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  • Tag Archive for "training" - Dynamo Boxing
    years now I have been trained by others and training myself ALL my life Neither of us are have been or are likely to be a world champion in any recognised sport I turned to Adam and said you know it is sad that we are seen by some as impressive whilst being so mediocre medieval man for instance would ridicule our pathetic efforts in attaining physical superiority Adam nodded in understanding We all know of many young sporting world champions that after their heady days ruling the world fall into the familiar spiral of personal neglect once the goal has gone I do not know how many sporting world champions there are across ALL the sports I do know that it is fractional compared to world population Your actual potential to be a world champion then is like mine Very limited What is the point then of physical activity if it is not to be a WORLD CHAMPION Being physically fit I suppose precedes being a world champion by millennium Being fit is supposed to be part of the living experience its uses so multiple it is unquantifiable To attain it and maintain it in any USEFUL form though requires ONE thing in my unwritten study of physical training at world and domestic level One thing is either apparent or not apparent I know of and have trained hundreds of bright stars Dieters Fasters Maniacal trainers Know all s Coveters Wishers Wanters Dreamers liars Blamers I then like Adam and many others I train now are actually aspiring to our own made up world championship a world championship encompassing the ONE thing that is either IN or OUT This world championship comes in both sexes and in EVERY weight category that the human form can be made to attain

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