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  • Ecophy - Going Green at Home in the Garden
    when it comes to growing organic veg in her garden free from pesticides and other nasties Very proundly she makes her own compost and use it a style of garden perfect for small space even the window sills and walls get used every bit of space has something growing on it Suzanna is in her third growing season and has learned loads along the way especially about growing in a

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  • Ecophy - How Green Cleaning can Save you Money
    price using things from the store cupboard which would be part of your everyday shop anyway So if you look at it that way you are actually spending nothing on household cleaners Here are some of the best natural cleaners that you can find in every household White wine vinegar can be used to remove grease disinfect surface areas de scale taps and shower heads and clean windows to a great shine Bicarbonate of soda used in cooking this versatile ingredient can also help remove tough stains from delicate surfaces and also from carpets It s great for removing stains from shower curtains and can even be used as a shampoo and toothpaste Lemon Juice mixed with salt can help bring gleaming results to your copper and brass Soak your whites in it overnight for brighter clothes and use as a natural deodoriser Tea Tree Oil is not just good for keeping nits away from children s hair but also provides an effective disinfectant which is excellent for removing mould and mildew Olive Oil mixed with lemon juice is a fantastic substitute for furniture polish and for shining stainless steel worktops just use sparingly Less is More How often have you read on cleaning products that you need to spray liberally Well such are the effectiveness of natural cleaners that a little often goes a long way so your homemade cleaning products will last much longer than the bought variety Multipurpose Cleaners If your cleaning cabinet is overflowing with bottles sprays and potions for various jobs around the house you could be wasting resources and money as most cleaning solutions contain the same ingredients but are sold for different household tasks So long as you have the main 5 ingredients listed above you can tackle almost every job in your

    Original URL path: http://www.ecophy.co.uk/blog/how-green-cleaning-can-save-you-money.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Ecophy - Ben Fogle Supports Green Cleaning
    braving the chilly rivers for a spot of wild swimming so he was best placed to see first hand the impact that everyday pollutants are having on our natural water supply According to Ben Fogle s own article in the Daily Telegraph harmful chemicals from everyday household cleaning products make up the vast majority of pollutants found in the UK marine ecosystem He has teamed up with the Barefoot Beach Clean who have extended their campaign to include rivers lakes streams and canals to encourage everyone to think about our British waterways and coastlines and to make small changes to their cleaning habits that could have long term beneficial effects for the marine life that surrounds us One change he is advocating is that people buy green river friendly cleaning products Water Pollutants in Household Cleaning Products According to the National Geographic the worst environmental hazards in household cleaners are Ammonia which is a multipurpose cleaner found in many cleaning products Nitrogen which is found in glass and floor cleaners Phosphorus which is used in dishwasher detergents These three contaminants cannot be removed by water treatment facilities and so are regarded as the most dangerous of water contaminants They accelerate the growth of some plant life such as algae which suffocates marine life in rivers lakes and canals River Friendly Cleaning Products Luckily there are now plenty of alternatives and it is possible to buy green shampoos detergents cleaners paints and skin creams all of which contain only natural ingredients that won t threaten our marine life with pollution They may be more expensive than your usual brand but they will be just as effective and will keep your home and our waterways clean Green cleaners are also beneficial for your health in the long term as scientists have discovered

    Original URL path: http://www.ecophy.co.uk/blog/ben-fogle-supports-green-cleaning.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Ecophy - Health Concerns of Anti-Bacterial Cleaners
    reason to be concerned about pathogens such as Salmonella and E coli most of the bacteria that lurks in our homes is actually harmless and most household cleaners kill not only the harmful pathogens but also the bacteria that we need in our systems Household cleaners in particular are also responsible for killing a lot more than harmful bacteria In 2000 the World Health Organisation sent out a clear warning that the rise of anti bacterial products was directly contributing towards a surge in antibiotic resistant bacteria Even more worrying was the statement issued by the American Medical Association who said bacterial resistance ascribed to overuse of antibiotics is a growing problem and there is concern that some types of infections will eventually not be treatable with antibiotics So just how can you make sure that your home is free from harmful pathogens such as Salmonella whilst ensuring that your immune system remains healthy This is where so called Green Cleaning Companies come to the forefront For years people used to rely on good old soap and water and now there is scientific support to encourage householders to go back to this old fashioned way of cleaning which is just as effective as any potions you can buy off the shelf Distilled vinegar is a natural anti bacterial agent If you mix this with water and baking soda you have your own green cleaner that is effective in both the kitchen and the bathroom If you want a stronger anti bacterial spray then just add more vinegar Lemon juice is also a natural anti bacterial and can be used as a hand cleanser Use it to clean your oven and to get rid of greasy stains whilst caring for your hands at the same time The best thing about these

    Original URL path: http://www.ecophy.co.uk/blog/health-concerns-of-anti-bacterial-cleaners.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Ecophy - Taking the Sting Out of Oven Cleaning
    often have one thing in common both generally use caustic soda Caustic Soda in Oven Cleaning So just what is so bad about caustic soda Surely it cuts through all that solidified grease and grime Well yes but the products don t come with highly visible warnings for nothing You really would be better off with breathing apparatus and rubber gloves up to your armpits That s because caustic soda is associated with a few very nasty side effects should you either breathe in the fumes or get any on your skin including Skin burns Damage and irritation to eyes and nostrils Respiratory tract damage if inhaled High exposure can cause lung damage This is because caustic soda is a corrosive agent and will strip paint remove non stick coatings and corrode certain metals It s also essential to get rid of every trace of caustic soda residue before using the oven again as otherwise the first time the oven is used after cleaning will release harmful fumes Green Oven Cleaning Luckily there is another way to get your oven sparkling clean without the need for such harmful chemical agents Yes it might require some old fashioned elbow grease but luckily our team of oven cleaners are more than up for a bit of hard work Non toxic water based solutions are used along with a lot of scrubbing to produce gleaming results both inside and out and your oven s inner workings and surface will not be harmed as only non abrasive cleaning materials are used This will result in a longer life for your oven and a healthier cooking environment for your home Benefits of Professional Oven Cleaning Getting professional green oven cleaners in may not be the cheapest option but it s certainly the most labour saving

    Original URL path: http://www.ecophy.co.uk/blog/taking-the-sting-out-of-oven-cleaning.html (2016-02-16)
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