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  • Welcome
    comes in a range of abilities and prices to suit every pocket Click on a product image below or choose a link from the side of this page to learn more about the software What we have to offer Easy Cross Cross Stitch Design Software for all abilities Turbo Cross Machine Embroidery at a great price Easy Knit for designing garments including adding imagery The Easy Range of software is

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  • Easy Cross
    fonts as another way of adding text to a design Thread Conversion Create a design in DMC then convert into Anchor and Madeira threads or vice versa Fabric Charts Aida fabric colours can be chosen from Zweigart Fabric Flair and Frank Stone Aida range Fractional Stitches when Scaling When scaling there is an option which allows fractional stitches to be used Symbols There are several hundred available symbols the cross stitch and backstitch symbols are automatically assigned according to the darkness of the colour Charts Alter any of the colours in the thread or fabric charts as required Zoom Levels Flexible zoom levels include full view and ability to pan around design View Level Select the previous or next view area Flexible grid settings Turn grid on and off set the spacing between the darker grid lines and colour of the grid lines Stitched View Designs can be displayed and printed to give the appearance of the final stitched design with variegated threads shown as variegated Tools Designs can be cropped extended have rows and columns inserted or deleted rotated reflected scaled or centred Extending Automatic extension of the grid when placing areas which are too large Insert delete areas from within the design Extra rows and columns can be inserted or deleted within the design Show Show gives information about the design such as stitch count and design area the fabric count can be altered as required Automatic Backup Saves a backup of your work in case your machine crashes and an optional reminder to save your work Undo Undo facility gives the ability to undo up to 100 of the last options used redo will repeat the option which has been undone Scale A design can be increased or reduced in size whilst editing Also areas of the design can be scaled whilst copying and moving Redo After using the Undo option Redo will repeat the option which has been undone This helps to go back after changes have been made Active Designs Switch between several active designs which can be tiled cascaded or view all of them Help On line help gives information on the features Includes 429 motifs and 20 designs Printing Features Print Designs can be printed directly from the Browse option using the previously saved information Print Preview Preview the design before printing Printing Designs can be printed with or without key design information can be added tiling for larger designs change margins and line thickness as required Print Stitch Display Various stitch displays are available for cross stitch and backstitch Key A design can be printed with or without grid and key The key lists the colours used in the design with user definable names and symbols for each colour Stitch Output Printouts can be in black white symbols colour blocks colour symbols or colour with black white symbols with optional centre arrows Fabric Simulation The design can be printed to give the appearance of the final stitched design Design Information Information such as design title stitch count design area notes copyright and designer can be added to the printouts Printout Size Tiling The size of the squares on the printout can be set to produce larger easy to read charts Automatic tiling will print designs over several pages with optional overlaps When more than one page is printed a guide is given showing the order Line Thicknesses The thickness of the grid and backstitch can be altered and the print margin can be set to improve print layout Centring the Printout The design can be centred on the printout including when tiling Backstitch Styles Different methods of printing backstitch such as black solid white solid black pattern or white pattern this can make the backstitch stand out on different colour backgrounds Design Features Deluxe adds the following extras Thread Charts 39 thread charts including Metallics Tapestry yarn and Kreinik blending filaments Personal Thread Charts If you have more than 255 colours in your thread box you can set up your own colour chart which can contain colours from more than one manufacturer Strands Change the number of strands used for stitches the Thread Usage will use this when calculating usage Charts Colours in the Thread and Fabric charts can be altered if required add new colours as manufacturers release them Sorting Palettes can be sorted by number name manufacturer chart frequency of use or by dragging the colours around for your own order Thread Charts Symbols Specific symbols can be assigned to a colour in the thread chart so the colour will always use the same symbol in every design Motif Pad Motif Pad to the right of the design can store motifs being currently used or ones selected from the browser along with the ability to remove individual motifs Blend Colours Add blended colours made from 3 strands i e 2 stranded threads with a metallic the threads can be taken from thread charts Blend Colours Display In the stitched view the blends are shown as different threads not an average Colour Schemes A design can be seen in several colour schemes i e pink for a girl blue for a boy within one design The ability to see the design in the other manufacturer conversions to check that the colours look sensible Colour Conversion The conversion tables used when converting colours to other manufacturer threads can be altered to your preference and there is a preview of the colours Show Hide Colours Allows colours or stitch types to be faded or made invisible which makes other stitches stand out Show Thread Usage Thread Usage can be given in terms of specified lengths and the appearance of the Thread Usage Output is configurable Full Screen Full Screen removes the palette menus and toolbars but still allows editing to be carried out Editing Facilities OLE Compatible Easy Cross designs can be embedded into other programs so the word processing tools can be used to add instructions Convert Area Ability to select an

    Original URL path: http://www.easycross.co.uk/EasyCross/index.html (2016-04-27)
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  • Easy Knit
    Profiles Create and save your own measurement profiles for later use i e save measurements for friends and family Measurements Alter 15 different measurements including chest waist hip arm length Fit Choose to have the fitting of the garment loose or tight Body Shape Select the required body shape from straight or fitted Shoulders Use shoulder shaping and saddle shoulders if required Components Select from a variety of different components such as sleeves collars pockets etc Instructions Knitting instructions automatically generated by the software using the supplied measurements Tension square Ability to change the tension square Design panels Add a design to the panel of the garment using the rectangular grid design mode Convert Photographs and clipart can be converted into picture knit designs matching to the chosen wool charts resulting in a chart ready to use Scanning Images can be directly scanned into Easy Knit and supports 72 file formats including TIFF BMP JPEG and WMF Standard editing features Use standard editing features such as copy move cut paste flip mirror rotate centre in area scale up and scale down areas to aid easy design Shapes Numerous shapes can be added to the design including lines arcs ellipses rectangles stars and curves which can be filled as well Edit Area Edit area option will allow changes to occur only in a desired area Auto Repeat Auto Repeat option which will repeat edits reflected across down or rotated Automatic Shading Use this option to add some depth to the design choose one of the effects or move the light source to give the required effect Flood Fill Flood Fill fills areas of the design quickly Tools Designs can be cropped extended have rows and columns inserted or deleted rotated reflected scaled or centred Extending Automatic extension of the grid when

    Original URL path: http://www.easycross.co.uk/knit/index.html (2016-04-27)
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  • Turbo Cross
    Janome embroidery software Convert Images Very powerful conversion options give Turbo Cross a second to none conversion into cross stitch from photographs or clipart Match to any of the thread charts set the size the number of colours and let the program do the work Cross Stitch A wide range of stitch types is offered which consists of full three quarter half quarter stitches thin or thick backstitch and French knots can be used to create a design which can be viewed in crosses or colour blocks The Auto Repeat option will repeat edits reflected across down or rotated as required which is ideal for designing borders The Show Hide Colours is a very useful option which allows colours or stitch types to be faded or made invisible which makes other stitches stand out Numerous shapes can be added to the design using cross stitch backstitch half stitch or satin stitch True Type fonts can be used to add text to a design apply different styles i e stripes shading or use a fill style when adding true type text BLACKWORK Turbo Cross makes creating Blackwork designs easy just draw the outline in backstitch select a Blackwork Fill Style from the library of 100 styles and use Flood Fill to Backstitch to fill inside the boundary Machine specific features Number of Jumps The program gives a count of the number of jumps in the design on the status bar The jumps can be viewed as required and turned off if not wanted Reduce Jumps If there too many jumps the Reduce Jumps option will join together blocks of colour and or remove lone stitches which will cut down the number of jump stitches Save as Machine Format Save a design ready to send to the embroidery machine via your existing

    Original URL path: http://www.easycross.co.uk/turbocross/index.html (2016-04-27)
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  • Upgrades
    DeLuxe or to Enterprise Important Proof of purchase may be required if we are unable to trace your original purchase From current versions to a higher level Upgrade Basic to Easy Cross De Luxe 15 Upgrade De Luxe to Easy Cross Enterprise 30 Update From Easy Cross 2004 to current versions Update Easy Cross Basic 10 Update Easy Cross De Luxe 15 Update Easy Cross Enterprise 20 Update Lace Module

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  • Windows 10
    10 then by changing compatibility settings it can be made to run There is a useful page on the subject here However the program was written before Windows 10 existed We are trying to find ways to get the program to work under Windows 10 but we can not promise to succeed At this time we know it works up to Windows 8 only If your Easy cross program does

    Original URL path: http://www.easycross.co.uk/windows10/index.html (2016-04-27)
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  • Contact Us
    Contact Us Easy Software Cross Stitch and more Fill in the form below to send me an email Your Name Your Email Subject Message Spam Protection Please don t fill

    Original URL path: http://www.easycross.co.uk/contact-form/index.php (2016-04-27)
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  • Screenshots
    Software Cross Stitch and more Easy Cross Screenshots Converting Photos Using an image as a background Balloon design Motif Browser Design Screen Color Reduction The effects of dithering Sample Chart1 Sample Chart2 Sample Chart3 Sample Chart4 Sample Chart5 Sample Chart6

    Original URL path: http://www.easycross.co.uk/photos/index.html (2016-04-27)
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