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  • Useful Links | Don Whitley Scientific Archive -
    tests demonstrated that each of these formulations is satisfactory for use in Whitley Workstations and will not cause any damage when used in accordance with the manufacturer s recommendations What if I want to use a cleaning agent not on the above list Other disinfectants containing the active ingredients listed above at similar concentrations to those shown can also be safely used inside Whitley Workstations If you wish to use a disinfectant containing active ingredients not listed here please contact us for advice before proceeding Why should I contact DWS for advice will any damage not be covered under my warranty Unfortunately we cannot cover under the equipment s warranty any damage caused to a Whitley Workstation as a result of exposure to products that have not been approved by us Can I use Virkon as my preferred sanitising solution After a thorough study lasting 20 weeks we concluded that the presence of any uncovered containers of Virkon in anaerobic and variable atmosphere workstations leads to the degradation of stainless steel brass and some other metal components The effect is more considerable when oxygen is present in the selected gas mixture These conclusions are supported by technical information available on the Virkon manufacturer s website and independent observations by an Institute of Materials metallurgist If Virkon is the preferred sanitising solution these adverse effects can be minimised by ensuring that Virkon within any workstation is always kept in a covered vessel when not in use OK so what s the best way to clean the acrylic parts of a Whitley Workstation The transparent and or white acrylic on the inside and outside of the Whitley Workstation System may be swabbed with a 2 solution of Labdet 100 DWS stock code D00003 in warm water and dried afterwards with a soft clean cloth In the case of culture spillages then any of the disinfectants listed above solution should be applied to the spillage and left for 30 minutes It should then be mopped Never use any solvent on the acrylic surfaces of the workstation Use only water and a mild detergent solution i e Labdet 100 2 solution as a cleaning agent What if the spillage leaks underneath the floor of the workstation If spillage is not contained on the working surface then access underneath this area will be required in all Whitley Workstations except the DG250 Some workstations require the removal of retaining bolts before the floor can be lifted up or pivoted for cleaning underneath If liquid has been spilled upon the Anotox and catalyst sachets they should be removed dried and or replaced How can I deal with scratches on the acrylic plastic surface of my workstation Scratches may be removed by gently polishing the surface with DURAGLIT WADDING followed by wiping with a soft clean cloth Deep scratches may require the use of Wet and Dry abrasive paper used wet followed by polishing with DURAGLIT seek advice from Don Whitley Scientific Limited or our authorised agents overseas

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  • February 2016 | Don Whitley Scientific Archive -
    modified atmosphere cell culture workstations could improve their research This MINI EXHIBITION will take place on 9 nd March 2016 from 10am to 3pm at Biosciences Car Park University of Liverpool Crown Street L69 7ZB For those whose research involves cell tissue culture and who want to maintain physiologically relevant conditions in which to culture and manipulate cells then the Whitley Hypoxystation should be of interest Whitley Workstations allow users to control their cell culture atmosphere in a more accurate and reliable manner when compared to conventional incubators increased accuracy and reliability that is reflected in experimental results A number of researchers at the University of Liverpool are already making use of Whitley workstations to facilitate their research Dr Michael Cross in the Department of Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology uses his H35 to simulate the physiological in vivo oxygen levels when he cultures cardiac spheroids in vitro He also makes use of the oxygen profiling system to lower the oxygen levels for set periods of time in order to simulate ischemia reperfusion Dr Violane See in the Institute for Integrative Biology uses her H35 to simulate the hypoxic tumour microenvironment in order to study the link between tumour hypoxia and metastasis Some of the research areas in which our other customers are working include Glioblastoma Autoimmune Diseases Reproductive and Perinatal Biology Cell Invasion and Metastasis Drug Toxicity Metabolism Inflammation Stem Cells Molecular Biology Cancer Research Attendees will be able to share coffee and pastries and find out how using a Whitley Workstation could improve their research We will also be holding a free prize draw to win a Nespresso U Coffee Machine by Magimix Tweet A crucial update for Dr Rob Fagan at The University of Sheffield Posted on February 3rd 2016 by Alex Rhodes Categories Anaerobic News No Comments Tags A35 Anaerobic Workstation A35 workstation anaerobic chamber Anaerobic Microbiology Don Whitley Scientific Rob Fagan Rob Fagan s lab recently welcomed a new addition in the form of a Whitley A35 Anaerobic Workstation Located at The University Of Sheffield s Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Rob Fagan s group study the interaction between Clostridium difficile and its host Until recently the group were monitoring their samples within a Whitley MG500 Workstation They will continue to use this older unit but have now acquired the much more sophisticated A35 Workstation to use alongside it The amount of atmospheric control that the A35 offers is greatly beneficial to work of this type and real time feedback on the conditions within the cabinet makes monitoring results far more accurate The rapid airlock system also makes the removal and addition of samples an efficient process all whilst maintaining stable atmospheric conditions Our work focusses on the secretion assembly structure and function of Clostridium difficile surface structures in particular the S layer The A35 is an addition to our existing anaerobic work space We started the lab 3 years ago with a recommissioned MG500 The A35 is a much more advanced piece of kit

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  • January 2016 | Don Whitley Scientific Archive -
    pathways cancer progression and therapy resistance consistently benefits from the use of a closed hypoxia workstation for physiological cell culture The Hypoxystation creates conditions that mimic the cellular microenvironment with regard to oxygen tension temperature and humidity To see what our users are doing in Hypoxia Applications in Cancer Research click here Also Violaine See of the University of Liverpool describes her work using the Hypoxystation in Cellular memory of hypoxia elicits neuroblastoma metastasis and enables invasion by non aggressive neighbouring cells published in Oncogenesis 4 2015 which you can find on the DWS website here Ayse Latif University of Manchester has carried out metabolism studies of gynecological cancer cells with the Seahorse XFe Analyzer have a look here HypOxygen hope to see you at the AACR Function of Tumor Microenvironment in Cancer Progression meeting in San Diego between 7 10 January HypOxygen will be showing the Hypoxystation for low oxygen cell culture and would love to tell you more about its benefits If you cant make it to the conference visit HypOxygen online at http www hypoxygen com for US customers or www dwscientific co uk for UK customers Tweet Practical and Clinical Microbiology of Anaerobes Course 2016 Posted on January 4th 2016 by Deborah Robinson Categories Anaerobic News Press Releases No Comments Tags Anaerobic Bacteriology Anaerobic Microbiology Clinical Microbiology Guide Don Whitley Scientific Identifying Clinical Anaerobes The Society for Anaerobic Microbiology proudly presents A 2 day residential course delivered by the UK Anaerobe Reference Unit Public Health Wales Cardiff 9 10 June 2016 Is it time to refresh your knowledge on culturing identification and the clinical importance of anaerobes Are your staff wanting to learn from experts about the latest technologies and techniques Only 20 places available CPD accreditated by RCPath Invaluable preparation for FRCPath Cost 350 VAT 330 VAT for SAM members Cost includes one night accommodation at the Park Plaza Hotel Cardiff and all meals refreshments plus dinner on 9th June Aims of the Course To promote an understanding and awareness of anaerobic bacteria in clinical material To gain an insight into their relevance in clinical microbiology To achieve a basic level of competence in methods used for their isolation and identification To improve the standards of anaerobic microbiology in clinical laboratories Preliminary Programme Thursday 9 June 09 15 09 45 Registration and Coffee 09 45 10 00 Welcome and Introduction 10 00 12 30 Session 1 Back to basics ID susceptibility testing hot topics 12 30 13 30 Lunch 14 00 17 00 Practical Laboratory Session 19 30 for 20 00 Dinner and Quiz Friday 10 June 09 00 12 30 Clinical Case Histories 12 30 13 30 Lunch 14 00 16 00 Practical Laboratory Session 16 00 16 30 Course Review and Departure To reserve your place on the Practical and Clinical Microbiology of Anaerobes 2016 course please contact Deborah Robinson at Don Whitley Scientific Limited on 01274 595728 or Email sales dwscientific co uk Places will be allocated on a first come first

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  • December 2015 | Don Whitley Scientific Archive -
    Tweet 9th UK Mesenchymal Stem Cell Meeting Posted on December 10th 2015 by Alex Rhodes Categories Exhibitions Hypoxystations News No Comments Tags Don Whitley Scientific H35 Hypoxystation Hidex Sense Mesenchymal stem cell MSC TC 3 Don Whitley Scientific recently attended a one day meeting that highlighted the most exciting developments in the biology and clinical application of mesenchymal stem cells Various products featured on the Don Whitley Scientific stand at the exhibition The first of these was the H35 Whitley Hypoxystation This workstation is designed to create and control specific sustainable and physiologically relevant environments These conditions allow the manipulation of cells in situ whilst maintaining the desired environment The H35 has a rapid internal airlock system as well as a touch screen interface this makes controlling and monitoring the workstation conditions simple and straightforward Also at the Don Whitley Scientific stand was the TC 3 Bioreactor by Ebers a mechanical stimulation device in which a range of tissues and samples can be tested Another product that featured on the stand was the Hidex Sense by LabLogic a compact microplate reader that combines a number of measurements in one unit The modest size of the reader means it easily fits into a Whitley Hypoxystation Samples can be transferred to the device without any environmental changes being applied to the sample The event was held at the Manchester Conference Centre in association with the University of Manchester It was a well attended event with some fantastic posters on display and also some great oral presentations It offered a fantastic opportunity for Don Whitley Scientific to engage with scientists working with mesenchymal stem cells Tweet Don Whitley Scientific at WMA Winter Meeting Posted on December 1st 2015 by Alex Rhodes Categories Exhibitions News No Comments Tags Don Whitley Scientific ProtoCOL 3 Whitley Jar Gassing System Winter Meeting WMA Representatives from Don Whitley Scientific recently exhibited at the WMA Welsh Microbiological Association Winter Meeting The WMA was formed in 1977 and aims to advance the study of microbiology in Wales by facilitating education and communication This year s programme had speakers from various areas of microbiology however the WMA pointed out that there were fantastic presentations from experts in the field of Cystic Fibrosis from within Wales and further afield There were prizes given for the posters on display the case presentations and also for the young investigator session The breaks for drinks and meals gave delegates a fantastic chance to network with each other and also the exhibitors such as Don Whitley Scientific On the Don Whitley stand at this years WMA Winter Meeting was the ProtoCOL 3 with software that is able to quickly and efficiently assess the size of zones around antibiotic discs to predict antibiotic resistance levels working alongside a EUCAST database to provide accurate results The Whitley Jar Gassing System was also on the stand Pictured below is Stuart Moore and Joe Walton from Don Whitley Scientific Tweet Search the Blog Search for Search Categories Anaerobic Australia Case

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  • November 2015 | Don Whitley Scientific Archive -
    use of a Whitley H35 HEPA Hypoxystation to provide a HEPA filtered environmentally defined work and incubation space for drug toxicity testing in a cardiac spheroid model whilst also allowing pre programmed oxygen profiles to simulate the in vivo system in health and disease To read more on this click here Tweet Novel Modified Atmosphere Cellular Handling System Allows Housing of Seahorse Analyser under Variable Oxygen Tensions Posted on November 16th 2015 by Alex Rhodes Categories Hypoxystations News No Comments Tags Don Whitley Scientific Seahorse Analyser Seahorse Hypoxic Workstation A Seahorse Biosciences Extracellular Flux Analyser Seahorse XF Analyser allows researchers to measure mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis in experimental cell populations Previously solutions for housing such an instrument in a variable oxygen atmosphere have been limited with many users deciding not to pursue research after deeming current solutions unsuitable for generation of appropriate data To this end Don Whitley Scientific and The University of Manchester undertook a collaborative project to develop a novel system for cellular processing and Seahorse XF Analysis within a closed environment which allows oxygen variability To read more on this click here Tweet Considering the physiological oxygen levels when culturing intestinal cells in vitro Posted on November 16th 2015 by Alex Rhodes Categories Hypoxystations News Press Releases No Comments Tags Don Whitley Scientific H35 Hypoxystation In this video testimonial Dr Karen Wright of Lancaster University speaks about her work with a H35 Hypoxystation If you are working with any equipment from Don Whitley Scientific and would like to let us know about your work and your overall experience with our products please don t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form Facebook or Twitter We now feature a variety of customer testimonials on our product pages and these can be accessed through the testimonials tab if we have a testimonial for that product Tweet Apache Helicopter lands at Leeds General Infirmary Posted on November 13th 2015 by Alex Rhodes Categories News Press Releases No Comments Tags Apache Copan Don Whitley Scientific Leeds General Infirmary WASPLab An unexpected visitor appeared at Leeds General Infirmary this week an Apache Helicopter landed on the hospital s helicopter deck as part of a training exercise The Apache landed on top of the Jubilee Building which usually plays host to landings by the Yorkshire Air Ambulance team The exercise was a continuation of Leeds Teaching Hospitals work with the armed forces to allow their helicopter deck to be used for training exercises offering a city centre environment surrounded by tall buildings Steve Rogerson from Don Whitley Scientific is currently working at Leeds General Infirmary He is completing the installation of their new WASPLab system and managed to get a great photo of the Apache coming into land WASPLab Walk Away Specimen Processor Lab is a complete robotic specimen processing system for front end pre analytics in microbiology It is a fully automated barcode driven conveyor connected system with remote plate image analysis and automatic incubation WASPLab is manufactured by Copan

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  • October 2015 | Don Whitley Scientific Archive -
    return to form for Thackley Storm Posted on October 19th 2015 by Alex Rhodes Categories News No Comments Tags Don Whitley Scientific Football Thackley Storm Thackley Storm got back to winning ways in a thrilling tie against Salts juniors The final score being 8 5 the scores toggled back and forth to 4 4 until Thackley Storm took command eventually winning the game by a three goal cushion This sees the team return to the form they started the season in winning three of their first four games Tweet Free Guide to Clinical Anaerobes Posted on October 13th 2015 by Deborah Robinson Categories Anaerobic News No Comments Tags Anaerobic Bacteriology Anaerobic Microbiology Clinical Microbiology Guide Identifying Clinical Anaerobes Need to identify clinical anaerobes Would a free guide be of use to you An Introduction to Clinical Anaerobic Bacteriology is a unique guide that enables readers to isolate and identify 12 commonly occurring clinically important anaerobic bacteria It consists of 60 pages and is illustrated with stunningly detailed colour photographs and attractive reference tables Designed to fill a gap in the practical reference materials currently available to support clinical laboratory practice for microbiologists the publication was written by Professor Michael W D Wren MBE FIBMS former consultant Biomedical Scientist in the microbiology department University College Hospital and visiting Professor at The University of Westminster With a foreword by Professor Brian Duerden Emeritus Professor of Medical Microbiology at Cardiff University and input from Dr Don Whitley Chairman and founder of Don Whitley Scientific Limited considerable expert knowledge has been combined to make this the most up to date reference guide for the modern clinical laboratory Images were kindly supplied by the Anaerobe Reference Unit Cardiff For a limited time only until stocks last we are offering a free copy of this publication to those who would find it useful in their work To apply for your free copy please contact us at sales dwscientific co uk or complete our online contact form This offer is only available to customers in the UK The publication is also available to purchase as a spiral bound edition printed on waterproof tear resistant synthetic paper to withstand regular use at the bench For more information please see our website or contact us on sales dwscientific co uk Tweet Thackley Storm win streak comes to unfortunate end Posted on October 12th 2015 by Alex Rhodes Categories News No Comments Tags Bingley Juniors Thackley Storm Bingley Juniors 5 1 Thackley Storm Thackley Storm suffered their first defeat of the season losing 5 1 away at Bingley Juniors Storm beat Bingley Juniors 5 1 at the beginning of the season so they had their revenge This result puts Storm 4 th in the table with the next match at home to Salts Tigers Tweet Don Whitley Scientific attend IBMS Posted on October 6th 2015 by Alex Rhodes Categories Exhibitions News Press Releases No Comments Tags A35 workstation Don Whitley Scientific IBMS WASPLab Don Whitley Scientific once again attended the

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  • September 2015 | Don Whitley Scientific Archive -
    groups to be a master determinant of both pluripotency and differentiation Hypoxia can for example induce microRNA s that target the 3 untranslated region of histone deacetylases driving embryonic stem cells to differentiate into the myogenic lineage Lee et al 2015 Transcriptional activation of anti angiogenesis genes during hypoxia as mediated by epigenetic changes in methylation patterns influences the status of stem cell like populations in tumors Ueda et al 2014 One of our Hypoxystation users Brad Wouters at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto examines how epigenetic modifications are coordinated in response to local tumor microenvironment His work has provided insights into the acquisition of a stem cell phenotype in breast cancer through H3K27m3 mediated repression of the DICER promotor reduced miRNA processing and de repression of ZEB1 transcription factors resulting in hypoxia induced EMT Van den Beucken 2014 Elizabeth Koch in the Toronto lab recently presented her results obtained in the Hypoxystation at the 14th International Wolfsberg Meeting on Molecular Radiation Biology Oncology in Switzerland images shown here Research into the epigenetic regulation of stem cell behavior and fate benefits from a more physiological culture environment as provided by an hypoxia workstation The Hypoxystation by Don Whitley Scientific mimics those physiological conditions in a closed workstation atmosphere tightly controlling oxygen carbon dioxide temperature and humidity for the duration of your cell culture Visit us at the Cell Symposium on Stem Cell Epigenetics in Sitges Spain from September 20 22 to experience the Hypoxystation for yourself Your cells are holding their breath This article was written by Burga Kalz Fuller of HypOxygen Literature on epigenetic regulation of stem cell fate at hypoxia Van den Beucken et al 2014 Hypoxia promotes stem cell phenotypes and poor prognosis through epigenetic regulation of DICER Nature Communications 5 5203 Tsai and Wu 2014 Epigenetic regulation of hypoxia responsive gene expression focusing on chromatin and DNA modifications Epigenetic regulation Int J Cancer 134 249 256 Lee at al 2015 MicroRNA 26a induced by hypoxia targets HDAC6 in myogenic differentiation of embryonic stem cells Nucl Acids Res 43 4 2057 2073 Ueda et al 2014 The Hypoxia Inducible Epigenetic Regulators Jmjd1a and G9a Provide a Mechanistic Link between Angiogenesis and Tumor Growth Mol Cell Biol 34 19 3702 3720 Tweet Thackley Storm start the season in style Posted on September 10th 2015 by Alex Rhodes Categories Australia Germany News No Comments Tags Don Whitley Scientific Thackley Storm Under 16 s football team Thackley Storm recently beat local rivals Bingley Juniors a whopping 5 1 starting a new season in fantastic fashion It was a strong performance from the Storm who made up for a disappointing season last year with a comprehensive victory over previous bogey team Bingley Juniors Thackley Storm went into the half time break 3 0 up and didn t relent in the second half putting two more past the Bingley keeper This win means Thackley Storm start the season with 3 points that put them at the top of the Craven Aire

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  • August 2015 | Don Whitley Scientific Archive -
    and you will also be able to pick up a free Don Whitley Scientific gift Please note that although entry to the exhibition is free of charge there is a cost for attending Congress lecture sessions Your e ticket will also provide the links to enable you to register for Congress If you would like to book a personal demonstration on stand at this year s IBMS please contact our sales office sales dwscientific co uk or telephone 01274 595728 to reserve a time slot Tweet Working with Whitley Workstations Posted on August 13th 2015 by Alex Rhodes Categories Australia Germany Hypoxystations News No Comments Tags Don Whitley Scientific DWS Service H35 Hypoxystation hypoxic workstation Don Whitley Scientific has always strived to be the most innovative manufacturer of scientific equipment Our leading range of workstations provides some of the most sophisticated options to the microbiology and cell culture industries One of the more specific markets Don Whitley Scientific provides for is those wanting to carry out experiments under hypoxic conditions Researchers may only have the use of an incubator to keep specimens in hypoxic conditions however this can cause problems when the conditions of the incubator become interrupted usually when the incubator door is opened to add or remove samples and equipment When incubators just won t do In a testimonial for Don Whitley Scientific Brad Wouters from Toronto Canada shared this issue An incubator just isn t suitable for that because whenever the door is opened the oxygen concentration changes dramatically and the cells will go through waves of deoxygenation and oxygenation An issue like this could then lead to inaccurate results and potentially jeopardise experiments This is why the Whitley Hypoxystation is ideal for these situations Working in a Whitley Workstation Professor Mann states in his testimonial The design of this workstation has also allowed us to use other essential equipment inside the chamber such as oxygen meters and micromanipulators As opposed to an incubator where samples are placed and perhaps left for days without interaction Whitley Workstations are designed specifically for scientists wanting to carry out tasks inside the workstation Optional features on Whitley Workstations allow them to be tailored perfectly to those who want to conduct experiments in their workstation using additional specialised equipment for example the removable front option Australian testimonial Maintaining an outstanding international reputation Don Whitley Scientific exports its range of products to all corners of the globe In Australia at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute the aim is to reduce the incidence severity and impact of heart diseases and for Dr Dunn and her team precise control of oxygen carbon dioxide temperature and humidity is vital She mentions in her testimonial that with a H35 Hypoxystation she achieves very accurate and reproducible results As well as providing fantastic equipment Don Whitley Scientific ensures that the advice and service we provide to customers is of a high level which is also noticed by Dr Dunn who states Don Whitley Scientific made great

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