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  • Top Tips for Choosing Your EWC Venue - Eclipse Translation
    certainly be able to offer you a site visit and or detailed floorplans Make sure these clearly show fire escapes pillars etc so there are no surprises on the day 2 Once you ve decided on the city you need to look at how practical the venues on your short list are Remember the larger the meeting the more time and space you will need Is there enough room to fit all your booths and set the room up for participants in your preferred style Can all the booths clearly view the presenters and participants Large meetings require a lot of technical kit so make sure when you are booking the room that there is adequate time to build up and test all the booths prior to the start of the meeting and there is sufficient time to de rig before the next event For large meetings you may well need to book the room for the day or evening before which has implications for your budget It s also worth checking you have exclusive use of the room if the hotel books out the ballroom you are using for another evening event you don t want to have to take down and build up the booths each day It s possible but it will add extra expense Talking of practicalities you also need to make sure there is an adequate loading bay Remember to double check any time restrictions some cities only allow unloading at certain times of the day If the room is not on the ground floor is there a suitable service lift 3 Finally you might just want to check on any extras for instance does the meeting room provide screens projectors wi fi sound system Are they extra or included in the price Is there

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  • Mind Your Language When Exporting To the UK - Eclipse Translation
    exporting to the UK very simple If only it were that simple This complacency is where problems start for companies that believe they can do more than just get by when it comes to communicating to a UK audience One of the areas where companies have been regularly caught out is marketing communications where subtleties and nuances are often incorrectly recreated It is rarely enough to literally translate your material for the UK as changes to text images format or layout will probably all be required so as to blend seamlessly with the local language and reflect current trends This oversight when trading with the UK can result in misunderstandings delays lost business a damage to the brand credibility and even lawsuits Also it is unwise to believe that the quality of your product will outweigh any flaws in your marketing materials The UK consumer is one of the most sophisticated in the world When it identifies with a brand it will build strong loyalty but will quickly reject brands that it feels it cannot connect with Poorly presented marketing materials websites and adverts will sadly result in companies with great products failing to make an impact in the UK So tread carefully The UK may have given the English language to the world but it expects it to be used with respect For those companies looking to trade in the UK or worldwide Eclipse Translations offers the following A responsive translation service that improves the quality level of translation and provides alternate ways of translating marketing copy into any given language Advice on terminology management and localisation processes The use of local resources to ensure that all marketing copy reflects in country style and branding requirements Localised terminology so the translations are not only accurate but sound contemporary in

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  • North East Process Sector Shows Its World Class Credentials - Eclipse Translation
    manufacturing and process companies in an increasingly global market From a business communication point of view globalisation necessitates translation Translation brings cultures closer and adopting strategies to accommodate language and cultural differences has helped many businesses to increase overseas trade As a company we continue to win contracts based on our ability to assist clients in important overseas markets It was clear to see from the NEPIC event that we are a niche and important part of the jigsaw as are many other service sector companies both large and small The North East portrays itself as a great place to invest as indeed it is The region has a deep and wide ranging supply chain to support all aspects of the chemistry using industries be it petrochemical and commodity chemicals polymers specialities pharmaceuticals biotechnology or renewable In fact there are more engineering measurement science and architectural companies in North East England than in any other region of the UK and the concentration of such companies around Stockton on Tees is the highest in the whole of Europe There are more than 1 400 regional companies directly involved with or in the supply chain of the chemistry using industries in the North East of England collectively they generate 26bn of annual sales and employ 190 000 people Together these companies manufacture 50 of the UK s petrochemicals 35 of the UK s pharmaceuticals and export 13bn per year NEPIC North East England has a world class infrastructure for the process industry including transport facilities universities training centres and R D facilities From the conference the message was reinforced that fierce competition exists in the sector within Europe at a global level and even between sites around the world within the same group Companies need to balance supply cost and compliance Key

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  • Chemical Sector: Safety Data Sheets - Eclipse Translation
    mixture its hazards and instructions for handling disposal and transport and also first aid fire fighting and exposure control measures One example of our work in this area was a major exercise to translate large volumes of technical data into six languages including Vietnamese and Korean for marine protective and offshore coatings specialists Safinah Our task was to complete 300 000 word translations of Material Safety Data Sheets and product information relating to marine coatings and protection including product descriptions characteristics recommended uses and performance characteristics The project which took just eight weeks to complete included translation editing and typesetting of the data sheets into Norwegian Korean Vietnamese French German and Dutch A small team of translators with high quality technical and engineering experience performed the tasks of translating the Safinah documentation from English To assist in such projects we are able to leverage translation memory tools to maintain consistency throughout and to reduce time and costs All our translators work is further edited and proofread before being handed to clients who check it with their own in country contacts as an additional safeguard on accuracy We received excellent feedback from Safinah after this process which as translators we are always very happy to receive Eclipse has translated thousands of Safety Data Sheets for clients in recent years covering more than 25 languages on a regular basis including English Spanish Italian Portuguese Dutch French German Russian Slovak Slovene Czech Hungarian Romanian Polish Lithuanian Latvian Estonian Danish Norwegian Swedish Greek Arabic Korean Chinese Malay Indonesian Vietnamese and Thai You are here Home Blog Chemical Sector Safety Data Sheets Latest Blog Articles Golden Bridge Winners Day in Brussels Communication not Complication 2015 A Bridge To Success Our route to the Golden Bridge Awards Very Social At North East Expo International opportunities for

    Original URL path: http://www.eclipse-translation.co.uk/en/blog/117-safety-data-sheets (2016-02-14)
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  • Interpreting – It’s all in the planning! - Eclipse Translation
    in real time a more natural scenario The minimum requirement recommended is a Tourguide System for interpreters to convey proceedings via a microphone to participants headsets They are relatively inexpensive easy to set up and don t require much room Their portability is useful if the meetings is held over different locations or includes site visits A step up is an interpreting booth with full sound system again participants listen to their language of choice via headphones It requires a room large enough for the booth and increased technical assistance Although more expensive it s still good value for money given that it reduces the background murmur of interpreting and optimises the meeting for all concerned Always allow plenty of time for the technical team to test equipment particularly when introducing a remote element such as videoconferencing It can be as simple as connecting a cable into your sound desk but if you don t order it you may have a disaster on your hands Accept that interpreting will slow proceedings down a little and plan accordingly Provide presentations and industry terminology in advance and ensure speakers pace themselves and include breaks Normally two interpreters per language are required to ensure consistent quality Make sure they are well qualified and have relevant experience Time spent working out the fine detail with your interpreting provider will avoid any unforeseen financial or operational problems keeping projects on time and on budget For more information on interpreting services please visit www eclipse translation co uk You are here Home Blog Interpreting It s all in the planning Latest Blog Articles Golden Bridge Winners Day in Brussels Communication not Complication 2015 A Bridge To Success Our route to the Golden Bridge Awards Very Social At North East Expo International opportunities for the Northern Powerhouse

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  • University Students Go Dutch - Eclipse Translation
    Johan Fretz and Marcel Harteveld leading this and the student workshops Dr Betsy Wieseman curator of the Dutch and Flemish collection of the National Gallery in London spoke on the challenges of putting together an exhibition of global significance such as the recent Late Rembrandt Exhibition Andrew explains The Employability Forum closed this diverse and exciting event Its aim was to provide students with insights and ideas about how to utilise and leverage their knowledge of the Dutch language and of Dutch and Belgian culture and of other languages to seek employment and develop a career after graduation A lively debate ensued with students putting questions to myself and my fellow panellists More informal discussions continued during lunch where students could speak individually to the panel members Employability events such as this make a substantial contribution to Modern Languages students ultimate success in their chosen careers and it was an absolute pleasure to take part and pass on useful insights to the latest generation of students following university level programmes in Dutch You are here Home Blog University Students Go Dutch Latest Blog Articles Golden Bridge Winners Day in Brussels Communication not Complication 2015 A Bridge To Success Our route

    Original URL path: http://www.eclipse-translation.co.uk/en/blog/114-university-students-go-dutch (2016-02-14)
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  • Building Our ‘Green’ Language - Eclipse Translation
    construction and energy tools identified and developed by the ECOBEE project partnership a special thermal imaging workshop for schoolchildren and a prize giving event Over 100 people attended half of them from France as there are strong links between ECOBEE and its partner organisations in areas such as Brittany and Normandy The ECOBEE Project aims to further the development of eco construction and energy efficiency in buildings in the channel area by pooling existing knowledge tools and techniques to assist businesses in the construction and housing sectors and by sharing newly gained knowledge to support behavioural change among building users We provided a team of 4 to assist with interpreting simultaneously between English and French to keep the debate flowing and make sure everyone could participate It was good to play a key role in the delivery of such an interesting and topical event and we are sure that the delegates found it just as stimulating as we did Also discussed was the project Low Impact Building using Natural Materials it is another Anglo French Interreg 4A project involving a French lead partner Etudes et Chantiers Constructys and Pays de Fougeres and two English partners CSBT and Petroc LIBNAM had its own series of meetings and site visits the day before the ECOBEE event and again we provided simultaneous interpreting to help all the participants communicate their ideas and initiatives You are here Home Blog Building Our Green Language Latest Blog Articles Golden Bridge Winners Day in Brussels Communication not Complication 2015 A Bridge To Success Our route to the Golden Bridge Awards Very Social At North East Expo International opportunities for the Northern Powerhouse Exporting to Belgium A Passion for Language Finalists in the Golden Bridge Trade Export Awards 2015 Building Up Communications Refugee crisis Coping strategies for public

    Original URL path: http://www.eclipse-translation.co.uk/en/blog/113-building-our-green-language (2016-02-14)
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  • Quality is a top priority! - Eclipse Translation
    our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet the needs of their customers Every three years our accreditation is reassessed and we are measured on five key areas of the business facilities people training services and equipment I am a member of the internal audit team and we are ever vigilant to ensure that all quality procedures are aligned with these five areas not just in the run up to the audit but as a matter of routine For example we use our monthly internal meetings to report on how our procedures are running and to relay important customer feedback to the team It s a great opportunity to make staff aware of positive comments and also to discuss different ways we can do things The period leading up to the assessment necessitates additional work but it s definitely worth it as the long term benefit is that we increase customer satisfaction levels and improve productivity We also believe the fact that we actively look to achieve ISO9001 without contractual obligation underlines our commitment to quality By maintaining and following the ISO accreditation we are developing a system that works effectively for us so that we can come together as a team and share best practices A big well done to all involved in ensuring that our accreditation has been reissued You are here Home Blog Quality is a top priority Latest Blog Articles Golden Bridge Winners Day in Brussels Communication not Complication 2015 A Bridge To Success Our route to the Golden Bridge Awards Very Social At North East Expo International opportunities for the Northern Powerhouse Exporting to Belgium A Passion for Language Finalists in the Golden Bridge Trade Export Awards 2015 Building Up Communications Refugee crisis Coping strategies for public service interpreters Business update Top Tips

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