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  • Salford in Pictures Second Life virtual launch
    here RSS Feed Make a comment about this article Salford in Pictures Second Life virtual launch Using the old former police station at the Crescent in Salford UK images depicting Salford it s history and it s discourse through time will be displayed over the many windows that are currently boarded up A virtual version of this building has been created by EDinteractive and we are asking for anyone interested

    Original URL path: http://edinteractive.co.uk/article/?id=93 (2016-02-12)
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  • University CMS Content Management System (School. College or University)
    solution that will allow you to manage your school website college website or University website It allows easy editing of text images news navigation and more in a very simple to use interface that anyone can use The CMS was developed in an academic environment originally in 2006 and has gone on to be used on many successful websites both academic and otherwise EDi can install and support this system

    Original URL path: http://edinteractive.co.uk/article/?id=91 (2016-02-12)
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  • EDi Quick Guide to Blogs Wikis RSS CMS
    the usual navigation bar you are usually presented with the latest blog post and an archive of old posts links to other relevant websites etc A blog could be useful to you for your project or business either externally to promote yourselves and attract visitors or internally to share knowledge with your colleagues It is possible to start a free blog at somewhere such as blogger www blogger com or it is possible to install a blog on your own website which will form part of your website Usually a web developer would be required to install a blog on your own website 2 Wikis These are knowledge management tools that usually allow users to edit the information that has been added there Wikis are a knowledge resource contributed to by the users of the wiki These could be used internally to your company to store information with your colleagues about matters relating to your company or they could be used externally for any number of subjects to share that information with the world A wiki will generally have at least one person that oversees the changes made to the Wiki An example of a Wiki in action in this case for general knowledge is Wikipedia www wikipedia com 3 RSS This stands for Real Simple Syndication Basically RSS is a means to transfer website content between websites onto hand held devices or news readers Any website that offers an RSS feed for it s news items for example means that people with handheld devices like IPods will be able to read new news articles as they appear Websites such as iGoogle www igoogle com allow RSS feeds to be read in to allow people to create their own personalised homepage with their choice of news items weather or anything

    Original URL path: http://edinteractive.co.uk/article/?id=90 (2016-02-12)
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  • Content Management EDi CMS v6 launches
    EDi CMS is a complete solution that will allow you to completely manage your website text images navigation and more in a very simple to use interface that anyone can use This is a low cost highly effective solution that will work for your website EDinteractive are proud to announce a new version of their content management system has now been released EDi CMS v6 This new edition has many exciting features such as the ability to create a content managed slideshow on your website or have a members section on your website which allows registration and newsletters to be sent out First developed in early 2006 in conjunction with the Research and Graduate College at the University of Salford the EDi CMS content management system has gone from strength to strength Over time it has been used on various different University and commercial websites Thanks to all of the excellent feedback of our users we have been able to develop a new version of the content management system which is a significant improvement over earlier versions EDi also offer training and full technical support with each installation of the content management system A content managed website allows you or

    Original URL path: http://edinteractive.co.uk/article/?id=87 (2016-02-12)
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  • An engaged citizenry
    of engagement that of horizontal engagement might look and how it might integrate with the older more traditional vertical model By horizontal engagement I am imagining a much more pervasive and continuous type of activity in which citizens proactively seek to contribute to the creation and implementation of policies in a fashion beyond the writ of the more traditional political arrangements In this new order citizens would not only help to inform policies in a whole variety of areas from which they may have been excluded in the past but they would also begin to drive the policy formation agenda To use an economic analogy then traditionally citizens have filled the demand function i e policy was supplied to them by the various agencies of Government of whatever hue In this new set of arrangements there would be a partial role reversal whereby the functionalities and actors in terms of supply and demand would not be quite so clear cut In some respects the horizontal engagement model I have in mind is both mediated and enabled by technology and this is possibly where the most interesting challenges lie for both citizens and policy makers ICT enabled engagement is already showing us how different it is to our more traditional models It allows for a less hierarchical set of relationships whereby the location of leadership power influence and authority is not immediately obvious this tends to negate traditional forms of negotiation These ICT enabled relationships can be ad hoc and single issue or more long term appearing by turns to be either dormant or maintaining a watchful eye If as the De Bono Foundation assert the illiterate of the future will not be those who cannot read or write but rather those who cannot learn unlearn and relearn then perhaps a

    Original URL path: http://edinteractive.co.uk/article/?id=84 (2016-02-12)
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  • 3 things you must do to stay in business in 2009
    staff and budgets are being cut We have prepared this guide to help you weather the storm and compete in 2009 1 Your website You need to ask yourself the following questions about your website Is it regularly updated Is it easy and inexpensive to update Was it made post 2005 by professional web developers Is it ranking in the search engines where does your website appear on a Google search Is it generating visitors to the website Is it generating enquiries sales or achieving its goals Are your email addresses and website domain names functioning properly and you know that they are renewed and up to date If the answer to one or more of these questions is no then it may be time to consider keeping up with your competition and redeveloping your website 2 E mail Newsletters Do you have an up to date database of your customers contacts clients Do you want to extend your message to a wider audience but on a minimal budget The answer could be E mail newsletters It is possible to cost effectively make contact with contacts and potential customers old and new with a minimum of effort Many advertising budgets

    Original URL path: http://edinteractive.co.uk/article/?id=82 (2016-02-12)
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  • Top-level domain registration up 22% over past year
    year The Internet continues to Grow According to a recent study September 2008 the Internet grew at a rate of 22 over the past year This result was based upon the number of registrations of top level domains Latin America is the real boom area at the moment the number of internet users growing by 30 over the past year now 22 of the population using the internet The 10

    Original URL path: http://edinteractive.co.uk/article/?id=76 (2016-02-12)
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  • Finding photographs for your website
    style Finding the right images Fortunately in the last few years there has been a good rise in the availability of great value photographs for purchase One of the more famous names of stock image libraries is Istock Photo www istockphoto com Istock works on a low cost model starting at one dollar per image for a small web sized image If you purchase more credits in one go then the price gets more appealing This model works really well for building a website for a few pounds one can obtain a high quality set of pictures for a website template and pages This can be a very cost effective approach Other types of models are for example the subscription model Sites such as ShutterStock www shutterstock com contain over 4 million Royalty free stock photos Costs start at 29 pounds for 5 high resolution images or 149 for 750 Another example of the subscription model would be Photos com www photos com where a 1 month subscription costs around 60 This means you can download a good number of high quality professional images for the whole month The subscription model can be useful if you require high quality print images as well as web images or you are looking to build a large website or set of sites which require a lot of images There are a lot of sources of great value images and photography around Each photography website contains a free search tool or categories to allow you to look for images before you actually buy any credits or subscribe so you can make an informed choice Some of the sites offer illustrations videos and animations in addition to photographs Illustrations can be useful with the right software you can manipulate all aspects of these images and

    Original URL path: http://edinteractive.co.uk/article/?id=74 (2016-02-12)
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