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  • Friendly url using php and htaccess
    url s Intro to htaccess The htaccess file is a very powerful configuration file and should be used wisely as it can affect everything and anything about your website First of all check that you are able to create and use a htaccess file on your site On the root top level of your site you should have this file and if not you should be able to create a file in notepad and call it htaccess This in itself can be tricky you need to make sure the file is called htaccess and not htaccess txt or whatever You can edit this file in Dreamweaver or your editor though if you like by right clicking it and choosing Open with Dreamweaver Configuring htaccess for friendly url s You need to put the following lines into your htaccess file RewriteEngine On RewriteRule page page page php id 1 This basically tells your website that any request for your page should be re written Doing this will mean that your addresses will become further simplified to the following www mysite com page 3 That is great isn t it Or is it What happens if you have a conference or a product to promote this address is still not friendly enough for your marketing campaign or to add more words into your search engine ranking so how could you further improve this address Here is one approach that you could use but it involves a fairly serious change to your site so think carefully before doing this Here comes the science moving from id number identifiers to letters This is the tricky bit Your site so far has been using id numbers to identify its pages The method covered in this article is going to change all that to use words to identify a record in the database Firstly create a new field in the database called something like page address identifier and set this to allow characters Each record in your database will then need some unique words to identify each record So for example page php id 3 was id 3 in the database so I ll add my new field to the database and set its value to be something like contact us This identifier should use underscores instead of spaces and should ideally use lowercase characters a z and or 0 9 In the admin section of your site also it may be a good idea to validate this field and check for duplicates to make sure your page address identifier s are in the correct format and are unique You will also need to alter your SQL statement on page php to select a record from the page address identifier field of your database and not the old id field Once this is done it now means that www mysite com page page php id 3 can now be referenced as page address identifier www mysite com page page php id contact us Not very friendly

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  • Staff intranet web development
    development group Find out more about us here or contact us here RSS Feed Make a comment about this article Staff intranet web development Over the last few years we have been asked to develop websites that serve as a staff intranet or extranet An extranet is effectively a private usually password protected area of your website The advantage of this is that your staff customers or anyone with a username and password can access this resource So what is the point of doing this Well the advantages are numerous Firstly it allows you to share information in a cost effective manner The type of information could be Your product details Stock levels Staff lists and contact details Links of interest Documents such as expenses claim forms etc Library to record what books the company has and who has borrowed them Internal discussion forum Internal vacancies Classified ads The list is endless Basically a staff extranet can allow your staff and other selected people to share information quickly and easily You may of course not want this information on the Internet in which case the same things can be installed in such a way that only people internal to your

    Original URL path: http://edinteractive.co.uk/article/?id=36 (2016-02-12)
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  • 10 step guide to choosing the correct domain name
    easy to type unless you expect people to always follow a provided mechanism for getting to your site such as links on other sites shortcut s on their desktop etc For example www kidcare com is easier to type and remember than www kindergartenandpreschooldaycare com a lot of people will not be able to spell kindergarten 5 What suffix If you or your company is located in the United Kingdom it is most advisable to register a co uk domain name However a lot of people will guess an individual group or company s domain name and try com on the end since it is one of the oldest extensions So if you d like to cover the bases or project an international presence a generic domain name extension such as com is always advisable Increasingly people are registering a domain name with a small range of most common suffixes such as com net info If you re not sure what to do ask yourself how you would feel if having registered www mydomain co uk you were surfing the web one day and found a site called www mydomain com 6 Local addresses You might decide to open a virtual office in another country For example www wine co uk could register www wine de Some countries do require a local office or company be registered in the country in which you want to register this extra domain Please look at www netnames co uk for further information 7 Format Even though most browsers recognize domains regardless of whether they are typed in lower or upper case domains are always in lower case So play safe and always use lower case names when printing your domain address on stationary 8 Punctuation Only hyphens letters and numbers are allowed when

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  • Power key phrases
    key phrases These are your 2 or 3 most popular or power phrases This would usually include your organization name and core service or product Example i Manchester Box Company ii bio degradable boxes These phrases should feature heavily on your homepage and pay per click campaigns 2 normal key phrases This list of phrases should be a list of your products services or other phrases that may attract traffic

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  • Search engine marketing techniques: what next?
    article will focus on what to do once you have done all of this what next How do you increase website hits sales or enquiries This is all about using your website to market your company in an ongoing way You can of course pay someone to help you do this initially but strong input from inside your company will be VITAL for continued success and improvement of your online marketing campaign It would be best in the short term to get some expert advice but as a cost effective long term strategy someone in your organisation should champion this side of your marketing Only you or someone in your organisation can fully understand and help to action some of these techniques Time of course is always short but these things are more about marketing than website development Obviously a good website developer is not always an online marketing expert Reciprocal links As previously discussed keep obtaining links from other sites to yours This is hard work but encourage friends relatives customers and anyone else to link to your site and in return you link to them from a links page The better you do this the more traffic you will get and the better your site will index in the search engines Write good copy Write regular articles for your site which mention your chosen keywords and post these articles on other sites or relevant forums Keep your content interesting useful and keyword rich You can also set up a free Blog to do this using something like blogspot com Monitor visitor activity Make sure you can access regularly your website visitor statistics You need to keep track of how many visitors are coming to your site which are your popular pages and what keywords people may have used

    Original URL path: http://edinteractive.co.uk/article/?id=30 (2016-02-12)
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  • Pas-78 Accessible website standards
    and web development group Find out more about us here or contact us here RSS Feed Make a comment about this article Pas 78 Accessible website standards The British Standards Institution BSI has recently released a PDF document called PAS 78 Guide to good practice in commissioning accessible websites The work was sponsored by the Disability Rights Commission DRC after an investigation in April 2004 and outlines best practice for creating accessible websites that conform to the Disability Discrimination Act DDA Smaller businesses and website owners are often of the opinion that these guidelines only apply to the larger companies and sites or will cost them too much money In fact the report showed that more than 80 of websites posed a barrier to disabled people These 80 of sites aside from contravening the DDA are actually putting up barriers to the estimated 80bn spent by people with disabilities every year More information facts and figures can be found in the Pas 78 Accessible website standards or in this article on the BBC website about Pas 78 The Pas 78 Accessible website standards are yet another step on the ladder to raising awareness about these issues and giving solid guidance

    Original URL path: http://edinteractive.co.uk/article/?id=28 (2016-02-12)
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  • e-learning for cost effective company training
    about this article e learning for cost effective company training Using e learning or computer based or blended classroom training to train your customers or staff can be an extremely cost effective way to deliver the information that they need It can cost thousands of pounds each time to send people on trainer led classroom training courses which while they can be effective are sometimes simply not practical for geographical or numerical reasons The EDi team have a great deal of experience of dealing with these issues and creating e learning programmes for high profile clients such as the British Council Our e learning programmes are cost effective and work in the real world for both public and private sector companies and projects You may already have an electronic document of your training materials that you want to deliver to your staff remotely or as an induction programme What better way to deliver this than as a private website over your intranet or on CD ROM or DVD Once the programme is created you may use this time and time again to train your staff If this information needs updating this can be taken into consideration when building the material

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  • Website development: FAQs and fiction
    place listings is to pay for them with the big three search engines You can set up a pay per click campaign yourself and save paying a middleman to do it If you draft in some help paying for results isn t always the most cost effective way to get listed in the search engines Find someone that can get you results in the main free listings of the three major search engines The guaranteed top of listings ads will simply just set up a pay per click campaign for you and probably won t spend any of the time and patience required for the free or natural search results which can be more effective and economical in the long run Q I ve been sent a report about my website saying that it s not featured much in any of the search engines what should I do A Don t panic First of all the big three search engines get the vast majority of Internet searches up to around 96 Concentrate on getting the right results in these engines before worrying about the hundreds of engines that you ve never even heard of before that won t generate your site nearly as much traffic Q People make up their minds about my company and site within a few seconds should I spend most of my budget on a great looking or animated website A It s true that an unattractive website will detract from your companies professional image Be careful though not to spend your entire budget on creating a lovely looking site that can t be found in the search engines does not conform to latest accessibility standards is unusable by many people Q Can t I just pay someone else later to get my site in the

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