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  • Portrait of your home
    major milestone in your life So why not commission a sculpture or watercolour of your home to celebrate your move This all started when a good friend of mine was searching around for a a special gift to give to someone in the village of Itchenor West Sussex and asked if I would create a 3D portrait of her friend s home in papier mache I was really pleased with the result and as a consequence have created further home sculptures Anchor Cottage The picturesque cottage has a gorgeous anchor prominently displayed in the garden and naturally I made this the focal point of the portrait To make the sculpture truly local the portrait was built up from a base made of driftwood picked up in the local harbour I particularly enjoyed doing this tableau sculpture of a couple s adored garden complete with rabbit and magpie Incorporating chin in the path to form a mosaic and driftwood in the tree stump I have now a plan to do further home and building portraits Here are some beach hut sculptures made of papier mache Here is another lovely idea on the left a personalised papier mache beach hut This has a label made from driftwood Set on an actual piece of driftwood this is a very attractive wall hung sculpture On the right a row of beach huts set on driftwood Commissions start at 65 00 for an A5 size artwork If you would like a sculpture of your home please email anita driftwood dreams co uk To give you an idea of other buildings that form background to tableau s include the Duomo in Florence a hotel in England tropical beach hut and the Manhattan skyline I can portray an entire street or even a village A village pond

    Original URL path: http://www.driftwood-dreams.co.uk/Anita/house_portraits/house-portraits.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Pet Portaits
    Artists Watercolours Silhouettes Artists to Admire About Us More About Anita Creating a Tableau FAQs Commissions The Artist Design Process Customer Feedback Gift Vouchers Gift Wrap Delivery Payment Refunds Image Reproduction Cross and Boat Styles Teaser Cards Worksheets Workshops Contact Us Pet Portraits Papier Mache Portraits of Cats and Dogs To commission a papier mache portrait of your pet please get in touch Papier mache pet portraits start at about 75 00 plus delivery Larger commissions with a background such as Lady and the Lump start at 185 00 Here are two recent commissions Lady and the Lump Flora and Buzz These are fun and inexpensive papier mache or paper mache gifts that you can give to a friend Here is a wedding anniversary tableau incorporating the owners with their pet dog and cat The work was commissioned from photos e mailed to me A design was produced for approval prior to commissions commencing Prices for these sort of tableaux start at 190 plus delivery Commission a cat portrait to give as a gift Or maybe you have another pet you would like a portrait of Owners of pets understand the special bond between animal and human What better than a portrait or sculpture to capture your pet for ever Sadly pets do not last forever but our images and sculptures do Maybe your pet has recently deceased What better than a lovely portrait to remember those fun days and warm moments Watercolours Here are two recent commissions of cats in watercolour Watercolour pet portraits are a recent addition to the site Maybe a watercolour is more your preference than a sculpture The choice is yours These watercolours are created by Lyndsay a local artist They were both painted from a photograph Both were completed in under a week This

    Original URL path: http://www.driftwood-dreams.co.uk/Anita/Pet-portraits/pet-portraits.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Life Keepsakes - The Ideal 40th and 50th Birthday present
    Styles Teaser Cards Worksheets Workshops Contact Us Life Keepsakes The Ideal 40th and 50th Birthday present How do you celebrate a momentous birthday or occasion or a lifetime of memories A recent commission inspired by Louise Bourgeois installations gives the perfect diorama or memento mori to draw a lifetime of memories together I was given a box of buttons a doll and numerous other memories to place in the box Facts ranging from favourite colour favourite artists facts about relatives and personal memories helped me design a memory chest in the form of a box The baby represented the fact that the lady had been adopted and the baby comes out to reveal two women her adopted mother and her real mother The box is interactive in that items can be removed The 3d treasure also included a school badge and ring a papier mache replica of a cat African mask and angel and some 1950 s sewing patterns These various facets of her life were incorporated into a 3D montage Each symbol was steeped in personal meaning and memory Please look at the close up here to see more detail Prices for a Life in a Box Sculpture start at 150 This includes a detailed interview phone call fact finding session The size would be approximately 12 x 9 This is dependent on what you require in it This includes making at least three papier mache items for memories and all the details I source and provide such as stones leaves and other materials relevant to your theme In this case I sourced a miniature dress making model and made a papoose for the baby and used an antique hook to hang the baby The price also includes a design as a start to the process Here is a

    Original URL path: http://www.driftwood-dreams.co.uk/Life-in-a-box/life%20in%20a%20box.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Bereavement Gifts
    this world for the both of us As long as I can I will sing with the birds I will laugh with the flowers I will pray to the stars for both of us This flower ensemble together with prayer and washed frame is 37 50 to include wrapping and postage recorded to any UK destination I can add a personalised message on back and or on the label if you would like it sent somewhere direct I can produce any design your imagination creates and have miniature roses lilies and other flowers which can be incorporated into the design The price includes this new design just detail what you require Click to order bereavement gift Ship of Life This unique frame is collaged with tissues and set inside a wooden outer frame The poem Ship of Life can be changed for any other poem you would like The boat is made from sea worn glass and is set on a painted background with a papier mache varnished sea A personalised message can be put on the reverse of the frame Perhaps you would like a similar version but have anew idea Please approach me I love coming up with new and different designs Forget Me Not Cross Forget Me Not a valued sentiment Unique sympathy gifts are hard to come by but at this sensitive time a bereavement gift can be just the right touch to provide needed comfort As an expression of condolence this gift is unique A lot of time and feeling goes into the making of the cross and collecting of flowers to make this gift I like to think this is reflected in the care and attention to detail which makes this so personal embellished with real dried forget me nots The framed prayer and celtic style cross can be gift wrapped in celtic paper which is black and gold This is tied with black and gold curling ribbon This is 1 extra A personalised message of your choice can be attached for no charge The gift can be taken to a funeral or rest home by yourselves or posted from me to yourself or named person The price for a framed Celtic cross and prayer is 29 50 plus postage This includes wrapping personalised message and sympathy card if required If you prefer a framed prayer without the cross the price is 18 00 plus postage Special one off designs such as the boat above are 35 00 40 00 depending on requirements If you prefer the plain prayer the forget me not border surround makes for a pretty and valued gift The content of the poem is Native American and has been passed down for generations Click to order bereavement gift Crosses can be made to hang loose without a frame These crosses can be hung up in a room or on your bed head All crosses come wrapped in tissue ribbon They incorporate a wire hook and raffia for hanging These are

    Original URL path: http://www.driftwood-dreams.co.uk/Bereavements/Bereavements.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Bereavement Gift Gallery
    Shed Tears Though Nothing email a prayer Gift Wrapping 2 50 Why not have your cross beautifully gift wrapped View the options for wrapping paper by clicking wrapping paper The labels and ribbons will be co ordinated to the choice of paper Choose Style Lilac floral Celtic and black Blue Sprig Autumn Leaf Green and gold spot Pink spot Stripe top Celtic Crosses The Celtic range with your chosen prayer set in a handmade oak frame or on driftwood The driftwood tiles and wash will vary as to which cross is chosen and what is in stock but will enhance the wood in subtle shades Each framed or wood set cross comes with space for a personalised message if required Frames driftwood crosses are sent by signed for postage Gift wrapping is 2 50 extra Framed cross with prayer of your choice from 32 00 plus postage Set on Driftwood with corner tiles from 35 50 pp Please note each item may vary slightly as each cross is totally unique and individually hand crafted by Anita For framed crosses the aperture is 7 x 5 When using dried flowers flowers shown on site may be substituted if current stock of dried flowers are not of a suitable quality To view prayer options please click Bereavement prayers Framed Green Cabachon Cross UK 35 50 GBP Europe 40 50 GBP World 42 00 GBP Choose Prayer A Celtic Blessing For get me not As Long as I Can You Can Shed Tears Though Nothing email a prayer Green Cabachon on Driftwood UK 37 50 GBP Europe 42 50 GBP World 44 00 GBP Choose Prayer A Celtic Blessing For get me not As Long as I Can You Can Shed Tears Though Nothing email a prayer Green Cabachon Cross Green Cabachon Cross on Driftwood Framed Forget Me Not Celtic Cross UK 35 50 GBP Europe 40 50 GBP World 42 00 GBP Choose Prayer A Celtic Blessing For get me not As Long as I Can You Can Shed Tears Though Nothing email a prayer Forget Me Not on Driftwood UK 37 50 GBP Europe 42 50 GBP World 44 00 GBP Choose Prayer A Celtic Blessing For get me not As Long as I Can You Can Shed Tears Though Nothing email a prayer Forget Me Not Celtic Cross Forget Me Not on Driftwood Framed Purple Jewelled Celtic UK 35 50 GBP Europe 40 50 GBP World 42 00 GBP Choose Prayer A Celtic Blessing For get me not As Long as I Can You Can Shed Tears Though Nothing email a prayer Purple Jewelled on Driftwood UK 37 50 GBP Europe 42 50 GBP World 44 00 GBP Choose Prayer A Celtic Blessing For get me not As Long as I Can You Can Shed Tears Though Nothing email a prayer Purple Jewelled Celtic Purple Jewelled on Driftwood Framed Celestial Cross UK 35 50 GBP Europe 40 50 GBP World 42 00 GBP Choose Prayer A Celtic Blessing For get

    Original URL path: http://www.driftwood-dreams.co.uk/Bereavements/Bereavement_Gift_Gallery/Bereavement-gallery.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Ready Made Religious Gifts for Sale
    days Do you need to give a personally crafted gift but have left it to the last minute Fear not I have created a range of sculptures you can purchase for immediate delivery Framed Religious Boat Sculpture Here is a selection of framed boat sculptures with prayers that can be posted and delivered very quickly These are one off sculptures and provide a very unique gift with the proper Christmas spirit Look After Me Green Help me to dare more boldly 7 1 4 x 5 1 4 inches Within UK 28 00 GBP Within Europe 29 50 GBP Outside Europe 32 00 GBP 6 x 8 inches Within UK 28 00 GBP Within Europe 29 50 GBP Outside Europe 32 00 GBP Angels These sculptures are made from papier mache hand painted and mounted on driftwood Angel on Driftwood 1 Angel on Driftwood 2 Angel on Driftwood 3 5 x 3 inches Within UK 23 50 GBP Within Europe 27 00 GBP Outside Europe 28 50 GBP 3 5 x 3 5 inches Within UK 23 50 GBP Within Europe 27 00 GBP Outside Europe 28 50 GBP 5 x 3 inches Within UK 23 50 GBP Within Europe 27 00 GBP Outside Europe 28 50 GBP Pewter Angel 1 Pewter Angel 2 Three Hand Painted Angels 90mmx 90mm Within UK 16 75 GBP Within Europe 18 50 GBP Outside Europe 20 00 GBP Sold Height 90mm Within UK 9 99 GBP Within Europe 10 60 GBP Outside Europe 12 00 GBP 2 Green Angels Set of six angels for you to make Angel Decoration 7 sets available Size 110 x 90mm Within UK 5 00 GBP Within Europe 5 75 GBP Outside Europe 6 50 GBP Complete with snowflake paper bags Within UK 5 99 GBP Within Europe

    Original URL path: http://www.driftwood-dreams.co.uk/Gifts/Gifts-for-Sale.html (2016-04-29)
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  • Crafts for Kids with Anita
    the newspaper to dry However a simple shape or animal covered in tissue can be achieved in 2 3 hours I will show you how to make your own glue and take you through the various stages required to complete your piece This is the best craft for kids available I have produced papier mache workshops at many London and Surrey and have put on private birthday parties and workshops Anyone can do this art form Some children as young as 4 or 5 can start papier mache but for an entire class of all abilities 6 or 7 is an ideal age to get to grips with the technique It is only really from the start of Junior school that children can paint a design with any accuracy However if younger dots and sponges can complete any piece very effectively If you want a workshop for a party then I may need to prepare bases ready to paint It depends on the time you have available Why not have a couple of sessions Craft for kids that ends with a stunning wall hanging angel fish or butterfly It is possible to cover their artwork with tissue in the one session to produce a finished item Here are two examples of previous workshops To view a selection of other classes I have run please click Previous Children s Workshops London Eye Workshop This was an full day workshop for Year 6 students 10 11 years old I constructed the frame prior to the lesson and the children created and attached the pods ticket office bridge and Houses of Parliament I also provided information about the London Eye along with handy hints on how to create papier mache sculpture This was loaded onto a special CD and given as part of

    Original URL path: http://www.driftwood-dreams.co.uk/learn_papier_mache/crafts-for-kids.htm (2016-04-29)
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  • Papier Mache Workshops
    online or on the phone to give advice if required Full session cost is 55 Venue My home Richmond Surrey Suitable for 1 3 people This is a very personalised session and gives you the know how to start and complete a papier mache sculpture of your choice I have many papier mache books and we can look at ideas if you are not sure what you want to do or which style grabs you Below is a video clip of one of my recent workshops It all started when the papier mache book that sat on my bookshelf jumped out at me one day and I decided I would try and get some lessons I searched the internet and found Anita Her website looked fun and when I spoke with her she was very enthusiastic I arranged to do 3 workshops and then I contacted a close friend and she said that she was more interested in art classes but she would come along She then brought a neighbour that had been confined to her home due to foot injury and thought she might like it So we all headed down to Anita not knowing what to expect All we can say It was great fun Anita is very motivating and supportive of the very ambitious ideas we had All the sessions were fun and a great time to relax and to be creative Not to mention good girl chat Thoroughly recommended The piece represents our journey through life precarious unsteady and fraught with difficulty The woman is clothed which represents our incongruous attempts to protect ourselves through formality and disguises When I sent it to a very dear male friend he said Tell the woman that clothing will never protect her Please take the opportunity to enjoy working with Anita Joanne Holland CEO Bowater Building Products I can also supply references if you would like and for your assurance when working with children I am CRB checked If you require further sessions of course you can always come to more This art form can be a wonderful therapy for older people who have diminished sight or are losing their manual hand dexterity through arthritis Many have found this craft a wonderful way to come back to art Any age any ability this art technique does not need the traditional artistic background top Other Previous Adult Workshops Bike Workshop This bike sculpture was created by one of my students in a one to one workshop Day of the Dead Workshop The theme of this workshop was Day of the Dead Driftwood Lamp Workshop This workshopwas run for a couple who had collected driftwood and wanted to create a bedside lamp Figure Workshop The aim of this workshop was to teach the use of wire armatures Papier mache Bowl Workshop The student wanted to make a papier mache bowl to display her hand made soaps top My Background I studied Mexican Papier Mache sculpture for three years at the Shaftsbury

    Original URL path: http://www.driftwood-dreams.co.uk/learn_papier_mache/learn_the_art.htm (2016-04-29)
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