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  • earthereal of yorkshire
    be of great benefit to everyone and part of my mission statement is to make them accessible to as many people as possible Please take a look at my feedback page and read the views of some of my students and clients if you feel I may be the teacher for you do get in touch for a no obligation chat Now available New Vitality course Stand Alone Swedish Back Massage A one and a half day Practitioner Diploma course not requiring A and P for therapists who wish to offer back massage without having to learn full body massage Please contact me for details Courses Offered Usui Reiki Japanese Style at all levels Basic Aromatherapy and Blending Aromatherapy with full Body Massage Indian Head Massage Holistic Facial Massage Seated Thai Back Massage On Site Massage Thai Foot Massage Hot Stones Massage Thermo Auricular Therapy Ear Candling Ayurvedic Hand and Arm Massage Reflexology Please get in touch for a no obligation chat Therapies Offered Reiki Aromatherapy Body Massage Ayurvedic Body Massage Aromatherapy Hand and Foot Massage Natural Lift Facial Massage Aromatherapy Back Neck and Shoulder Massage Ayurvedic Facial Massage Ayurvedic Hand and Arm Massage Holistic Face Neck and Shoulder Massage Indian Head Massage Thai Foot Massage Thermo Auricular Therapy Ear Candling Seated Thai Back Massage On Site Massage Meditation Relaxation Japanese Hand Massage Reflexology Please note that I am not a salon Therapy sessions are only offered when I have time between teaching commitments and always require advance booking For more details please contact me Disclaimer Complementary therapies are complementary to not a replacement for conventional medicine No claims are made to diagnose or cure any illness or condition and clients health remains under the care of their GP at all times Families with Additional Needs I have a great
    http://www.eartherealofyorkshire.co.uk/ (2016-05-01)

  • earthereal healing
    primary early years teacher I love working with children and will provide the therapy according to their individual needs and wishes For more information about these sessions please contact me Although I don t work like a salon and am unable to take bookings for individual treatments I am more than happy to offer tasters of the therapies I offer at Pamper Ladies Nights for fundraising or in your home with you and a group of friends for a fun girls night I can also offer therapy tasters for hen weekends Training I love teaching and sharing the magic of holistic therapies and am delighted to combine both my interests in my work I see teaching as a two way process and often learn from my students as well as the other way round I offer fully accredited and insurable Practitioner Diploma Courses for qualified therapists for those beginning a therapy career and for those who just want to learn more for interest I gained my Usui Reiki Master Teacher qualification in March 2009 and have learnt both Western and Japanese style Reiki I teach Japanese style Reiki as this resonates more deeply with my beliefs Courses are run at all levels Please see the Reiki Courses section for further details Since 2009 I have been teaching Reiki and other holistic therapies as I love to share the benefits and enjoyment of both spiritual and physical therapies with as many people as possible I am humbled and delighted to find many of my students returning to take more courses especially since my friend Susan Davis of Vitality Holistic Therapies and I began our successful partnership in 2011 with me becoming her tutor in the Yorkshire area for her wonderful Practitioner Diploma courses 2016 has seen me teach my 75th course
    http://www.eartherealofyorkshire.co.uk/about.html (2016-05-01)

  • therapies
    me time of having the facial and you have the perfect pamper treatment Holistic Face Neck and Shoulder Massage This is Earthereal s own creation the best elements of different facial massage styles brought together in a relaxing treatment which encourages blood flow to the head and face benefiting muscles and encouraging the removal of toxins The shoulders and neck area are treated as this is an area where most of us carry tension with the marma points in the area included in the massage followed by an Ayurvedic inspired marma point massage of the head and face Working with the marmas provides an energetic element to the massage Gentle stroking and smoothing movements with stimulation and lifting of the face promote relaxation and increase blood flow to the area followed by light drainage to encourage the removal of toxins and puffiness This massage thus includes elements of Indian and Chinese massage as well as the Ayurvedic marma work and can include an Ayurvedic face mask to suit the client s dosha It is a very gentle calming and nurturing treatment and can be beneficial to the client in many ways A facial massage lasts around 45 minutes plus consultation Please allow extra time for cleansing toning face mask if required Ayurvedic Body Massage Cost 49 including dosha consultation and appropriate oils 1 hour 10 mins approx This is one of my recent discoveries Ayurvedic or Indian massage is quite different from Western body massage involving a variety of moves which provide energetic stimulation as well as the usual physical benefits In India the massage is carried out by two therapists and a LOT of oil however our version is more akin to what we are used to with one therapist and a manageable amount of oil A dosha consultation is carried out initially to determine which oils should be used Then the client experiences massage of the back of the body and limbs before turning over for massage of the front of the body The massage involves soothing effleurage movements interspersed with stimulating palm kneading muscle petrissage and tapotement or percussion movements to work the muscles removing toxins and waking up the energy meridians for a relaxing yet energising massage experience Ayurvedic Hand and Arm Massage Cost 30 45 mins approx Similar in its relaxing properties to Japanese Hand Massage Ayurvedic Hand and Arm Massage includes a dosha consultation so the oil can be chosen to suit the client s dosha work on the marma points in the hand and arm for energetic benefits and relaxing massage strokes on hand and arm to leave the client feeling totally chilled The massage lasts around 35 40 minutes plus consultation time Thermo Auricular Therapy Ear Candling Cost 35 35 40 mins including Biosun candles This therapy is becoming increasingly popular as people discover the benefits of its gentle action It is deeply relaxing and can sometimes help with chronic ear nose and throat conditions such as sinusitis tinnitus hay fever and
    http://www.eartherealofyorkshire.co.uk/therapies.html (2016-05-01)

  • massage courses
    to learn techniques this course is the perfect therapy for beginners and experienced therapists alike The course is dedicated to hands on practice ensuring students are able to carry out a treatment confidently safely and effectively The comprehensive manual covers the background to Ayurveda general theory and setting up in business and after the course ongoing support is provided Holistic Facial Massage Course Cost 140 This one day intensive course provides training in holistic rather than beauty facial massage with the emphasis on wellbeing rather than the use of products Students will learn how to cleanse and tone the skin then will be taught a massage routine which combines relaxing calming and rejuvenating techniques with acupressure massage which balances the meridian system restoring balance to the whole of the body If desired the oil can be gently removed and the skin moisturized at the end of the treatment One of the most popular relaxation therapies we offer this will be a wow with your clients We use Kaeso products which are free of SLS and parabens suitable for sensitive skin and not tested on animals The course is mostly practical but includes the relevant theory and ongoing support is provided Indian Head Massage Diploma Course Cost 130 This one day intensive course will teach you everything you need to know about the history of Indian Head Massage the techniques benefits contra indications contra actions basic anatomy of the head neck and back and the Chakra energy system With easy to learn techniques Indian Head Massage is the perfect therapy for beginners and experienced therapists alike The course is dedicated to hands on practice ensuring students are able to carry out a treatment confidently safely and effectively The comprehensive manual covers theory and setting up in business and after the course ongoing support is provided Seated Thai Back Massage On Site Massage Diploma Course Cost 130 This is a one day intensive course Often referred to as On Site Massage this is a fantastically portable and easy to learn massage technique It is both relaxing and stimulating as the deep tissue work relieves aching muscles and the gentle rocking motion of the massage brings about deep relaxation Students will learn all about the history of Thai Massage the benefits contra indications contra actions as well as the anatomy of the back Working on SEN energy lines students will use elbows hands thumbs and forearms to carry out the Thai massage techniques The course is dedicated to hands on practice ensuring students are able to carry out a treatment confidently The comprehensive manual covers theory and setting up in business and after the course ongoing support is provided Swedish Back Massage Diploma Course NEW for 2015 Cost 130 This is a one day stand alone course for those interested in massage and is an introduction to Swedish Massage An Anatomy and Physiology qualification is NOT a requirement for this course which makes it perfect for therapists who do not currently have an
    http://www.eartherealofyorkshire.co.uk/courses.html (2016-05-01)

  • reiki courses
    We usually meet monthly please contact me if you would like to join us Courses take place in my home with a maximum of 2 students You are welcome to e mail me for further information Shoden Reiki Level 1 course Cost 130 Enables the student to self heal and to practise on family and friends Consists of 1 and a half days training and includes Discussion of student s previous knowledge perception of Reiki Brief history of Reiki more detail given in the manual for the student to read at their leisure Reiki practice of Kenyoku Ho cleansing ritual Reiki meditations Joshin Kokyu Ho and Seishin Toitsu Looking at the Japanese energetic system Concept of hara tanden Hands on self healing Hands on healing of others The Reiki Precepts 4 Level 1 attunements sacred rituals performed by the teacher to strengthen the student s connection to Reiki Reiju spiritual blessing to help empower the student Okuden Reiki Level 2 Cost 185 Practitioner level consists of 1 day s training plus a shorter follow up session including The Hatsurei Ho meditation sequence The scanning methods Byosen Reikan Ho and Reiji Ho Learning 3 Reiki symbols and their jumon or mantras Reiki symbol and mantra meditations Enkaku Chiryo Ho Distance or Absent Healing 3 Level 2 attunements Reiju An introduction to basic anatomy and physiology An introduction to the basics of professional practice This level enables the student to practise professionally if they so wish Shinpiden Reiki Level 3 Cost 450 The master teacher course consists of between 2 and 3 days teaching and will include Review of Reiki 1 and 2 practices and concepts Learning 1 Reiki symbol and its jumon or mantra Reiki symbol and mantra meditations Learn and practise performing the Reiki attunement ceremony Learn and practise giving
    http://www.eartherealofyorkshire.co.uk/reikicourses.html (2016-05-01)

  • refreshers
    are still confident and competent I am happy to be able to offer refresher sessions for individual or pairs of students by individual arrangement at a cost of 50 for 2 3 hours If you didn t learn with me but would still like a refresher session in one of my therapies please contact me and we can discuss your requirements I will help if I possibly can eartherealofyorkshire co
    http://www.eartherealofyorkshire.co.uk/refreshers.html (2016-05-01)

  • course calendar
    the following 1 day Practitioner Diploma Courses Basic Aromatherapy and Blending Ayurvedic Hand and Arm Massage Holistic Facial Massage Hot Stones Massage Indian Head Massage Seated Thai Back Massage Swedish Back Massage Thai Foot Massage Thermo Auricular Therapy Ear Candling January February March Wednesday 27th Tuesday 2nd Wednesday 2nd Tuesday 9th Tuesday 8th Thursday 18th Tuesday 15th Friday 19th Tuesday 22nd Please note that a Body Massage qualification is required
    http://www.eartherealofyorkshire.co.uk/calendar.html (2016-05-01)

  • workshops
    with Family and Friends Sharing a massage with your loved ones can be a great way to chill out and bond A brief hand massage for a restless child can soothe them off to sleep a head and shoulder massage can relax a stressed partner This workshop offers some basic massage techniques which can be used for your family and friends The workshop length can be varied according to the ages of the participants Chill Factor Kids Relaxation Sessions Techniques for chilling for primary age children A mix of meditation visualisation breathing Flexi Kids Yoga techniques crystals and massage to provide self help ideas for children and families Confidence Anger Management Sessions for Children Teens Young people face many pressures and stresses and often experience difficulty in articulating their feelings and in dealing effectively with them I use a mix of meditation yoga drama crystals and massage to offer them tools to deal with their feelings and to enhance their sense of self worth A package can be created for your specific needs including 1 to 1 sessions with a parent and child for 1 to 1 my insurance requires that children under 16 MUST come with a parent or guardian and have their written consent Meditation Relaxation for all ages Guided meditations object meditations breath work and visualisation can be combined to create a relaxing yet energising experience for participants Crystal Workshop for Parent and Children This workshop offers the opportunity for parent and child to learn together It covers choosing and using crystals their colour properties and relation to the chakras simple grids and nets and a crystal meditation Sound for Healing workshop A half day s introduction to the use of chanting to promote health and healing Explore and experience the power of sound and learn mantras
    http://www.eartherealofyorkshire.co.uk/workshops.html (2016-05-01)

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