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  • Turbo Cross
    conversion options give Turbo Cross a second to none conversion into cross stitch from photographs or clipart Match to any of the thread charts set the size the number of colours and let the program do the work Cross Stitch A wide range of stitch types is offered which consists of full three quarter half quarter stitches thin or thick backstitch and French knots can be used to create a design which can be viewed in crosses or colour blocks The Auto Repeat option will repeat edits reflected across down or rotated as required which is ideal for designing borders The Show Hide Colours is a very useful option which allows colours or stitch types to be faded or made invisible which makes other stitches stand out Numerous shapes can be added to the design using cross stitch backstitch half stitch or satin stitch True Type fonts can be used to add text to a design apply different styles i e stripes shading or use a fill style when adding true type text BLACKWORK Turbo Cross makes creating Blackwork designs easy just draw the outline in backstitch select a Blackwork Fill Style from the library of 100 styles and use Flood Fill to Backstitch to fill inside the boundary Machine specific features Number of Jumps The program gives a count of the number of jumps in the design on the status bar The jumps can be viewed as required and turned off if not wanted Reduce Jumps If there too many jumps the Reduce Jumps option will join together blocks of colour and or remove lone stitches which will cut down the number of jump stitches Save as Machine Format Save a design ready to send to the embroidery machine via your existing link control the size of stitches and

    Original URL path: http://www.easycross.co.uk/eztbc/turbocross.html (2016-04-27)
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  • Easy Lace
    automatically Layers A design can be built up using up to 16 layers there is the ability to control which layers are displayed or printed at any one time Colouring layers The colours of the layers can be changed for example all the stitches on layer 1 can be changed to blue all on layer 2 displayed as normal and all on layer 3 made invisible Stitch Colours The colours of the stitches can be altered to make them stand out All the stitches on a layer can be coloured or all stitches of the same type can be coloured For example all spiders in the design could be set to green rose grounds to blue and the pins on layer 1 only to red Different stitch types can be made invisible on an individual layer or all layers together Copying Copy from one type of grid to another and the program will automatically compensate for the angle orientation Corner Mirror patterns at 45 to form corners Pin Line Double Line and Double Line with Gimp is ideal for Honiton Lace Pin Line Settings The spacing along or across the line can be set as well as style for Double Pin Lines Browse Option This has been updated to become more Explorer like with the list of folders on the left and files on the right Circular Elliptical Grids Circular and elliptical grids can be increased or decreased in size whilst designing Snap To Stitches can snap to grid and or pin points Curves The ability to draw curves has been added to the Draw option curves can be drawn using gimps single pins and double pins Fill Areas and different shapes can be filled quickly with grounds either pins rose ground or honeycomb Tally Size Tally size can be

    Original URL path: http://www.easycross.co.uk/ezl/ezl.html (2016-04-27)
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  • Easy Quilt
    over 3000 American manufacturer s fabrics built into a library which permits easy viewing and selection of the required fabrics Scan You can use whichever fabric you have there is the facility to scan a piece of fabric and save it in the library ready for use Sash An adjustable width sash can be added between the blocks and how it joins at the junctions can be set to Split at Junctions Full Height Full Width or Block at Junctions Border Up to 6 borders can be added to the quilt this can be done at the beginning or once designing has started Border Styles Choose one of the built in border styles and the size and style can be set independently of each other Appliqué Appliqué patches can be added to a block select the required patch from the built in appliqué library Appliqué Patches Once the appliqué patch has been placed it is possible to alter the colour move it to a different position or delete it Quilting Lines Any shape from the Appliqué library can also be added to a block as quilting lines by selecting the required shape from the Quilting library Quilting Lines The quilting lines can be viewed or printed as a solid or dashed line to simulate stitching Colours If you don t want to use fabrics just a variety of different colours pick from the given colours or define your own Palette The palette can have up to 90 colours fabrics and there can be any ratio of colours to fabrics Fill It is possible to change the colour fabric of individual patches by using the Fill option Change Colour This will enable all patches of one colour fabric to be changed to another instantaneously so the overall effect can be changed quite dramatically with little work Fabric Usage Fabric requirements can be calculated for each quilt the different width of fabrics can be entered before the calculation is made Windows Individually block border sash and quilt windows can be hidden or shown to increase the display area for other windows Block Size The size of the block can be altered even if the designing has started Block Layout This is a feature that controls how the individual blocks behave in the quilt each block can be rotated or reflected As well as rotating and reflecting the order of the blocks can be changed It can be used to create a quilt where the blocks are in columns or other patterns Grid Grid can be turned on and off as required to give a clearer view of what the design would look like Auto Merge Patches Control whether the program will automatically join patches of the same colour which are next to each other Units of Measurements The units of measurement used within the program can be set to either imperial or metric Auto Backup Saves a backup of your work in case your machine crashes and an optional reminder to save

    Original URL path: http://www.easycross.co.uk/ezq/ezq.html (2016-04-27)
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  • Easy Knit
    and men Profiles Create and save your own measurement profiles for later use i e save measurements for friends and family Measurements Alter 15 different measurements including chest waist hip arm length Fit Choose to have the fitting of the garment loose or tight Body Shape Select the required body shape from straight or fitted Shoulders Use shoulder shaping and saddle shoulders if required Components Select from a variety of different components such as sleeves collars pockets etc Instructions Knitting instructions automatically generated by the software using the supplied measurements Tension square Ability to change the tension square Design panels Add a design to the panel of the garment using the rectangular grid design mode Convert Photographs and clipart can be converted into picture knit designs matching to the chosen wool charts resulting in a chart ready to use Scanning Images can be directly scanned into Easy Knit and supports 72 file formats including TIFF BMP JPEG and WMF Standard editing features Use standard editing features such as copy move cut paste flip mirror rotate centre in area scale up and scale down areas to aid easy design Shapes Numerous shapes can be added to the design including lines arcs ellipses rectangles stars and curves which can be filled as well Edit Area Edit area option will allow changes to occur only in a desired area Auto Repeat Auto Repeat option which will repeat edits reflected across down or rotated Automatic Shading Use this option to add some depth to the design choose one of the effects or move the light source to give the required effect Flood Fill Flood Fill fills areas of the design quickly Tools Designs can be cropped extended have rows and columns inserted or deleted rotated reflected scaled or centred Extending Automatic extension of the

    Original URL path: http://www.easycross.co.uk/ezk/ezk.html (2016-04-27)
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  • Updates
    Select your level proof of purchase may be required Easy Cross Basic 10 00 GBP Easy Cross DeLuxe 15 00 GBP Easy Cross Enterprise 20 00 GBP Other Titles 10 00 GBP If you have modules which If you have a version older than the 2004 editions e g 2000 or 6 then you can purchase an UPGRADE based upon the level of program you own proof of purchase will

    Original URL path: http://www.easycross.co.uk/upd/upd.html (2016-04-27)
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  • Contact Us
    Us We cannot verify that you are trying to send an email from this form Please try again Your Name Your Email Subject Message Spam Protection Please don t fill this in You can also write to Easy Software 26

    Original URL path: http://www.easycross.co.uk/contact/contact.php (2016-04-27)
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