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  • History of Mexican papier mache sculpture
    the true alebrijes Pedro s sons and grandsons now continue the tradition and their works are widely collected The alebrijes are still made with the same method to this day All alebrijes are basically created in this manner However the most important factor is the imaginative vision of the artists to produce such original fantastical creatures The process is quite simple an armature is made from reed or wire in the shape of the final body To build up certain areas newspaper can be taped on when dry before adding the glued layers A home made paste is produced using flour heated up in boiling water Sheets of plain brown paper or newspaper are added in layers to cover the frame until it is firm This may take some time as some of these creatures are extremely large The figure then has to dry thoroughly In Mexico the sunny weather speeds up this process All sorts of wondrous extremities are then added including wings horns tails fierce teeth bulgy eyes and a whole host of other creative additions The final figure is painted white Then is the time for the colourful painting The Linares use brushes of cat hair to achieve the fine lines Colours which would normally clash are painted side by side in intricate patterns and produce stunning results The attention to detail is quite amazing with a series of repeated scales and intricate patterns including tear drops wiggly lines and series of dots A steady hand and eye is a must to produce such a carefully detailed vision of colour These alebrijes are now transported all over the world and the bigger ones may be made in sections that fit together to aid transport In 1990 the Mexican Government awarded Pedro Linares the National Prize for Popular Arts and Traditions Premio Nacional de Ciencias y Artes en la Rama VI Artes y Tradiciones Populares The work of the Linares is now being avidly collected by European and American museums and collectors In London at the Museum of Mankind papier mâché figures by Felipe and Leonardo were included in the exhibition The Skeleton and the Feast the Day of the Dead in Mexico 1991 1993 This included a huge installation entitled The Atomic Apocalypse Will Death Die showing the figures of Famine War Pestilence and Death presiding over a selection of scenes depicting the evils of the modern world There are also examples of their art at the Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow St Mungo s Museum of Religion Glasgow and The Royal Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh In 1992 Felipe and Leonardo were artists in residence at the Museum of Mankind during which they created a giant alebrije and a 3 metre high Judas figure complete with skull masks for the Museum s permanent collection In 1996 Felipe Linares Mendoza and his sons Felipe and Leonardo created a large installation entitled The Seven Deadly Sins for the new Museum of Art in Glasgow Each scene was represented

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  • Papier Mache Dioramas
    border I have recently finished a religious version depicting a Madonna with child See below These diorama boxes could depict a scene from your life accompanied with relevant provided memorabilia tickets postcards photos buttons etc surrounding the outer edge The diorama below was commissioned to celebrate a 50th birthday On the left is diorama is a religious version shown with a Madonna and child Prices for diorama commissions start at 55 00 up to 150 00 plus delivery depending on the complexity of the commission A recent anniversary mixed media mosaic commission involved a free hanging mosaic heart utilising pieces of beautiful pottery many pieces with real 1930 s designs This was hung in the front of a metal edged 3 dimensional box frame lined with poetry quotes and dates names and details embellished with jewels and glitter The message on the back was edged with red and the piece was hung with red cord This was my first attempt at mosaic and shows I am always willing to try out new designs to answer your brief Or maybe you would just like a pottery mosaic heart Just email me at anita driftwood dreams co uk to discuss your very own commission I am happy to come up with an original concept before you commit to a final commission Prices for this sort of design are approx 65 00 and the size is about 8 square although frames vary as to what I have in stock top What are Dioramas A diorama is a perspective representation that creates a perfect impression of space A diorama is not just a model The scale used for figures and bodies is variable and has to be adjusted to the perspective The background image is often painted and blends in with the model constructions seamlessly Traditional dioramas require outstanding skills on the part of the model maker and painter In Mexico colourful didactic dioramas made of stone and plaster have adorned churches since Aztec times These 3D graphic illustrations were produced to augment simple sermons that overworked friars gave their converts in barely mastered native tongues These parabolas were situated as shrines on the side of churches and mesmerised the peoples of the Aztec Empire with new messages from the victorious gods of Catholic Spain In Mexico dioramas depict cultural events such as The Day of the Dead Each Autumn the shops are filled with artists colourful dioramas depicting miniature skeleton scenes ranging from weddings to funerals to feasts fiestas These are mostly fun and festive scenes made of papier mache or created with clay and hand painted Often these are enclosed in a wooden painted box with a glass cover All year round dioramas and shrines are created portraying depictions of cult figures such as Frida Kahlo or religious icons such as The Virgin of Guadeloupe Decorated with glitter tinsel and ephemera these dioramas have become sought after gifts and treasures for many collectors Wooden dioramas often have highly decorated opening doors Around

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  • Day of the Dead
    of the Dead The Day of the Dead is one of the most important Catholic religious events with fused pre Hispanic religions and rituals held throughout Mexico The Celebration takes place the 1st and 2nd November Beautiful shrines decorated with flowers food memorabilia and objects are created for the home and in public places to honour the departed In Mexico there is a tradition of artists creating many skeletons and skulls out of papier mache to sell for this event The skeletons follow old traditions and are seen in every day pursuits indigenous to local customs In studying Mexican culture I have become fascinated by this amazing celebration Thus inspired I have produced my own papier mache tableaux and skeletons Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player Day of the Dead Here is a papier mache piece representing skeletons coming to life on the Day of the Dead for the last dance I have been very inspired by Frida Kahlo and many aspects of Mexican Art I have also written a poem to accompany this piece which is printed on the back And as the clock turned midnight The ground gave up it s fight The lover s rose embraced once more And thus entranced they danced danced They twirled in circles round the floor Reunited at last for ever more This is probably one of my favourite papier mache pieces out of everything I have ever done It has become a collector s item I have followed the Mexican papier mache traditions faithfully with the vibrant colours and naive style Dimensions 38 cm x 30 cm For Sale 375 00 plus delivery The Silver Surfer In creating my papier mache sculpture The Silver Surfer I was portraying the human surfer returning from the grave

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  • Alebrijes
    and then reinforced with newspaper I then add wings tails horns crowns any mythical details these are followed by props personality and of course panache However the most important ingredient of all is Imagination These figures can be on a stand part of a tableau or standing on legs The pieces I have made have varied from Birds of Paradise Seahorses or Skeletons to Warhammer Orks and Eldars Truly a Bird of Paradise I was proud to have this papier mache bird displayed at the Summer Exhibition Parkshot in Richmond 2003 and at The Victoria Albert Museum in Summer 2004 It was also used by an art teacher as a starting design to make a 5 foot sculpture out of recycled materials at Russell School in Petersham This papier mache piece was born when decided I would create a unique mythical bird I had been studying papier mache for two years and felt that the knowledge I had learnt would surely manifest itself in developing a new fantastical creature I was fascinated by the idea of a papier mache bird of paradise Inspired by the mystical birds in the Chinese department of the V A embellished on kimonos and woven silks I embarked upon the idea of this sumptuous bird which would represent these Eastern themes Mine was to be a peaceful bird a bringer of harmony and tranquillity The tail was a necessity for balance as three points are always the best combination for a strong sturdy upright figure And so I began the slow and laborious job of painting my papier mache creature I had decided on blues and purples but to set the colouring off and to create a mystical aura I would need to add a touch of brightness I experimented with a range of bright florescent and gaudy colours pink lime and canary yellow shone through I would add small touches of bright dots and lines in these hues to bring the vibrancy alive The contrast was just right I discovered that a smattering of silver in the scales was the perfect shading to give a shimmery opulence The papier mache Bird of Paradise then had jewelled paint finishes varnish and glitter added Finally my creation was finished It had been a slow painstaking paint job but it was well worth it This was the best thing I had ever done I was so thrilled to see my papier mache piece on display at The Victoria and Albert Museum Dimensions 45cm high x 60cm x 30cm For Sale Price on application Not suitable for sending abroad Further pictures of the Bird of Paradise can be seen on the following Link Guardian of the Deep This was my first ever papier mache piece with detail based on the Mexican Alebrije painting style Please enlarge to see the intricate detail of the patterns This won first prize in an art exhibition in 2001 The papier mache seahorse was the first sculpture I did at my Mexican Sculptural

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  • Film, TV and Theatrical Props
    eye of many newspapers including the Telegraph Business News and the front page of the Metro He was also featured as the masthead for the channel 5 budget news on their website and as the masthead for the TV coverage of the budget Matt Etheridge a Channel 5 news producer commissioned the sculpture and was praised for his innovative idea He described the coverage as a triumph This sculpture hit the spot symbolising the current media descriptions journalists have used lately to describe Mr Darling Why even last November Charles Giovanni Vanzan Coutinho a member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London wrote The front bench of the self proclaimed Ministry of All Talents has proven to be a damp squib if not a complete joke With the Iron Chancellor being succeeded by the papier mache Chancellor Alistair Darling as being the most illustrative instance of worthlessness of the current cabinet If you missed all the fun catch the video here news coverage Here is a clip from one of the newspaper articles which covered it The sculpture measures 21 high and is very strong The television company filmed the darling little fellow in numerous situations including Downing Street a pub a grassy green venue by an expensive car as well as many other situations Click and enlarge this thumbnail to see where Alastair was filmed The press had a field day and when he turned up for filming outside 11 Downing Street the photographers went crazy When the team returned to Downing Street on the afternoon of the budget the press officers were not amused and asked the little fellow and his crew to leave with a stern No stunts message How was He made Alastair was finished and mached completely of Financial Times I find this the strongest and best way to complete my sculptures He was made as a piggy bank money box with a hole in his head I started with two balloons so one could truly say he was a bit of an airhead After completing him I took him on a walk around the common near where I live taking photos of him in different venues I certainly got some interesting looks Here I am finishing him off This was a seriously rushed job and I was busy painting all through the Saturday night before the budget The Londonist featured the picture as their lead story see below and the Telegraph featured the model in their Picture of the Day captured by photographers outside 11 Downing street The Metro London s biggest circulation free paper captured it on their front page with the headline It s true he really is a puppet chancellor It was good that this papier mache sculpture was featured on the front page of March 15th edition of The Richmond and Twickenham times as it gave a bit of the story behind the sculpture and how I have found the whole experience The story continues on numerous websites

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  • Sports Sculptures
    More About Anita Creating a Tableau FAQs Commissions The Artist Design Process Customer Feedback Gift Vouchers Gift Wrap Delivery Payment Refunds Image Reproduction Cross and Boat Styles Teaser Cards Worksheets Workshops Contact Us Sports Sculptures What better way to impress a friend than to capture them doing the sport they love best People who are mad on sports are really transfixed by their sculptures when they receive them For this reason I love to depict sports in my work The medium of paper mache is the perfect way to capture the rough terrain of a mountain slope or the thrill of the waves From Fastnet racing to deep sea diving from alpine skiing to white water rafting I can bring your activity to life Skiing I enjoyed making these skiing paper mache tableaux One was a wedding present the other an anniversary present Chamonix was for a couple who even got married on the slope The other was for a couple who had a themed ski wedding I am more than more than happy to discuss and suggest a commission for you to think about Rugby This mirror is titled A True Rugby Union commissioned for a paper anniversary for a couple where the wife supports the All Blacks while the husband follows the Boks The title was an inspiration and caused much hilarity in the giving Sailing Rowing and Canoeing Being a keen sailor myself I have created a large number of yachting and boating themed pieces For more sailing sculpures click Boats Here are three of my favourites Diving and Fishing If you would like to commission work with your sporting passion please email me with your details and I will enjoy researching your interest and coming up with the desired result Balloning Gymnastics My daughter has been

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  • papier mache mirrors
    Cards Worksheets Workshops Contact Us Papier Mache Mirrors I find papier mache framed mirrors are very popular Some of these mirrors are for sale and all can be commissioned I am happy to come up with ideas and designs for commissions personalised to your requirement A price guide is given as an indication of cost The actual price will depend on the details of the commission Designs can be produced before deciding on the commission and are usually free of charge These two papier mache mirrors were recently commissioned for wedding anniversaries featuring a visit to Vancouver and a true Rugby Union Both designs were created on computer from personal photos and e mailed for approval These type of commissions start at 180 Skiffing at Thames Ditton This papier mache commission was for a rower from Thames Ditton Skiffing club It is fun yet accurate in fine detail This was commissioned by the rower s wife as a surprise Prices start at 185 for this style of work Rounding the Mark Sailing is a big part of my life and so it gives me great pleasure to create boats and boat paraphernalia This papier mache mirror was created to celebrate the fun of dinghy racing in West Wittering The papier mache framed mirror includes details of buoys marks and boats which actually exist Even the details on the boats and rigging are accurate Dimensions 59cm x 55 cm For sale 195 00 plus delivery Swimming in the Deep This is a fun papier mache fish mirror again reflecting my love of sea themes It would grace any bathroom and add colour Dimensions 39cm x 20 cm Price for similar commission 65 00 plus delivery Fish out of Water I based this on an Eastern theme for a 50th wedding anniversary

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  • Papier Mache Sculpture
    most beautiful and exciting to watch Partnerships of two three or in the case of men four gymnasts perform a two and a half minute floor routine doing dynamic moves such as somersaults or balancing moves such as the move depicted on the left When my daughter was the smallest and on top of the trio Pyramid was always the move I dreaded watching most It was rarely completely stable and for a little one it was a long way to fall to the ground This sculpture was made in a workshop taken by Dominique Holt Using a wire armature to create a skeleton the bones were then covered with mod roc The sculpture was completed with black and bronze paint Shell Sculpture At a further workshop by Dominique Holt I created this shell using wire and modroc I love the feel of the shell tossed by water and winds to form an organic shape still recognisable and beautiful though broken and worn away This is still a work in progress I may paint it or leave it as plaster as my mood dictates Antigua Antigua was displayed at the Victoria Albert Museum and is presently for sale This papier mache piece was selected as part of the Inspirations exhibition at the V A in 2002 and was displayed in the Textiles Gallery in its own case for several months This was inspired by a 1930 s tapestry of bathers in the South of France Tiny jewels beads pearly surf and shells adorn the piece and give it a very stylised finish If you love the Caribbean this will be your own mini beach 24 7 Dimensions 24 cm high x 58 cm wide x 36 cm deep This actual piece is For sale complete with V A paperwork 290 00 plus delivery Last year I had another papier mache sculpture of a beautiful eastern bird accepted for an exhibition at the V A Follow this link to see this and other Mexican style fantastical creatures and further sculptures Pajandrum Pajandrum was inspired by an Indian Silk Cushion Cover also for sale I enjoyed doing the intricate Indian style paintwork on the blanket The painting technique is very detailed and matches the cushion beautifully The elephant sits on a piece of driftwood and is a solid weighted piece made using a mould covered with papier mache Dimensions 20 cm high x25cm wide x 30 cm long For Sale Elephant and Cushion Cover 99 00 plus delivery Marbled Angel Fish Here is one of a large range of fish sculptures which I have created and set on sea worn driftwood I spent a lot of time studying fish patterns and came up with a lovely replica of an exotic angel fish This would be a lovely piece to grace your home and would fit in with neutral decor Follow this Link to view other fish sculptures Dimension 29cm height x 15cm Cost for Similar Item 75 00 plus delivery Deco Mask

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