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  • Gym, Boxing training, Boxing fitness South Croydon - Dynamo Boxing
    no nonsense practical hands on approach to your personal fitness regime Entering into a personal training programme with us means you will benefit from better cardiovascular strength improved muscle tone reduction in body fat and improved mental energy Alternatively why not try your hand at our Croydon Boxing training where you can experience sparring bag work intensive training or a few rounds with Martin Dilworth himself Dynamo Training Club Croydon provides a full training programme tailored to your individual needs Additionally Dynamo is an affiliated Croydon Amateur Boxing Club We have now achieved our pro licence too We aim to improve the skills knowledge and competence of its members while providing a sound platform to develop key life skills through regimented training programmes Dynamo Croydon Training Club regularly undergoes extensive fitness training camps across Europe particularly France Visit our facebook page to view our latest week of training and fun If you re serious about your fitness Martin is the man to acheive your goals The best personal training programme I have ever committed to Boxing Club Boxing is a fantastic sport under the correct levels of supervision and control It is great for fitness and gaining life skills in

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  • Personal Training in Croydon | Dynamo Personal Training Club
    your payment date 4 benefits to personal training better cardiovascularity improved muscle tone reduction body fat improved mental health These are four of the major benefits all my clients achieve with a personal training Croydon programme incorporating boxing weight resistance nutrition and hydration If you want to get fit healthy increase mental agility reduce body fat increase muscle tone address your eating and hydration issues then there is no better way than to let our Croydon personal trainers help and support you The Programme Our personal trainers Croydon use the diverse techniques of boxing and military training gained from firsthand experience and tutorial from my near 40years experience training myself to peak performance and the last 15 years spent as a civilian personal trainer in Croydon I guarantee you success Personal Training regime Personal Training in Croydon with Dynamo involves the following training methods Varied Cardio Endurance Free Weights Resistance Military Based Fitness Training Boxing Specific Skills Bag Work Pad Work Sparring Basically everything to excite you and stimulate your body into a more effective active and dynamic calorie burning tool Personal Training Method Consultation Prior to commencing training I need you to fully brief me on your requirements This is done privately during consultation in my office at the gym I will explain what I want to know when we meet Personal training fitness assessment I now know what you want I now need to know who you are I am all about DATA Information is king and constantly checking and correcting process of progress is the ONLY way to achieve a goal An initial set of body and psychological statistics needs to be taken Sedentary and active pulse rate Height Weight Body fat Mass circumferences Strength Cardiovascular output Endurance Flexibility Mental attitude My commitment to you is always

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  • International Fitness Camps - Dynamo Boxing Club
    month s notice to quit to be taken from your payment date Military camps Dynamo Croydon fitness club bring you military fitness boot camp at its most authentic run by ex ELITE services personnel Our boot camps are not for someone who needs en suite facilities or are scared of breaking a finger nail and you fellas this is for guys and girls who are up for a challenge people who fancy the out of the ordinary This is not running around Hyde Park Clapham common or anywhere else with the hoorays in a high viz vests You will be up at sparrows fart on all boot camps BASIC The BASIC course 295 00 is full on military fitness disciplines Varied taxing exciting and adrenalised it s delivered to you by ex elite soldiers guys that have passed P company The Parachute Regiments fitness test one of the hardest fitness tests known to man and The Commando Course which qualifies you to wear the coveted Green beret of the Royal Marines ELITE The ELITE 395 00 course is for smaller groups and includes as extras to the basic course technical green skills and a heightened mental awareness state APPREHENSION FEAR

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  • Boxing Club - Dynamo Boxing Club
    potentially attain your boxing licence and compete as a boxer this is NOT for you If this is your requirements may I refer you to Espoofta la Li La Fit not groans or any of the other runny roundy pitty patty hoo ha facilities Our Boxing Club in Croydon provides education in all aspects of Boxing Training This consists of all key areas listed above Laydeez gentlemen boys and girls welcome junior and senior sessions We will take you from ZERO to HERO make you fitter stronger and more capable But people its hard work if you are a raving poseur into sun beds and HE make up then these boxing classes are probably not where you want to be unless you re a double hard raving poseur that is Girls wearing makeup is fine but it will run down your face so not in the gym with me EH Skipping Road work Pad work Bag work Sparring Circuits This is all part of what you will get at our boxing classes we will teach you it all and a whole lot more besides What does it cost The fitness assessment is 25 which is payable on your first visit to our Croydon Boxing Club at the same time you pay your 1st months subs Fitness Assessment Everybody has to do a full fitness assessment before joining our Croydon Boxing classes I don t care if you re Nigel Benn or Paula Radcliffe so the next step is to book a fitness assessment I need to know all your relevant medical details and associated personal training information and your introductory fitness assessment is how I get that info This is a one off assessment so I can get a professional understanding of you and your medical history before you begin

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  • Testimonials
    time I went to the gym was in the last century I am a large overweight middle aged man who took on an enormous challenge to attempt to walk through the Grand Canyon North rim to South rim in a day That is approximately a 5 800 feet decline and 5 000 feet incline covering a 25 mile walk I had been training on my own going for hikes of increasing distance but that wasn t enough Two weeks before I was due to fly out to the USA I spoke to Martin and he put me on an intense personal training course to build up my stamina and endurance I visited his Croydon gym for 10 Personal Training sessions over the next 14 days where I worked with Martin and a number of his Personal Trainers The sessions were hard I didn t expect anything else but rewarding not only was I impressed with the knowledge they showed of their profession and the ease with which they were able to coach a novice like me but also they were encouraging throughout Each day at Dynamo gym was different the variety kept things interesting for me and his personal Trainers I found myself looking forward to the sessions I would encourage anyone looking to get fit or fitter than they are to do the smart thing and go see Martin and his team of Croydon Personal Trainers A healthy lifestyle can improve your quality of life I would like to recommend Martin s gym DYNAMO TRAINING I would like to recommend Martin s gym DYNAMO TRAINING to everyone who is looking to improve their fitness it doesn t matter what level you are on or simply loose few pounds and tone up I have been using Martin s Club for

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  • Dynamo Boxing - Gym, Boxing training, Boxing fitness South Croydon
    Frankie Howerd on stage The WAY you do IT is the single most important component to effective movement yes people especially THAT movement Ok if your objective is to just move then just move However if your objective is to attain a result then the WAY you execute the movement is CRITICAL Every gym I have been in has mirrors My gym is NO different The difference between my gym and other gyms is that in most other gyms the mirrors get used by humans looking at themselves and perving at others In my gym the mirror is used as an effective TOOL another piece of equipment a very VALUABLE piece of equipment strategically placed to assist my trainers and my clients in attaining proper form Take a look at my Dynamo Fb page pictures for some examples The mirror is not there for you to look at YOURSELF doing an exercise it is there for you to look at the EXCECUTION of the exercise that you are being instructed to administer to yourself SAME SAME but very eff in DIFFERENT Attaining proper form is in my opinion foundation training If my client has proper form then they are working off a stable base The exercise is executed to maximise desired benefit The risk of movement injury is therefore minimised if not eradicated It is a win win win Quality form Accelerated result NO injuries Incidentally Evander Holyfield wrote in an article titled The mirror NEVER lies that I read some years ago something like If I can see an opening in the mirror then my opponent can see the same opening My boxing club has specific shadow boxing mirrors for my boxers to use they look at their footwork and the openings that their opponents may get presented with They spend hours working on aspects of offense and defence I have more women than men at Dynamo most of them hate looking at themselves in the mirror ALL of them get taught or are in the process of being taught that the mirror is a key tool to successful personal goal attainment It is also the best progression monitor As a foot note If you have a mirror on your bedroom ceiling but do not have a friend then may I suggest that it was not what you did it was the way that you did it that renders you single well that and you being a wrongun Enjoy M Delusion Destruction using DATA Posted by Dynamo on 18th June 2015 It is ALL about EFFORT We all know this trouble is delusion overrides EFFORT Sadly delusion does not override desire it just frustrates it Here is a mathematical equation for you to ponder DESIRE EFFORT RESULT DESIRE DELUSION ZERO followed by a f load of b excuses To beat a world record in anything takes planning DATA is the key in the planning of a successful world record breaking attempt If you want to beat a world record without cheating then you have to take the cheating OUT of the world record attempt Obviously this statement is applied here in its purest form as DATA will always be applied to a cheat world record Let us just imagine that you are cheating on your effort thus falling into the deluded category of humans with desire How can you STOP the cheating DATA my friends Use DATA We have discussed the mental aspects previously we understand that it is 99 in the your head You have to realise that a full on mind set change HAS to happen if you are to achieve your world record DATA is the first weapon you have to fight personal delusion There is lots of data to record However as with anything you need a solid FOUNDATION of basic data before you get clever with data 1 Record EVERY workout you do DAY DATE TIME Seriously people I meet SO many humans that tell me they work out EVERY f day and eat like an athlete but strangely have not lost a pound got faster stronger etc and then when pushed we see that they have trained ONCE in the last month and ate mainly KFC They booked time to go They booked LOTS of time to go this booking time had a mental placebo lie effect They convinced themselves they were doing one thing when in reality they were doing another DELUDED OK so if in the first instance you record WHEN you worked out You would then have an accurate record of if you actually did work out Initial DATA 1 DID YOU ACTUALLY GO We can get simplistically clever after applying this first CRITICAL bit of DATA I am sure you are intelligent enough to see where this is going Data stops us being deluded Data is the key to supplying higher performance In ALL areas data is key but within fitness performance weight management power out put endurance condition etc etc etc then DATA is SO important if you are NOT keeping records of what you are doing Then I can guarantee that your fitness health desire will remain just that a desire You will convince yourself you are working hard and I will call you DELUDED Apply DATA Destroy your DELUSION M Physically MENTAL Posted by Dynamo on 8th June 2015 Are you f MENTAL Big question and depending on what context you apply you should be actively wanting the answer to be a resounding YES To clarify The term MENTAL for the purposes of this blog is NOT directed at humans that actually have a mental illness condition Although it could be as during my career as a pro PTI I have worked positively with MANY humans using higher levels of fitness as a method of dealing with issues Remember FITTER is BETTER Anyway if you are actually mental or want to be MENTAL This blog is for YOU 99 of fitness is in the head We

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  • How To Find Us - Dynamo Boxing Club
    Club Testimonials Blog Fitness Store Locate us Locate us Croydon Unit 47 Capital Business Centre 22 Carlton Road South Croydon Surrey CR2 0BS East Grinstead Coming Soon Dynamo Boxing Training Limited is an Educational Company Dynamo Boxing Training Limited registered

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  • Discipline - Dynamo Boxing - Dynamo Boxing
    am am I not going to France That is is it not a holiday No drinking on a weekday does NOT f apply when on HOLIDAY Right Wrong Friday is not the weekend and I am not on holiday Also the boat being delayed is not another excuse on top of all the other excuses to drop my disciplined approach to alcohol consumption on a weekday It is now 13 00 I keep getting interrupted for the last 2 hours I have been presented with 3 very real credible imaginary excuses to drop my resolve 1 Going to France is a holiday 2 The boat is delayed 3 Other people are drinking 4 Its the weekend 5 I am wearing jeans The eagle eyed among you may have noticed that there are 5 excuses not 3 Well I just made up the last two and the first 3 They are in fact all made up To attain retain and maintain fitness requires repetitive discipline To retain maintain and attain a body composite that is equal to your biologically designed mass requires constant discipline Cookies do not make you fat Eating too many of them does Alcohol does not make you

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