd bitch that she rescued at only two weeks old Add to this an African Grey parrot called Misty who talks non stop in 4 different languages and you have the family picture Jenni believes that the world of Dog Training is moving forward every day and we must keep up with both knowledge and new initiative training methods She also believes that no matter how long you have been involved with dogs we will never know enough herself included Finally Jenni would like to thank all the many people who have studied the ADTB courses and welcome all new students Cheryl has been involved with dogs since a very young age She got her first dog which was a toy Poodle at the age of 7 Cheryl and Tia Maria were inseparable Everywhere Cheryl went Tia Maria followed Tia Mara wasn t the prettiest dog you have ever seen She had over shot teeth and many imperfections but to Cheryl she was just perfect One day whilst visiting her brother in hospital the car was broken into and Tia Maria was stolen Cheryl never saw Tia Maria again and was totally heart broken Her Mum Jenni tried to get her to accept another puppy but if it wasn t Tia Maria she didn t want to know Jenni had an ice cream van and like Cheryl and Tia s relationship Cheryl was the same with her Mum Jenni Never were the two apart Cheryl used to work on the van with Jenni and an old Border Collie called Lassie used to come to the van everyday to get a broken cone with some ice cream We found out

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  • Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour - ADTB Promises And Principles
    of care sympathy kindness with methods and wellbeing of dogs is of the highest standard To provide adequate insurance coverage for themselves and for both dogs and owners they are involved with training To never use a training method that would instill any form of mental or physical cruelty to a dog To use only acceptable training equipment and never to use any form of electrical device prong collar or indeed any other such equipment that may cause injury pain or anguish to a dog Accept that the owners have total decision regarding their dogs training Show respect to other local trainers To always conduct themselves in a manner that will uphold the good name of the ADTB To either uphold their ADTB membership yearly or remove from their advertising and or website any reference to being an ADTB member Reporting Misconduct Of ADTB Instructors Should a member of the public find that the above principles have been violated or have any complaint regarding an ADTB Approved Instructor please lodge the complaint by email to jenni adtb co uk Proof to back up the complaint should be provided and if possible witness testimony Should the member be found responsible for

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  • Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour - Available Dog Training Courses
    great source of knowledge for anyone who is considering adding a dog to their family The document covers Research Breeding Rearing Early Socialization With Dogs And Humans Health The Owners Training This document is a must for anyone wishing to embark into the field of Dog Training or Behavioural Counselling It is also suitable for Pet Dog Owners Course Price 20 00 Enrol Now Module 2 Setting Up A Successful Training Class All the tried and tested do s and don ts Finding Premises Advertising Receiving Telephone Calls Presenting A Professional Package For Your Clients Making Contacts Insurance Coverage Charges Setting Up A Class The advice offered in this document has been gathered from information supplied from our ADTB Instructors who have set up and successfully held training classes There is so much information contained in this course which will help in many ways to make setting up a training class so much easier Many of us due to lack of knowledge or over enthusiasm have made mistakes when setting up our classes but a sharing of ideas between our Instructors has resulted in the ADTB being in a position to assist newcomers to our profession and offer lots of practical advice It is a must for anyone wishing to embark on running classes whether as a business or hobby and will offer a wealth of knowledge Course Price 35 00 Enrol Now Module 3 Puppy Level Instructors Course Many people starting out in the field of Dog Training begin by offering a puppy training class This class may come in the form of Puppy Parties held at veterinary surgeries puppy socialization classes or one to one home visitations Puppies are a sponge for learning and the early introduction of teaching can alleviate many problems at a later date The

    Original URL path: http://www.dogtraining-online.co.uk/courses.html (2016-02-08)
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  • Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour - How The Online Courses Work
    of the courses Some people will complete all courses in a matter of weeks whilst others may take more than a year It is entirely up to the individual Participants need not have any previous Dog Training experience What the courses offer is a starting point but we highly recommend that our students look for ways of gaining hands on experience which is needed before anyone should embark on training members of the public and their dogs Levels Of Qualifications Within The ADTB ADTB Graduate Upon completion of all 6 online courses and provided a PASS mark has been achieved for the paperwork required students will be accepted into the ADTB as an ADTB GRADUATE and their details will be listed on the ADTB GRADUATES page This will act as a reference for students to show that they have undertaken the ADTB ONLINE study courses It does not however indicate that the student has satisfied the ADTB that they have adequate hands on experience Students who achieve ADTB Graduate status can either remain at that level or move to APPROVED INSTRUCTOR at a later stage ADTB Approved Instructor Should students wish to gain membership as an ADTB APPROVED INSTRUCTOR after successful completion of the ADTB theory courses this can be done in one of two ways 1 Should the student have a minimum of one years practical training experience and be in a position to submit two independent references to accompany this claim they can gain automatic membership as an ADTB Fully Approved Instructor 2 If the student does not have the required practical experience they can when they feel ready attend a one off practical assessment with an ADTB assessor In most cases the student would travel to the assessors place of training to take their assessment They would

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  • Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour - Enrol Onto The Dog Training Courses
    As A Gift If you are buying the course for another person you MUST notify us with the persons details Please use the Instructions to Merchant part on the Paypal application to give us details of Name address and email address Please allow us 24 hours to contact you once you have booked using paypal Order Your Courses Order All 6 Modules Book all six courses and upon completion of them receive your first years membership fre e Course Price 195 00 Alternatively you can order one or more courses and purchase the rest when you are ready to do so Module 1 Understanding What Makes Dog Tick Before it is possible to train a dog or deal with a bad behaviour problem a Trainer or Behavioural consultant must understand the way a dogs mind works Course Price 20 00 Module 2 Setting Up A Successful Training Class All the tried and tested do s and don ts of setting up a dog training class Course Price 35 00 Module 3 Puppy Level Instructors Course Many people starting out in the field of dog training begin by offering a puppy training class Course Price 35 00 Module 4 Bronze Level Instructors Course Running a Course for the Domestic Pet Dog and Its Owner Information on running a basic course for the domestic pet dog and its owner Course Price 35 00 Module 5 Silver Level Instructors Course Running a Course for the Domestic Pet Dog and Owner Who Have Undertaken the Bronze Course Information on running a course for the domestic pet dog and owner who have undertaken the Bronze Course Course Price 35 00 Module 6 Gold Level Instructors Course Running A Course for the Domestic Pet Dog and Owner Who Have Undertaken the Bronze and Silver Courses Running

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  • Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour - Frequently Asked Questions
    an ADTB APPROVED INSTRUCTOR receive a second diploma stating that they are an ADTB Approved Instructor plus a letter of reference Q Is This Diploma Recognized A It may surprise the reader to discover that there is actually no governing body in the UK regarding Dog Training What is available at present are various organizations who offer courses at different levels with very varied prices People who are interested in taking Dog Training courses should shop around and try to find a course which will suit their individual needs offered at a price to also suit The ADTB is now in it s 13th year and is generally regarded as one of the most highly respected canine organizations in the UK We keep abreast of all incoming changes and will gladly embrace any rulings which may be imposed by the government in the future to protect dogs and insist on qualification of Trainers Q Are The Courses Suitable For People Who Live Outside The UK A Yes these people can also become Fully Approved provided they meet the required criteria Q How Do I Renew My ADTB Membership A To renew your ADTB membership please click here Q What Other Help Do You Offer A Participants are given access to the ADTB members forum On the forum they meet up with other people taking the courses They have the opportunity to read many excellent articles relating to dogs The forum offers the following groups Announcements Section Serious Canine Discussion Group Where members can post canine problems and offer advice to others who are dealing with problems Members Documents Section Where we store articles which have been written by our own members or others who have kindly agreed to publication on our forum Rehoming And Dogs Wanted Section We give information about dogs which are looking for a home or people who are looking for a dog General Chat Section The fun group Courses Available Section This is where we provide details of practical training courses which are being organized in the UK Instructors Graduates Section This is a private group available only to qualified Graduates and Instructors Course Participant Section Ask the Experts Section Archives Section All serious Canine related documents which have been written in the past are stored in this area Members and students can post mail seeking advice contribute to problem solving and make many new friends who have the same interests Participants are also encouraged to communicate by email with their mentor Jenni Watson Jenni will be delighted to offer any advice In addition the ADTB releases three newsletter per year Q Is it possible to hear any comments from people who have done the courses A Here are some testimonials I have been training dogs for more years than I care to think about These days experience counts but clients want to know that you have the theory and understanding behind that experience This is where the courses run by the ADTB come in apart

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